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The Batman 2021 – Full Batsuit First Look REACTION

The Batman 2021 – Full Batsuit First Look REACTION

One of the things that made me feel better about Matt Reeves taking over

100 comments on “The Batman 2021 – Full Batsuit First Look REACTION

  1. And to answer some of you, yes of course I remember the amazing BvS warehouse scene – but it's ONE scene in the entire movie. I'd like a Batman movie with MULTIPLE action scenes throughout. 🙂

  2. It looks like the bat sign on the chest is not just a sign. I think it has a utility. Look at the bottom edges of the sign, which are like sharpened and the part looks life the cutting edge of a knife or something like that. Maybe he can take off the sign and use it as some sort of knife, or knives, perhaps even something he can throw at the enemies.
    That would be amazing!!!!

  3. I wish they’ll keep the eyes blacked out, I don’t understand why every batman live action appearance must have normal eye holes, unlike the comics or cartoons where his eyes are always white lights.

  4. Grace I really would like to know by what you mean the MCU costumes all look the same? How so? I really don’t see it. Please help lol

  5. Guys some people really hate it but just wait for the movie with the shots and edits it will be so good probably the best batsuit.

  6. This suit looks more like Daredevil than batman … I don't like it at all and I think it won't resonate well with audiences and fans alike

  7. Grace…Grace…The officiel Matt Reeve released teaser or test…HAS A CAPE…d on t worry…its only a matter of security for filming…its not the first time that capes are absent for filming…so are i m very happy…

  8. The bug eyes and the ears are awful. How could anyone not prefer Affleck's suit to this? The whole thing embodied Batman, even in the stunt scenes.

  9. It reminds me of a Year 1 Bats, or Arkham Origins, like he’s still piecing together a suit and trying to find a good version, with some paramilitary pieces in it

  10. I think the cape will be there and there is cgi markers on his face and so his eyes could still be white. Black eyes looks stupid

  11. sounds like this is only his first act suit Grace, the second one being much and grey classic colors …i thought there was no way this could be his full final suit..looks like this movie is going to be good after all

  12. I hate this suit. What's with all the silver rods on gauntlets. I hate the bat symbol which isn't a bat, and the bulbous nature of the top of the cowl makes it look like the mask is squeezing his face.

  13. They need a slimmer batsuit they don’t need him running around in that bulky suit just to look bullet proof or militaryish and the catsuit needs to look like the Arkham games catwoman or shg catwoman and she needs her powers and whip

  14. i just hope that the suit has white eyes and bat glare capability nothing else i dont care who wears it i will still see th movie take our money already

  15. Lets be honest I am not getting any BATMAN vibes seeing Rob, not denying his talent but the portrait in mind of Batman isn't like him. The only thing awesome is the bat symbol on his chest(unique) and I hope the suit will look cool after CGI.

  16. Could this be a helmet that was just modified to look like the cowl?
    the thing even shines, and that's why the ears look fragile!?

  17. Honestly, I would like to see "The Bat-Man" use his Detective Skills more. Then show action. …Batman is more than his gadgets..His brain is on par with Tony Stark… <I dig the DC and MCU both.

  18. I personally dont like the new look. Those long thin bat ears look silly. Eye brows on the mask look terrible. Perry soon we will just end up with a black ironman suit or black panther suit lol

  19. Just like the Joker….Show Batman aka Bruce Waynes intelligence first. ..Batman looks before he leaps. …I have issues with all the Bat-Man movies.

  20. He might do "ok" as Batman. But eventually he will have to be seen as Bruce Wayne. He will blow it then.
    He´s just not a good cast for the role, I don´t think.
    Well, here´s to hope that some day they make a Dark Knight Returns trilogy. Would love to see it in live action.

  21. All the super hero costumes are available at Costco in a super secret isle shhhhh. don't tell you need a super special plus plus card. don't ask where he can keep a baterang.

  22. If they want to use a bulky stuntman for the look. And had to compensate Patterson with the suit for his lack of build. Maybe Reeves should just have just casted an actor that had the build. Patterson probably can do an American accent; wouldn't it be easier if they just casted an American actor?

  23. Although they want to improve the suite to help the actors feel better. In the process there making it look ugly. Like why is the neck so small and the ears? Like I prefer too see a better look close to Michael Keaton's Batman rather than make the actor happy and see a shit suite

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