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The Best 4 Lug Wheels Options for Your Car

The Best 4 Lug Wheels Options for Your Car

– If you just so happened to own an older Honda Civic a 240 SX or something along the lines of like an E 30 BMW or, you know like any other four lug car. You’re probably going to go through or have already the struggle of trying to find the wheels for your car. Luckily, we deal with all
kinds of stuff like that here Fitment Industries
and we’re here to help. I’m Gels from fitment Industries. On today’s episode of the build sheet, we’re going to be going over and breaking down some of the best four lug wheel options
for you to choose from. (electro music) Before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe and if you’re looking for new
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shirts are going quick once they’re gone. They’re gone. Pick up a shirt, get on
there, clean up and win free set Corse wheels its great. So when it comes down to
four lug wheel options, they can become a little
bit tricky to track down especially when it comes to size and more importantly bolt pattern. Simply because there are
not a lot of cars out there with four lug hubs anymore, either they’ve been converted
to a five legged setup or simply just been taken over
by the influx of newer cars hitting the market which
of course have five lugs. And unfortunately, this doesn’t make it the easiest
of time when it comes down to finding a new set
of wheels for your car. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna break down
some of your best options for four lug wheels from what
we see currently available out on the market right now and put them into some price categories ranging from low or entry level to intermediate all the way up to high. So that being said, let’s go over some entry level wheels that are going to have
a price range of roughly around $350 to $500 for a set of four. And know that sounds, pretty crazy however wheels with a
four lug bolt pattern are typically only like 15 or
14 or 16 inches in diameter. So starting off Konig
comes in pretty strong with the entry level category
but still hits it right on the head as far as
looks and performance with models like the
illusion and the knockout. Mostly hitting that four by 100 market. Konig does offer four by 108 and four by 114 but unfortunately I’m sorry to say guys, for the four by 110 guys
are not going to be for you as Konig does not currently
offer any four by 110 wheels in their lineups. We also see another brand
with a strong presence in this category and that is MST wheels. Offering more of an old school styling with a model such as the MT 11, MT 13 and their time attack you
can find yourself picking up a brand new set of MST’s
for right around $400 depending on the size
and the color and offset and all that kind of stuff. Again, hitting mostly that
four by 100 and four by one 14 and touching a little bit
into that four by one 0 eight bolt pattern with a few sizes
and a couple different models, we still can’t seem to
find something that’ll hit that four by one 10 crowd, I’m sorry. Getting a little higher
into that $400 mark, we start seeing F1R
starting to come into play. Now F1R offers a good variety of sizes and finishes for their wheels
the models like the F 05, the F 07 and the F 01. Being some of their more popular models in this bolt pattern and size. However, the F1R are going to
be limited to the four by 100 and four by one 14 bolt patterns only. As we continue to go up from
here into the higher 400s we see other brands like JNC, for instance, start to pop up pretty
much all over the place. Now JNC has an absolute ton of different models and finishes as well. A good variety of size and offset to make sure that they’ll fit
on pretty much any vehicle that you have that takes
a four lugged wheel. we see the zero, zero fours
is very popular choice among the JUNC wheels as well as JNC zero 10. And then last but certainly not least to close out the entry level category, we have NK coming in with their J 10, and their EDR nine models. Which sit right around $470 for a set, which really, when you’re thinking
about it isn’t bad at all. They’re not RPF ones, but you’re still getting, an NK wheel. Moving on to our intermediate category, which let’s label this as wheels that land between 500 and $1000 for a set. we see some of the same
brands that we did before, but with some different
models coming in here. Konig, again, for instance, reaching into that $600 range with wheels such as the Dekagram and the Freeform and even that Hypergram, when you get up into
that run that $800 mark. Now maybe asking why? Why are these ones more expensive? And the answer is simply because
they’re a four form wheels. So straying away from your
traditional cast wheel and adding a little bit more technology into the manufacturing process to give you a better
strength to weight ratio. Another brand that comes into the mix here is another one that
you’ve probably heard of, which is Klutch. Another wheel company offering
some old school designs with a decent amount
of finishes and sizes. Models like the SL one, the SL two and more of like a crazy or turbo fan esque kind
of style that KM 16. And then of course topping off this category we see NK
coming in strong with Yes, the RPF one, offering a vast amount of sizes and offsets to make sure every Miata owner on the road is as happy as their car. Not much to say about
the RPF one, you know, it’s very like good looking, that will never really let you down. And depending on the size, you can snag some brand new ones for a little over $800 a set. And I’m going to just
break my own rules here and stretch that thousand
dollar cap just a little tad bit so we can talk about a
couple other ones that really should fall into this list. And that would be some Rotiform and 1552 options. With the wheels like the chicane and the podium, and even some integrals
and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure that, you’re well aware of 1552. And even some wheels like
Rotiform like the RSE and the Rotiform six are going to land into this category as well. Right around the $1100 mark, they’re going top off that list for the intermediate category. Now I know. I know, I know. Okay. There are a lot of wheels that ended up in the entry to intermediate
category and you’re like Gels. I am a big boy, I want some big boy wheels
or any options for me here. And that absolutely, we of course have some of
the big names of the industry coming into the last category, which we’re going to cover today. Starting off that list is
the good old Gram light 57 CR a wheel developed by race engineering and can be scooped up, brand new for right around 1200 dollars. Advan Racing also carries
some for lug options as well with their RGD two which is a price tag of
right around 1500 dollars. And honestly, like when you truly think about it, that’s not terrible at all like seriously simply because
they are smaller wheel, but you can pick up brand new Advans, (claps) for 1500 bucks. Setting it up from there
we see Volt with the ZE 40 offering a four by 100 option for a good old price tag of, $2200. Which is then followed by our first and only multi piece wheel of the list and that is the work seeker. This is a two piece forged wheel
offered an 18 inch diameter even still at that four lug ballpanner. And coming in right around $2400. And then top it all
the closes the day out. Can you guess it? You’re probably right. None other than the Volk TE 37. Yes, you can get a four lug TE 37. And it’s still going to run
you right around three grand. I’m sorry. It’s just, you know that’s
that’s the way it goes. But there you have it
some quick breakdowns of some four lug wheel options that will hopefully help you out a bit in your endeavor to find a new
set of wheels for your car. Let us know your topics down
in the comment section below and of course, every wheel that was
mentioned in this episode is available right now over at As well as many others. So I’m GEls from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. Pick up a T shirt get entered
in to win some free wheels if you haven’t already. See you later, peace

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  1. Do you own a car with a 4 lug wheel hub? If so tell us about your struggles in the comment section below. Also don't forget to add your car to our gallery over at for a chance to be featured!

  2. Thanks guys I loved the video but If you can recommend a light under 700 dollars 4×100 thanks guys can’t wait to get a wheel from you guys

  3. 4 lug wheel options? I think you mean… 5 lug hub swap options… Cause, if you're a big boy and you want some big boy wheels… upgrade to a big boy lug pattern.

  4. Was just looking at Fitment industries web for the 4 lug options for my 280zx this weekend while we were driving through Appleton to Northern Michigan. Perfect timing for this video. Thinking of the Konig rewind and the Enkei Compe. Should be ordering a little before the snow clears…..

  5. 4 lug 5-spoke wheels look good, just like 5 lug with 6 spoke wheels. The symmetry between number of lugs and number of spokes is awesome. 😮

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