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The Best (And Worst) Things About Being A Pro Cyclist

– Being a professional
cyclist must have its perks. Lots of us would like to
be professional cyclists, but there must be some
down points as well. So we asked some cyclist this
morning at the Dubai Tour, what are the best and
worst parts of being a pro? (speaking foreign language) – Um. – Um. – The best, the best? – Um. – Um. – Oh, I don’t know. (upbeat electronic music) – The best thing about
being a pro cyclist? – Travelling, I think. I like to travel. – [Interviewer] And the worst thing? – Travelling as well (laughter). Being away from home, yeah. – Maybe use so many quotes, like saying, “You live your dream,” and you just, I always say I’m nearly 36 and I’ve never worked in my life, so that pretty much sums it up for me and like, we come to places. This bike brought me
everywhere in the world and just for free. And yeah, just hanging
out with great mates, and you just enjoy what you’re doing. – And what’s the worst thing? – It comes with the fun. Of course, it’s suffering and you don’t see your
family as much as you want and sometimes you get tired
of being away all the time, but it’s still, I would do this again. – We get to go commando
to work every single day. – [Interviewer] And the worst thing? The saddle. Rod Ellingworth once said me
when I was an under 23, I was changing saddles a
lot, trying to find one that I really liked. And he said, “Alex, we understand “it’s never going to be an armchair. “It’s not a sofa. “It’s not going to be comfortable. “We just might find one
that’s less comfortable “than another,” so yeah. I definitely sat in the saddle
for like, five or six hours. – The best of, for my
career of the early years is a lot of friends making in a bike, outside
the bike, you know? You remember the snow, wind, very cold, rain, and the guy behind the stabilo is super, but I remember when I arrived to the finish
line, that completely dead. – It’s fun. I mean, for myself, it’s making what I love or what I started as a hobby, doing professional and it just doesn’t feel like a job for me, so that’s what it makes so cool. – [Interviewer] And what’s the worst part? – Well, worst part is, of course, sometimes you have to go out when you don’t want to, especially when it’s, for
example, snowing or whatever. So yeah, just sometimes, but if it’s, it’s still fun most of the time. – Andy, what is the best thing
about being a pro cyclist? – Just getting to do
what you love, really. You know, for a living. – [Interviewer] What’s the worst thing about being a pro cyclist? – Well, it’s kind of
the best and the worst. Being away from home, you know. When you’ve got a family back
home, it’s pretty difficult being away so much, but
we’re here to race our bikes and that’s what we love doing, so it’s love and hate at the same time. – Rory, what is the best thing
about being a pro cyclist? – I think we’re here. You know, being in Dubai at the moment. When it’s cold pretty much
everywhere else except for Australia, and we get to
race in a really cool city with a really cool atmosphere. – What’s the worst thing
about being a pro cyclist? – The races that are going on where it’s not like this (laughter). No, it’s a lot of travel,
being away from family, and that’s always difficult. You know, obviously the
crashes and things like that, but on the other side, the
grass is not always greener. It’s not a terrible life at all. – What is the best part
of being a pro cyclist? John knows that he’s been
pro since January the 1st, so he’s had a couple of
month’s experience over. – Well, so far, nice hotels. Nice hotels abroad is like going on a holiday every week, so. – Yeah, that won’t last. You’re in Dubai at the moment. – Yeah, I think maybe we
start up here and steadily through the season we’ll go (whistles). But so far, it’s just that. – And what’s the worst part
about being a pro cyclist? – The worst part? God, it’s hard to find negatives to that. Maybe if there’s a massive crash today and I’m at the bottom of it. – [Interviewer] Crashing? – Yeah. – I would say the freedom, just being able to do it everyday, to ride your bike and go out on the roads and enjoy nature, you know? – [Interviewer] And what’s the worst thing about being a pro? – Being on the road,
like, away from family, away from your wife, your friends. That’s definitely the hardest thing. – I mean, I don’t know,
but you can travel a lot. You can use some huge people (laughter) and different story in one word, is pretty nice. – [Interviewer] And what’s the worst thing about being a pro? – All the fatigue (laughter). – [Interviewer] Being tired? – Yeah, being tired sometimes,
pretty much (laughter). – I get to wake up in the
morning on the seafront in Dubai and just go and ride your bike or a few hours, I guess. – [Interviewer] And
what is the worst thing? – Probably in a few weeks’
time, I’m going to wake up in a company in Belgium and we have to go and ride in the rain. Yeah, probably that bit. – [Interviewer] So hotel
is the answer to both? – Not hotel, just general
weather and nice hotels and just getting to go out
and ride our bikes, yeah. – [Interviewer] Dylan, what
is the best thing about being a professional cyclist? – The best thing about being a cyclist? Yeah, you see all the world so beautiful. Now we are in Dubai, so yeah. It’s beautiful. – [Interviewer] And
what’s the worst thing? – I think rushing and sprint,
that’s the worst thing, so I hope that’s not
possible today, but yeah. – Jempy, what is the best thing
about being a pro cyclist? – Getting to see a lot from the world and yeah, it’s my passion, so it’s
nice to have it as a job. – And what’s the worst thing? – Training in the rainy and
winter conditions (laughter). – You come from cyclo-cross. You must love that (laughter). – Yeah, but I feel that I’m
more and more get the road cyclists and the rainy days are getting worser (laughter). – So travelling can be both good and bad. Crashing hurts a lot, but
you get to ride your bike a hell of a lot, and that’s got to be a good thing, hasn’t it? Now, last year, Lasty
asked whether they knew the UCI rules well or not,
and you can find that video by clicking just down here. Or, in fact, if you like
to see the sort of thing that they travel with,
what’s in their suitcase, Adam Hansen showed us through
his at the Tour de France in 2016, and that video is down here. And make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking on the globe.

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