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The best bums in triathlon

The best bums in triathlon

– Ride might as well
not have even happened. (swoosh) four and a half hour suffer fest. (swoosh) Sneaky one. (upbeat music) Morning trainiacs, after yesterday’s four and a half hour
suffer fest in the pool, my body feels like the play dough that’s left on a kids play
table after a birthday party. All the gunk and mashed up stuff. So, I’m going for a ride
with my buddy Scott, who is the founder of that Tuesday, Thursday morning group ride. He put out a call yesterday to the group asking who would be in for a leisurely one and a half to two hour bike. He had me at leisurely and when he says leisurely,
he means leisurely. Not like last week easy ride, Danny, Chris, Jamie,
I’m looking at you guys. Grab a little bit of dough,
little bit of cashola, a little scratch, a little bit of cheddar. Alright, I’m ready, who’s with me? (upbeat music) Now this is the easy riding
kind of group I like to see. – Sign a waiver. – Exactly, nothing over 35 today. – I can’t even ride over 32. – Good. (upbeat music) well that’s why we stopped. I love this. Good job, good job. That’s fantastic. (upbeat music) look at who’s here. Garmin died, it’s not
going to be on Strava. Ride might as well not
have even happened, great. And I was moving quick,
like lightning quick. Maybe the fastest anyone
has ever gone on a bike. What is this amateur hour guys? Amateur hour?
(dogs growling) I know, I’m mad about it too. We need to talk about bums. Funny story about mine, I went out for a bike ride this morning, I get about 30k into and you know what? I’m a little bit sore
in my bum, that’s rare. Normally, I don’t have an issue with that because I follow quite
a few bum maintenance, oh that actually sounds really awful, de sore bum steps, as
far as the bike goes. Let me elaborate so I don’t
have a massive audience drop off because they think I’m going all sick and twisted on here. I’m going to be honest with you, I have yet to get a question
in the video comments about somebody having a sore bum and how I can help that out with it. Kind of a strange subject to bring up in the public YouTube comments. Fair enough, I get it. But I know that there is a
really big chunk of you out there that are having sore bum problems. Is the answer a different saddle? It just might be, but don’t
go thinking that the answer for tough saddle issues is a
really big cushy plush saddle. Most of the time, you actually need a less cushioned saddle, but you need the proper saddle. Case in point, this here is the stock
Fizik saddle that came with my Cervelo S3. This here, is the ISM
Adamo split nose saddle. Clearly very, very different saddles. This baby has barely
any padding whatsoever. Same thing with this. Typically, you don’t want a
really big cushion plush saddle if you have saddle issues because the more cushioned
and squishy the saddle is, the more there is to pinch and squish in your under carriage and that is what will
often cause chaffing, saddle sores, just a
general case of stank bum. So, a few things you need to think about when you’re picking up a saddle, is getting the right saddle for you. I would recommend going to a bike shop and what they need to
be doing is checking out the width of your sit bones. The widths of your sit bones actually determines the
width of your saddle. In addition to that, your
lower back also has a say in what type of saddle will work for you. I tend to have a very straight lower back, so I need a very straight saddle. People with a really curved lower back, it’s called lordosis, might
benefit from a curved saddle. If you’re doing a lot of
road riding, like this, you don’t necessarily
need a split nose saddle. However, if you’re
doing a lot of TT riding where you’re forward and your
hips are at a different angle something like a split nose saddle might make a lot more sense. And then in addition to that, you have to get the right
position for your saddle. This little devil over here, unless it is in the exact right
down to the millimeter spot it is the worst saddle I have ever tried. It feels like I’m
sitting on a two by four. A really, really good bike shop, see Alter Ego Sports in Winnipeg, I’m going to have to start
charging them for these shoutouts can actually do something
called pressure mapping, where they put a pad on your saddle and then what they do is they
can take the seat post up, they can move the seat forward, they can move it back. They can do all kinds of things until you get in a position where your body weight is
evenly distributed on the saddle and then things get nice, things get really nice. Okay, so start with
getting the right saddle. But then once you got that, if you’re still having sore bum issues, there’s a few things that you can do to care for your under carriage. Always ride with a clean pair of shorts and no underwear underneath. Underwear is creases, creases equal spaces that can develop saddle sores. Don’t be riding dirty. Use some sort of
antibacterial shammy cream. I am a big fan of Deez Nuts. If this video doesn’t get
flagged on YouTube or Facebook, I am going to be shocked. I put this on before every single ride. I did not put this on before
today’s ride, hence sore bum. And if you do end up
developing saddle sores, go to the doctor, tell him
you’re an awesome athlete and you’re training for the Tour de France and he might give you something like this. It’s just like an antibacterial something to keep things clean. We just got so much
closer here today folks and by the way, how much do you all like the pink tiled bathroom in here? Rest of the house, very nice and updated, in here, still looks like the ’80s. I should crowdsource a bathroom reno. There you go, I’m done talking
about bums for the day. To you, I mean, I’m still going to make as many toilet jokes to Kim as I can, until she threatens to not make supper. Dangerous game I play. (upbeat music) it’s a pizza place, where
you make your own pie. That’s no triathlon mom by the way. She made me. – I did make him. (upbeat music) – Now that the girls have snuck booze into a public restaurant, it’s
time for us to leave. That’s not a bag full of booze for sure. – What’d you say about me? – Got it, didn’t get it in. – Oh, did it break? – Sorry. – That’s okay. – Lawsuit – I was, I absolutely was.
– I can’t take you anywhere. That’s not, I didn’t teach you that. – I thought I had it on the first bounce, but there was another bounce. There was like three
bounces before it snapped and I was like ah, come on,
I had it with the first one. Caused a scene. – Aw, Mommy will fix it. – Perfect. – Did you get glass in your toe? – Yeah, I had to yank it out. – At least it’s not the big toe. – Look at this, look
at the size of the cut. – Ow. – Alright Pronto Pizza, lawsuit coming to you starting Monday. It’s a shame because they’re all so nice but a guys gotta make cheddar. Sneaky one. – Thanks guys, that was awesome. – Happy Mother’s Day. Alright, later trainiacs.

16 comments on “The best bums in triathlon

  1. When can I sign up for your training program? You've been helping me loads these past few weeks dude. Not only in getting faster/better, but in keeping motivated. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hi from France.
    Finding the right saddle is a real….bummer.
    Neverteless since I've discovered ISM I ride on them too. Got one on my TT bike and 1 on my hack. Yet I had to "customize" both: as a former rugby player I've got big thighs. The 2 "fingers" used to make my inner thighs reak sore. Cheap solution: Rilsan collar to bring close to one another.

  3. looks like the new camera was having some focus issues this time. made me rub my eyes a few times thinking I was needing a nap hahaha 😉

  4. Taren, do you or your friends at Alter Ego know of a good bike shop in Edmonton Alberta? I'd come to Winnipeg but its too far away thanks 🙂

  5. thanks for the saddle lowdown. I'd love to see something about proper aero position and where weight goes. I'm new to having a TT bike and it is taking quite a bit of getting used to and ties into saddle stuff too.

  6. Ironically, I was getting very close to being brave enough to ask about sore bum!! Seriously, I'm tired of my butt hurting the day after a ride. Yesterday, 19 miles/30 km. At about mile 12 my toosh started to hurt. I clearly need to go get fitted. My only issues are really about my sit bones. It could also be that I need to get more used to it.

  7. So yesterday I bonked for the first time. I went for a brick workout and after 2km running, I had no juice in my legs and after 3km I cramped up. Walking and jogging I managed to get home. During the night I woke up with leg pain and I have been feeling like shirt all day. What do I do apart from resting?

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