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The Best Cycling Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of | GCN Show Ep. 346

– Welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, we have the
best cycling destinations you’ve never heard of. Cycling shorts, GCN
inspiration, Hack or Bodge, and our first ever live Wattage Bazooka. – And, we’re live, we’re live at Saalbach, for GCN Saalbach. (audience cheering) (orchestral music) (upbeat music) – This week, in the world of cycling, we learnt that Norway loves salmon. – Yes they do. And, you don’t have to be an elite cyclist to ride the world championship course, but more on that later. – So now our lead story. The best cycling destinations
you’ve never heard of. – Yeah, last week, Dan and
I were doing the GCN Show, we got sent in some
incredible submissions, and that got us thinking, there’s loads of places
that you guys have ridden, that a lot of people
haven’t even heard of. – Yeah, so to make our point, we’re going to play a game
with our live studio audience. We’re going to play, Family Fortunes, or, Family Feud, if you’re American. Now we’re looking for five top answers of places that you would
go on a cycling trip. – Yeah, we did a survey of all of three– – Supposed to ask a hundred people. – All of a hundred people, to ask them, what are the five top
cycling destinations? – Yeah, so, we’re going
to put it to our audience, and we’re going to ask for a show of hands and get people to suggest answers of the top five cycling destinations, and see if they can get the top answers. So, has anyone got any suggestions? – [Man In Crowd] Saalbach. – Saalbach, right. You have to raise your
hand, that was naughty. (audience laughing) Don’t speak out of turn, raise your hand, but yes, our survey said, Saalbach. (chiming) – [James] Oh! – That’s the bonus answer,
you’ve won a prize. Come see us at the end. (audience laughing) – Right, another one please? – Yes, yes sir. – [Man In Crowd] Majorca. – Majorca. – Our survey says.
– Our survey says. – [James] Majorca is up there! – [Oliver] It’s up there! – [James] Another one? – [Man In crowd] Dolomites. – The Dolomites.
– The Dolomites. – [Man In Crowd] The Dolomiti. – [James] Yes! – [Oliver] We’ve got a good audience. – We’re onto three here,
we’ve got two more. – Has anyone else got an answer? Come on, we need two more. – [Man In Crowd] Yorkshire. – Yorkshire. – Our survey says.
– Our survey says. I’m from Yorkshire, it’s definite. – Yep, it ain’t going to
be up there, sorry dude. – [Man In Crowd] Canary Islands. – The Canary Islands, our survey said. – [James] Incorrect. – [Oliver] Is it up there? No.
– Oman. – [Oliver] Oman. (laughing) – It’s good, sorry. – That’s it, while the two answers that you didn’t manage to get. – I thought they were going to get these. – Yes, I thought they
would get them as well. – [James] The Alps, yep. – [Oliver] And the Pyrenees. Alps was the top answer
out of three people. All these places are great. They all have epic roads
and stunning scenery but what other places that
wouldn’t be top answers on Family Fortunes/Family Feud. – I mean, I’m with you Ollie. Those are great cycling locations but sometimes, we like to ride where it’s less busy, isn’t it? I mean, especially in Majorca, in peak season, down Sa Calobra it can be quite congested, can’t it? – [Ollie] Yeah, it can get
really busy down there, and I think we’re really lucky at GCN in that we do get to explore and visit some amazing places. And I have to mention my
recent trip to Iceland. I’d never been there before.
– I thought you weren’t going to mention it. – No, but I mean riding
on those lava fields through that amazing landscape, experiencing extreme remoteness, it was like riding a
bike on another planet. It was extraordinary. – [James] Yeah it did look
absolutely incredible, and last time we did the GCN show we got sent in some really cool footage of riding in Indonesia. Well then Dan pipped up and
said he had raced there, and do you know where he came? – No I don’t really do. – He came fourth. – That’s pretty good for Dan, then. – That’s not bad, is it? – What team was he riding for? – No idea. – I can’t remember either. Any of you guys remember, know
what team he was riding for? No?
– [Audience] No. – No, no, nah, no idea. (laughter) – We also got loads of submissions that you guys uploaded on the uploader, and I thought we’d take a look at some. That is a picture … let me find it … I’m going to try really hard
on my pronunciation here. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [James] It’s Guangxi in China, – [Ollie] Nailed it. – [James] Cheers, mate. But how cool does that look? That looks absolutely incredible. Have you ridden in China? – [Ollie] Uh, no, but I’d
like to based on that picture. – [James] So, I’ve raced in
China, and well it was amazing because I was walking around, and I felt like David Beckham. Do you know why?
(laughter) Do you know why? It’s not because I’m famous or anything. I think it’s cause I’ve got blonde hair. – Yeah? – So you’d do well there as well. And also, racing in China,
you get amazing prize money. – Yeah? – Yeah, I came back with a massive bonus. Beaut. Right. – Brilliant. – I didn’t get any photos
of myself up there. Sad. – [Ollie] Well we recently went
to Poland about a month ago, didn’t we? – [James] Yeah, we did. – [Ollie] Which was, well,
beyond our expectations, I think it’s fair to say. Amazing forests, rolling
hills, and we found ourselves on this white, sandy beach,
which considering it was on the Baltic Coast, we felt
like we were in the Caribbean. – Yeah, we did not expect
it to be rolling up our cycling shorts, taking off
our socks and cycling shoes and walking on a sandy beach. – No. – But next to Poland is the Ukraine. That we just found out. – Yeah.
– Yeah. And we got sent in this picture from Bohdan in Ukraine. And this picture, she basically got told not to go up a dirt cycling
track, and of course we as cyclists do what we’re told not to, and she went up it. – [Ollie] Oh you mean
like jump red lights? – [James] Yeah, and she saw
the most incredible view, and basically it was so
worth going up there. So cycling in Ukraine
looks absolutely mega. – Looks pretty good. Doesn’t look like HBO Chernobyl, doesn’t look much like that. – Yeah, I wasn’t going to mention that. – Top of my list, though. – Go on. – Norway. I’ve not been there. I really want to go there. I really love mountains
and fjords and stuff. And we got sent this picture as well. Check this out from Sigurd. And this is Fjordane,
and I mean look at that. Do you even switch back, bro? – [James] That does look
absolutely incredible. It looks like the windiest
road I’ve ever seen in my life. – [Ollie] We haven’t been
up to Grossglockner have we? – [James] No, but that is true. And now it’s your turn at home. So if you’ve kind of cycled
in places that you think not many people have heard of, if you have then pop them in
the comments section below ’cause we’d love to go through them. – Yeah then we’d know
where to go visit as well. – Well that’s it, yeah. That’s basically it. – It’s now time for our weekly inspiration where you submit
inspirational cycling photos or evidence, for a chance to win 50, 75 or £100 in vouchers from
our friends at Wiggle. – Yeah, in third place we
have Ian with this photo from Fukuoka (laughter from audience) You what? That’s the place name, yep. In Japan. (laughter) It’s an early morning but
those hills look great. – I’m sure that’s how
it’s pronounced, mate. It’s does look good in … Fukuoka. (laughter) Does look good there. – [James] Just go with
it, just go with it. – Second place this week is Modesto with his beautiful
Wilier bike in Panama. Look at that. – [James] I’m an absolute
sucker for a sunset picture. If you guys think of sending in a golden hour sunset or sunrise, I’m going to pick it, I can’t help it. – [Ollie] I like a bit of
HDR, not too much but, yes. That’s a nice one.
– [James] Right. – [Ollie] So who’s first place? – In first place, winning
£100 of Wiggle vouchers to spend on whatever they want is: Right, it’s … It says Oliver Bridgewood from Yorkshire in a village of Castleford. – [Ollie] I’ve been
entering week after week and its finally paid off. Great, isn’t it? – No, I’m not having
that, I’m not having that. (laughter from audience) – I enter every week, mate. That’s a cracking photo. – [James] No, it’s horrific, horrific. – Beautiful place …
– Can we scrap that one? Scrap that one. In first place is actually David with this picture, which looks absolutely
amazing, doesn’t it? Over Coll de Rates. Have you cycled up Coll de Rates? – [Ollie] I have, yeah,
it’s all right, isn’t it? It’s all right, that
picture, but you know. – [James] It’s 10 times better than yours. And he said he’s just retired at 49 and my friend offered me the chance to go and stay with him for a week, and all I can say is thanks
Darren, I’ll be back. Now it’s good to have
friends with nice locations where you can cycle and stuff. – Well he’s got £100 in
Wiggle vouchers now as well. More GCN inspiration next week. – So my latest Zwift Academy update is holidays are over. We’re all packed up and ready to go. I need to clean my bike
before I put it on a trainer on Thursday, which is when
I’m going to do the first of the workettes. I’m going to do one on
Thursday, one on Friday, and I’m going to aim to do
them about 3PM U.K. time. So whatever that is where you are, if you want to join in feel free. Have a good holiday. I’ve trained a bit and I’ve partied a bit, and that’s the perfect preparation I think for the next few weeks of Zwift Workouts. Look forward to seeing you soon. Bye. (bugle music) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now, and
we’re going to begin this week with an apology. Well, I’m not going to
apologize, but I think you owe everyone an apology, Hank. – Yes, Dan and I on last week’s show well, we said that Neil Campbell became the fastest person to
do the world speed record. We were wrong. Neil Campbell actually did
the men’s world speed record, but the overall record is still held by Denise Mueller-Korenbek at a
speed of 180 miles per hour. 180 miles per hour on a bike. So yeah, I’m sorry about that. – Definitely got her name right as well. Good job. Yeah, I’ve actually met Neil. He’s a good guy and I
did a video on his bike. It’s mental. It’s got a parachute on the
back of it and everything when it needs to slow him down. Pretty cool.
– Parachute? – Yeah, worth checking out. Now, Neil can we have a
go with the parachute? – Oh if you must. – We’ve also got some exciting news from Zwift. They’ve got the world championship course that is being unveiled shortly. It’s actually exciting, isn’t it? – Yeah, the world championship
is going to be held in Yorkshire, which is where I’m from. And I’m proper excited about this. And the Zwift course is
going to be the 14 kilometer finishing circuit in the
beautiful spa town of Harrogate. Now I went and checked this
out with Malcolm Elliot and we did a video about it, so you can see more about it there. – [James] Yeah the great
thing about this as well is because you can’t actually ride the world championship course because it goes up a one way road. – [Ollie] Yeah the finish
in on a one way street. – [James] So this means
you can actually ride it. – [Ollie] Yeah it’s really punchy as well, loads of little kickers in there. It’s going to be a good circuit, that. In other news, Hank, have you ever played Grand Theft Auto? – Yes, I’m not sure where
you’re going with this, Ollie. – Well in an utterly bizarre story that happened in Hawaii last week, it can only be described
as a real life piece of Grand Theft Auto gameplay. Police responded to a stolen bike, right? And they pursued a woman who was seen fleeing the scene by bike, right? Thinking that she’d stolen the bike. They chased her in what
became this absurd, very low speed police chase. The woman rode as far as she
could away from the police until she then reached to coast where she dropped the bike, ran away onto a beach, and then
continued fleeing the scene by swimming. She swam all the way, and this is true, to a place called Coconut Island (laughter) where she then continued
to flee by running away. The police continued to chase and eventually apprehended the lady. – Did she win the world record
for the fastest triathlon? – No, but it was basically like … – With police on her heels. – Grand Theft Auto triathlon. – GTN should take some notes. – They should, yeah. They could learn a lot. – On other news, Norway loves salmon. (audience laughter) Yeah, strange that, isn’t it? – Right, so the prize for winning the king of the mountains classification in the arctic tour of Norway
is 500 kilograms of salmon. This is completely true. 500 kilograms of salmon. – 500 kilograms, I can’t even imagine how much salmon that is. – 500 kilograms
– I don’t think you would even well, yeah. I don’t even know how many
fish cakes you can make out of 500 kilograms of salmon. – Quite a lot, well 500
kilogram sized fish cakes. – I was going to ask how many fish cakes? – A lot. – A lot. – What else would you make? – Terrine, pate, smoke some of it. Consommes, all sauce, it’ll be mint. (audience laughter) (drum line music and cannon shot) We now have the much anticipated return of wattage bazooka, and this time, for the first time, it’s live. – Yes, we’ve got a top
end setup here from Wahoo, and we’re going to get our
very own Alan from Italy (laughter and applause) Alan (applause) Yeah we’ve got our very
own Alan from Italy who’s taken on 30 seconds of a max effort. I’m interested to know – – What power he can do. – What power he can do, so,
– 30 seconds. – Show of hands, I’m going to start off, I’m going to start off low,
mate, I’m going to start off low. 300 watts, who reckons
he can hold 300 watts? For 30 seconds, for 30 seconds. 400 watts. – I’m going to go a thousand. – A thousand watts? – Yeah he’s definitely
going to do a thousand. – Hold on, we’re going to walk over. We’re going to see this. – For those of you who
are still unfamiliar with Alan, he’s incredibly Italian. Some say he’s even more Italian than Georgio Armani having a Dolmio day on top of the leaning tower of Pisa. – [James] And he’s off … 30 seconds from five, now go! Up, up, up, up, up! 700 watts, 700 watts! (audience cheers) – Go Alan! (crowd cheers) – Go, go, go, go, go, go! – [James] 10, nine,
eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Stop. Right, we’re going to work
out your wattage on that. But that was a good effort. – [Alan] Too much effort. – Too much, too much effort. – Where’s the tiramisu? – [Alan] (mumbles) – We’ve got the results
of Alan’s wattage bazooka. He achieved a very respectable 702 watts in 30 second effort.
– In trainers. – In trainers. Yeah, I think that was
quite a lot of fun, that. – Do you think we should
make it a new thing? Wattage bazooka live. – I don’t know, we could
be on to something. Well let us know in the
comment section below what you think, if you’d
like to see us do more 30 second wattage bazookas. – It’s now time for comment of the week. Now this week we’ve got a couple. I’ll start off with the
first on from Greg Looper. I’m not sure why we keep
bragging about the Dutch having more bikes than people. Every time my wife shares
the same fact about our house she doesn’t sound like she’s bragging. (laughter) I know exactly how she feels. – Doesn’t understand m+1. – Yeah. – Next comment is from Uwe Kretzchmar, which I think I got that pretty good. I think. He says please don’t fire
Hank, he didn’t mean to pronounce Piotr correctly. – In second place of Peter – – Or Piotr. – Yeah should I do that again? Piotr. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – You’re really good at that word. – That’s the only one I’m good at. – He learned that when we were in Poland doing our Poland video. – Yeah I called him Peter
about 20 times afterwards, and he said no Hank, it’s Piotr. After about 30 goes I got it. – Yeah, nice one, Peter, yeah. – Yeah, cheers. We got one in from
Calum Spencer, who goes, Dan Lloyd for the Random Tandem. Dan Lloyd on the back of
Martyn Ashdon’s tandem. Well that would be carnage. (audience laughter) – [James] I don’t think he’d
be able to have enough power to get that thing going either. – [Ollie] Yeah but if you’re
unfamiliar with Martyn Ashton’s Random Tandem, then go check it out, cause it’s an amazing contraption. Martyn’s amazing when he rides it as well. It’s really cool. – [James] I can’t believe it
it, I want to go, actually. – [Ollie] But I would pay a lot
of money to see Dan ride it. (laughter) We’re currently filming this in Saalbach in front of our live GCN event audience, but if you’ve missed
our GCN events this year and you’d like to come in the future, then don’t worry. – [James] Yeah, we’re still
finalizing our plans for 2020 but why not sign up for our newsletter at, and the
Instagram team @GCNevents and Facebook, that way you’ll
miss absolutely nothing. – It’s now time for
Hack-forward-slash-Bodge where you send in your hacks or bodges, and because we’ve got a
live studio audience, James, I think we should make use of them and get them to judge this
week’s Hacks or Bodges, so underneath their seats they’ve got well, hack or bodge signs, so
they’re going to hold them up and let us know whether they
think it’s a hack or a bodge. – Shall I count them? – You can, yes. As I said, I’m colorblind,
so I can’t actually tell cause they’re red or green, but anyway. First up we’ve got Peter
from Northumberland and he’s got a frisbee and he’s put a slit in
his frisbee, trimmed it, and then he slides it in between where his disk brake
rotor is, and his hub, and therefore he can
protect his disk brake rotor when he’s cleaning his bike and doesn’t get any
contamination on the rotor. – [James] That’s pretty smart, that. – [Ollie] Yeah he says it
slips in easily as well. – Right we’re going to ask the audience. (laughter) Is this a hack or is it a bodge? Can we get … yeah. We’ve got a resounding hack. – Yes, hack. – Well done, Peter. – Next up we’ve got Andy,
who’s from Perth in Scotland. When your bike needs a wash down and a repair but you
don’t have a workstand. – We have got some Scottish
people in the audience, and they’re not going to be
impressed with that accent, I’m just going to say. – [Ollie] Well there you
go, he’s got a pallet as a workstand, what do you make of that? – [James] I think that’s genius. I would never look at a pallet and go, ah, I’m going to stick my bike on that. – [Ollie] I don’t rate that,
cause you can’t turn the pedals which is … you need
that to do your drive – – [James] Oh it’s all right. – [Ollie] And also your fork’s getting scratched against the wood. – [James] That’s just,
give it to the audience. Audience, what do you make of that? Hack or a bodge? I’m with them on that, sorry. – What, they’re saying its a bodge? – Yeah, it’s a bodge. – Well you said you thought it was good. (audience laughter) What are you on about me? They’re with me. – Okay. It’s a bodge. Now Ollie, you might
have to explain this one. – Yeah this is my mate, Neil. – One item. – Yeah.
– Okay. – And he, well we were on
the way back from a ride and just before getting home,
stopped to get some food Neil got a baguette and he put
it in his empty bottle cage to ride home with it, and
it held it pretty well. And then he also wanted
some custard tarts as well, and he got them in a little box, right? Get this, this is really good. The little box, he put
it on his wahoo mount by taking his wahoo off, and
then he put his wahoo back on and it secured the box
at the front of his bike. – [James] How clever’s that? – Custard tarts were
perfect when he got home. – So we’ll put that to the audience. – Hack or bodge. – Is that a hack or a bodge? Aw, that’s difficult. Right, I dunno if I’d go … That’s like kind of split
down the middle, that is. I don’t know if I’ve
got time to count them. – Neil’s dying. (laughter) – I think it’s going to
be a … it’s a hack. – Neil’s going to be so happy. (laughter) – Next up is from Stephen. Now walking through Falmouth in Cornwall he came across this
made out of an old bike. Now he’s definitely got the
skills to pay the bills. To be fair, I’m impressed with that. I never look at an old bike and go yeah I’m going to make
a drum set out of that. – [Ollie] Yeah I don’t either. – Should we put it to the audience? – What do you reckon, audience? Hack or bodge? – [James] It’s hard again. – [Ollie] You know what,
there’s a lot of bodges there. I thought it was great. – I don’t know what we’re
going to go for there. Can you say? – I think that’s a
bodge from the audience. – All right, all right. I’m sorry Stephen but our
audience is a tough one. – Tough crowd. – It’s tough crowd and
they’ve given it, (laughter) and they’ve given it a bodge. – Next up we have Rhyss who is in New South Wales, Australia. – Don’t do it. – (laughs) Rhyss was doing a
self supported bikepacking trip from the western to the
eastern coast of Australia. And, oh she, she’s a girl. I thought it was a boy. Rhyss’s, well it can be
both, she woke up one morning and the temperature was
well into the negatives, so to get her feet warm – – In Austria … Australia? – Australia not Austria. We’re in Austria. They’re different places. She put mini hot water bottles on her feet to get her toes warm. Each bottle lasted about an hour. What do you reckon of that? – I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never looked at hot water
bottles either and gone yeah, good way of heating up my feet. – Yeah.
– There you go. Right, crowd, what we thinking? – Is that hack or a bodge? – Is that hack or a bodge? Would you ride with water
bottles on your feet? – Where do you even get
mini hot water bottles? – [James] It’s a definite, it’s a bodge. – [Ollie] That’s a bodge. – [James] It’s a bodge. – [Ollie] More hack or bodges next week. Thanks to our live studio audience. – They were a tough
bunch but they were good. (applause) It’s now time for caption competition. Now we’re going to choose
last week’s winner. Who’s the winner? Ollie. – Well, last week was this picture of team Bahrain Merior. – [James] Yeah we actually
did a song, Dan and I. – [Ollie] Did you?
– [James] Yeah. – [Ollie] By Raining Men? – [James] Yeah, it was, yeah. – The winning caption we’ve
got is from Catherine Spark who said “They’re about
to sing. Cover your ears unless you want Bahrain damage.” (laughter) Get it? – I think a lot of
people got Bahrain damage after our singing, Dan and I. We worked hard a karaoke,
but it never paid off. ♪ Singing in Bahrain ♪ ♪ What a wonderful ♪ – Again, that’s enough of that, I think. – This week’s photo is of Filippo Ganna, the Italian rider from Team Ineos who won this massive keg upon winning a time trial
at the BinckBank Tour. – [James] Now I reckon you
can start off with coming up with a caption, hey Ollie? – [Ollie] Yeah, okay. – [James] Go on then. – All right, you’re
going to like this one. He’s never Ganna drink all that. – I see what you’ve done there, Ollie. We can do better, so we’re
going to ask the crowd if they can beat Ollie with their caption. Is anyone got a caption,
if so put your hand up. Right, I’m going to start off with Neil. – [Neil] This much beer will
give you Bahrain damage. (laughter) – Neil I like what you’ve done there, you’re working in the last caption. I like what you done there. – Team Ineos. (laughter) – Gary. – My kegs are killin’ me after that race. (laughter) – My kids … I don’t understand. – My kegs. – Oh my kegs. It’s cause he’s Scottish, isn’t it? – Yep. – That’s like Scottish for trousers. – Yeah. Good Gary, keep working on it. Is anyone else got one? – Good try, yeah. – You sir, at the back. – I’m going to get
beered at the BinckBank. – I’m going to get beered
at the big bank, is that what you said sir? – [Man] at the BinckBank. – The BinckBank. – Well these are all excellent suggestions but I’m sure that you guys
can do much better at home. So let us know your suggestions in the comment section down below. – It’s time for Zwift
question of the week. If you’d like to get in
with a chance of earning three months of free
subscription from our mates over at Zwift, then pop your question in the comment section below. What hashtag do you use, Ollie? – Ask GCN Training. – That’s it. – And you’re in for the chance of winning that three month subscription. So this week’s question
comes from Jamie Williams who says hi, I’ve got my
first hundred mile sportive coming up in 10 weeks, and
he’s currently putting together a training plan with three
longer rides outdoors, and two turbo sessions. Now he’s just wondering
what would be the best turbo sessions to do in
order to get him ready for the event. So, well firstly. – Its always quite daunty, is it? Your first hundred mile sportive. – Yeah but I mean, great
to hear that you’re taking your first hundred, and
you’ve given yourself a good amount of time to
train with that 10 weeks, and your plan for 3 outdoor
rides and 2 indoor ones is a really strong one as well, and we’d suggest that for
your 2 indoor sessions you focus on more structure and some higher intensity
intervals in those sessions, and then use your outdoor
rides to build endurance and just have more volume
in those sessions as well. – And for those indoor
sessions during the week we’d look to do some intensity, so we’re looking at some VO2 max sessions and those you’re looking
at 3 to 8 minutes long. So we’re start you off
with 4 x 3 minute efforts. Now you want to have around a
3 minute recovery in between so keep the effort time the same amount as the recovery time. They’re quite hard, those. – VO2 max intervals are pretty hard, but they get you fit quick. And for the other indoor
session it would be good to focus on your anaerobic capacity. So these are intervals that are typically 1 to 3 minutes long, and they
differ from the VO2 max ones in that you’d have a longer rest period between those intervals. – Yeah and for those we would look to do around 4 x 1 minute efforts, with 2 minutes recovery in between and that really works
the anaerobic capacity. – Yes and then when you’re
doing your remaining road rides just focus on getting the endurance in, and doing longer miles,
increasing your volume, and having fun. Good luck in your event. – Yeah really good luck, and
hope that really helps you. – It’s nearly time for
the end of the show, but we’re going to run
through what’s coming up on the channel this week. So on Wednesday we’ve got
cycling through pregnancy. Sounds really interesting. – Yeah you have something
you want to tell me, Ollie? – On Thursday we’ve got the
future of indoor cycling with a serious factory tour, and on Friday we’ve got mountain bike versus gravel bike versus road bike. – We love a versus. – We do. – Yeah Sai has a mooch round the moots factory tour on Saturday. Sunday garbage bike to gravel bike, John, he found this one
quite difficult didn’t he? On Monday it’s the race news show, and on Tuesday it’s back at the GCN show. It’s now time for extreme corner. We’re taking a bit of a
different twist on this week, aren’t we? – Yeah but this is very extreme. Two cyclists from America,
Clay James and Cody Hughes, have cycled up the highest
mountain in North America. Mount Denali in Alaska
stands well over 20,000 feet. Its 6,193 meters. Impressive alone just to climb that, but to put it into context, the gargantuan Grossglockner
which is over there somewhere, we’re climbing that tomorrow. That is only 2,500 meters,
and that’s a savage climb. – Yeah these guys are absolutely mental because they climbed it, but before that they cycled 3,560 miles to get there with all their kit in it as well, and when they were
planning this they’re like, well let’s kind of not give off a massive carbon footprint because it worked out that to fly there would
cost them 16 hundred gallons of fuel, or cost the airline. So they decided to cycle
there, and then climb up, and then cycle back. How incredible is that? – Yeah, it’s mad. – [James] So check out this video. – [Ollie] That’s definitely extreme. – [Ollie And James] Ooh! – Are you going to do it? Next ski trip are you going to
ride there instead of fly there? – No.
– No. – Anyway, it’s now time unfortunately for the end of the show. So a massive thanks to our
live audience here in Saalbach. (applause) Don’t forget to like and subscribe to GCN. Click the little bell icon
and head over to GCN racing because we’ve got live
world highlights everyday. – I love this guy. Do we have them all week? – Yeah.

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