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The Best Entry Level Full Suspension MTB! | CRC |

The Best Entry Level Full Suspension MTB! | CRC |

If you’re looking for a full suspension
mountain bike with modern trail geometry, reliable components and a sorted ride then
the new range of Mythique bikes from Vitus will have you wondering why other bikes on
your shortlist cost quite so much. Before we jump into the detail, if you want
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bell so you know when we’ve uploaded a fresh video. Available with either 27.5” or 29” wheels
there are three spec options in the Mythique range – the VR and VRW women’s specific
Mythique, the VRS and the top end VRX. In this video we’re going to take a look at
the mid-range Mythique, the VRS. Like all the Mythiques, the VRS is available
with either 27.5” or 29” wheels and is based around an alloy frame with modern geometry
and a sorted parts package. Suspension-wise the Mythique VRS uses an X-Fusion
Sweep Boost fork with 140mm of travel paired with an X-Fusion 02 Pro rear shock to smooth
any bumps on your ride. A SRAM SX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain will have
you hauling up the steepest of climbs before you blast down the other side. And when you
do, the Shimano MT-401 hydraulic disc brakes will slow you down in no time. The clever component choices continue with
the wheels as a tubeless-ready WTB wheelset is paired with a Schwalbe Magic Mary up front
and a Schwalbe Hans Dampf at the rear – the perfect combo to give you grip, traction and
control when you need it. To finish off the package a Brand X Ascend
dropper seatpost allows for on the fly height adjustment – perfect for getting your body
in the right position for long hill climbs or on super fast descents. Affordable, entry level bikes have never looked
and more importantly ridden as well as the new Vitus Mythique collection. What do you think of this new bike? Let us
know in the comments section below.

8 comments on “The Best Entry Level Full Suspension MTB! | CRC |

  1. I think I might have to splash out on one, that's a great looking bike and at a incredible price, I won't see many of these in Melbourne Victoria Australia 👍

  2. The bike industry makes me crazy with their fantasy pricing.. 2 grand out the door is "entry level"?? Nope.. 300 is entry level. Buy a 10 year old bike, throw on some upgrades and laugh mightily at the guy with a $5000 bike that can't catch you.

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