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The Best Game Of Thrones Cycling Destinations |  GCN Show Ep. 329

The Best Game Of Thrones Cycling Destinations | GCN Show Ep. 329

– Welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, as Games of
Thrones fever grips the world, or at least parts of it, we tell you which are the best bits
of Westeros for cycling, including fat biking
beyond the Wall in Iceland. – And if that’s completely
meaningless to you, as it is to me, don’t worry
’cause we’ve always got the results of last week’s
War on the Roads poll, plus some great news for
commuters in the UK and the US, and much, much more. – Have you seriously never watched it? – I’ve not watched a single
second of Game of Thrones. – So weird. (energetic music) – This week in the world of cycling we learnt that being a mountain biker can really come in handy
when you’re out on the road. – [Announcer] Fuglsang, our victor. – Ooh.
– Ooh, that was close. – That will be the first in a new segment which we’ve decided to
call Near Miss of the Day. That’s Jakob Fuglsang there. Himself, a former Under-23
mountain bike world champ showin’ us his skills and
keeping it rubber-side down against all the odds, quite frankly, whilst en route to victory at Liege-Bastogne-Liege at the weekend. – I still can’t believe he held that up. We also learnt this week, that being sponsored by Rapha doesn’t automatically make you stylish. You still kinda need to be able to dress and undress yourself. Here’s Mike Woods finishing
fifth in that very same race with one leg warmer. – Than the other. – Yes, see what you did there. – To be fair we knew that ridin’ for Rapha doesn’t make you stylish ’cause
there’s that video evidence. – Oh, ’cause you rode for them, yeah. – With a mullet, yeah.
(Dan laughs) Anyway, this week we also
learnt from that if you suffer from
Game of Thrones fever you will have to get yourself
over to Northern Ireland to complete the Westeros Cycle Tour, which is a 2 1/2 hour ride apparently that takes in a whole stack of filming locations from the series. Now it is gonna be tough, apparently it’s four kilometers long, but you do get a free sword
if you do the official tour. – Well, who wouldn’t want to
ride along with a free sword? – Exactly.
– That sounds pretty cool. I had to make do once, you
remember, with a baguette. (inspirational music) – Ah, that’s a classic that one, isn’t it? Now, I confess that I
too am slightly gripped by Games of Thrones fever at the moment. Not to the point where
I would plan a holiday to go and look at the film– – I don’t think you’re too far off. You’ve taken yourself off social media so you don’t get any
spoilers, haven’t you? – Well, that is true. But no, I wouldn’t plan a
holiday solely around that. But what if the filming locations were also amazing places
to ride your bike? Where effectively is the best
place in Westeros to cycle? Now we’re talking. No? Have you seriously not seen anything? – I told you at the
start, I haven’t watched a single second of Games of Thrones– – Okay, all right. Well let’s start with one that you would definitely want to ride. This is called Dark Hedges,
in Northern Ireland. It’s actually only been used
once in Games of Thrones as the King’s Road, but look at that! You’d go there just for your
Instagram feed, wouldn’t you? – [Dan] Well, yeah, it
does look pretty cool. – It looks amazing. Definitely worth a detour. And then once you’ve done that, go a little bit further south
to the Mourne Mountains. Loads of filming locations there. Very bleak, very beautiful
for some cracking riding. – Bleak, yeah, out of interest, have they filmed in any more exotic, or at least locations with
better weather than the UK? – They have, mate, many. You can’t argue with
Girona, would you believe? The cycling mecca of Girona,
home to GCN en Espanol. That too has been a scene. Again, King’s Landing, cathedral steps. King’s Landing, cathedral steps, no, okay. – No, I’ll take your word for it. Well, I wouldn’t pass up the
opportunity any day of the week to go and ride in Girona,
’cause it’s amazing. And the city itself is
amazing too, isn’t it? – At pro ride. – Actually when we were down
at Orbea a year or two ago didn’t they see that a few
Games of Thrones scenes had been shot round there? – They did, well remembered. – One was a beach, Zumaia Beach? And the other was the steps at
the San Juan de Guat-ch-laia. – Gaztelugatxe?
– That was the one, yeah. – Very well remembered, yeah. Both scenes from Dragonstone. – Hmm,
– No? To be fair, we can vouch for the riding in the
Basque Country, can’t we? I mean, we filmed a retro versus modern literally a stone’s throw from Zumaia. It was the retro versus modern
where I unfortunately broke Pedro Delgado’s Vuelta-winning bike. That was a bit embarrassing, that. – [Dan] That was embarrassing. Great riding again though at
the Basque Country, wasn’t it? – [Simon] Oh, absolutely amazing. – [Dan] If a little bit on the tough side for my liking these
days, super steep climbs. – Hilly, yeah, it is isn’t it, yeah. – Anyway, back to cooler
climbs because what I do know about the Game of Thrones is
what you’ve just been saying. Bad weather and stark landscapes
appear as a bit of theme– – Stark landscapes, that’s a cracking pun. – Is it? – Is it, come on mate you know. – But I was reading up on it and Iceland is one of
the big filming locations at a glacier apparently that you and Neal must
have been pretty close to when you were filming there. – [Simon] Yeah, yeah some
epic riding there for sure. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily
a bucket list destination seeing as there’s not actually
that many roads to ride. But if gravel biking is your thing there’s nowhere else like it, nowhere. – I have a feeling you
might need a fat bike for some of the terrain over
there from what I’ve seen. – Well yeah and the weather. – Oh as it says here mate that Lake Myvatn is where Mance Rayder’s wildling army camp was built in season three. – It was yeah. – And that the nearby cave of Grjotagja is where Jon Snow, Jon Snow,
Channel 4 news reporter. Where Jon Snow and Ygritte sleep together. – Yeah that was a good bit that one. – And the Myrdalsjokull glacier meanwhile becomes the Fist of the First Men. – Yep, honestly mate you
would absolutely love it. You’ve got to get into it. A more exotic location
perhaps than Iceland, Croatia. That’s been a big part of
Game of Thrones scenes. Particularly the home of
King’s Landing effectively. Dubrovnik would be the place to go if you wanna geek out on that. Not necessarily the best place to sample Croatian
cycling is it Dubrovnik? The country’s not very– – No you wouldn’t be riding very long before you got into Bosnia and Herzegovina and also Montenegro, oh
actually those are two places I have always wanted to ride my bike. – Yeah me too actually they sound amazing. And then lastly the most
exotic filming location, Morocco, Ouarzazate, oh
yeah that was the scene of a few pits in Game of Thrones. – Another place where you have
recently filmed on location for G, have you been
ticking off Game of Thrones scene locations in your
planning for GCN content? (Simon clears throat) I thought so. I think we should wrap this
part of the show up now if I’m perfectly honest. If you like Si are obsessed
with the Game of Thrones and also Si if you want
to merge the two together your options then are
Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Spain and Morocco. – You know where we are off to next? – Northern Ireland? – Close, Croatia. Also if you’re a Game of Thrones nerd get involved in the comments section. Let us know which part of Westeros you think would be best for cycling, Ollie thinks Highgarden
or possibly the Vale. – Let’s move on. – I think probably Dawn. – Let’s move on. – Okay, right now at this
point in the show last week we were talking about
something far more serious. About whether or not there
is a war on the roads between cars and cyclists. Now Dan and I feel that there
isn’t but we asked you at home what you thought and
asked you to vote on it. – We did and out of
those of you that voted, 55% said that you didn’t think
there was a war on the roads which rather worringly means
that 45% of you do think there is a war between
cyclists and motorists. – Yeah, we also had some great comments on the subject as well,
we’ll go through a couple. Daniel Alvarado says,
“There is absolutely a war “but it’s not just about
cyclists versus cars “it’s about cars versus
literally everything else.” And he goes on to say, “There is not a more pernicious example “of the societal
atomization than the car.” And I’m not gonna argue with that. – John Citizen made a good point too. “Driving in traffic is miserable “but it’d be made a lot more miserable “if 300,000 cyclists got of their bike “and got in their car as well.” – Yeah it reminds me of that phrase, you’re not stuck in
traffic, you are traffic. – Ah, great phrase. – And then we’ve got a
slightly lighter hearted one from Klemen Hrastnik, “There
is a war on the roads, “absolutely yes there is, “it’s between inner tubes and potholes.” – Maybe go tubeless Klemen. – Oh yeah like world peace in an instant. – We’ve been sent a very special message. – Hello GCN, it’s Jerry Powers. Dan and Si said to do
something extravagant for the GCN show but how can
you do something extravagant when we’re in a field in the
middle of Ontario, Canada. So we’re up here for the
Paris to Ancaster race we’ve just finished it. Got mud everywhere it was super awesome so I’m racing a couple of more events until I’m officially retired in June. And I’m really excited to be
joining the GCN crew June 1st so thank you, I’ll see you all soon. – How exciting is that? – That is super exciting, isn’t it? – Yeah Jeremy Powers is
going to be joining us as a US-based GCN
presenter starting in June. Now although he is on the
other side of the Atlantic that’s not just the only thing
that separates us from him. There’s also the fact that
he amassed over 90 UCI wins through his glittering career. And the fact that he is universally liked. – That’s probably the
biggest difference isn’t it? It’s not surprising actually
that he is universally liked given that he is one of the nicest people you’d ever like to meet. We should probably say and
we’d like to say congraulations first Jeremy on an amazing career and then also how thrilled we are that he’s gonna be joining us as of June. That’s great.
– Definitely. Yeah I can’t wait. Actually we should make
sure that we send him some of these brand new GCN 3D
logo sweatshirts and tshirts. – Oh mate that is the worst segue I’ve ever heard in my life. – Thought you might say that.
– Yeah. – Right shameless plug
for the GCN shop then. We’ve just had a drop which
is what my 16-year old son says when a new clothing range comes out. This drop is the 3D printed
logo tshirts and sweatshirts which are over on the GCN store right now. – Yeah now don’t worry they won’t actually take
up anymore storage space in your wardrobe because
that’s just an illusion. It’s not really 3D.
– It’s flat. – It’s only 2D yeah. And the next exciting announcement I think might even trump
the 3D printed logos is actually that the next two GCN events are now officially open for booking. So we’ve got Avoriaz in the French Alps and Saalbach in the Austrian Alps. – [Dan] Great cycling and a heap of fun were the key ingredients to Mallorca which was our first event. Bit too much fun actually I’m still recovering to this very day. Anyway the first of those camps is on the 1st to the 5th of August. That’s the Avoriaz one which
is a French Alpine ski resort. There along with the fun
we’ll also be riding our bikes including some of the
key Tour de France climbs like the Col d’Izoard climb. – [Simon] Yeah and then
at the end of August the 22nd to the 26th to be exact you could go to the Austrian Alps. And some of the riding there
I’m told is absolutely stunning some epic climbs including
the Grossglockner apparently. – None of those have been used
in Game of Thrones have they? Anyway we hope to see a few of
you over the next two events. (energetic music) – Next up is GCN Inspiration. We’re about to reveal
our favorite three photos that we saw from last week
either on our uploader, the link to that in the description below or over on Instagram, those photos that were
tagged with #GCNISNPIRATION. Three Wiggle voucher amounts on offer, 100 pounds to first place, 75 for second and third gets you 50 pounds. – Yeah we will start off
with that third place. This one came in from
Alessandro in Cardona. He is from Ivrea in Italy. He said back to commuting. That’s not a bad shot
from your commute is it? Look at that? – [Dan] Why did you stop commuting? Even I’d commute to work by
bike if the view was that– – Not in winter you wouldn’t mate. – I wouldn’t that’s true.
– No. – Well done, second place
though goes to Drew Miner. Well that looks blooming cold doesn’t it? Immensely grateful to be able to do this the same day as the morning of school. – [Simon] Wowie that’s
amazing from Montana, that looks incredible. Looks slightly damp and cold but I’d– – Is he in shorts and short sleeves? – Is he? – Yeah. – Wow you wouldn’t do that
either would you mate? – It’s a ride uphill, hope you weren’t too cold in the sun maybe use your Wiggle vouchers to get yourself some warmer clothing. – There we go buy leg warmers– – Might have to share it
though his brother Craig who took that photo. – Ah okay you can have one leg
warmer each like Rusty Woods. Right anyway that leaves
us with one winner, first place goes to Dylan from the Seymour Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Look at that. Riding together in good team bonding. – Do you think that was staged or do you think they just captured them as they were riding side
by side in matching kit. – Well Dan the war on the
roads would be pretty feisty if we rode five abreast wouldn’t it? But anyway, no I appreciate
that, that’s pretty cool. – I just love that road
winding through the trees that to me is perfect. Well done to all of you. Let’s know what you spend
your Wiggle voucher amounts on whether it’s clothing
’cause it’s cold or not. And reminder if you want to
enter the uploader description down below and also the hashtag
#GCNINSPIRATION on Instagram (playful music) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We will start Cycling Shorts with a little bit of a teaser this week because Wahoo have got
something exciting coming. We’ve got a video about it
on Wednesday of this week over on the Tech channel. So if you don’t subscribe
to the Tech channel already make sure you do so and
hit the little bell icon so you get a notification
when the video goes live. – We’ve got a lot of new tech coming up this week actually haven’t we? – We do coming right up. – Small bit of racing news now because the second
oldest professional rider is about to retire that
being Davide Rebellin at the ripe old age of 47, almost 48. – Yeah now Rebellin is one of
those slightly controversial figures in cycling isn’t it? I mean he did test positive, he did lose his Olympic silver medal but or and he did put in some incredible performances over the year. He was the first rider to
do the Ardennes triple, certainly one of two to do that. And you gotta say haven’t you, irrespective of exactly what
he put into this body and when being a pro cyclist at the age of 47 is unbelievably impressive isn’t it? – He’s been riding at a decent
level as well to that point. I reckon he’s a bit like a
member of The Rolling Stones. It’s incredible that he’s still going despite what he’s put into
his body over the years. – That is a very good point yeah. – Love this stat as well from Ammatti Pyoraily over on Twitter, apparently 209 of the
current 477 WorldTour pros weren’t even born when Rebellin
turned pro back in ’92. – Whoa, that’s quite
a scary stat isn’t it? But yeah imagine the things
that he’s seen over the years. He first started out when like Pucci was riding and all those guys, amazing. Anyway, last week we were
talking about how amazing the cycling infrastructure
in the Netherlands is as illustrated by this map. But there is good news from
elsewhere in the world too starting right here in the UK. – Yes this is a piece published
in The Guardian newspaper which looks into the usage stats of bike lanes here in the UK. So starting with this one which is the Leeds to
Bradford cycle superhighway. So over the course of two years, there are reportedly 871
thousand usages on bikes. – Usages.
– Usages on bikes. – Journeys perhaps.
– On the cycle superhighway. But what I thought was
the most amazing stat was out of those 871 thousand, 30% of riders said they were either new to cycling or returning to it. – That’s fantastic isn’t it? And then down in London, of the super successful cycle
superhighways down there the East-West CS3 superhighway
logged 1.654 million trips in just six months before
the counters broke. – I’m not surprised they broke. I mean I could count to a million but I probably wouldn’t want to. – No it’s a tough old job
there isn’t it, really tough. Anyway there is great news
in the United States as well or perhaps keep our
fingers crossed great news. A congressman from Oregon, Eric Blumenauer is introducing the Bicycle Commuter Act which if it passes would give a tax rebate of 53 dollars per month to
anyone who commutes by bike. – That’s pretty cool isn’t it? – It’s super cool, yeah. – All right this next one’s
a bit of a weird one Si. Vittorio Brumotti, lots of
you out there will have heard of this man but if you haven’t
he’s pretty best described as a celebrity cycling stunt man. I hope that doesn’t make me
sound too middle-aged dad-like. Anyway he’s featured a lot
of times on Extreme Corner right here on this show. – He has it did make
you sound a little bit middle-aged not quite as bad
as that kit drop earlier on but anyway he has been dicing with death in a different way recently though. In fact he was the subject of
a documentary on British TV where they were showing
how he’s now involved with fighting crime and
specifically the Mafia. – I found this amazing because he’s one of the
most famous people in Italy and yet he’s managed to
somehow go undercover and be filmed busting criminals. – It does stretch the
imagination slightly. And I like the fact that
he’s been involving his bike in the criminal busting scenes. But anyway there you
go, it’s a real thing. Right, now over on
Zwift there is some news because there is apparently
the official launch of the first ever Zwift professional team called the Canyon ZCC e-racing team. I have a hunch it’s
actually the ZCC team– – Yeah probably. – I can’t bring myself to say that. But yeah good point. Anyway it’s comprising of 10 riders, five men, five women
from all over the world. I suppose they can do ’cause
they’re not in the same room. – Oh you say that but they
were going to be paid expenses to get to some of the key events– – All right. – They’ll be in the same room then. – Anyway the KISS community racing league is gonna be their big
outlet for competition. – We’re sticking with Zwift. Last week we told you
that there’s a new section on Watopia that was completely flat and perfect for time travels. And Zipp have taken that and started a time travel competition which is gonna be taking
place on the fourth, fifth and sixth of May. – Yeah it’s called the Zipp
High Speed Desert Challenge. There are three categories okay. A categories for men and women. And the distance for that race is the same as the men’s UCI hour record so set just the other week
by Victor Campenaerts. 55.089 kilometers I think in the hour. – The B category is for women only and that distance is 47.980 kilometers. You know what this is don’t you? It’s the women’s hour record
set by Vittoria Bussi. – Yeah and then the
last one, the C category is actually the first ever hour record which is kinda cool
that’s 23.331 kilometers. – And roughly what we can do
for an hour at the moment. – Yeah, well you say that mate, you did 34.5 kilometers an
hour the other day didn’t you? – Oh I did yeah tailwind
the whole way round though. The prizes though are pretty amazing they’re up for grabs,
– They are yeah. – They are not for the winners they are for people selected at random that are participating. But you might be able to get your hands on a pair of Zipp 858 wheels as one of the random people
picked on category A and B. And then an SL-70 aero
bar and aero SL stem for the person picked
at random on category C. – Yeah, the only thing I think people should watch out for Dan is given that the competition is over three days, it’s to just check the weather forecast ’cause if the wind changes direction that could totally screw
with your time so yeah. Anyway it’s open to
everyone so get involved. (drilling) It’s time now for hack forward
slash bodge of the week. Before we get on to this
week’s hacks and bodges we gotta go through a couple
of comments from last week. Hans Schotterradler was making
a comment about the clock that someone had made out
of a piece of carbon fiber and an old chain ring
which looked amazing. Anyway he points out, “You’d
probably wanna use a 60-tooth “chain ring to make a clock.” And that is a very good point isn’t it? – It’s is a good–
– You wouldn’t wear one of those out in a hurry. But anyway very good point. As is the next one
actually from Just Jordan. Who said, ” You idiots.” Yeah that is a good point. Yeah we get that quite a
lot but he has expanded in this particular instance. “A bike computer has to
be a little to the left “or to the right because
that’s where you mount “the transmitter on your front wheel. “If you place it straight in
the middle it doesn’t work.” – Really? It has to be within line of sight. – Apparently. Maybe we should test it and
try and put it in the center and make us not be idiots. We’re gonna start this
week’s hacks and bodges with two bodges, it has to be said. Steebeepix, “Spotted this on a bike “that has been taken in
to a local bike shop. “A piece of wood screwed on to the stem “with a mount attached to the wood.” – [Simon] Whoa, that is terrifying. That is absolutely terrifying. Yeah no don’t screw–
– [Dan] A GoPro mount, no. – [Simon] I don’t know what it is, anyway, but just don’t screw stuff
to your bike, please don’t. This one however is an
excellent use of wood. This is from Sussex, you can’t laugh at that come on. Sussex Physio Pilates, “Why buy an expensive remote control fan, “when a stick does the job?” See, that’s the bit of wood. – [Dan] Was that a bodge? I mean it presumably works but it looks– – It’s a bodge, I mean
it is a bodge but yeah I mean he could have fashioned
his own Bluetooth remote that he’d printed at work
but no he’s used a stick. But anyway it still works I see. – Next off this from Dave, spotted on his holiday in Bruz. Great effort recycling old
inner tubes and I would agree. A cargo bike with recycled inner tubes. That’s a hack from me. – [Simon] Looks comfy to
me that looks really– – [Dan] Oh you would
have sat on it would you? – Well yeah it’d be like
a trampoline wouldn’t it? Right anyway, next up we’ve got this one from John in Dallas, Texas. This is quite a brutal
roadside mechanical. He broke and crunched
his little chain ring and he was 10 miles from home so he ditched the busted ring and this I still can’t
quite get my head around it but there’s the picture,
he used grass as a shim and got home with just two out
of five chain ring bolts left where are the other
three chain ring bolts? That’s what I want to know. But nevertheless that’s
some seriously good roadside hacking there
I hope no one else ever has to do that but still. – Well done for getting out of that one but could he have walked
in the time it took him to do that do you think, 10 miles. – 10 miles is a long way mate.
– Next up from T.Bruce. Just finished the final version of this and it works great for
holding time trail position on a road bike for
extended periods of time. – [Simon] Whoa, what is that? Is that a 3D printed like forearm mount? – [Dan] Looks like just a
bit of rubber doesn’t it? You wouldn’t want the
hard 3D printed things to put your elbow on would you surely? – [Simon] There’s like grip
tape and stuff on there as well we need some more
information please about this but I’m wondering whether that’s a hack. – We also can’t encourage or condone resting on your bars like
that away from the brakes out on open roads I’m afraid. – Even with a 3D printed potentially slightly rubber-grippy thing. – No.
– Yeah no. – This from Tom Corbett who
was at Liege-Bastogne-Liege for the sport eve. Old tires for a scratch-proof bike rack. – [Simon] Nice, good recycling there– – [Dan] Well done for
organizing that one there. Plenty of portaloos– – I was just thinking that as well that’s good to see there’s nothing worse than queuing for a portaloo is there? Right and then we’ve got
this one from Elmer in Japan. My crush last week rendered
the ratchet on my left shoe unusable so while I was
waiting for a replacement I used this adjustable zip tie. Well there we go, that’s a bodge isn’t it? But anyway nevertheless. Oh I see they’re different ones. – They are different shoes. “That’s the same shoe,” he
said to me in rehearsals that’s why we’ve been looking slightly confused at the laptop. – I was gonna say that is
an amazing transformation. – He’s likely gonna
keep that it is a hack. How can they be the same shoes? One’s a Giro, the other one’s a– (laughter) – That is quite a hack. (laughter) – Kinda just gloss over the
amazing seedy shoes Dan. – Somebody’s painted their
shoes so that’s from Ozby. – They’ve made it into a lace-up. (laughter) – We’ve finished with this one. – Bodge. – James Woods Music (laughter) who used to have a Fizik saddle and then turned it into this one. No he didn’t, it’s just a wooden saddle that you see on the street
in Toronto in Canada. – [Simon] That is terrifying,
that is absolutely terrifying. – Send your hacks and
bodges using the uploader and the hashtag GCN hack on social media. – And if you’ve got a pair of shoes that have unbelievably transformed from one brand into another
make sure you let us know. (laughter) (energetic music) It’s time now for the caption competition. That point of the show
where we give you a photo, you put a caption to it in the
comments section down below and the winner gets a GCN water bottle. This was last week’s photo and we will give you the winner right now who was Grant Welch with, “I thought I had a good photography joke “but it hasn’t developed yet.” – [Dan] Anyone under the age of about 28 isn’t gonna understand that joke. – I was just thinking about that yeah it’s been a while since
we had a film developed but anyway there we go. Grant, bottle coming your way mate. – Get in touch with your address so we can send it out to you. This week’s photo is from the absolute gold racer it’s Peter Sagan. Don’t worry lads, know this
race like the back of my hand. I know it’s his palm but– – Yeah, okay, right, good, yeah, I know. Maybe that could be part of the joke ’cause he’s got them lost. He didn’t do that well at
Hansgrohe, didn’t he pull out? – Yeah, didn’t get to the finish. – There we go, he got lost ’cause he was– – It was a genius caption isn’t it? – There we go. Leave your best efforts in the
comments section down below. – That sounds like a caption
that needs explaining. (energetic music) We will very shortly be letting you know what’s coming up on GCN
over the next seven days but as ever before we do that we’ve picked out a few
of our favorite comments from the previous seven. – We have indeed. Some really nice comments under the Scotland North Coast 500 video. This one from–
– Was that in Game of Thrones? – No weirdly enough it could have been. From, oh crikey there’s
a name, Amfee Liefmore which probably doesn’t
sound anything like that but anyway he said, “This is terrible. “Sutherland is my bug out location “and videos like this will attract “even more folks to go there. “You didn’t mention however
the now decommissioned “fast breeder plutonium factory “or how its Wicker Man territory “where folks from London
can just disappear “whilst riding their bicycles
never to be seen again. “Mark also conveniently forgot to mention “the predatory big cats. “If you go into this part of the world “don’t go alone and be safe. “It’s also extremely wet, damp “and the midgets will
eat you alive in summer.” So there we go yeah. I think he’s just joking though he’s just trying to put
people off going isn’t he? No I know to be fair it
was one of those places where I genuinely did wonder whether we should be lifting the lid because it was that amazing. But anyway there you go.
– It did look amazing. Mike wrote in underneath
the same video and put “10 years in Australia without
being homesick for Scotland “once until you mentioned Stovies.” – Ah.
– Were they nice? – Well it.
– It was like a stew you say. – Well yeah that’s the thing, it sounded like it would be like lots of different things on a plate but no it was just one splodge of stew but it was really very good indeed. And then Luke Stockton, thanks Luke. “There’s rough in the morning “then there’s Simon Richardson
rough in the morning.” You try sleeping in a bog, in a bivvy bag. – We hand a joke underneath our how to make the perfect
brew video from Stephen Jones. “Why did the hipster burn his mouth? “He drank his coffee before it was cool.” – Hehey, boom, that’s a
cracking joke isn’t it? – And finally Martin Leib,
“Look-alike competition, ” was it Chris or Ollie at
the start of the video?” We better ask John Travolta.
– We better hadn’t we? (energetic music) – We haven’t used that clip for a while. – We haven’t it’s a classic. – Right, coming up on
the channel this week then starting with
tomorrow it is a brand new never seen before bike. Can’t tell you anything about it right now in the GCN show but I promise
you you want to watch it. Ollie will reveal everything
about that at midday BST. – As you carried on saying,
“Ollie will reveal everything” I was like no I don’t wanna see that– – About the bike about the
bike rather fortunate that one. On Thursday it is how
to do ultra endurance. We got an expert in for that didn’t we? – [Simon] We did yeah.
– Mark Beaumont. Friday as ever is Ask GC Anything. – That’s right then on Saturday
we’ve got a video called, don’t wear underpants when cycling and other unexpected riding tips so make sure you check that one out. And then on Sunday we’ve got a must-watch so it’s another GCN health video. This time we speak to a
top sports cardiologist to find out whether your heart is safe and how to make sure it is. – Monday is the Race New show, Tuesday of course we’ll be back in the set for the GCN show. A quick reminder on the racing front, we have Eschborn-Frankfurt
and the Tour of Yorkshire live in North America and we’ve
also got highlights of that and the Tour of Romandie
next week all over the world. – And don’t forget, we’re getting on for the Giro. I mean we’re off to Italy next week. (energetic music) It’s time now for Extreme Corner because as you all know
we are going towards the end of the show for this week. But this is a corker, this was from our mates over at GMBN. It’s slightly mad but basically
it’s called Death Grip 2 and it’s where they took off
their brakes from their bikes for a second time to ride down a hill. – Oh this is brilliant. (energetic music) – Is he all right? He’s alive. (whistling)
– Those guys are crazy mad. – They are indeed. There was a suggestion
that we should do that down two with our road bikes. – No chance.
– Never. – Like Niccolo Bonifazio down in Cipressa. – He had brakes, imagining that with no brakes.
– He didn’t use them. – Did he not? Well we could do Death Grip
3 done in Cipressa then. Come on Brendog and
Olly Wilkins fancy that? Oh yes I bet you do. Right that’s probably the end
of the show, isn’t it mate? – It is so we’re gonna
hand you to another video in case you haven’t already
seen it just down here Si and I were taught how
to make the perfect brew. – And how to taste it. (sipping)

100 comments on “The Best Game Of Thrones Cycling Destinations | GCN Show Ep. 329

  1. Disappointed I didn't get picked for GCN's US contact, but I suppose my exploits as a Cat 3 roadie and Cat 3 cross racer doesn't quite carry the same kind of weight as J-Pow's palmares. Well, as all the folks J-Pow creamed over the years on the US cross circuit would say . . . couldn't have lost to a nicer guy. Right on J-Pow! Look forward to seeing you on the channel.

    Dan, I am with you on GoT – haven't seen a minute of it, either.

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  11. Hi there!! I'm Alessandro, the winner of the 50£ voucher #gcninspiration ! About Dan Lloyd question: "Why did you stop commuting?" well.. Sadly I got myself a very bad Quad Tendonitis last october, and I'm still recovering.. Even more sadly, I'll completely miss this year local amateur road championship: last year I managed to get 3rd overall.. Not bad for my first ever year of racing!

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  15. The road in the GCN Inspiration winning picture is the LSCR (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve) also called the Demonstration Forest, and is closed to cars! 11 km one way, and there is a gravel trail along side as well! A favourite for roadies and CX'ers alike 🙂

  16. “[Mark] Twain himself was an early advocate for
    bicycle transport; for example, he’s quoted in an 1895 edition of Portland’s
    Oregonian suggesting the city macadamize its streets, purchase bicycles, and
    rent them out to citizens.”

    Fletcher Moore Twain’s Bike Lessons; Poets & Writers (New York);
    Sep/Oct 2011.

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  23. Great show guys!
    If you ever want to go riding in Montenegro – here are a few routes you may like to take : – would probably qualify as bucket list ride – around the Kotor Bay – up to Durmitor National Park (used in TCR)
    Have fun

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    Which Game of Thrones character is the best cycling mate ?

    -> It's Tailwind (Tywin) Lannister !

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