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The BEST Hostile Wheels?!

The BEST Hostile Wheels?!

– What’s going on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the You Tube. We got Junior here, and
today we’re going over our top five Hostile Wheels. – Let’s go! – That’s the plan. – Yup! – Okay. (intense orchestral music) – So, kicking things off, I’m gonna start with the Hostile Fury. So, I picked this one because I think it’s kind of underrated. I don’t see a ton of people running it, I know Adam had them on his truck and- – [Junior] Well… – They just, I don’t know. – It’s also a busy wheel, though. – It’s very busy. – You can’t go too far- – But they have such
clean, thin looking spokes, and I love the way they overlap. There’s just a lot of depth going on. But, yes, because the
spokes are overlapping, because there’s a whole bunch of ’em, it does get a little bit busy, so you’ve gotta have a
very, I think, simple truck. Like, the all blacked-out look with no crazy accents or anything on it, you know, maybe just some
powder-coated suspension, and then these wheels looked
really sharp on there. I think especially as
you get bigger and bigger they look better, because you kinda have, – Yeah, oh yeah.
– That spacing in between. And in the 22×12’s, they’re like just under 1800 bucks, so I think that’s a pretty good price considering, you know, Hostile’s one of those kinda elevated brands
where they’re typically a bit more expensive. But you pay for the finish quality and everything that comes with these. – Yeah. So, that’s why I chose
the Fury as number one. – As number one? – Number one for me. – Oh, okay. – Number one on my list. – So we’re going from one to five? – Sure! – Why do I get number two, then? What if mine’s number one? – Eh, its my TV show. – All right, so for my number one, I have the Hostile Alpha, which came out like three years ago now, and it’s always just
kinda like, been there, not necessarily always
like a number one hitter or anything like that,
but it’s always kinda been, like, in the top ten, I feel like. And, I think the big part of that’s because it’s a hybrid wheel. It’s got the concave face, but it’s also got a lip to it, which kinda was something
new and different like when they first- – They say Hostile was
one of the first brands to do that where you got a
massive lip and still concaving. – Exactly, and it comes in chrome, it comes in glass black and milled, and it comes everything from like a 20×9 all the way up to a 24×14. So the twenty by nine
is perfect for somebody who wants a stock truck but
wants a little bit different style wheel cus the
wheel’s so clean and simple that it looks good on a stock vehicle. It’s like a OEM replacement almost. – [Fuller] Yup! – But then you get in 24×14 and it looks like a big show wheel with a lot of open space and
just super clean, simple design and any way you go with it
I think it could look good on that build-fitting, that style. – So then, next on my list, I
went with the Hostile Vulcan. This is another one of
those wheels that kinda looks like it could pretty
much fit on everything. In the small sizes, you know, they make this as small as a 20×10. You could throw that on your
leveled truck and run that. Otherwise, all the way up to 24×14, the windows get bigger,
the spokes get thinner and everything just looks
more show-truck like, which is why this is a good one that kinda just fits everything. And really, Hostile makes a bunch of really good-looking wheels, so its hard to pick just five. Throughout the years, they’ve
had a ton of different styles. And another cool thing about Hostile is because we work so closely with them, a lot of times, if you add
tires, we can give crazy deals. These are only 1900 bucks for the 22×12’s, but you can save an extra almost $500 when you add tires on ’em. Which is just-
– Just nuts. a benefit of going with
Hostile wheels cus, like I said before, their
price point is a little bit higher than some of the other guys. But, if you’re looking
for a whole package, then it kinda changes the game. And this is another one where they add the blade cut on the inside. Hostile’s milling is
very, very good compared to the other guys on the market, too, which is just another reason
why this one makes my list. – For my number one, I’m just kidding, my number two, which is number four, I have the Hostile Rage, then, which this one’s a pretty
simple design, I guess. It’s a six spoke Y spoke, so not anything crazy there going on. But if you look at the way the milling is, it kinda pinches in on each of the spokes, which Hostile does a lot of that where they’ll angle the
spokes with their milling, or they’ll pinch it in to
kinda give it an extra element so it’s not just a
basic, straight Y-wheel, and it kinda adds a little
bit of character to it then. Ad then, this comes in everything from a 20×9 all the way up to a 24×14. It comes in chrome, it comes
in glass black, and milled, and then it’s got a satin finish to it. The satin is more in between
what you’d consider satin. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s not quite gloss, but it’s not quite matte, but it’s more shiny than satin. – [Junior] Right, yeah, exactly. So, it’s interesting,
but, like you said before all of their finish
quality is extremely good, so you’re gonna get a good quality wheel when you’re looking at
any of those finishes. Personally, I’d go with the bigger sizes, just because this is more of
a concave face style wheel, and I think in the 20×9’s and 20×10’s its gonna look a little bit more flat, – [Fuller] it looks too flat. Yeah, I agree, I think in the bigger sizes you start getting that
dive back on the spokes and it just, it looks
better the larger you go. And especially in full chrome, too. – [Junior] Exactly. – [Fuller] I think these
things, if you’re going to run the chrome ones, you
gotta go big with them. – Yup, and I’ve even seen
people that seen mine. I’m pretty sure it was
with the Rage that they took the milling and made it
white instead of the black. So, there’s so much milling there and if you’re able to paint,
or if you have a painter or something to do all of that, there’s a lot of area to
add an accent color in if that’s something you wanna go for. – So the one that’s gonna
make the list for the both os us, is the Hostile Jigsaw. Now, this was a forged wheel and because-
– [Junior] Back in the day. Because everybody loved the way it looked but nobody wanted to pay
the forged wheel price, Hostile actually came out and
then made it a cast wheel. So, you lost having a
true directional wheel but the price point came way down, obviously, in the cast market, and this thing still
looks like a forged wheel. – [Junior] And if you get it in chrome, Hostile’s chrome is extremely good and almost looks like
a forged wheel as is, so what’s the difference at that point? – Yeah, on the Jigsaw
you’re looking at black, black and milled, and chrome. So, it’s got the top three finish options everybody wants out there, so. And then sizing, what, as small as 20×9? – All up to a 26×16! – You got the big boys- – Lemme say it again, 26×16! – Yeah, and this wheel
looks pretty similar to some of the other top
wheels on the market, where it’s kinda that
angular directional pattern where everything kinda
swoops one direction. Not like the band, (chuckle)
are they still together? – 26×16! – That’s the point, it’s
absolutely freaking massive and it looks amazing. If you guys wanna check
out these Hostile wheels or any of the other wheels in line-up, you can find them all Otherwise, I’m sure Colin
will just put the link in the description, so you
could just click on it, makes it pretty easy. – 26×16! – I think they got it. Peace.

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