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The Best JDM Wheel Brands

The Best JDM Wheel Brands

– Here’s the great news,
there’s only about, I don’t know, like 10000
different damn wheel companies out there, right now. And if you weren’t in the wheel scene, you probably wouldn’t know the
damn difference between one of them over the other because
there’s a lot of them, okay? Sure, there are things like rotary forged, and there’s weight differences. But, most people don’t really
seem to care about that when they are first
looking at a set of wheels. They, legit, just want what we would call some bangers. Okay? And that’s all right. We’re here to, kind of, help with that. I’m Alex, [email protected] on Instagram. And today we’re going
to be talking about some of the best JDM brands, for wheels. If you’re looking to snag a set in, I don’t know, maybe
the next 30, 60, 90 days, tax season’s coming, and
that whole, sort of, thing. I mean, Wheel Star Suspension, I don’t know what else to tell ya. Which, by the way, if
you’re just tuning in, welcome neighbor. Don’t forget to subscribe. But, before we even do,
if you’re looking to win a free set of wheels, we have
a contest, giveaway for the month of January. Description link will be below. You’re welcome. Okay? JDM brands, by definition are not only the Japanese wheel brands over seas, but companies that have
also truly embodied, I believe, a lot of that JDM style, look, and authenticity because
there are some new brands coming into the fray, that
deserve a little bit of love. So, to start it off, we’re
gonna go with the iconic and original, Work Wheels. Now, in terms of a Japanese
or JDM wheel brand, Work Wheels is always number one. They’ve always, kind of, been number one and they’ve been a
major player in the game for as long as wheels have been around. And it seems like they’ve
always been doing a fantastic job with it, especially on the aftermarket tuning scene. If you’ve heard us talk
about Work, in the past, they’ve been around for
probably about five decades now. And throughout the decades
Work has really grown from a company that’s needed to,
initially, prove themselves to a company that, just
people want to support. It’s a brand that takes a
lot of pride in the content and product that it actually creates. Many of their wheels
are completely original, different, and carry design
style that keeps them always looking like Work. Like their other stuff that comes out, never really deviates
from their typical styling or design. I mean, they do have some different stuff. But, you can always
just, kind of, tell when a Work Wheel is a Work Wheel. Some of the best Work Wheels, right now, would obviously be the Work Meister and the Work Kwame. Both are a little bit of a higher price, but have the good old benefits
of being a real wheel. Plus, they have the tag of
being a real wheel of awesome, which is pretty awesome. Which is pretty good and
they’re made to the point where you’ll, likely, never
really get rid of them. The quality is substantially
better and it’s a fantastic wheel to own, and you can put it on anything, and it always looks good on everything, and nobody is ever really
gonna give you crap. Next on the list would be a US brand that has recently popped up,
that carries a lot of that JDM styling brand, but also
with like a new gen twist. And that would, honestly,
be Kansei Wheels. Kansei is a new wheel brand
that came out from Cris S, which features a lot of
that JDM styling and design, while still doing the most
of, with the originality and heritage, that they possibly can. And that’s where it
gets a little bit tough. And let me just stop ya, right there. There are only so many ways
that you can actually design a damn five spoke. Trust me. We’ve tried. I made a video about it, it was terrible. I cried, they cried, it
was just not a good time. But, Kansei is taking a
lot of those solid designs, putting them in front of
the function community, and the drift scene,
and just letting it run, in sizing, and widths, and
things that people actually need. Kansei has a few select
models, with the Bronze KNP, probably being the most popular. Right over there. If I get asked one more time, about this damn wheel, it’s right here. It’s right over here, all right? This is the KNP, it’s a Kansei Wheel. But, they’ve got the Roku,
the Tandem, they’ve got a new Twisty-Boy design. What I like most about
these wheels and why it’s on the list, is the fact
that the brand authenticity that’s coming out of Kansei,
and the fact that they’ve actually just become
really easily accessible. You don’t have to pay arm
and a leg to get a wheel that just looks good, and functions well, and just has a good
heritage of Japanese style. Because a lot of times
when you start talking about Japanese wheels,
you’re either paying a lot of money for a new one or you’re taking a good old long time to
try and find the wheel that you want that’s over seas. Next up on the list, though, would be, obviously the Volk and Gram Light brand. Now JDM wheels, historically,
cost a lot of money. So, I’m sorry about that. But, the Volk and Gram Light
brand both deserve attention on this list. The TE37, because, it’s the TE37. And the Gram Lights because
it’s the entry level version of all the wheels in their umbrella. Which is really what
we’d like to spend most of the time here on. Either way Volk was one of the
first and fastest companies to make some of the
strongest wheels to date, with a forging machine that out performs some racing circuit
wheels at the same time. They had like a 10000
ton pressing machine, it was insane. Volk had a name for quality after that and at the price point that they were at, they just never made anything that wasn’t perfect, just how she is. Gram Lights were introduced
because they really wanted to find a way to get more wheels in front of the right people, and
it worked out really well. Gram Lights fit on a lot of great cars. They have great fitment, great function, and they’re the most affordable out of their entire lineup, which makes them a little bit easier to get a hold of. Not like a five, ya know, not
like a $5000 set of Volks, are what everybody has, locked and loaded ready to
go, ya know what I mean? And last one on the list
would be the good old boys down the way. The ones that were,
literally, the first company in the scene. The company that we still
need to do a wheel history video on. But last time we tried to
do it they weren’t a super big fan of us making meme’s. But that’s okay, it’s fine. We’ll get there eventually. We’re gonna talk about Enkei Wheels, okay? Enkei or Enkei, is a JDM
brand that’s been around longer than most of our grandparents. It’s just how she goes. Enkei was some what of
a weird brand, okay? They most recently
developed some new wheels, but they’re mostly known for the good old, RPF1, which is now nearing, almost, almost 2.5 decades old, 25 years. Because of the tech and
the price, they’ve never really been able to be beaten. Some of their new wheels are banging, but the price point,
again, is just a little bit higher, up there than what
most people are willing to buy. That and Enkei has started
to move a way from a lot of the aftermarket wheel stuff. They do enjoy making it, but they, I mean, OEM wheels, making a lot more
money in that market, okay? Bonus points for Weds, Wed
Sports, Advan, and more. There are so many brands
out there, but we’ve only got like eight minutes. JDM brands are a little bit
interesting when it comes down to wheel designs because
you really gotta figure out what you like or what you want. They’re definitely not the
cheapest out of everything you can find out there. But they do have a purpose
as to why their prices are where they’re at. So, who do you think is
one of the best JDM brands out there? Drop a comment below and let us know. Of course, if you’re
looking for any sort of aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, you can head on over to, where we literally have it all. Including, ya know, what we talked about, Work, Kansei, Enkei, Advan, Gram Lights, and if you’re not about
the JDM Wheel scene, that’s fine, too. We got some other stuff out there as well. We also got a gallery,
that thing’s bumping. You guys should go check it out. And if you have an
aftermarket car that you haven’t added to it, you should add to it, because I’m gonna give you
a shout out on Instagram, it’s pretty fun. I’m Alex from Fitment
Industries and we will see you later, peace. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “The Best JDM Wheel Brands

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