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The Best MTB Tyres For Riding In Snow? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

The Best MTB Tyres For Riding In Snow? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN. We have got some great questions. We’ve got someone who know all the answers and someone who’s not sure. I’m sure it’s gonna work. – I know everything man. – Are you ready,
– I don’t. – You don’t, well let’s try, let’s try and find out. We have got a great
question to start this week from Tomi Saaranen who is a regular commentator on the channel. So thanks for another question Tomi. He says I know this is
the wrong place to ask, but what tires would you
recommend for snow riding, not spike tires, it’s usually pretty soft and I need a ton of
traction, 2.6, 2.8 width. Any suggestions Neil? – The biggest ones you can fit. I did notice in the replies,
there were more questions and to get a fat bike but you
don’t want to get a fat bike because of course, that’s
pretty specialist thing. – Yes, yes. – So you just wanna go as big as you can. I’ve used normal spike
tires, not with metal studs. We used to call em’
spikes, the old mud tires you race downhill on. They would dig in pretty
nicely if the snow is hard but if it’s a bit soft
you want a big fat tire like a plus tire if you can fit them. – Yup. – You have to check what
size your bike fits really. – Yeah, I spend a bit of time
riding plus when I came back after my accident, that was
what I had to start with. And a plus tire I loved
it, I absolutely loved it. I thought it was awesome,
it was a great feel. Can be a bit vague. – 2.6 again, a bit more standard. Probably some might be as
big as you can go to be fair. – You can go down the
spike route actually. I’ve seen a few things
in our hacks and bodges over the last few years where people have made their own spikes. – It’s just screws, hardware screws. – Yeah, screws back through it, yeah. – It must take a long time. – Yeah, yeah but I bet
it’s great when it works. – But it’s not great when you
bust your ass on a bad tire. (laughs) – AJ has replied actually. We’re talking about, do you remember, we’re talking about pins for pedals. And he said that Crank
Brothers pins are M30.5 thread. So there’s an answer for those
people that were looking. – Right. – Trying to buy different
pins for those pedals. So you wanna get the right thread, can’t remember what it’s
called, measurement. – Measurement, yes I’ve
got you, I’ve got you. – Noah S, what’s the difference between, oh this is a good one here
actually so this’ll test you. What’s the difference between volume spacers and compression? Often you can use both. – You see compression down
pin is winding down on that. It’s gonna make your fork or shock harder. So harder to compress. – Right. – A volume spacer is
gonna make it add more. It’s gonna reduce the air volume inside, as can make that fork ramp up harder. So the farther you’re in stroke the harder and harder it gets. So you have nice supple first pin and it gets progressively harder. Linear the whole way. Compression down pin is
more linear I suppose. If you put more down pin on it, it makes it harder the whole
way through the stride. – You can use both. – But it is two different things. – Yeah. – Yes it is two different things. I get confused on suspension,
I really do, I really do. It’s so much easier with motorcycles, I understood it all. – Oh, well we’ve done
a video about confusing mountain bike suspension jargon. Check that out. – And lockouts a sort of
thing that you’re gonna want in your bike, for example if
you ride up hills quite a lot you don’t want your suspension
to be bobbing around to your body weight. So you whack that lockout on. Now on the inside of the shock absorber there are a system of shims
that the oil flows through. And the shims have different
sized holes in them. Bigger holes enable the
oil to flow through faster, smaller holes will flow through slower. And when you close the
holes, oil can’t flow at all. – Right, next question
is from Izidor Cindric. And he says, are any XC
pros riding tubular wheels? Oh, that’s interesting. – That’s a good question. I know Nino Schurter used
to at the pro bike check when gem year started. He had those Dugast tubular tires. – Yeah. – I don’t think he does anymore. I don’t think he runs those tires, I think he runs different
tires that aren’t tubeless. So I don’t know, not many if there are. – What would be the
reason for running that? – I don’t actually know. – So we’re talking like tubs, like there would be a
tire glued on the rim. – Well I think it’s just
more resistant to punctures and probably lighter. – Would it be lighter? I find that hard to believe. – I don’t know why, it’s a shame. – It’s strange, it’s strange. Does anyone know? Tell us if you know. Why would use tubs? – I’ve heard Rob Roskopp
over out of Santa Cruz used to make his own with downhill tires. It’s really expensive. You have to get a bit of whatever, bottom half the tire
so if it’s stitched on to your Maxxis High Roller or whatever. – Oh my God. – There must be a reason. – Yeah, wow. I’d like to know why that would be. I’ve not had any experience
with that in mountain biking. And I’ve also seen people
taking tubs off road wheels, and thought, that looks like a nightmare. – You have to glue them to your rim. It’s a pain in the ass. – Anytime you’ve got to glue something, not a good idea. Are there any good questions
coming in from you Neil? – A Justin Roethke, sorry. Should you clean brand new rotors? Disc brake rotors. – Uh, ah now. I’ve got a bit of experience
of both sides of this. Because I’ve just got
a new mountain trike. Have you seen it downstairs? It’s sick, right? And I’ve got a rotor I just
cannot stop it squeaking, right. And I want to clean it,
but I sort of feel like it’s because it was cleaned at the store. I don’t know what to do. – I would never clean a brand new rotor. I would just get it
dirty, get it really muddy and all wet, and I’ll
bed it really nicely. They can the powder to bed
it nicely, and it’ll work. But if you get something on there then you will have to clean it. – See I don’t know what to do. What I always used to
do on my Travis bikes was to get them covered in mud, and get them, squirt water
with grit in it on purpose and then they would work incredible. – Dotty has that on video on
how to clean your disc brakes. – Let’s have a look. – Now the brake cleaner does evaporate, so once you’ve cleaned one,
and you’re happy with that just set it aside. Your next step is to get
the pads onto the block here with the sandpaper already in place. Give them a good rubbing down. Just want to make sure there’s no chance of any of that residue
still being on there. And of course by doing this, I’m gonna do the same to disc rotors. Creates a surface that’s gonna
mount really well together. – Next up, we’ve got a question
from Daniel Wyn Thomas. And he’s saying, my
dropper post sags a little when I put my weight on the seat. Is this normal or does it need servicing? It’s a Rockshox Reverb. Thanks. – That’s the Rockshocks Reverb thing. They used to do that, but now
I think they have sorted it, but it does need servicing. – Yeah. – And more reliable than they used to be, but minus that, you sit on
it, it drops it by an inch. – Oh right, it’s part of the sort of, part of the makeup of that product. – Completely fixable, the
new ones are much better. – Right, okay. Next up we’ve got Munghean84. With regards to the tire slash repair. In AUS I have used a
five pound note to retain a tube short term. I don’t understand this question. – Five dollar. – Five dollar, that makes a difference. – ‘Cause they have those,
in Australia they have those plastic notes. – I always see it, yeah right. They’re different. – You can go surfing with them. – Yeah. – Chasing crocodiles
with them, or whatever. – So he’s used that to
retain a tube short term, so like almost to fix, a cut in the tire. – Yeah, I’ve done it with, I
did it with a crisp packet. When was that? – What? – Oh, went out to this
bike park with crispers and I was riding my cross country tires and it was really slaty and I put a massive slice in my tire. Got a crisp pack and stuffed it in there. Just so that you can put a tube in and the tube doesn’t get out of there. – Oh, I see. – Do anything, really. – That’s amazing, that’s such a bunch. Stuffing money or crisp packets in tires. – Mungbean says it’s good
’cause you’ll definitely be motivated to change
it when you get home ’cause there’s five
dollars inside the tire. – That’s a good point. That is a really good point. I loved that question, that is amazing. That was more of a statement actually, is this is what I did. – I think the Aussie
notes are printed better than most people’s notes. – Well we’ve got them in the UK now, the funny plastic five
pound notes, really weird. They’re really weird. I liked that Mungbean, very good. – So Phillip Schmidt is
going on a flight soon with his bike, and he’s
worried about damages to his expensive baby. Do you know any good travel insurance that covers three and a half grand bikes? It’s just a one-way trip. Thanks in advance. – There’s plenty of good travel insurance. I would be more thinking
about a really good bag to put it in. – That is what I don’t. – That solves the problem. – That was gonna be my thing, is learning how to pack
your bike properly. If you do it really well,
it’s really unlikely to get damaged. I don’t know about bike
insurance for that, you know for an expensive
bike like your ride for traveling. There probably are options. Maybe if anyone knows, they
can just comment down below and they can help us all out. – Yep, yep, yep. – Know how to pack your bag, and Dotty’s got a video on that as well. – Now there are other
bags on the market as well that offer similar principles, but the thing I like
about this particular bag, is what’s inside. It’s got a roll cage system on the inside which protects your bike. And the reason I’m telling you that now is ’cause I’m gonna pack my
bike into this particular bag. And I’m gonna use the blocks
that come with the bag to protect the fork, the chain set, and of course the back of the bike. – Correct me if I’m wrong Neil. – You are wrong, Martin. But Alex has sent in this video of him riding his bike in Malvern Hills using our uploader of course. He’s trying to send a whip off a small. – [Martin] Amazing, let’s have a look. Love a whip. – [Neil] So try to get it
bigger without casing the jump. – [Martin] Ah, slow-mo coming in. – [ Neil] Super slow-mo. – [Martin] I like how
he’s got all his friends lined up to get the shot. Here we go, he’s off! Starting to, oh no he’s
gonna flat land it. Bang. Okay I’ve got some views on that, Neil. – So I wonder if he’s
landing on top of the table or if he’s just flying,
you can’t really tell from the video. – No, I mean he’s definitely landing on, he’s not landing in a down slope. Which to do a really good whip, you do need to land in down slope. ‘Cause if you think about
it as you come out the jump, and you whip out like that, a down slope’s gonna mean that
angle you’re coming in at, can be even more twitched over. But if you’re landing flat, it’s gonna go off in that
direction that you’re pointing. Whereas you got a down slope, it’s gonna pull you straight. ‘Cause all of the motion’s moving in the same direction as the jump. – [Neil] I think that’s
how everyone starts and you do a kick out,
you land towards your bunk and fly off that way. – [Martin] Not good. But you just get a feel for the movement of moving the bike out, but also the sort of reverse movement of bringing it back in. But it’s practice. It is if I say, find a hip
jump as well with down slope so you can turn into it
and land better sideways ’cause that one’s gonna work. – And if you watch some of
the guys do really big whips, you know come really far out there, a lot of the motion is in their body rather than in the bike. On that jump there you can see that basically the bike’s got the weight of the movement and when
he lands he goes one way. But if you see someone doing it really big the bike’s being pulled
along with their body weight and their weight is actually
over in front of them. And that’s what pulls
them into the landing. You’ve got to be pulled off
straight down the trail. – [Neil] Yeah, pulled off
straight down the trail. – [Martin] Being pulled off down the trail is how it’s gonna go down. And, so it’s good. – There you go. That’s it for this week’s Ask. If you want to see a
video of me verses Blake in a challenge. (inaudible) – Yeah and if you would to
see Blake’s high towering Juro Challenge, where he went and raced and did really well, click over here. Click on the globe to subscribe. – Thumbs up. – Give us a thumbs up. – Leave questions down below of course. (upbeat music)

74 comments on “The Best MTB Tyres For Riding In Snow? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

  1. So I’m fairly new to mtb and I was looking into a Polygon Xtrada 5 for my first “official” mtb could someone tell me if that is a good bike. I’m more into riding flow trails. I really just want to know if that’s a trail or enduro bike and if it is not could someone recommend a decent bike that won’t break the bank*

  2. Question #1 – This might not be for Tomi Saaranen, but for hard-packed snow and ice Suomi Tyres is a good brand to look into. Some MTB history there too: legend has it that in the olden days a certain Gary Fisher cough and his mates visited this small factory in Finland in order to get tyres that would be good enough for the type of riding they’d recently come up with…

  3. I use the Nobby Nic 2.3 back front on the snow trails back 20 psi front 25 psi ideal set-up and it work proof here ——->

  4. @Daniel wyn Thomas: there is a quickfix that might work for you.
    #1 extend the post all the way up/out.
    #2 turn your bike upside down (resting on the saddle and the bars..)
    #3 push the reverb-remote and compress the post while upside down. (Don't extend while upside down!!!!, this will make it worse and you will need to have a service done)

    But after this hopefully it will be less sagy. 🙂

  5. I took my E13 TRSr tire out last week in the snow, and was astounded at how well they did. I swear that’s the softest compound rubber I’ve ever used. They’re 2.35”, but measure an actual 2.45”. Still slightly narrower than ideal, which makes the steering slightly squirrelly, but it was good fun nonetheless.

  6. Could you put tubeless sealant inside a tube and make it work or should i make the conversion to tubeless? #AskGMBN

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  8. #askgmbn hey guys I have a red 2009 giant glory that you may of seen in the bike and its got a fox shock with the pedal pro as im getting into racing dh does the pedal pro do anything

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  10. #AskGMBN Hey guys. Love the channel and the Ask series. Bit of a weird one… I find that when I go riding, the tips of my toes on my left foot start to go tingly/ I get pins and needles. This can happen within 30 minutes of riding and it happens while on my mtb when using flat pedals AND it happens on my commuter/road bike with clipless pedals. Could it be that I ride left foot forward? My right foot is completely fine. Thoughts?

  11. Hi GMBN, is it normal for beginner mountain bikes to vomit during mountain biking? btw it is 15 minutes of 45° degree inclined

  12. For the bike insurance question. Check out they ship bikes, sells bags and boxes, and I believe have insurance. I'm planning on flying across the US on a one way flight and driving back. Talked with my LBS about the best way to ship the bike and bike flights is what they recommend. Cheaper and safer than airline

  13. Screw threads! Usually measured in TPI (teeth per inch) and referred to as pitch.
    Even more confusing as they come in metric, imperial sizes 🤨 but mainly metric for modern bikes

  14. #AskGMBN I have a 2014 specialised status 1 which is stock everything, and the forks are a single crown and I want to upgrade to dual crown forks. But my forks are tapered, how could I fit a straight fork into a tapered headset?

  15. I was riding downhill and got a massive side wall rip ( 4 inches) and cut a section out of a plastic bottle and slide that about the tire and the tube and it held for weeks without me changing it

  16. #AskGMBN Hey guys, so I've recently bought a 2nd-hand Specialized Enduro Evo Expert and the guy added several new tyres – specialized butcher 2.3 and 3x magic marries 2.35, both the front and back rims are tubeless ready and so are all the tyres, wanted to ask which tyre would you recommend putting where, currently the specialized butcher is at the front and magic marry is on the back wheel, should I put a matching set or a wider marry at the front and butcher at the back or does it not matter that much?

  17. I am going to have to remember that trick with money, here in Canada our money all denominations is the plastic stuff. I run tubeless but I keep a tube on me just in case.

  18. @ Daniel Wyn thomas, Rockshox Reverb (B1 model number and newer) should not sag when you sit on it at full extension (you're not really supposed to use it at mid stroke). I'm fat at about 115kg and mine does not sag. Do what Neil suggested and do the (I think) 150 hour service (whatever the time frame for the short term service is). Also when you bleed the system make sure you use Rockshox hydraulic fluid (apparently they use some weird stuff that isn't an exact match for most other fluids available) and if you lose a bleed screw you can get packs of 10 on ebay for not very much (don't ask how I know that)

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  24. I can't find the tire manufacturer that put chestnuts in its treads for ice (mid '90's). Toyo still does this for its winter tires. Is there still a bike tire like this?

  25. Martyn have you tried sanding down your rotors? I had squeaking rotors for a while but after I spent 5 minutes with each rotor and a piece of sandpaper it went away.

  26. I'm thinking of entering either a downhill or enduro race but I'm worried that doing so will take the shine and fun out of riding because I'll be concentrating on being the best I can be. Did/do you ever feel that competing zapped your passion for riding?

  27. The only reason, that I could possibly think of, for running tubular tires is puncture related. If you flat a 'tub' the tire will stay on the rim. This way you can make it to the pits where you can just swap it for a new tire. (At least, that's what a roadie friend of mine told me when I asked him about tubular road tires/wheels.) Just my two cents. I have no idea if this is why Nino was running them.

  28. #AskGMBN Have a question pertaining to barspins and x-ups. I have giant feet and whenever I have tried either trick my toes catch my front wheel. I'm riding on my dirt jumper with 175mm cranks but have tried shorter cranks before and it wasn't much better. Anything else I can try or am I doomed to be a barspinless bigfoot. Thanks!

  29. @
    Hi GMBN. I am a Hardtail fan but for some reasons I have to ride a Giant Trance 1.5 from 2018 and the shock bottoms out very easy.
    It has the biggest spacer and still bottoms out on very small jumps.

  30. I did Strathpeffer the other weekend and there wasn’t too much snow, but the ice on rocks was horrendous. Any tips for that? Some people used Studded tyres but they were poor off ice. Any tips other than wait until summer? 😀

  31. I have fairly high end tektro disc brakes on my giant atx 1 hardtail. Should I upgrade to Clark’s m2/m3 hydraulic disc brakes? #askGMBN

  32. #AskGMBN I have fairly high end mechanical tektro disc brakes. Should I upgrade to Clark’s m2/m3 hydraulic disc brakes? Thanks

  33. #AskGMBN I have fairly high end mechanical tektro disc brakes. Should I upgrade to Clark’s m2/m3 hydraulic disc brakes? Thanks

  34. #AskGMBN I have fairly high end mechanical tektro disc brakes. Should I upgrade to Clark’s m2/m3 hydraulic disc brakes? Thanks

  35. #AskGMBN I have fairly high end mechanical tektro disc brakes. Should I upgrade to Clark’s m2/m3 hydraulic disc brakes? Thanks

  36. #askgmbn great video as always. I ride in very muddy, slippy conditions. I am currently running a racing Ralph tyre on the rear that just isn’t grippy enough. Can you recommend a great 27.5 rear tyre for muddy conditions thanks

  37. This fat tires for snow thing is weird to me being from a place that has real snow. Best tires for snow i've found is a cross tire for mud. Schwalbe x one bite for example. I run them tubeless with 20psi if its icy. I used to use conti xc 1.5's off roading in snow in BC in the 90s. I had far better traction cutting to the bottom of the snow than anyone with big tires trying to somehow float on top. You cant really float on top of soft snow, even with a 5" tire. If the show is so deep you cant walk in it, then nothing works really, just get someone with a snowmobile to run the trail and pack it all down 🙂

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    I bought Crankbrothers clipless pedals recently (specifically hybrid Double Shot 2). Now I'm looking for suitable boots. Is the internal plate universal? (e.g. will Shimano boots be suitable for Crankbrothers cleats?)

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  40. Rim upgrade advice: Bike – 2017 Cannondale Bad Habit (Lefty, asymmetrical wheels). Stock rims – WTB Scrapter i45, 650g rim only. I am fine reusing the hubs and having the LBS lace up new hoops. Any budget friendly suggestions, perhaps still in Aluminum, i35 to i40? Would like to drop 200g per wheel. Open to spoke/nipple upgrades, or running narrower rim on back to save weight too. Running tubeless Maxxis Recon+ 2.8 and would like to stay with it. Mainly trail riding, no big drops or jumps. Rider weight plus gear ~165lbs.

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  45. Hi guys, have you ridden with rockshox PIKE forks and also ridden with fox 34s? Which one would u say was better and why? Finding it hard to choose witch one?, thanks people🤙🏻

  46. 5:18 take of the rotor and the brake pads and use a blowtorch until they are glowing red and then let them cool and they should stop squeaking

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