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The Best Of Darkfest 2020

The Best Of Darkfest 2020

– Welcome back you beautiful people. DarkFEST 2020 has just happened, and we’re going to pick
out the greatest moments that this event has given us. If there’s any fails, some big sends. It’s one of the greatest events I’ve ever taken part in and we’re going to talk about it. All coming up in this video. (metal music) DarkFEST, one of the
greatest Fest Series stops, throughout the whole year. Now this Fest Series, they have a number of stops all around the world. DarkFEST, is just outside
Stellenbosch in South Africa near Cape Town, it’s a great place. It’s been here for three
years, this is the third year. Rumor has it, it might be
the last year it is there. We might be finding a new venue. But it’s all about massive jumps, high speeds, humongous obstacles to hit, and some crazy ass dudes
sending their meat, super high into the stratosphere. Now lets pick out some moments
that we’re going to talk about. Again, before we get into all that radness where we see all the greatest moments that DarkFEST had to offer. Let’s talk about the course, and lets talk about the
people that built this course. Now, Sam Reynolds is the head
honcho of the whole thing, it was his brain child of such that came up with this great idea. But he couldn’t do it on his own he needed two other dudes to help him build this crazy course. We got Nico Vink, a
stylish dude in himself. He’s a big mountain rider. He has his own fest
series called Loosefest. It’s in Belgium. It is gnarly. It is I would say probably
bigger than DarkFEST. It’s a number of humongous jumps in a row. Now we’ve got C-Dog
this is Clemens Kaudela. He is a digger driver, now this
dude is insane in a digger. He has so much skill, but not as much skill as
he has on a bike, as well. This dude can send it, which we will see very soon comin’ up. Now the course for 2020
has changed a little bit since I rode it 2 years ago. This is the third year. Now the course, it consists
of shark fins to start over a big road, a huge, huge 90 footer. This is the beast of the course as such. And from the 90 footer you’re straight into a reverse shark fin into a humongous left-hand hip over a big road, road gap step down into a homonomous step up. Back in 2019, it didn’t just end there it carried on down off a
humongous drop over a racer into a last big step up. So for 2020 the newest
addition to the whole course to end it off is this
massive step up on the end where people are going to get a bit sendy because it looks a little bit safe, it doesn’t look like safe to you but it does look safe to
the riders to have fun on. Right, enough of the course, lets kick it off with these great moments. 19 riders took part in
this event, and name a few, Nicholi Rogatkin, Szymon
Godziek, and Jackson Riddle. We got Matt Macduff. We’ve got Bienvenido. All these dudes took
part just to name a few of them rad dudes that took part in it. Now I’m going to break
this up a little bit. ’cause there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s talk about the Steeze dudes in this. Big whips on big jumps on downhill bikes are the best looking thing ever. I would consider that
a better looking thing than doing a flip no-hander
on a downhill bike. I think that looks more steezier doing a big ass steezy whip
than doing a flip tuck. We got Kaos Seagrave. Now this dude can get
a bike super sideways. Take a look at this man. That is nuts. It’s like over 90 degrees. That things going around like 110, man. It’s nuts. That guy can shred a bike. And it’s not all about
steeze with that dude. He does flips as well. Take a look at that. That guy, man. Out of the UK, that guy can shred. On a pink bike as well. That guy’s got balls, man. I love it. Now let’s talk about Nico Vink. He is a builder of the course and he can shred a bike so so good. It’s like fluid in motion. That guy is insane. Look at these whips. Look at it. I just love his style of riding. And the great thing about it is, he actually helps build this so he’s in tune with
the dirt that he’s moved to build such things
to ride just like that. I love it, but look at this. He does that manual drop, all the way. Now, we’ve been here. We’ve seen how fast they go into this. They’re doing like 43 mile an hour. 43 k an hour. 43 mile an hour. They’re doing it so fast into that. To hold your speed, and to hit that massive step up, takes some balls. Now that is so steezy. To me, I think that there, one of the steeziest things
I’ve seen at this course. Now we can’t forget Jaxson Riddle. Now he is one of the sender dudes. He’s one of the trick guys. Straight out of Utah,
this dude can ride a bike. Look at that man! How? Insane. We can’t forget Brendan Fairclough. Now, this is my favorite
point with Bren, Bren Dog. The last two jumps on the line. Look at that! Big steezy one hand, one foot, but lands one handed at
probably doing 35 mile an hour, into the next jump, and ends with the biggest nac nac you’ve
ever seen in your life. For a guy that races downhill,
to a dude that can do that, all around man, I hats off to that dude. He is the most steeziest
dude, I think, going. I think all those guys are mind blowing. Mind blowing. All right, it’s not all about steeze. It’s all about the big
tricks that got sent down, cause that’s what we want to see. And I’m going to pull out a
few that I want to chew on. I’m going to digest it and just
spit it out and talk about it. Roll montage of all
these badass tricks, man. (metal music) (clapping) Brilliant. I love seeing big tricks
like that being sent on some jumps that are
out of the ordinary sized that most human beings in
the mountain biking world- I’m going to pull out a few. And I’m going to start with Bienvenido. Now this dude, he is a little firecracker of a man riding his YT there. Now this dude can send anything he likes. But I’m going to point this one out. That there, my friends, is a front flip, a tsunami, front flip Superman. He’s the only dude I’ve seen
do that on a downhill bike. Now you can see, if we pause it halfway, look at the extension on that thing. Look at it! How does he do that? If you look at it, you
see these things in FMX where it stops the rider
from basically getting thrown over the bars, and you can use your forearms to bring that bike back. Actually, not bring the bike back, but bring yourself back to the bike. That’s how you do it. That’s the trick in the magic. That is the trick in
the magic right there. That’s not it from Bienvenido. Look at this. It’s the last jump. The biggest front flip, following Szymon Godziek down the trail. How? Mind blowing. I can’t even fathom
– [Bienvenido] YEAH! Me doing a front flip that big. This is Szymon Godziek,
straight out of Poland. This dude is steezy when it comes to getting your body away from your bike. Now look at that. I love the extension on this dude. That’s not all. Take a look at this Superman down on the bottom of the trail. Supermans, on a jump like that, is the best feeling ever because you can hold it out
there as long as possible. Feels like you are Superman. You’re flying with your bike. Look at that! Same with Sam Reynolds. Now he is famous for the Running Man. Now that is a great trick. I love that trick. And it’s kind of one of his signature moves that he does on a big downhill bike, at Fest. He loves that trick. That, my friends, is Matt Macduff. This man’s come a long way. I love this man. He is all rock and roll. Let’s play that clip again and put some rock and roll music to it. (rock music plays) (clapping) I love Macduff. I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s a rad dude, and he can send it. He can send it. Next up is Nicholi Rogtakin. This man is world famous
for the FMB World Tour where he won King of Crankworks 2018. This dude can throw a bike
around like no one else can. That there, my friends, look at that! Spinning for the win. That is called a cash
roll on a downhill bike. How is that even possible? I think it’s only possible
on a jump that big so you can get that humongous
bike around and land. Look at that. Just so dialed, man. Now let’s talk about Jaxson Riddle. This dude comes from the states. He’s straight out of Utah. I’ve not really heard about
this guy until DarkFEST. Take a look at this guy’s shred. Now this is a POV run. Straight into that 90 footer, but he over jumps it. He’s laughing. It’s like pure death if you crash that. Straight into the shark fin. Coming into the hip and then boom! Flip, cork 270, whatever
you want to call it, he’s just having a gas. This guy can ride, man. Look at him. Into that. That’s not all. Run all his montage of
this dude shredding. (techno music) Look at that! That guy can actually shred a bike. Now, if you don’t know
who Jaxson Riddle is, you better start keeping
an eye on this man, cause he’s super young. He’s super talented. And he took away this
year’s King of DarkFEST. DarkFEST 2020 highlights has been amazing. I’ve loved watching the whole thing, keeping an eye out on social media with all those dudes out there. Talk about social media,
if you want to follow us, they’re all down there. Click ’em. Follow us, cause you’re going to be missing out on some rad stuff. Yeah. Maybe next year I could enter this. Again, I didn’t get asked this year. Didn’t want to. I was scared.

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  2. Today, I'm going to hit my first ever Jump Trail on my hardtail. I'm kinda nervous. Any tips?

    I cased none of them and i landed them all! It was Amazing! Thanks!

  3. In my head this is how I jump, in reality I’m getting about 2 inches of air. Quality content as always lads 🤙🏻 if you fancy helping out a uk based mountain bike channel just go watch one of my vids. Cheers you legends

  4. And I just wish I could jump a curb decently…..Those dudes are beyond anything I could have ever thought of when I was young and fearless

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  6. I was at the event on saturday and believe me these jumps are like x5 as big as u imagine them (i did the same and oh boi was i suprised) another thing Jackson Riddle is by far the craziest kid i've ever seen👀

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  8. Who can't do all those tricks over 90 foot jumps,

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    Two question Blake.
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