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The Bike Park, sponsor lineup, and second YouTube channel

The Bike Park, sponsor lineup, and second YouTube channel

It’s a new year and there are a number of
new things going on with this YouTube channel. So today, I’ll bring you up to speed so
you know what to expect in 2020. The first thing is a huge, long term project
that part of this audience already knows about. That is, a free public bike park that my Patrons
and I are spearheading. To be clear, this is something entirely different
than berm peak. Let’s start from the beginning. Some of you are familiar with Patreon, which
is a site where fans can support creators. I was charging $2 per month on my Patreon
in exchange for bonus content and podcasts, and people really seemed to enjoy it. But then last Spring in a moment of insanity,
I decided to put all of that monthly revenue towards building a free public bike park—eventually. So until we can do that, the Patreon money
is going to continue accumulating. Since last Spring that total has grown to
$25,000. A single patron even pledged another $25,000
himself, and a few companies have expressed serious interest in helping with the project
as well. So, we’re well on our way to solving the
most difficult part of the puzzle, the money. But the location, the plans, the details,
and the city we’re working with is all still in the works. Before I tell 1.6 million people anything,
we have to get the details worked out. So, I’ll answer what questions I can. First of all, what do I mean by bike park? I mean a family friendly progressive jump
park much like Valmont in Boulder Colorado, or The Railyard in Rogers Arkansas. Parks like these only take up a few acres,
and can be enjoyed by families and riders of all skill levels. Second question, where will it be? It will be in the Asheville, metro area so
that I can oversee and document the construction on this YouTube channel. Right now we have a site in mind which I’ve
been showing clips of here, but until certain things are set in stone I can’t say much
more about it. Which brings us to the third question… When will we start to see videos about the
Bike Park? I’m aiming for Spring 2021. By then the land should be ready to build
on, and we should have accumulated enough funds to actually get started on something. If things go really smoothly and we can start
sooner, then we’ll have a money problem and I’ll need to put up the difference myself. So, I welcome the delay to some degree. Last question, what will the park be called? We have yet to come up with a name, but for
now we’ll code name it Vapor park, because by the time this project gets rolling some
will have given up hope. But vapor park is most definitely not vapor,
it’s gonna be made of dirt and wood. Expect another update sometime before the
end of Fall 2020. Now, on to today’s sponsor, League of Dinosaurs
for IOS and Android. In this multiplayer strategy game, you’ll
command a battalion of tankasaurs to fight the evil galactic pterosaur cartel.—I’m
just kidding. Thanks to my actual sponsors, I don’t need
to launch into league of dinosaurs ads mid video. Diamondback Bikes, Box Components, and Slime
sealant have supported this channel for years now, and they’ve been amazing partners. But this year, I’m taking a step back. This channel has always been about storytelling,
and I’d like to think we’ve gone even further in that direction with the story of
Berm Peak. Of course, all of these stories are bicycle
themed and so it’s easy to incorporate a bike sponsor into them. But bicycle components present a challenge
because in order to incorporate them into a video, we need to get really specific and
technical. With a broader audience than ever, this it’s
challenge to make this interesting. Furthermore, the only time we do talk about
components and accessories is during 10 product reviews videos, in which I like to feature
products based purely on their entertainment value. So at the time of this video, Diamondback
Bicycles is this channel’s only sponsor. This year we’re gonna tell the story of
Berm Peak, go amazing places, and meet remarkable people. And just as we have for years now, we’re
gonna do it aboard a Diamondback bicycle, and that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. But parting with my old sponsors was not a
decision I took lightly. Box and Slime have been nothing but supportive
partners, and although I’ve decided that having fewer sponsors is the right decision
for 2020, I’m very happy to have had the privilege of working so closely with these
two brands. The last item today is my second youtube channel,
it’s called Berm Peak Express. A lot of things happen around Berm Peak that
some of you might find interesting. For example, we installed a winch on the Gator
the very morning we started working on the Snake Pit skinny. We filmed that with no voiceover, script or
storyboard, and my assistant producer was still able to make it into a very entertaining
video. I’m not sure what this second channel will
become, but for now we’re using Berm Peak Express to experiment with new types of content. One more quick item, thanks to all of you
who bought merch during the holidays. Not only does this help keep the channel running,
but it’s also a morale booster to know that so many of you want to rep Seth’s Bike Hacks
and Berm Peak. Thanks for hearing me out on these updates. January has historically been a mudpocalypse
around here so I’m using it as an opportunity to get some things done off camera. Expect a return to normal weekly videos soon. Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. I'm on the other side of the world so wont get to your park,,,,but I have a 1000m (3400 foot) mountain nearby to slog up and fly down 😀 but best of luck with the park!

  2. Seth's Bike Hacks Game should be an idea for the future…. Maybe a downloadable app that has the layout of every bike park in your "local" area including a emergency call button and trailblazer capability.

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  5. What I appreciate more than your fun content, is your attitude. Lot's of young people are watching your videos and I think you are a great influence. You've build such a nice community with your channel and I feel like you helped lots of cool people to come together.

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    love from russia!

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  20. Hey Seth, I just wanted to let you know that you are my inspiration for starting riding mountain bikes. Ive only got one trail in my area and I live in Kansas. I'm only 13 years old and don't have much access to any bike parks or trails. I really love the content you put out and hope you keep up with the amazing content that has inspired me.

  21. Hands down my favorite "subscription" on YouTube! I bought my wife an expensive used MTB a couple years ago to encourage her to ride with me. I saw a Seth's sticker on the handlebars, and figured the seller had to be cool. So far I've been thrilled with the purchase! Thanks, Seth!
    Also, headed to Asheville this spring for a wedding. Excited to extend my stay there & do some biking primarily because of your channel! Thanks again! You rock!

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