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The Chief’s Report #2: Bicycle Rider and Driver Tips

The Chief’s Report #2: Bicycle Rider and Driver Tips

Hello, I’m Jason Trevino, Chief of Police
for the Washoe County School District Police Department. On today’s Chief’s
Report, we’re going to be talking with Officer MJ Cloud of the Safe Routes to
School program. Officer Cloud will be talking about the importance of getting
our kids to school safely. As part of our walking and biking to school, safety is a
huge component of that. What kind of safety tips you have for our bicyclists?
Bicyclists need to get their bikes out ahead of time and do a quick ABC: check your air, check your brakes, check your chain. That’s for students to make sure their
bike is in working order. But, protecting your head, so that way you
can make good decisions in the future, is another really important factor. Get a
helmet, make sure it fits correctly, and you’re wearing it right. Great, thank you.
And when you’re bicycling to school, are there different rules to the road versus
with being a pedestrian? Yes, the easiest thing to remember is: don’t get
intimidated. Same road, same rules. Follow the same rules that a vehicle needs to
follow when they’re on the roadway: stop signs, stop. Red lights, stop. What
tips do you have for drivers that are going to be frequenting an area that has
a school zone? The number one thing that drivers need to do is get to know their
area. Find out where the bus stops are, and find out where the school zones are.
If you can avoid them, please do. Leaving the house early also affords that
opportunity for drivers to take that extra time at a stop sign, to make sure
it’s clear prior to going, and to really slow down and pay attention where the
crosswalks are. Washoe County School District Police
Department: providing positive, professional, proactive, policing.

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