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The Copenhagen Wheel official product release

The Copenhagen Wheel official product release

This is the Copenhagen Wheel it turns your ordinary bicycle into a
smart electric hybrid by simply replacing your back wheel
connect it to your smartphone download the app and you’re ready to go. Bicycles are a great way to move around yet sometimes distances are too long, hills can get in the way and hard journeys to work may leave you
covered in sweat the Copenhagen Wheel is here to change
all that the technology was developed over
several years at MIT together with the city of Copenhagen one
of the world’s most innovative places for cycling. Its original inventors licensed the technology and founded Superpedestrian the startup
where we are now working around the clock to bring the wheel to you. Like the best riding companion, the Copenhagen Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion. It captures your energy when you brake
or go downhill and gives you push when you need it with
three to ten times regular foot power it’s easy ride it just like a normal
bike! As you pedal, the motor automatically kicks in with no additional throttles or buttons All technology for the Copenhagen Wheel
is contained within the red casing including motor, removable batteries,
wireless connectivity smart locking, multiple sensors and an
embedded control system. Use your smartphone to customize your
ride monitor your physical activity, gather
information from your environment to share with your friends and fellow
cyclists. And if you’re a software developer you
can even create your own biking apps so whether you carry yourself, your kids or your gear, hills seem flat, distances shrink and you can cycle just
about anywhere. So transform your bike and transform the
city. the Copenhagen Wheel.

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  1. Muy interesante el motor semi independiente de U$S 800 (el pre-order de la pag oficial lo dice)! como referencia, en mi país casi que no existe ningun modelo de bicicleta que valga U$S 800. Una buena Mountain Bike vale aproximadamente U$S 500. O sea, interesante, pero bastante inútil (por su alto coste, claro). Como otra referencia, U$S 850 vale una motocicleta Suzuki de 100cc. Si lograran que valga la mitad (o menos), puede ser muy practico.

  2. This is always filming from the car driver side on the left of the bike. We work on a bike on the right side. In this video we cannot see the gears. Is this intentional because they are not yet ready to be viewed? Who not use normal spokes so that we aren't stuck with a certain rim that may not be appropriate. It's a great concept to integrate with the rest of the bike but somehow fundamentally that aspect is lost in the actual wheel. We should only be buying the red part and its specs should be standard. Designers get ahead of themselves. The computer standards come second to the bike standards when you are making a bike part. We shall see this year I hope this thing be real or just more smoke.The Segway was also supposed to be a smart revolution of transport. Please be smarter and stop outsmarting yourself designers and builders.

  3. Looks like a high-tech..and expensive… replacement for a gear-sprocket and deraileur.
    Except for maybe a little gain on the downhills(at the expense of speed)…and the pre-charge before you leave home, the law of conservation of energy says you can't get something for nothing.

  4. Wow! From the technological perspective it is a breakthrough, but (by the time) the high initial cost makes it infeasible in practice. Congratulations!

  5. Very cool idea and product but WAY over priced for a single wheel! You can buy an entire high end bike for that much and get a better work out.

  6. Sure, $800.00 sounds like a lot, but it's chump change compared to the Segway. Remember the year 2001, when the Segway was going to change the world – but never cracked the $5,000.00 mark? Who uses them, now? Tourists, civil servants, and postal carriers – USE them, I said, but don't actually own them.

    The Copenhagen Wheel is easy to understand – and you could actually save up and BUY one!

  7. $800 divided by 52 weeks (1 year) is a little less then $16 buck per week.  How much does anyone spend on fast food or junk items per week? 

    So, Instead of buying pizza every Friday, automatically have your bank put said amount into a savings account. 

    Even if you don't buy this hub, do the automatic bank transfer and over a fast period of time (2015 in 3 months? Already!) You'll have a nice nest egg for either a surprise last minute emergency or for just an impulsive birthday splurge.    

  8. I don't understand why all electronic devices of any complexity apparently have to be integrated with my cell phone now. In this case, is it that the wheel requires external microprocessor + software to control it?

    Are those things not integrated into the wheel itself? If not, then forget about the wheel batteries dying – what happens when my cell phone battery dies?

    Is the wheel draining my cell phone battery the whole time while I'm riding? That's not gonna work for me.

    If the wheel could still have its basic functionality in terms of the motor drive assistance, but without any of this Bluetooth connectivity stuff, it seems like it could be made to cost significantly less than $800, which is honestly almost twice the price of the most expensive bike I've ever owned.

    At that price point, and with the cell phone integration, it really comes across as just another in a long line of weird devices that are made to do too much so that they can then be made to cost too much to be afforded by anyone but hipster software engineers and other wannabe one percenters.

  9. It would be a good idea to integrate a way to charge it while you pedal (think of hand cranked flashlights) because with the wheel being $800 (which is way to much) how much would it cost to get a new battery, or charge it up again. If you could charge it by spinning the wheel then you can charge it while you ride manually. Also, it would be more efficient since the motor spinning the wheel would be recharging itself partially making it able to go longer distances on it's own.
    I would also suggest a speedometer and a temperature gauge (to know how hot the engine is) be displayed on your phone so that you can stay within the speed limit and not ruin your wheel.

    I also have a few questions. How does the wheel know what speed to run at? For example if I am biking on a street with a 50 km/h speed limit and then I need to slow down or stop for some reason (like a school zone or a red light), how would the wheel know that I want to slow down instead of something else (like the wheel thinking I started climbing a hill)? And if it does know that I want to slow down, how long would it take the wheel to register that and actually start to slow down.
    Furthermore, would it be weather resistant (resistant to rain/snow), how cold/hot can it be while the wheel is in use, and how well would the wheel resist shocks (such as going over a speed bump or over a curb). 

  10. "Sometimes distances are too long, hills can get in the way, and hard journeys to work may leave you covered in sweat"

    That's because you're all on single speeds, genius.

  11. great invention but I have to say 'no thanks'. My road bicycle cost me $85 dollars at Walmart, it's only a fixed single speed but I can take it most places I need.

  12. Use mass production to get the price to under $499 including a good wheel lock and theft insurance and you stand a chance at selling (bicycle) "shed loads". But at ¥96,000 ($800 without any middleman markup) here in Toyko (the land of the bicycle) I can buy a good electric bicycle for the same price.
    PS. NOBODY changes a wheel wearing a white jacket—get real with the marketing imagery; it's an oily job that leaves hands dirty afterwards.

  13. Very ingenious. It might be the next zipper but I tend to believe it is just another curiosity from MIT that will fizzle out in in a year (the new Segway).

  14. Amazing invention!
    I hope we can have access to it in Mexico soon!

    Only one VERY sad thing. As a bike-related business, you are responsible for promoting safety and responsibility among bike riders, and I find it very disappointing that not one single person in this commercial is wearing a helmet, or other protective gear.

  15. is one of the  apps SECURITY because they steal the whole back wheel….
    or there is sooo much VALUE ADDed they steal the whole thing and saw the two Kryptonite locks off

  16. I like it. I can understand trying to make a profit. But 4 that price I can buy a set of tires for my car 2 sets if I cheap out. Your greed may be your downfall. Especially looking at the internal components. Your asking way too much.

  17. This wheel is 1 year behind schedule with still no release date announced, despite taking $1000 payment from thousands of customers.  

    This is Bullshit.

    If shipping is not announced this month, I'll get a refund and buy a FlyKly instead.

  18. Very cool but good god thats expensive. You could buy a decent scooter for less and I imagine they will be huge targets for thieves once people figure out what they are. I'll check back in in a few years and hope someone figured out how to make it cost half as much and taser people who are screwing with my back wheel.

  19. Looks like a very interresting product. I would like to use my bike more for commuting, but unfortunately its often too slow so I take my car instead. The 25 km/h top speed limit for the EU model makes this product and other ebikes useless for me as I ride much faster than that unassisted. I can even have a higher average speed on my roadbike than 25 km/h without breaking a sweat (and Im not that fit really). If I was going to consider this or any ebike it would have to increase my commuting efficiancy by adding those 250w to the 250w (or whatever) that Im producing myself without a speed limit or at least a much higher limit. With a product like that it would be easy to average 40-50km/h, which would be awesome. I know of cource that it would be illegal to sell a product like that. Anyway… My questions are: what limits the speed of the bike? Is there a speed sensor somewhere, and would the wheel stop working if the sensor got damaged? Also, lets say you are putting 500w into the pedals yourself or going down a steep hill while pedaling; will the wheel activate some sort of breaking system?

    Pre-orders are 950+
    So much for helping out the poor and homeless…
    Capitalistic magic.
    I bet it breaks down after a year of use and that the batteries are also damn expensive.

  21. what the f*** is this s*** can people really not pedal themselves while commuting is it that hard do your legs not work ? might as well get an electric bike

  22. The company is taking its sweet ass time developing the product, people have been waiting for more than a year to get theirs, it is like a kick-starter from hell. Not a fan of people developing a brand to sell a technology that they can't bring to market yet, I am sure this will bust at this pace.

  23. Anyone else notice that they only show one side of the wheel in this video? (The left side) And when they do show they right side of the bike, I realized the chain drive is on the opposite side indicating that either the wheel can operate forwards and backwards, or the video is flipped horizontally.

  24. Was all pumped and ready to add this to my $800 bike, until I noticed it's fkn $1200! I could get a full electric bike for similar price here in Canada…

  25. What if i don´t have such a smart spy-phone? I still use my 18 year old Nokia, ´cause it does what a mobile should do – it receives urgent phone calls 😉

  26. All this talk about highly intelligent design and innovation, but not a single rider in this video is wearing a helmet. Those nifty knit hats won't do much to absorb impact.

  27. Pfff, all these poor people complaining, this is cheap compared to the work that went into it… yea I wish I can buy it :/ (T_T)

  28. i can wait to get one,,my commute is 15 miles each way ,,is becoming to hard to pedal im almost on my 40s

  29. Not much on details. Vid shows a whole lot of bicycling, but no working static mounted demo in a lab. Looks like a scam to me, or at a minimum, vaporware.

  30. Looks like I will remain a purist , You get the bike you want , it's powered buy you . As it should be . no assistance your the engine . simple ,healthy , elegant

  31. disappointed with my superpedestrain copenhagen wheel. software & website not very good. bluetooth is difficult to connect with wheel. the battery is way too feeble. people do have smiles after a short ride. it's very heavy.

  32. Im going to electrify my Bianchi road bike after the both derailers and shifters broke leaving me with a decent frame carbon forks and carbon brake levers…. should make a good budget commuter/touring bike.

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