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The CRAZIEST Bike I’ve Ever Ridden! – Trying a Linkage Fork! Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

The CRAZIEST Bike I’ve Ever Ridden! – Trying a Linkage Fork! Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

we’ve got here a pretty unique bike this
is by a company called structure cycleworks when I see a bike like this to
demo at crankworx you know I got to try it out! we’ve heard from a lot of
experienced riders is that this is a pure carbon fork so the center gravity and so when you pop up how you kind of do that boost, ollie, bunny hop after my
ride here at the end of this video I’m gonna show you a longer talk that I had
with the guys over at structure so you can hear a bit more from them about how
and why this bike was designed this way it is an enduro bike and it’s great for
climbing and people are saying that this is getting them faster Strava times it
does seem to be built for speed oh shoot A-line’s closed. see what’s so
interesting as you compress the fork it gets slacker which is like the opposite
of normal folks the purpose of that is that the bike stays more stable as you
land or go through Tech and stuff like that this will be quite the interesting
ride but right now let’s go hit the trails I’m gonna hit some flow and Tech
with this thing all right let’s hit it up so this is a 27.5 bike this is a
size medium it is still a bit longer than I would prefer for the geometry but
that’s alright something really weird happened right there where it felt and
sounded like I hit the front rim onto that rock or something but you couldn’t
hear that from my GoPro footage unfortunately thought it was a bit
interesting because I’ve never had it happen on that part of the trail before
I don’t know if I just took a bad line or what it’s so interesting! hmm all of A-line’s closed, it was kind of strange I hit the rim on that very first thing that’s
weird there’s good pressure in there ninja cougar to fade to black how about?
should I be scared this is so interesting! we’re gonna hit some road gap here some stunts on fade to black we’re right on whoo handle that really well whoo let’s
do this oh yeah nice easy haha oh yeah I’m taking it like a champ excellent I would just say this bike is long for
me oh but oh well that’s just what this one size is it’s just so interesting with the other
fork with Morris black as you compress that’s a different thing
okay so crime with these clothes wonder why some entrails are first isn’t it weird alright let’s do some
more ah okay but out with samurai pizza cats some burns but did some black diamond to have a
afternoon delight do some double black diamond while starting off with
afternoon delight you know go into the devil box question of it Oh baby all right that’s so crazy like a long horn and there’s a line so
the reach on this size medium is actually 470 millimeters which is huge
for me plus this even had a long stem on it so
I was really stretched out my evolve alpha and Rho bike is also a size medium
but it’s actually a four hundred and twenty five millimeter reach and that is
about right for me the four hundred thirty meal reach is just about perfect
and for those wondering I’m five foot ten so I’m just not too sure how much I
was feeling the really long bike and how much I was feeling the different design
here because some of those parts to the tech I was feeling a bit wonky and it
may just have been the fact that it was so long for me one thing you may not know about me is
that I’m quite analytical and I really love learning about how things work so
when there’s a totally new design here I do like to understand it and get to know
what it’s good for and what it may not be good for even if it’s not something I
actually take interest in it’s still good to expand on my perspective of what
is out there and what is available on market since America
whoo all right let’s uh see this big pooter
handle this bike lands quite nicely but I can’t
say that it goes up lifts as well though slackening the bike is you’re going up a
lip is a bit strange and not really what you want in a world where everyone is
interested in enduro beating Strava times racing it makes sense as to why
these kinds of bikes will exist and they probably do those things well I myself
am NOT very enduro I’m not a racer I don’t use Strava
Racing can be fun sometimes but I’m just not interested in a bike like this it’s
too specialized in something that is too far apart from my riding disciplines but
some of you definitely may like it either way I’m glad I tried it out it’s
good to think outside the box sometimes and question if things really need to
stay the same maybe some things do need to change maybe some things really need
to stay the same it really all depends on what you want out of it as I said
this is not something that I care for but I can understand that there may be a
market for something like this how’s it going good yeah it was a crazy thing and
handled everything I did yeah like it it’s a bit hard to say because it’s so
interesting how it gets like he gets slacker as you compress right like
that’s the idea it’s so opposite of like everything else so it’s something like
to get used to I would say yeah no it was good it took it all so what the heck
right that was cool it is a long bike it’s longer than what I’d prefer but
yeah it’s what it is like what would you guys say is like the
kind of the ideal use of this bike like enduro bike yeah really really well yeah
some expert we lift a heavy front fork yeah yeah
totally you have the square edge climbs you have to kind of like use body
English yeah here the bike linkage rolls over it and then these yeah I think the
problem is the beer now because you know you have to kind of lift the rear order
topic oh yeah I can see that we’ve set a whole bunch of PBRs and some king of
mountains based yeah yeah okay cause the way it’s designed
yeah that’s been really mean sweet yeah add as much feedback we’re going to
commercial production here very very soon yeah like a headtube angle what are
some of the 86 static okay and it stays at 66 all the way through front pitch so
if I am pitching only the front suspension it stays at 66 within half a
degree all the way through the trouble so oh yes trailmen like keeping the the
rear solid and only the front right okay I thought I would go more slack but it
actually stays the same basically stays the same basically in the heave of both
front and rear suspension it does slacken by seven point seven degrees
okay and that’s almost if that’s where we just notice that yeah yeah so what
you should notice in writing is that the distance between the contact patch and
your center of gravity stays relatively constant versus going forth and that is
what makes the fun feel more yeah okay cool what did you like best
about the bike what surprised you the most
no it took the the chunks on fate to block really well the the drug gap to
drop oh yeah solid whatever yeah it was good it was nice and solid for all that
for sure going through some of this guinea or
like tech I was like okay I think I just need to get you sued more like right a
little bit more and then I could probably do it better
like I wasn’t riding my best but it was relatively intuitive there was nothing
about it that threw you to off except for the waste like a nose yeah otherwise
I thought it was pretty intuitive and stuff I’m definitely much more of like a
downhill free rider and so like I’m not convinced that this bike would be for
like freeride stuff or like jumps I don’t know cuz you guys are saying more
like enduro which I think makes sense that’s fair
there’s definitely a difference between like enduro stuff like like I don’t
climb really so like the benefits of climbing I don’t even notice like I
don’t know about that okay because I I don’t care too much yeah
but ya know that’s cool like a lot of people will love that for sure of
obviously good put in the rollers or in the drops where you’re not having to
boost as nothing you’re just kind of going off how did that feel like that
was good no I was like really good I felt like that landing was like totally
it was good there’s no no problem there like because I would figure like
compressing down and keeping this locker at me as you compressed down you have a
slacker fork I would say that would keep you safer and like more stable as you
land it’d be like more comfortable landing
fucking I can see that for sure it’s controlled well I’m glad that you
actually had a chance to try though he’s so many produces so many people that
have interesting perspectives and haven’t even written it yet
yeah oh I’m trying to be like open to things and so like I don’t like 29 years
but like once in a while I’ll ride I’m just to kind of remind myself what their
life I don’t like 49ers so you know it’s
funny like all the all the EWS enduro guys you know they love their 29 or like
yeah great for race but you don’t pledge you don’t real way today but you don’t
know if it’s just like the way the industry song if they actually like it
does attract I mean it’s probably better for racing so it’s like because of that
it’s like it’s almost forced upon people this is exactly that’s covered up
getting is honestly like I don’t know out here others like downhill racers
being like they actually have no interest in riding 49ers they just ride
it because keep up with everyone else yeah it’s just sort of like the bar is
raised there’s like crap not have to keep up with that or something I don’t
know this is what I heard to be some people for sure
so what do you guys think of this bike would you ever consider owning one do
you think it’s better than what you may currently own or what currently exists
on the market share your thoughts in the comments below I’d love to read them
thank you guys for watching I gotta give a big shout out to all my patrons they
are a big help in me being full time mountain bike YouTube creator there’s so
much fun being able to go to Crankworx for a full week do lots of fun riding
meet lots of new people going to different places give a like and
subscribe if you haven’t already I got lots more awesome videos coming up see
you guys next time

100 comments on “The CRAZIEST Bike I’ve Ever Ridden! – Trying a Linkage Fork! Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. What do you guys think of something like this? I think the market for this kind of bike is smaller, and I think they know that as well, at least for now. I believe the simplicity of the regular telescopic forks are always going to keep it at the forefront of the market no matter how good a linkage fork can get. I think that at the end of the day average people like simplicity and things that look cool.

  2. 29ers are forced on people.. fuck man u need to let go of that judgemental ego.. people ride 29ers cause they can go faster on them haha and the faster you go the more fun riding is, simple as that

  3. What if they had 2 linkages in the front, 1 forward and 1 reverse under the frame to make the compression a little stiffer for Down Hill?

  4. I'm guessing the bike is better than my Rock Hopper 29er, but I just can't justify the cost of replacing my bike right now. Especially where I live in Wisconsin, there are more xc singletrack than downhill and I'm just learning how to jump. This bike looks weird, but could be a favorite in the midwest just due to the fact so many trails are as much climb as drop.

  5. honestly I think it could become a very modular bike including for down hill (once on public market) just for the fact that there would probably become more variants of it as well as mods one could do to make the bike fit what ever you may need. I feel that with how the front works that it would track better over rocky and rooted sections down hill as well as not double bouncing if you over or under jump a mound or lip.

  6. U gotta have good eye sight n fast reflexes to ride this stuff id end up hittn a damn tree i dnt see so well it is horrible losing my sight i loved to ride i can ride just nit lije this nemore

  7. Here's how this works:
    Two swing arms control the axle path through the travel. The shock is mounted to the lower arm and the frame. The front linkage is only for steering. It takes no shock load. It is hinged in three places to allow for the axle path. I want it.

  8. Jordan I am very new to MTBing and I am also over 50.. so All I can say is there are lots of things we have now that were just to far out of my understanding, that are now the norm. That being said it boils down to what will get someone on a bike. I think its a bit like owning a sports car.. Owning and affording/Are you a hands on type person and can the parts be obtained AND most importantly will the makers be around when you start needing the maintenance. I used to carry my first mobile phone in a suit case.. Just saying.. Cool that you are open minded and wise enough to express your opinion in a constructive way.

  9. Best part of the video: 8:37

    Structure Cycleworks Salesman: Records Jordan with phone

    Jordan: "It's longer than what I'd prefer"

    Salesman: Puts phone away

  10. Props for not getting hung up on the weird looks and focusing on the performance.
    I kinda like the bike. Normally these linkage bikes have some sort of "poser aura", like you just know it was made to be bought by people who never will push it to its limits anyways, yet this thing somehow gives the impression of being built to be ridden hard. It really looks solid.
    It was nice to see it can actually shred hard and back up its looks.

  11. 25% stiffer than all the other bikes they have tested? Flex is really important especially when you want to hit it hard down hill, all the flex the bike does, is absorbed energy which your body hasnt to handle. In that perspectiv 25% seems a hugh number to me. maybe to hugh?

  12. Probably not that design. Some linkage forks are more compact, so don’t look like Frankenstein’s monster. It is innovative though. I am all for innovation.

  13. Chiming in late here – tried the Trust Performance Message and it is unique, just depends what you want. I still think he was trying too hard to defend it.

  14. Reminds me of the old Whyte PRST-1. Always wanted to try one out and would like to test ride the Structure, but don't know I'd ever buy one unless I was very impressed with the ride, I'm not a fan of proprietary parts.

  15. I hope for the aesthetics of a mountain bike this remains niche. I love anything innovative and pushing the envelope in its field, I just find it heckin ugly.

  16. "The CRAZIEST bike I've ever ridden"
    Looking at your response to the bike in the video it sounded like a very average experience.
    This channel was cooler before the clickbait titles and thumbnails…

  17. I rode this bike a few months ago and to be honest when riding the trail i didnt notice the visual of it. It just worked well and reduced fork compression on multiple hits on steep decent. I would ride it but not in my price category.

  18. hey cool, this video is LEET!!! as for your question, I myself would probably never ride something like this as I feel for myself I’d rather stick with 29er bikes like the Pivot Firebird I’ve been renting from Arbutus Routes this year and being that I’m 6’ tall it does make more sense for me to be riding a 29er rather than a 27.5, it does look pretty cool though and maybe once I’m more experienced and can ride trails like Afternoon Delight or A Line, I might be more inclined to try this bike out.

  19. Interesting how the front suspension is really a rear shock with complex way of linking the fork, lower frame, with the top and allowing for turning. (There is no real fork suspension for anyone wondering. if you look in the center of the frame. It's a rear shock on the front end, and then the rear shock for the rear end. so two small rear shocks in the middle of the bike.)

  20. This is what the Whyte PRST-1 should of been like. Back when whyte brought there bike out the tech just wasn't ready yet for the suspention. When cornering on a burm the suspention would compress to quickly and the wheel would wash out. There wher plenty of other faults but it was crazy when it came out!

    This bike looks epic would love to have a ride on that.

  21. I demo'd this bike as well, its an interesting feel compared to a regular fork but in my opinion it doesn't quite match up, and there are pivots to fail and bearings to replace.

  22. I feel like the lack of 360 degree bar rotation would make some tight sections in some enduro trails difficult. On a downhill bike, you aren’t making such tight turns so it’s not needed. If they fixed that aspect of the bike I think it would be more appealing to the enduro market.

  23. If this makes it to production and also gets some ok sales figures, bikes have finally surpassed motorcycles. They've been trying stuff for ages and still the consumer will not have it. So if this makes it, and I really hope so, maybe it will kick motorcycle manufacturers into action too.

  24. who on earth would buy one of these….. these things will end up on some online website advertised at 90 percent off and the odd idiot will buy one

  25. You Canadians😂 you were trying so hard not to be rude, and he was fishing so deep for some compliments 😂 keep shredding Jordan!

  26. when i see a bike like that i wonder if people will ever stop finding answers to questions that nobody's asked.
    just looks like a solution to a problem we never had.

  27. Fork style suspension in single track vehicles is the lightest option. Any other front suspension designs is trying to separate steering from suspension and aid each separate having more control over each behavior. As much as it brings benefits in theory in practice is at the best questionable. If it will be so good for riders we would see Omega style frames in MotoGP racing where non production motorcycles are being raced, yet we still see very sophisticated but fork style front components.

  28. You ever see something where you ask "Why did the engineers design it to be way more complicated than it needs to be?
    THIS seems to be one of those things.

    Think about if the evolution of the suspension for were reversed. If the original fork was THIS, then an engineer came along and invented the tube-in-a-tube design. THIS ENGINEER WOULD BE SEEN AS A HERO to the mountain bike world.

  29. I just can’t get over its looks, it’s hideous, I get it, it probably works well….but man… it’s like a chick that’s a freak in the sheets but has a butterface😜

  30. Innovation is always helpful to the sport. It may not be “better,” but if it gets people thinking, that’s cool. It feels different because it functions differently. Probably takes a lot of hours of changing habits to maximize any potential benefit.

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