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The End Of Podium Girls In Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 265

The End Of Podium Girls In Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 265

– From the Sven Nys Cycling
Centre in Baal, Belgium, – Welcome to the GCN show!
– Welcome to the GCN show! – Welcome to the GCN show. This week we discuss
whether it’s about time cycling called time on podium girls, plus another twit is caught
using a motor in a bicycle race. – Slightly less controversially though we have new bikes, lights and
brakes in Tech of The Week. Plus we also tell you
exactly how less pressure helped Wout van Aert
trounce Mathieu Van der Poel at the Cyclo-cross World Championships. – It was nothing to do
with less pressure, was it? He was just way better. – Well, way better, and then there’s this less pressure thing. (upbeat music) – This week in the World of Cycling we learned that winter commuting, even in places that have proper winters, is gaining momentum. The annual Winter Bike
to Work Day in Chicago was bigger than ever this year, although, it’s not that surprising
given that participants appear to gather in a
park and eat cheesecake. – I think cheesecake would
get more people on bikes, full stop, Dan, to be honest with you. Now we also learned this week that if you’re in San Francisco you can find yourself an Uber but then you might have
to pedal it afterwards. More on that later on. – We also learned this week that cycling is a bit behind the times, and it’s not just this new poster from Cauberg Classic Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne which depicts a Napoleonic Peter
Sagan wearing white tights. – Which are now,
technically, cool, remember? Or at least maybe just
fashionable. Anyway. The sports this week, sports,
of darts and Formula One, have been hitting the headlines. The reason being they’ve both decided to abolish glamour girls,
in the case of darts, who escort the players on to the pitch. – Hockey.
– No, darts. And then Formula One who
have got rid of grid girls who stand and hold umbrellas
over the top of the drivers. Amongst other duties. – Now most, of course, welcomed this news but there were a few people who claimed that this was political
correctness gone mad and others, including former grid girls, even claim that this was anti-feminist in that you are preventing certain women from doing the job that
they really want to do. – Yeah. We did a quick bit of research and it seems like MotoGP will
still have grid girls in 2018. NFL will still have cheerleaders, boxing will still have ring girls and then of course there
is professional cycling. Well, cycling in general,
men’s, and unbelievably, women’s who still have podium girls. – So, is it about time that cycling joined the likes of Formula One, not to mention the 21st century, and called a ban on all
podium girls at all races? – Yeah. I mean, you’d
think so, wouldn’t you? To be fair, some races have
already taken that step. So, the Tour Down Under used local riders and racers to present the
prizes and then also again, Wevelgem notably last year
actually employed the services of podium boys for the
women’s presentation. Not necessarily a positive
step, I don’t think, but presumably it was an
effort to seem less sexist if you use both genders in that role. – Yeah, trying to balance it up, I guess. – Yeah. – Meanwhile, the biggest
races of the year, so the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana are all still employing
the services of hostesses. Now this is a tradition that
has been going on for a decade although apparently the selection criteria has changed recently. All you needed to be before
was local to the stage finish, under 30 years of age and
also about the same height and presumably female as well. However, they are now taking in to account certain key skills such as linguistics in their new selection criteria. – By all accounts it is
actually a demanding job, so a working day is about 12 hours long, it starts early at the
race’s start village. It involves serving drinks
and representing sponsors, then obviously you’ve got
to drive the race route and then present prizes to the winners. So, it is, probably, pretty tough going. But most of the women
seem to actually enjoy it, at least they say so, and I
don’t think many would say they’re being demeaned in any way. – No. The thing is though, whilst
you can argue all day that these girls probably do
enjoy what they are doing, that they are intelligent and that they could well
be doing another job if they so wished, what
you can’t deny is the fact that it just sends out the
wrong message, doesn’t it? Particularly to the next
generation of cyclists. – Yeah, or even, in fact, the current generation of cyclists. And let’s not forget
that infamous occasion when Peter Sagan touched the bum of one of the podium girls
at the Tour de Flanders, an incident which he
profusely apologised for, but nevertheless, I
think it’s an indication of how podium girls are viewed amongst the professional person. – Which just shouldn’t
be the case, should it? Basically, the message
that is being sent across, with podium girls, is that
women can be objectified. And it’s not even as
though the two powerhouses of the sport, ASO and RCS,
the biggest event promoters, are actually doing very
much to help women’s racing, are they? – No, and it doesn’t even need to be a seismic shift, either, does it? Race organisers have got
three simple choices. They either keep podium girls as they are, which is not terribly forward thinking, or you get rid of podium girls altogether or you do what someone
like the Volta Valenciana has just done literally last week and they had two smartly dressed people on the podium, one women, one man, and they helped with local dignitaries presenting the prizes. – So, over to you, cycling.
It’s now your move. And in fact, over to you,
the great GCN viewer. As ever, we would love to hear
your opinion on this topic. We know that we always get
a lot of honest opinions, particularly on controversial
topics such as this, so let us know what yours is in the comments section just down below. – Yeah, I think it would be
really interesting, actually, to see a snap poll as well. – Yeah. – So, up there, on screen, there
should be a poll right now. Do you think podium girls should stay? Are they appropriate in this day and age? Or should they go? – Yeah.
– Very simple. – And think carefully before you vote because actually your
opinion as GCN viewer really does count for quite a lot. I mean, who knows which
people in important places might eventually see the
results of this poll, so you’ve got an opportunity here to steer the direction of this topic. (trumpeting) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We’ll start Cycling Shorts this week with some performance news. So, a tweet from Cycling Science
pointed us in the direction of a new scientific paper
published in the journal Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise. – I can’t believe I missed this. – I know, it’s one of
your favourites, isn’t it? – Anyway, so this paper
shows that training to improve your VO2 Max
and your peak aerobic power is also beneficial for
your power over 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 1 hour durations as well. – Yeah, so definitely worth everybody that hasn’t checked it out
already looking at our video from last week entitled How
to Increase your VO2 max. – So basically, what the study found was that cyclists who had
the best peak aerobic power also performed best, especially
in the one hour time trial, which you wouldn’t
really expect, would you? – No, that really did actually
take me by surprise, that. Now, sticking with science actually, some very, very important
news from a research paper undertaken here in the UK
and it’s actually shown that glasses, so science glasses, make you look more intelligent. That is official now. – Maybe we should use your science glasses at all times then, Si, because we need a lot of help
in that department, don’t we? – Yeah, I was thinking that, yeah. – And I could do with something that takes a bit of attention away from the bags under my eyes. – You probably need my Fear
and Loathing in Las Vegas glasses for that, mate. Now, freaky news of the week now. Pro-rider Jan Bakelants
suffered a horrific crash late last season at il Lombardia and he did post on Instagram this week that his recovery is,
fortunately, going well. But it wasn’t until he went for a bike fit that the final piece of his
recovery puzzle fell into place. And that was that it transpires that he’s one centimetre shorter following the fractured vertebrae that he suffered from that crash. – Ouch. Scary stuff, isn’t it?
– Yeah, yeah, horrible. – Right, the world of public hire bikes is really weirdly competitive right now and things just got even hotter due to the fact that Uber
have jumped into the fray, courtesy of their new
partnership with Jump e-bikes. – That’s right. The first location is San Francisco, which you’ll remember from
an e-bike public hire front from a story, actually, that we talked about a few weeks back, where Ford is sponsoring the current e-public hire bike
scheme in San Francisco. And then coincidentally,
a major British newspaper just on Sunday was talking about how Ofo, who are another public hire bike scheme, bright yellow ones that are dockless, is actually gonna do to bike-share what Uber has done to taxis. Presumably not counting the fact that Uber are gonna try and do the
same for bike-shares. – Yeah, I tell you what
though, one of the first things that comes to mind is those
images, or are those images, that we’ve seen recently of
vast piles of public hire bikes laying to waste throughout China. – Yeah, me too. – Now, last week Matt and John pointed out the positive
effects of public bikes there in that there’s way more
journeys being done by bike since their introduction
but you can’t help but think that they might have
overestimated the demand somewhat. – Yeah, you do wonder, don’t you? Anyway, moving on to racing themes now. There were, unfortunately,
a couple of cases last year of amateur riders using
suspicious bikes in bike races, one of which actually
culminated in a car chase featuring French anti-doping
hero, Christophe Bassons. – Indeed, a man who we should
hold in very high esteem because he actually was
an openly clean rider who stood up to Lance
Armstrong whilst in effect simultaneously then ending
his own professional career. – Yeah. The outcome, in this case anyway, was that a 43 year old French rider has been handed a five
year ban for motor doping. – Should be a lifetime.
– I think so. I mean what a plonker, or twit, as I described him as in the
introduction to this video. – Yeah. – The only thing that’s
positive, I think, from this– – No pun intended. – Yeah, (laughs) is that it was obvious that he was very
obviously using an e-bike. Which makes me think, or at least hope, that you couldn’t get away with doing this in a professional peloton. – Yeah, I’d really hope that’s the case. I think it’s the case. Anyway, sticking with
anti-doping for a moment, I think, Dan, it’s time for
our weekly Chris Froome update. (upbeat music) Nothing, actually on the
salbutamol case, is there? – No, there is still no
timeframe for the ruling on that, however, he will be doing
his first race of the season next week at the Ruta del
Sol down in Andalucia. – A few people are gonna
be slightly awkward about that happening, I suppose. – Yeah, not least the race
organisers, you would think. – Indeed. Right, anyway, let’s leave Cycling Shorts on a more upbeat note, shall we? This is the cycle hoop
in the shape of a car. How good is that? Parking for 10 bikes
in the shape of a car. – Looks like a decent sized car, too. – Yeah, makes quite a
statement, I think, Dan. How do you fancy some bike
lights that never need charging? – You mean like dynamo
lights that run off your hub? – No, even cleverer than dynamo lights. So, a Russian physicist
named Semyon Fillipov has just designed the Arara. Named after a parrot, apparently, not a mispronunciation
of the Northern Lights, and basically, it fits onto a spoke and then as it goes round
it passes a dymium magnet which is fitted to your chain
stays or your fork blades and then with each passing it generates an electric
current that powers the lights. – I got something similar
out of a cereal packet, when I was young. – Dan, there is no similarity between an Arara and a Spokey Dokey. Other than the fact
they fit on your spokes. – Well there’s a similarity
for you, then, isn’t it? – Well there is one similarity between that and a Spokey Dokey. – Right, let’s move on to some great news for the groupset purists amongst you and that is the announcement
from SRAM that they now have a direct mount brake
calliper in their collection, which they’ve called the S900. Now what this means is
that you’ll be able to run a full SRAM groupset if you
own a bike which has brakes that attach with two bolts
rather than just the one. – It’s a relief, Dan,
is what is it. For me. – Yeah, you can’t wait, can you? – I can’t wait, no. It’s been bothering me
slightly, marginally, for a couple of years now. – Yeah, on your Canyon Aeroad. – That’s right. Now, Doraemon brakes are actually great so they can’t be retro-fitted to your bike but there is a reason for
specking them in the first place in that you get better modulation
because they’re stiffer and you also get more power as well. – It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? – It is, yeah. – Alright, let’s move on to the new bike that we talked about in the intro. It comes from the French
manufacturer, Time. It’s a beautiful bike, actually, and it’s called the Alpe d’Huez Alti, or in English, the Alpe d’Huez Alti. (laughing) it’s the lightest bike
that Time have ever made and it’s made from scratch in France. – Yeah, the weight, they say,
is 840 grammes for the frame, although that is a size
small and it is unpainted. So it’s not exactly groundbreaking. However, I think the
fact that even the tubes are woven in-house is pretty
cool and that could do a lot, actually, for people who
aren’t exactly over the moon, let’s say, with the way carbon manufacture can sometimes come across
as a little bit soulless. – I can understand that mentality, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. – No, me too. I think it’s plain wrong
but I kind of sympathise. – Tell us what you really think, Si. – Okay. – Elsewhere, our mates over at Trek have just informed us of
their brand new Project One custom paint scheme which
they’ve just launched. My favourite here, Si, the
Full Fade. Check this out. – [Simon] Ooh. – Racing news, now, and as
you’ll no doubt all be aware we do now have a racing
news show every Monday where we go into the details and results of most of the big races but we wanted to focus particularly today here on the GCN show on the Cyclo-cross World
Championships from last weekend. – Yeah, mainly ’cause it was
absolutely amazing, wasn’t it? One of the toughest courses in years, gave us some truly epic racing and actually epically long races as well. – Yeah.
– Just amazing. – We were treated to a battle royale, weren’t we, in the Women’s Elite event. – Oh, yeah. – Between Sanne Cant, who of course won the even 12 months ago, and also the American Katie Compton who has been three times in the past a silver medalist at
the world championships. Now, going into the last
lap it was actually Compton who was leading and it looked like she might take her first victory but deep into the race
Cant got the better of her to take her back to back
world championships. American Katie Compton then,
is now four times a runner up. – [Dan] Yes. – You know what they say
about Sanne Cant, don’t you? She can. (techno music) Sometimes. – Yeah, I think we might
have said that, Sanne Can’t. – Sanne Can. – Compton can’t, Cant can. That’s it. – Yeah. Now, right, in the men’s event it was Wout can Aert who somehow managed to turn the tables on
the season-long dominance of his arch nemesis Mathieu van der Poel and take his third successive title. And it wasn’t just turning tables, he absolutely smashed him, didn’t he? – Two and a half minutes was the gap and van der Poel actually
only finished third. So what was it then? Was it Wout van Aert
having an absolute stormer, the day of his life,
or was it van der Poel having an absolute nightmare of a day? Or maybe a bit of both? – Well, you’d have to
imagine it was a bit of both, wouldn’t you, but was
there more to it even than those three options
that you’ve just presented? I mean, of course van Aert was supreme in terms of his physical performance but he also gave a masterclass in the art of riding a
Cyclo-cross bike in the mud. He just seemed like he was on his bike, frankly, a lot more than anybody else. – Yeah, noticeably so, wasn’t it? Now of course he is a great bike handler but there was also a little
nugget of information that was passed to us by
Simon Burt and he was, like, a cyclo-cross legend and actually was commentating on the day and apparently Wout van Aert
had gone to visit Mr Dugast of Dugast tyres with his coach and mentor and former world champion Niels Albert because they were commissioning their very own cyclo-cross tyres. They asked for a 30
millimetre wide tubular. Apparently it’s got a Rhino tread on it but with a new rubber compound and their Flying Doctor casing which presumably is what helped him run just 1.1 bar in that. That’s 15 psi in a 30mm tyre. – That’s ridiculous.
– Isn’t it just? Bonkers. I don’t even know how he’s done that. – You’d pinch punch if you
just sat on that, wouldn’t you? (laughing) Anyway, the tyre then had to
be send immediately to the UCI to get their approval which, predictably, they did um and ah about a bit but thankfully for Wout van Aert they did finally approve
it before the big day. – They did. – So was it the tyre, then,
that made the difference? – No. I mean it would have
made a difference for sure. And actually you could
argue that the tyre itself helped land, like, a
psychological blow as well ’cause cross riders kits, tech, is pretty important and
nothing more so than tyres. And so you can imagine just
cruising up to the start line and everyone’s like, “Uh-oh.” That could actually be quite powerful. I mean, I’m not saying
that that literally knocked Mathieu van der Poel’s head
off but, you know, still. – Yeah. It’s not just new equipment either is it? Don’t you remember last
year when Wout van Aert rocked up with those
discontinued Michelin mud tyres? – [Simon] (laughs) That’s right, yeah. Yeah, twice he’s won the World’s
because of his tyre choice. – Yeah, it’s an interesting
old topic, isn’t it, the old psychological warfare
in cyclo-cross equipment? It really is a big part of that sport. – Yeah, well, actually, and
it’s maybe not just equipment as well, because people
have said that the fact that Wout van Aert didn’t have
any pressure on his shoulders whereas Mathieu van der
Poel had the entire hopes of a nation, his home
nation, at his home World’s, expecting him to win, having
won 75% of all races this year. Whereas van Aert was just like, “Eh.” – Yeah. So what, with the expectation or lack of, and the low tyre pressure it was all about low pressure,
wasn’t it, for Wout van Aert? – It was a low-pressure
Cross World’s, that’s right. – That’s how he won it. Right, before we finish with racing news, special mention to Matthew
Glaetzer over in Australia at the National Track Championships. He broke his own sea level one
kilometre time trial record, taking two tenths of a second off it. That average speed then
over 60 kilometres per hour from a standing start. – Whoa!
– That’s insane, isn’t it? – [Simon] Can I have a special
mention as well, actually? – [Dan] Go on, then. – Team Aqua Blue landed
their first win of the year with Lasse Norman Hansen
which means one buy has just won a road race. That’s right. – Special mentions are
slightly less special when there are two of them
but I’ll let you have it. (laughing) – It is time now for
Hack/Bodge of the Week. The first one this time around
comes in from Paul Evans who spotted this bike on
the streets of East London. I’m wondering, Si,
whether this is the same psychological warfare against
other commuters or couriers as we’ve just seen with Wout
van Aert with equipment choice. – [Simon] Well, the only
slight problem with this one is the ease with which
the owner of that bike could potentially die, Dan. Unlike Wout van Aert, so, uh. – [Dan] I’ve just noticed though, I think there is a lower bar option there by the stem, isn’t there? – [Simon] So you just hit
your head on your handlebars. – [Dan] It’s either low or very high. – [Simon] Yeah, no, I’m not sure what I think about that one. This, meanwhile, is a much simpler, safer, but very neat solution as
to how to watch your laptop or whatever, whilst you’re
on the turbo trainer. In this case is using, watching Zwift. So this is Jeff T who sent it in. It’s just a bike stand
with a plank of wood. – [Dan] Yeah. – [Simon] But I like it, that’s a hack. – [Dan] Yeah, very simple
and very effective. Definitely a hack from us there. – Nice one.
– As is this. – Oh, I love this one. – I think you will agree,
Si, from Alisdair Thom. This is a newly upholstered stool in his local bike shop in Aberdeen. Very creative, as he points out. – [Simon] Inner tube upholstery. This is something we don’t
see enough of in the world. That is a hack right there. What else can we upholster
from inner tubes? – [Dan] Or send them in
using the hashtag GCN hack. – [Simon] This one S5XO has sent in ingenious pannier solution actually. Look at the size of those! Enormous. You could keep all sorts in there. – [Dan] Yeah, well I bet that does offer some great storage solutions
to whoever owns that bike but I can’t help but wonder
how he’s able to pedal because it looks like his heel would hit the container on the back there. – [Simon] Maybe he’s got
a mid-foot cleat position, Dan, and is, uh– – [Dan] It’d have to be on
his heel, I think, so close. – [Simon] A heel cleat
position then, yeah. This one, this is like the tastiest hack I think we’ve ever had. This is Fnly had just sent in a picture of his birthday cake. Look at that! That looks amazing! – Yeah.
– A bike biscuit. – [Dan] It does look good, doesn’t it? Next we have, I think, quite an ingenious
solution from Lee Chung. He’d lost the brake cable holder
while repainting his frame so instead he decided
to use some chain plates from KMC gold chain. – [Simon] It looks quite
neat that, doesn’t it? – [Dan] It does look good, yeah, and it certainly does the job, doesn’t it? That’s a hack from us. Albeit temporary. – [Simon] And the right colour as well. Yeah, ingenious. That’s the
kind of hack that we like. Right, uh, Rick Taylor said
that he didn’t wanna spend $60 on a, what’s that called? – Spider removal tool. – That’s the one (laughs),
the spider removal tool. That’s what I was searching
for, so he made one himself which is, well, it’s
enterprising, isn’t it? – [Dan] Well, I did once make a video on how to make your own chain whip. – Yeah. – Cost about the same as buying
a chain whip, unfortunately. – It did, yeah. (laughs) – But still, you can do
your own tools, can’t you? I’m sure that one was
cheaper than having to buy so that’s a hack as well. The only thing is you’ve
gotta make sure your tool is a decent enough quality so that you don’t end up
trashing your $300 cranks. So just bear that in mind. – Yeah. That is true.
– A word of warning. Uh, right, there we go, that brings us to the end
of GCN Hack for this week. Please keep them coming in, as you do using the hashtag #GCNhack. We absolutely love going through our stash of hacks, don’t we? – Yeah, and bodges. I like them too. – Yeah, to be fair, we do. – Caption Competition time now. Your chance to get your hands on a GCN Camelback water bottle. We have a winner from last
week’s photo which was this one. That winner is Alluvial Fan. Caption, “We’re lost!
Can we Bora your map?” (laughing) I thought that we pretty good, myself. – Yeah. Gave me a chuckle there. – Get in touch with us on Facebook, with your address, should I say, and we’ll get that bottle to
you as soon as we possibly can. This week’s photo is from last weekend’s Valkenburg Cyclo-cross World Championships and Si has agreed to get us started. – Yeah, well this could almost
be presented without comment, actually, but I’ll do my best, Dan. The course at the Cyclo-cross
World Championships was so scary that some
people actually needed a clean pair of pants after doing a lap. You get it? – Well, no, that’s the
second time I’ve heard it now and I still don’t understand it. – You know, like, it’s so scary
he needed a clean pair of, a pair of clean underwear. – I’m tempted to say that this, perhaps, should be the last time
that we offer our captions to begin with and just
leave it to the audience, who always do pretty well. – Everyone, people will get mine. Come on, you get it. It’s funny. – Well, let us know if you
do and if you find it funny. Probably not. Leave yours just down below. – Chances of winning are,
well, you definitely beat me. – Following on from last week’s
GCN show where we discuss what is it that makes
the ultimate bike ride, we thought we’d read a few of the comments that were left below
that particular video. Some of you, it appears,
are quite easily pleased when it comes to an iconic,
epic, bucket list ride. Not least sylasc123, “My ultimate ride needs
to have a coffee stop.” – Three, four, five coffees, of course. – That was the only
criteria for him, or her. – Yeah, it’s not a
difficult one to achieve, I wouldn’t have thought. – Mike Hall goes slightly
further saying, “No traffic,” – Definitely.
– Okay. – “Good weather.”
– Tough in England. – Yeah. Buddies.
– Tough for some of us. – We didn’t mention that, did we? We didn’t mention the people
that we are riding with, which is an important point. – Yeah. – Because if you don’t like them it’s gonna be a horrible ride, isn’t it? – (laughs) Yeah. – It did detract being with
you, actually, in Grand Canary. Anyway, plenty of coffee and
beer stops were the other ones. So he’s added an extra type of drink. – Yeah, well and then Andrew Bedford put things very succinctly, I think. He said, “A bike ride
that makes you smile.” Which again, you know, I’m not
sure that’s an ultimate ride, that’s like most rides, I’d say. – Yeah, no, we discussed
this off air, as it were and Si reckons that most
rides make him smile. – Yeah, they do, really. – Except for the cyclo-cross
race he did at the weekend where he really didn’t do very well. – Didn’t smile once, actually, no. – Lots of other people did,
as it happened, but for me– – Yeah, smiling at me. – As you know, I don’t smile quite as much or that much at all. I did smile though on
that ride in Grand Canary. – You did, yeah, it was unbelievable. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Whereas I went out in the
New Forest the other day and didn’t. – Yeah, so maybe criteria
for some. (laughs) You didn’t cry again, did you? – No. I did go down the road that
I cried on as on 18 year old but I didn’t cry this time. – Oh that’s good, mate,
well things are progressing, now aren’t they? (laughs) (laughs) I might smile
in another 20 years. Alright, let’s let you know what’s on the channel this week. Coming up on Wednesday we
are going to let you all know how to improve your average speed. Thursday they are the
best and worst bike kits of the 2018 season. – Ooh, should be good. – And then on Friday
we’ve got a new episode of Ask GCN-ything. – Yeah, and then on Sunday
we have that aforementioned bucket list ride filmed on Grand Canary which I cannot wait for you all to see. And then Monday Dan’s back
with the Racing News show. And Tuesday we’re both back in this set. – With the GCN show.
– With the GCN show. – Oh, we did that together. – Maybe we’re improving as well. (laughs) Another 20 years, we might be alright. It’s time now, as we’re getting towards the end of the show, for Extreme Corner. And this week, well, it’s
quite bonkers actually, the always impressive Robert Faustmann, he of the biggest quadriceps
in cycling, on his rollers, hitting his max cadence of 286 rpm. Check it out.
– This is in real time. (chain clanking) – That is bonkers, as you said, Si, I’m not even sure I could
get to half that cadence. – Well it’s the fact that
he’s on rollers, so he’s like, you know, it’s quite hard to ride rollers, but to do it at 286 rpm,
that’s some impressive core. Which you can see, actually,
clearly, cause he’s got like, an eight pack and muscles
coming out of every orifice. – Yeah. I’m flummoxed as to
why we can’t do the same thing. Anyway, if you think that was impressive, let’s roll back a few
years with Rollapaluza and this from Craig MacLean. – Three, two, one, go. (shouting) – Whoa, that takes it for me,
Dan. I think that’s faster. – Yeah, well I don’t think we had an official high cadence for that, did we? But it does look faster. – No, but you just see,
like, it’s bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. Yeah, fair play to Craig
MacLean for that one. – Yeah. Don’t try that one at home. (laughing) As I’m certainly not going to. Alright, well that is basically the end of this week’s GCN show, isn’t it? Don’t forget that you can
buy the same exact clothing that Si and I are
representing GCN with here. – Oh yeah. – Over at, a link to which should
be, hopefully, just there. – Yeah, please also give
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100 comments on “The End Of Podium Girls In Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 265

  1. No one is forcing these women to do this. These women can boost their personal careers with being involved in these major events. This whole PC thing is becoming ridiculous.. I think they should keep them, I don't see it as sexist, if its a choice for the woman to do that job.

  2. Stay away from this type of topic – this channel shouldn't be getting involved in the already saturated space of political correctness.

  3. Podium girls are models, and do it voluntarily. Getting rid of them will not add value to the event, but will instead limit exposure for the women who would like to have this as part of their portfolio.

  4. I would like to focus on the main argument represented here in favour of the "stay". the argument is represented in one comment read in the show, of Rebecca Cooper (2':09"). and also in the Simon's and Dan's discussion (3':58").
    the argument is that since there are some women who like to do the job, then there is no reason to ask race organizations to stop it.
    I think it is very irrelevant and the is a logical flaw in the argument. Here the topic of discussion is that either this representation of femininity is an objectification of women or not. we can argue in favour of either sides but we can not use this as a proof of our idea that since some individuals like to do something, then it is right to do it.
    an example is smoking. the argument is that since smoking harms people around the smoker, so it is forbidden to smoke in public areas. here one can not argue that I enjoy the act of smoking or I think it is OK others smoke around me. even if a great number of people like smoking it is no argument to support the freedom of smoking in public areas.
    it is a huge exaggeration and I do not mean to compare the nature of the two actions (smoking vs podium girls), what I am trying to focus is the flaw in this argument.
    just because some people want to do something this does not mean other people cannot discuss about it or eventually ban that thing of happening in society.

  5. Go – completely anachronistic in this day and age. Only an old school sexist would look at an awards presentation and think "I know what would make this better: two sexy ladies in short skirts kissing the winner!". It's on a par with Sep Blatter suggesting female footballers should wear hot pants. The sport should move on.

  6. I'm all for podium puppies. Imagine Peter Sagan on the podium of LBL, surrounded by a dozen, playful puppies. Who wouldn't want that?

  7. What about women who watch men's cycling to see fit, tanned, muscular men in lycra? Surely the peloton members themselves can also be objectified?

    Newsflash.. People are biologically programmed to sexually assess other people as potential partners. What is the harm in it?

  8. Podium girls: why not replace them with local aspiring youth riders? Or with someone special to the rider (spouse, child, parent, best friend)?

  9. These are women who've chosen this as their profession and many make good money doing it. Leave them alone. Is this any different than modelling?

  10. Of course it's ridiculous that cycling feels the need to objectify women in this day and age. Anyone who disagrees needs to take a long look at themselves

  11. I agree with the majority below it is PC correctness gone mad, these girls enjoy what they do, according to this mentality we should abolish all female actress's as well.

  12. You’ve put forward your views on the podium girls, now do an interview with a podium girl and ask for her side of the discussion.
    Women’s sports should be promoted, but not to the extent that they destroy the career of non sports women.

  13. Fkn PC idiots. We're male and females. We're attracted to each other. We like to see the best (better) specimens of the opposite sex. What's wrong with that? Who the f*** would watch the podium ceremony without some glamour? Most of the pro cyclists, who I have the highest regard for I must say, haven't exactly been Darwiningly chosen for their looks have they?

  14. I suspect that for many guys and no doubt some women, the employment of glamorous women at major sporting events is so ubiquitous that they completely fail to see this practice as pernicious. But what sort of example is it for young girls to see their gender used as simple adornment or as drudges, serving drinks or holding umbrellas for competitors and the sponsors' entourage? The sport should be encouraging girls to participate as active competitors not be passive, smiling mannequins. And if anyone thinks that a proportion of these women have not been subject to sexual harassment, then they have not been paying attention these last few months. Well done GCN for highlighting this issue, enough of this sexism, lets get with the 21st century!

  15. Just open the job to any gender. There's no reason to stipulate that they be female and if the reason they're there is eye candy then this is a feminist issue.

  16. When I was a lad, I used to attend sports car rallies. In the pits, there were all manner of young women, most of whom were dressed in the 'sexy' outfits of my era (daisy dukes and halter tops). Racing automobiles or bicycles, it doesn't matter. Sports are largely a testosterone driven pursuit (athletic females notwithstanding). Young fit males (and males with tons of money) will always attract the opposite gender. We are trying to deny biology for the sake of being "woke" to the new paradigm. Trouble is, the new paradigm is against nature and nature always wins out in the end.

  17. do not remove podium girls this is pathetic,its leading to a situation where only lesbian woman will have any rights in this world.Those podium girls should decide what they want.How dare thesr people come with this shit.

  18. This isn't about exploitation or sexism. This is a tradition that has been going on for a hundred years. If people felt exploited don't you think someone would have said something already? But where is the dissent? There have been no visible campaigns by women's rights groups no mention in the media, it has just sprung up in the last two months. I know what this is about. The Islamic nations that F1 and cycling hold races in do not like it. That is what it is all about.

  19. Have you guys been so seriously politically correct emasculated that you have nothing better to do than to try and tear down one of the things that make cycle racing….cycle racing? Correct me if I am wrong but these women are not doing against their will in any way so leave them the hell alone and let them do the job if they want. Geeeez.

  20. Feminists try to remove the most beautiful beings created by nature from races. This is crime! There are only two possible culprits, feminists or muslims.

  21. So it´s "Welcome.. to the Gender Cautiously Neutral.. Show!" Dan and Simon firmly in favour of ending the glamour, because that´s really all it is, of Podium Girls/Women/Ladies/Females (all bases covered?). Why, quite simply and easily, did you not think to actually interview a small section of those people who actually carry out the task, and ask them how they felt about it, rather than taking it upon yourselves to tell us how correct and about time it all is!? It all sounds to me more like a bunch of old Men telling Women how it´s going to be from now on! Sorry Girls, now go and get a proper job!

  22. WTF is wrong with 'podium' girls full stop?? Jeez, there's more important things to worry about than that. So STFU all you pol corr lib squibs and get a life

  23. Great idea, but why stop there? Women should not be objectified in any sport let alone the most obscure ones. Let's have old local dignitaries throw on cheerleader outfits and objectify them instead of the poor girls who hate the attention or designations of being attractive.

  24. I've always been a little uncomfortable with the tie-in between cheer leader type women and male dominated sports, but I have enjoyed the pageantry of Tour de France award ceremonies and the podium girls (women?) have been a nice part of that for me. So this was an issue I had mixed feelings about. I was surprised that the two presenters were strongly opposed to them. Was this a generational difference (I'm an old fart)? I wasn't sure how my wife would feel. I thought she might favor keeping them. Wrong. A clear no from her.

  25. Are the women up there at gunpoint? No, not even in Texas. It's purely voluntary. It's not a crime, it doesn't "objectify" the women, quit yer whinging.

  26. People, the girls say they are not exploited etc. etc. However, this misses the point and only looks at it from an individualistic viewpoint. This is about the socialisation of boys and girls and the effects this has on gender and society as a whole…

  27. Lots of women have used being a podium girl, to reach higher heights. Last year, a former French podium girl went on to win the overall Miss Universe pageant and went on to a marvelous lucrative career, thanks to her public relations experience at the Tour..

  28. Social justice warriors don't do anything except cost people their jobs. Ask the podium girls if they want the tour to stop using them?

  29. Le Tour has always been an International event… enhanced by the Beauty, Refinement, AND Intelligence of the Podium "Ladies". They compete for those positions… many have launched acting and modeling careers from the exposure of Le Tour… and should continue being a part of of its traditions. Local "dignitaries" that no one recognizes in the international arena… would be viewed as not adding to the glamour of Le Tour.

  30. Let's ban everything and we will all sit in the house and die, fuck that political correctness can die instead!!! The feminists are the anti feminists.

  31. Podium girls are awesome. This reactive PC idiocy is why Trump who stinks was elected President. Relax Francis.

  32. Get so fucking sick of liberals trying to make any pretty girl feel bad for doing what she wants and getting paid well for it.

  33. this world is becoming one big bubble wrapped kindergarten class. shut the fuck up and leave the podium girls you bunch of fucking pussies.

  34. Personally I think 'men's' and 'women's' names is gender stereotyping and should be banned. I was given a 'man's' name from a very early age and I feel a victim of societal oppression. You can call me Margaret from now on……I think the fat birds should get a go on the podium as I think that would balance it out a bit. (as long as they use thicker plyboard in the construction) Can I get a like? Ta.

  35. Taking away the podium girls sends an even worse message: That caterwauling malcontents are entitled to frame the debate.

  36. sorry to repeat myself here but i must respectfully disagree with Si and Dan

    i am a professional corporate AV tech. As a cyclist i am apparently fit enough for the following to happen, but not deserving enough of respect for what happened at work one evening at a gala corporate affair in a prestigious venue:

    one of my amplifiers stopped working so i went back/side stage to inspect. as i was bending over to look at the problem a woman guest slapped me on my behind as i was working and i stood up to find her and her girlfriend giggling, holding champagne glasses. ok for them but not Sagan? there seems to be a strong double standard here. if i were to bring a lawsuit i would be ridiculed, but had i tapped a lady's bottom, all hell would break free !

    there is absolutely nothing sexist about what Sagan pinched. it was merely a compliment wrapped up in a case of joi de vivre

    i get it though. you guys are in the media and must take the PC gone mad route and propegate this mythos. you are entitled to disagree .

    love the show!

  37. What's wrong with a bit of glamour and show? OK get some good looking guys to present the prizes at the women's races if that makes you feel better. I mean really, it's not like they're asked to get their boobies out or anything. People who are worried about this type of non-issue have pretty comfortable lives with nothing serious to bother them.

  38. You have got to be kidding . I realize that Europe is big with "Metro-sexuals" but geeez. No one has ever forced a woman to be a grid or podium girl or cheer leader or what ever. The girls in F1 actually were a real class act. I could go on but why bother.

  39. Cmon now, the great prize is to get a kiss from a beautiful woman. Very romantic so if you take them away, you will loose people watching the end of race awards.

  40. So let me see if I've got this straight: it's OK for podium "girls" to kiss male bike racers, but if said male bike racer puts a hand on their ass while they're kissing him, that's a horrible transgression? Yeah, podium girls are sexist, just not how we're being trained to think.

  41. Using podium girls as some sort of trophy for male cyclists is unacceptable in this day and age. It doesn't matter that the podium girls might enjoy it (this seems a bizarre logic for making rules in any case) but the fact is broadcasting and supporting cycling races which treat women as objects in this way is completely backwards. When women are assigned the role of standing in the background looking pretty, this sends a message to women that this is the extent of their worth in the cycling world.

  42. There are many girls/women that love being a podium/ring/track girl. I've heard some feel that they're treated well and that they love the fact that they get to be involved with the whole thing. The people that get upset about them are the women that dont think they're pretty enough to be one. Thats usually where all the outrage comes from.

    Lets do something that no one is doing. Lets ask the women doing the job if they want to do it and if they feel like being treated bad. Lets stop talking for them.

  43. you did a good job being balanced about the women on the podiums. I love looking at beautiful women — don't call them girls. But having them dress differently and represented differently is the right thing to do.

  44. I only stumbled onto cycling YouTube videos a week ago, never seen a podium girl, but I miss podium girls, already.
    Am I politically incorrect. Oh, well, who cares. It's a loss to part of the atmosphere of the thing, nonetheless.

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