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The Fabulous Lifestyles of Professional Motorcycle Racers – /RideApart

The Fabulous Lifestyles of Professional Motorcycle Racers – /RideApart

JAMIE ROBINSON: We’re here at
the Rock Store in Malibu Canyon with pro motorcycle
racer Eric Bostrom. He’s built his custom
bike, but so have I. Welcome to Ride Apart. Eric. This is a masterpiece. I am so impressed. I’m a big fan of vintage
motorbikes. Grew up in the ’70s, obviously, watching Barry Sheene. And it reminds me of Kork
Ballington’s motorcycle. Tell me more. ERIC BOSTROM: Yeah,
that’s exactly it. I’m also a big, big fan of old
bikes, whether it’s British or Japanese or whatever. And so this bike was after one
of my heroes, Gary Nixon, and also a great friend. And unfortunately, he passed
away last year. And it was right at the time
that I was wanting to do kind of a cafe style project. And I thought, what better
than kind of a Gary Nixon tribute of his old KR 750 that
he nearly won the world championship on. And it was a real challenge. We started off with a Z1000. And it’s a big motorcycle. And the old bikes in
the ’70s were low slung and really sleek. And there wasn’t much
wiring to them. So that was probably the biggest
hurdle, was trying to get the bike authentic
and low. And then also trying
to get rid of as many wires as possible. And then we just went into
putting on a few parts that were great parts of the
time, and nowadays probably not so great. But we have this old Germika
master cylinder out of the ’70s and a Tommaselli clutch
perch off an old British bike. JAMIE ROBINSON: This
Tanken seat really is what makes this. ERIC BOSTROM: They really
do set off the bike. It’s like this big coffin-style
tank that the old bikes had. JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah. Well, at least you could go for
a picnic and this can be your table. ERIC BOSTROM: The part that I
love about this is when people see me riding up, they’re like,
what the hell is he on? But when they see you ride
up, they’re like, this guy is a mad man. JAMIE ROBINSON: Usually
usually. ERIC BOSTROM: And it’s
appropriate. ERIC BOSTROM: I raced the CBR
600 for quite a while. And then I met some
stunt guys. And pretty much that’s where
it all went wrong. Spent a day trying to pull
a 12:00 wheelie. And it just ended in disaster. And I crashed my bike. And it put a big hole in the
engine, and it just sat there. So I destroyed my only ride. Well basically, I did do
the 12:00 wheelie. It’s just that I wasn’t on the
bike when the bike did it. So I’d fallen off the back
slightly beforehand. And it landed– ERIC BOSTROM: I think I remember
doing that when I was like seven years old, off the
starting line on a CR 60. JAMIE ROBINSON: It
was similar. I asked my buddy Roland Sands,
please, design me a motorcycle. And I was like, I like Mad Max,
and I love flat track. But we have a CBR 600. Well, Roland just went crazy. He drew me this amazing
motorcycle. And just from there,
it’s evolved. And this is what it is. And realistically, very similar
to your bike, just get rid of a lot of wear. So we just junked everything
at the front end. Came up with a smaller
number plate. And then junked everything at
the back, so it’s no pillion, no nothing. And it’s really raw. But there’s a lot of fun to
be had from this bike. And I love that for a motorcycle
in terms of, it puts a smile on my face
every time I ride it. ERIC BOSTROM: That’s my kind
of favorite part of this project, is when you
buy a bike these days, they’re so good. And you’re like, well, how do I
put my personality into it? JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah, exactly. ERIC BOSTROM: And to look at you
ride up on this bike, I’m like, that is Jamie Robinson. I totally get it. And then I get a little closer
to the bike, and I see this story on the gas tank. JAMIE ROBINSON: Yep. ERIC BOSTROM: And it’s like,
Mount Whitney here, Death Valley there. I mean, what else? JAMIE ROBINSON: This was places
I’ve gone on this motorcycle. So I went to Mount Whitney,
Death Valley, San Francisco, and down Big Sur. And then there’s a few
little twists of my own in there as well. We’re at the top of one of the
most beautiful roads here in Malibu Canyon. And it was a joy following
you, man. It was absolutely beautiful
just watching the seat. It was like we were going
back in time. It was brilliant. ERIC BOSTROM: That’s totally
what this thing’s all about, is that kind of almost awkward
seating position. And yet you’re like, it kind
of takes you back. It transports you
back in time. Because you’re like, man, this
isn’t quite right, but it feels pretty rad. JAMIE ROBINSON: And it sounds
great, as well. Just, there was a lot of
[INAUDIBLE], but there was a little bit of distance
now and again. And you lit it up, and
it sounded fantastic. It took off like a bullet. Oh, it’s a dream. ERIC BOSTROM: For sure. So I’m really curious to
jump on your bike. JAMIE ROBINSON: Did
you hear it? ERIC BOSTROM: I heard it. JAMIE ROBINSON: Eric, you didn’t
disappoint me with this motorcycle, man. That is fantastic. ERIC BOSTROM: And thank you
for this, the ultimate hooligan machine. JAMIE ROBINSON: I can’t
believe it. You’re one of the most sensible
racers I know, and you turn into a hooligan
within seconds. ERIC BOSTROM: It’s impossible
not to. You have all this leverage up
here, and you’re just like, rev, rev, rev, and the
transitions are so fast. And then the front wheel
comes up so fast. And it’s just a really
easy bike to ride. JAMIE ROBINSON: It is. ERIC BOSTROM: I don’t know if I
should put my knee down, my foot down, slide the rear
brake, like everything. JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah, yeah. That’s what I wanted to create
was like this play bike. And also, what did you
think of the sound? ERIC BOSTROM: The sound
was just ridiculous. JAMIE ROBINSON: Hasn’t Race Tech
done a great job with the suspension? ERIC BOSTROM: Yeah,
bike’s sick. Like that’s the thing, it sucks
up everything so well. And I can see where I can
make my bike better. Because it’s like a little
soft and a little gushy. And this is how you want
a bike to handle. You want it to be accurate and
just point, point, point. So I got a little work
to do on it. JAMIE ROBINSON: Well, I loved
riding your bike. You’ve taken me back to racing
252 strokes, that my foot and my butt is so close to each
other on this bike. I’m pinned already. I feel like I’m going
down a straight, and I’m around the corner. It’s real old school. ERIC BOSTROM: It’s a
total Speed Racer cartoon, all balled up. But it is how most of the
race bikes were back in the ’60s and ’70s. JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah. Isn’t that amazing? And just the single tacker there
just looking at you. And obviously, then you’ve got
nothing other than just looking at the road ahead. ERIC BOSTROM: How did we hit the
same theme and yet be so far apart, you know? JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah. ERIC BOSTROM: We just have a
tachometer on this bike. JAMIE ROBINSON: I guess because
in many ways, we had a similar influence in
our upbringing. We both talked about Barry
Sheene and Kenny Roberts and those kinds of influences. I was on one side of the pond,
and you’re on the other. But still, the same sort of
people, influences in our early lives, I think. ERIC BOSTROM: Yeah. JAMIE ROBINSON: OK. Are you going to
ride this, or? ERIC BOSTROM: I’ll
trade you up. JAMIE ROBINSON: OK. He doesn’t like it. ERIC BOSTROM: I’m just afraid
I’m going to end up in shackles in this thing. JAMIE ROBINSON: So where
are we, man? Where have you brought us? ERIC BOSTROM: We took a short
ride from Malibu over to Simi. And we’re over here to see a
friend’s collection of old, vintage motocross bikes. And he has well, has arrived. Good, Mark, how are you? MARK: Back then were like
Mulder and Van Leeuwen. ERIC BOSTROM: Yeah, my dad and
uncle raced both those guys. JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh my– I’m shaking I’m so excited. Wow. ERIC BOSTROM: Jamie is like,
do you know anybody that we could go look at their
bike collection? I’m like, yeah, in fact, I do. And so does it live up
to expectations? JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, everything
today is way above expectations. ERIC BOSTROM: Good. JAMIE ROBINSON: This is
absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen a collection
like this. MARK: It’s a bit eclectic. Because it has some six-days
bikes, it has motocross bikes, it has some celebrity bikes. It has some desert bikes,
and some with provenance and some without. This Husqvarna is
a motion picture celebrity named James Coburn. And James Coburn was good
friends with Steve McQueen. ERIC BOSTROM: I really feel like
I recognize this exact helmet from Take It to the
Limit with Peter Starr. MARK: Well, you know– ERIC BOSTROM: I think they had
a weird mount where you could see his head, and he was racing
through the desert. MARK: He was probably the
greatest desert racer. I mean, just to give you a few
stats, I think J.N. won the first Mexican 1000 with
Malcolm Smith. So he won two Mexican 1000s,
two Baja 500s, three Mint 400s, four Barstow to Vegases
in a row, every year. And then he was number one plate
holder in the Southern California desert
district, 37. JAMIE ROBINSON: I’ve never
seen such a collection of vintage and classic
bikes before. There’s even more in here. I’m just looking at
the photograph. They are actually doing that now
and getting away with it. Yeah, they actually
pull it back. But I don’t think he got
back from that one. MARK: No. ERIC BOSTROM: It’s really
quite special. I remember the photos of this
bike when we [INAUDIBLE]. JAMIE ROBINSON: You see, you
could just literally ride this on [INAUDIBLE]. MARK: You could sit on it. I don’t think it’ll come
off the stand. And you can put your feet
in the skis, and get an idea of how– and then you’d stand
on the skis. JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, wow. This is insane. ERIC BOSTROM: I’ve
never seen this. JAMIE ROBINSON: A [INAUDIBLE]
will fix it. Oh no, we’re hitting ice. And where do you go to even
start to find documentation? MARK: Just some friends
of mine. One friend of mine
has a lot of the original document invoices. If you can tie them together
with the invoices– like here’s one for one that
belonged to Eakins. JAMIE ROBINSON: Eric, when I
asked you to bring me over to see somebody with a few bikes,
I never expected this. Mark, what a collection. MARK: Oh, thank you. JAMIE ROBINSON: This
is fantastic. MARK: I’m glad you
guys enjoyed it. JAMIE ROBINSON: I’m like
a kid in a sweet shop. I’m now way into vintage
motorbikes. I want to go vintage
motocrossing. MARK: That could
be a good time. You guys would enjoy it. They’re nice bikes. ERIC BOSTROM: I want to get back
out in the desert, and go twist some throttle. I’m re-inspired, too. MARK: We’ve got plenty of old
Huskies you could do that on if you want to, Eric. I’m sure we could rig something
up for you. JAMIE ROBINSON: Wow. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you. Thank you very much. MARK: Thank you very much. JAMIE ROBINSON: Been
a brilliant day. MARK: Eric, thank you guys
for coming over. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. JAMIE ROBINSON: More
than enjoyed Just take any motorcycle, add
your own touches, and give it its own character. Eric has. Really anyone can do this. Just dream your ride, and
this could be you.

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