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The GCN Awards Show  – Celebrating The Best Of 2017 In Cycling | Ep. 259

The GCN Awards Show – Celebrating The Best Of 2017 In Cycling | Ep. 259

– Welcome to the Christmas GCN show – And a very merry Christmas
to all you from all of us. – Coming up this week, we review
a cracking year in cycling – And then there’s the GCN awards; you have been voting in
your thousands for the best performers and performances of 2017, and there’s some other very
important matters such as most stylish rider and hack
forward slash bodge of 2017. – And of course, we’ve
got a few of our highs and a few of our lows from the year, too. (“Jingle Bells” plays) – [Dan] Going the wrong way Si, jokes, oh! (laughter) – You two, that’s a rib. For quite obvious reasons
as you’ll see, most enjoyed. Got a bad rib. This attention seeking’s
going up another level. Well this is cosy, isn’t it? – It’s great. – Alright then this year
in the world of cycling we learned that the rise
of E-bikes might just be unstoppable, sales have
increased across the globe, many manufacturers have jumped
onboard with new models. – And we concluded actually,
it’s probably not a bad thing. – We did, it’s also a year
for the history books as well, lots of cycling records
broken, and cycling firsts too. – Yeah there was Christoph
Strasser’s 24 hour mind and probably arse numbing indoor
record, 941.873 kilometres. – That’s amazing, Peter Sagan’s
world championship triple. – What about Jasmijn Muller’s
ride, 11035 miles on Zwift. – That was mental–
– It was also the sweatiest ride of the year apparently too. – There’s been some incredible
rides, I think we should crack straight on because
our first award is for achievement of the year,
here are the nominations. – Now before we do get straight
to it, we should point out that this show was actually
pre-recorded before the announcement that
Chris Froome had returned an adverse analytical
finding for Salbutamol. – Of course we can’t
now change the result, as voted for by you but
I think it is fair to say there is now an asterisk
hanging over his result– – Or a big question mark. – Or a big question mark
hanging over his results at the Vuelta a Espana,
and it will be until this matter is resolved
one way or another. – Yeah which could by all
conservative estimates be pretty deep right into
next year, so it could be just after the Duro or maybe just before the Tour de France, but one
way or another, like you, we’re gonna watch this one with interest. (upbeat funky music) – [Dan] Riding around the
world is an achievement in itself; Mark Beaumont has
done it before, but this year he completed it in a ridiculous 78 days. – [Matt] Chris Froome racked
up his fourth Tour de France win this year, but in
going on to win the Vuelta for the first time, he
cemented his status as one of the best Grand Tour riders of all time. – [Dan] 2017 saw the
addition of Amstel Gold and Liege-Bastogne-Liege
to La Fleche Wallonne in the women’s Spring
calendar, music to the ears of Anna van der Breggen who won all of them, taking the triple crown. – [Matt] Phil Gil’s Tour of
Flanders win was truly epic, riding solo for over 50
kilometres to take the win, and that was backed up by
another dominant performance at Amstel Gold. – [Dan] Peter Sagan’s season
looked headed for disaster as he failed to win a
monument and then got booted out of the tour, but he wrote
himself into the history books with an unprecedented
third successive world title. – [Matt] It’s hard to get your
head around really, isn’t it, riding over 86000 miles
in a lifetime would seem like good going, but to do it in a single year, truly remarkable. – Right then, I think it’s
time for the first results. – Okay, in third place. – Is Chris Froome’s
double, in second place it’s Peter Sagan’s triple. – Yep and that means just
edging out Sagan in first place, quite rightly so we think. – Do you want a drum roll? – Yes please, mind your rib. It is Mark Beaumont, this
year he completed his round the world trip on a bike
in just 78 days and 14 hours that is an average of 240
miles per day, 16 hours a day in the saddle and he had
to deal with all sorts, including a broken tooth
and sleep deprivation. – What about the sheer logistics
around that, incredible. – Complicated.
– There’s so much to think about in that
attempt around the world, incredible stuff, and I
think actually we should hand over to Mark himself. – Hello GCN, it’s Mark
Beaumont, absolutely delighted to hear about the nomination
with the GCN awards, certainly my, the biggest ride of my life, the biggest, my biggest
achievement as a bike rider, hundreds and hundreds of
people came out and rode with me and I always asked
them how they knew about the ride and I’d say nine
out of 10 of them had heard about it through the,
through the GCN platform, through following the
journey, all the updates that you put out about
it, so thanks to you guys it’s been great fun sharing the adventure, I’ve raised the bar a bit
and I encourage anyone to get out there and take it
on, I’m helping three women right now train to break
the women’s round-the-world record, but where are the
blokes, where are the guys, we need to get more people
to step up and take on that 18000 mile race, thanks GCN. – Now achieving incredible
physical feats on the bike is all well and good, but
that surely doesn’t have to be everything does it? – No, no definitely not, in
fact you would’ve thought enjoyment should come quite
a long way up the list of priorities for most
cyclists but anyway. – And for some of us, style too. – Yeah with that in mind
we’ve recently reached out to GCN’s unofficial heads of fashion, Tiffany Cromwell and Adam Blithe, to see who deserves to be crowned most stylish riders of 2017. – Should be good. – Yeah, you getting excited Dan? – Oh yeah they couldn’t
vote for themselves or us. – Or us, no. – That’s why, just
would’ve been a whitewash. – Okay so in third place in
the men’s is Fabio Fellini, who Adam says is “Just doing it correctly, always classy in a very subtle way.” Which is, (mumbling). – And Fabio, great hair as well. – Yeah and a fine
cappuccino, don’t forget. – Indeed, barista skills. What do you reckon, this is round three? – Ah, the meditation, five. – Is it the right temperature? – No, no. – Now according to
Tiffany, third place woman Hannah Barnes in the iconic
British Champ’s jersey. – Nice choice.
– Yeah, apparently she rolled it well all year
both on and off the bike, the kit always matched,
always spotless, never looked out of place, yeah.
– Fair play. – The second place in the
men’s, Adam has decided on Elia Viviani, because
at the World Championships, his bike and kit were on point. – That’s right and I think
he added, he looked Euro, in big shouty capital letters. – Yeah, big shouty capital letters. – Don’t think anyone else
could pull off that look though apart from Viviani, he’s absolutely nailed it hasn’t he. – I think Viviani’s bike
and kit looked cool all yeah because Gent Six his
bike was cool as well. – That’s true actually we’ll
give a shout out to that yeah fair enough, alright in
second place for the women’s, Tiffany’s gone for Joeline Dorm. She said her kit always
lines up and looks sharp, but it’s her style on the
bike where she really stands out for Tiffany, apparently
coming from a track background she’s got that
super smooth pedalling style that is beautiful
to watch, I’d be inclined to agree actually, she
looks super powerful when she sprints and
like frankly she’s born to be on a bike, praise indeed. – You cannot argue with
any of that at all, well, I’m gonna need a little bit
of a drum roll here because I’ve got the winner of the
blokes okay drum roll please. It goes to Danny Bennati,
or Daniele Bennati. – [Man] All Italian podium. – Deserves his praise yeah
if I’m honest on it, now Blithey said that Bennati has got class coming out of his ears. – One of the worst places
for it to come out. – Good point, off the bike,
on the bike, his position is immaculate and spot on,
says he’s never seen anything quite like it and to cap
it all, he’s a great bloke isn’t he, he’s lovely,
and ridiculously brown and tanned as well. – Hello everybody, directly
from Movistar Team presentation, wow it’s an honour for
me to be named like, the most stylish rider of
the year, I want to say thank you very much and I want to wish you merry Christmas and happy new year, ciao! – And the women’s peloton’s
most stylish rider, thank you very much,
goes to Lizzie Deignan. Yep that’s right she always
looks good on the bike, the way she attacks it
just looks so effortless Tiffany says, plus her
kit is always immaculate and everything matches and she’s also got good style off the bike as well. (overlapping talking) – Absolutely yeah.
– Good reasoning there. – On to the next category then
which is a very juicy one. Most controversial part of
the 2017 cycling season, the things that got us
talking on our bikes, debating in the cafe or arguing on social media. – It’s gotta be OneBike, or veganism. – No no no, it’s gotta be
sock length or disc brakes. – There’s no doubt that
those things will continue to rumble on and on but the
things I am talking about are things such as this,
first up, Pete Sagan’s disqualification from the Tour de France, he flicks his elbow in
a sprint, Mark Cavendish came crashing down ending his race, and almost ending his season, the question that we’re
asking though is firstly, did the elbow make contact and secondly, did Sagan do it deliberately? – Well yeah it’s a good
question, what about poo gate? Now, whether or not you
should wait for a race leader when they’re stopping for
a poo is if I’m honest not a subject that I ever
thought we would be debating. – But here we are.
– But actually, it defined this year’s Giro
d’Italia, one of the best races of the year
arguably, now Tom Dumoulin obviously stopped for a
poo and then pulled out a heroic solo ride to
save his race but frankly, should his rivals have waited? – That was a good one,
next up though, we’ve got Lance Armstrong, sometimes
known as the controversial Lance Armstrong in fact,
it seems like his ban from cycling doesn’t include
talking about cycling, he did a daily podcast
through the Tour de France, which some people were
raving about and some people were outraged about. – Yeah Team Sky, never
far from controversy were actually accused of
cheating on the very first day of this year’s Tour de France. – Oh yes, with the skin suits, wasn’t it? – With their skin suits,
that’s right, rival teams, mainly French, accused
them of having an illegal skin suit that broke the
rules, Team Sky replied by saying that they had been approved by the UCI who actually make the rules, so perhaps not all that much
controversy in the end there. – There was definitely
no controversy at all, I think if the teams
lodging the appeal had done a little bit of homework and
checked, they’d have found out that Team Sky had been
using that very same skin suit for several weeks. – And then we had Australian women. I mean they weren’t
controversial, I’ll get onto that in a minute, they racked up
enough points between them this year after a great season of racing to be able to field a full
team over at the world championships, the
controversial point here was the fact that then Australian
selectors only chose to take three which meant
some big names were left at home, that was until Chloe Hoskin got involved and appealed. – Apologies, but another
small interlude right now, those of you who have been
watching from the start of this video and not just
scrubbed forward to this point will be well aware
that the other quite seismic controversy which has
certainly cast a shadow over the last few weeks
of the 2017 season– – Well you could argue
the whole season really though couldn’t you? – Yeah of the whole season,
Chris Froome’s adverse analytical finding where
twice the legal limit of Salbutamol was found
in his urine at the Vuelta A Espana is a late
entry into controversy of the year and given its
significance and possible ramifications over the next few months, it’s gonna top the list by a hefty margin. – Yeah as well as casting
in doubt his Tour de France and Vuelta double because
if he’s found guilty he’ll be stripped of the
Vuelta title and also faces up to a two year ban. – Anyway, on with the show. – Yeah well my vote goes
for Sagan, that controversy was huge and not just
within the inner realms of cycling, the images, the
videos, they spread over social media like wildfire,
that allowed everyone to be an armchair expert, or in this case, an armchair commissaire. – That’s true yeah I don’t
disagree there but I think within cycling, I think poo
gate just defined the year, I mean first of all we had the farce, for poor old Tom Dumoulin–
– Did you just say farts? – Farce, farce, yeah of Tom
Dumoulin actually having to stop for a poo mid
race, then we had the drama of his chase to get back and save the race and then we just had
this endless debate about whether or not people should
wait and respect a leader’s jersey, there’s flippin’
unwritten rules that never go away, it’s just going to
roll on and on and on. – I have to agree though with you Si, I think Dumoulin was the
controversy of the year, wiped the floor with all
the other controversies that we just talked about even
though he followed through and actually won the Giro
d’Italia, that is something that, no matter what he does
for the rest of his career, we’ll be continuing to
talk about poo gate. – It’ll be a stain on his career. – That’s enough now Si. – Incidentally actually you
also voted in your thousands for the race of the year,
we’re not sure whether it’s coincidental or not but you chose the Giro d’Italia and
it was a fantastically exciting race wasn’t it, suspenseful until the very last day with
a very worthy and very likeable winner, okay,
time to get back to some performance riding because our next award as voted by you is for rider of the year. We should start off with
the women’s category, the nominees are. (funky music) The triple crown was backed
up with an overall win at the Giro d’Italia and
the Women’s World Tour. It’s been a stellar year
for the Olympic champion. – [Matt] Ultra endurance
rider and solo female entrant Sarah Hammond took her
second consecutive win in the 3000 kilometre Race
to the Rock in Australia. – [Dan] With 33 top 10s
this year it’s safe to say that Annemiek van Vleuten
has been Ms Consistent. She dominated La Course and
took her first world title with a win in the individual time trial. – [Matt] What a year it’s
been for Coryn Rivera, the first American to
win the Tour of Flanders, she then took two other
one day World Tour wins, and was also a part of team
Sunweb’s all conquering team time trial squad at
the World Championships. – [Dan] Sanne Cant has been
the dominant force in women’s cycle cross for the last
few seasons, but has always fallen short of the Worlds;
this year, she changed that, taking her first
rainbow bands with an epic race in Luxembourg. – Okay the results are as
follows, in third place we have Sarah Hammond, great to
see her flying the ultra endurance flag up there on the podium. Second place goes to Annemiek
van Vleuten and that means that the 2017 GCN female
rider of the year is. – Gonna need a very very
big drum roll, thank you, Anna van der Breggen, and
it was never really going to be in doubt at all what an
absolutely sensational season she had, winner of the
Giro, winner of the Women’s Tour of California, and who can forget that amazing Ardens
triple, of Fleche, Amstel and Liege-Bastogne-Liege, well done Anna. – Hello GCN watchers, I
would like thank you all for the award of best
female rider of 2017, it has been a great season
but this is a great way to finish it off, so thank you
and have a merry Christmas. – [Si] Do you know what she needs? – Go on Matt, go on Matt.
– Dunno if I can do it. – A Season’s worth of wattage bazooka. – Give it your best with your broken rib. – I’ll do it, you say it, three two one. – [All] Wattage bazooka! (explosion) – That was one of your best ever Matt. – Thanks very much. – Well done with a broken
rib too, okay let’s get onto the nominees in the male
rider of the year category. (rock music) On top of his historical
triple, Sagan has taken 11 wins this year, all but
one taken at World Tour races. – [Dan] Questions hung over
Chris Froome after he failed to take a single win before
the Tour; he answered them by winning two Grand
Tours in just 11 weeks. (rock music) – [Matt] With 14 wins
to his name this year, Marcel Kittel is quickly closing
in on 100 career victories. – [Dan] Tom Dumoulin continues
to improve and impress, taking some big scalps to
win his first Grand Tour at the Giro, then going on
to win both the individual and team time trials at World Champs. – [Matt] Despite having
his season cut short at the start of July, Alejandro
Valverde still came away with 11 wins, including his
fourth Liege-Bastogne-Liege and his fifth Fleche Wallonne. (rock music) – Right I’ve been told
that we are behind time boys by producers so let’s
crack on a bit, third place in this category is Tom
Dumoulin, in second, it’s Chris Froome, there can
only be one winner though and that winner by quite
some margin is Sagan. – My word, you know what
I think it’s testament to his reputation within the
sport as much as anything because aside from winning
three World Titles– – Aside? – Well yeah okay, I don’t want
to diminish the achievement of winning a third World
Title on the bounce but actually it has been a
relatively quiet year by his standards so no Classics
victory, the Tour de France that we’ve kind of already
mentioned, you know, it’s– – Yeah he only had 11
wins 10 of which were in World Tour races–
– By his standards. – Lot of bad luck, had a lot of bad luck. – I do get what you’re
saying Si, by his standards, but the fact is in pretty
much every other race that he doesn’t win he
has some kind of impact and that has got to be the
definition of a wattage bazooka. – Should we do two then. – No we won’t make him
do it again, but we’ll award that to Peter Sagan. – But poor Peter Sagan,
he’s only won 11 races and you’re depriving
him of wattage bazooka. Pete Sagan you are the
worthy winner of 2017’s male – [All] Wattage bazooka! (explosion) – We’re gonna take a brief
break from our awards for a few moments now as we
talk through some of the riders who’ve drawn a line under
their career in 2017. – Davide Rebellier? – No he’s actually still
going believe it or not John, at the ripe old age of 46, no first up we’ve got Heimar Zebeldier,
he decided to stop cycling a little bit earlier than
Davide, 40 years of age, also Manuel Quinziato, he’s
been an incredibly loyal domestique, he finishes
not just a great career in cycling, but also a law
degree under his belt too. – While still being in the
peloton in another way though because he’s going to be a
rider’s agent from this point forward, the many faces of
Tommy Vok will be absent from the pro peloton in
2018 which is a big shame and then of course
there’ll be no more shots fired from el pistolero,
Alberto Contador whose last race was the Vuelta a Espana,
and his final race was the Shanghai Criterion and then
he pinned on his numbers for the final time at
the Saitama Criterion, good old Alberto. – He’s had quite a few last races Alberto, fair enough though, great
career, we also had Andrew Tilansky, he has finished
competitive cycling but he’s going over to the
dark side, triathlon, doing triathlon.
– I know, what’s he gonna do with his socks, I
mean he must have so many cycling socks, but he’s
not gonna be allowed to wear them anymore. – Ebay.
– Ebay yeah. – Keep your eyes peeled for
some bargain Cannondale socks, – And then an extra special
mention for the classics legend that is Tom Boonen,
he attempted to win Paris-Roubaix for the fifth
time, came up slightly short but he hung up
his wheels after that. – It is now time for hack
forward slash bodge of the year. This is one of our highlights
of the week every week, sifting through the amazing
hacks and bodges that you send in on social media
using the hashtag GCNhack, and so we thought we would
line up some of our very favourites from the year. – Yeah starting off with
this absolute pearler from pro rider Louis Lemous, which is the solar powered bike. – [Man] This is cracking,
that is absolutely genius isn’t it, what an amazing
idea, that’s an E-bike of the future right there.
– Definitely. – [John] Then we’ve got the pigeon saddle, or that could be the cobra saddle that Matt and Si thought looked like a pigeon. – [Matt] Pigeon saddle
could be a good idea though I reckon.
– Yeah you know it would. And it does look like a pigeon to be fair. – Yeah we definitely
thought it was a pigeon. – What was it again boys?
– Cooler, cooler. – A pigeon saddle. – It’s actually cobra,
just to let you know. – Yeah it was a cobra. – What about Tim Loveday’s
BMC AnglePoise lamp, one of the most expensive
hacks we’ve probably seen but very cool and classy around the house. – [Lasty] That’s right,
that’s some classy homeware. – [Si] And then this one
from Drew Wilson over on Instagram, certainly got our
attention, otherwise known on Instagram as CicloCarbon, this bike is called the Fatquinox. – That’s cool.
– You know what, looking at that, I wonder whether that is actually the inspiration
of the TTT Strada, check it out, it’s got one
vie, hasn’t it, it’s got clearance for wider tyres,
mega aero, I think Vrumen has been watching this, I
think maybe actually he’s. – Absolutely gorgeous bike.
– Maybe the TTT Strada is infringing some patents there. – [Dan] Well there you go yeah watch out. – [Matt] What about this,
absolute cracker from Son of Sam, one of my firm
favourites of the year without a shadow of a doubt, but it did cause a lot of debate
in the comments section, what exactly was it for? – [Si] Yeah well it
turns out Canadians know, didn’t they, it’s not a
lawnmower with a slug killer attached, it’s actually a
snow plough, ice mulcher and gritter all rolled
into one and indeed, some people were moved to
say it wasn’t just a hack, it was actually a must, an
essential for any snowbound cyclist with an eco conscience. – I’m surprised that
hasn’t been patented though to be perfectly honest with you. – Well someone was off
to the patent office. – Oh wow. – Yeah they said in the comments,
said it was like a race. – We do learn quite a lot
through hacks and bodges, initially deeming them a
bodge and later turning out they are an–
– An actual invention. – We also learn a lot about
snow from Canadians as well, turns out we don’t know very much. – As ever though there
can only be one winner of a category, and without
a doubt it had to be Simon Morrell’s Delorean,
featured recently on the channel this is not just a hack
or a bodge it is multiple hacks, if you haven’t seen
that video make sure that you do check it out but that
bike is something to behold. – [Matt] Can it travel
through time though? – It probably could,
that’s the next addon. Right enough about everyone
else what about us at GCN? It’s been an incredible
year 2017 with a few highs. (soaring brass music) And a few lows. – [Dan] Oh no, he’s got
it, he’s going camera. – There have also been a few ups. And a few downs. Due to the fact that the
East Japan Railway Company now has specific cycling
related train journeys, at the weekend (bleeps). – Specific cycling related train journeys? – What’s the, what is it again? Announced new specific routes, oh (bleep). New specific. – [Both] Cycling specific trains. – Sorry this is gonna be a long day. New cycling, we learned
that Japan now definitely goes on the list as a cycling
paradise after the East Japan Railway Company
announced cycling specific weekend routes which
will take 99 cyclists– – Trains. – Ah (bleep) sakes. Has announced new cycling specific trains. – Yeah.
– Ah (bleep) me. – That was it. – I know. This weekend, in, oh my God.
(laughter) In all serious, serious though, (bleeps) what a (bleep) day (bleeps) right. But overall an exceptional
year in 2017, as ever an enormous privilege to be
able to travel the world, visit some of the best
events and some of the biggest bike races; what’s
been your highlight Si? – Well I think I’ve gotta
say actually getting out and meeting so many of you,
all our lovely viewers, is always a highlight but
in terms of what we’ve shot I think making a bike frame
was an absolute highlight, that’s one to tick off
my bucket list, riding it has been very enjoyable indeed. – [Matt] You do actually
ride it don’t you? – I do yeah but also I
think I’ve gotta say that perhaps the biggest thing
was getting to ride with Mark Beaumont, join him
on the first day of his round the world trip, that
was brilliantly enjoyable. – [Dan] You didn’t look like
you enjoyed it that much. – Alright no fair enough, I did enjoy it, it was an absolute privilege,
I was quite surprised, that we even got invited
in the first place but then actually I’d never
ridden anywhere close to that distance before and so
being able to do that, tick that off alongside
him was pretty special. – Well I for quite obvious
reasons most enjoyed filming the Tour of Flanders preview show. – I think we all did yeah. – [Si] That waffle was
really good wasn’t it? – It was nice.
– Yeah, I think we’ll be back here, how long is it to get here, is it quite a long walk? – No like 15 minutes.
– Watch all the way, and then. – Well this is the sort
of thing I wanted to open. (laughing) in all seriousness though
I did absolutely love going over to Zambia,
see how the buffalo bikes are used, that is an experience
I will never ever forget but in terms of the video
I most enjoyed watching, I wasn’t even involved in
it, I really enjoyed watching you and Matt go up the
Taiwan KOM challenge, that was fantastic. – [Si] Is that because
we suffered so much? – [Dan] Almost wanna do it next year. – [Matt] Well we could get
you signed up pretty early if you fancy it Dan but
no that was an amazing, that was an amazing experience. – It hurt so much that we
actually cried didn’t we? – We did.
– You didn’t see that in the film but we were
basically just sobbing. – We had a little moment
at the top too didn’t we, I think my favourite
video, aside from that one, was cheap bike versus superbike, but I had a lot of fun doing the
10 second bike sketches with the pros, now we’ve
kept one back which is particularly special and
it’s from Wout Poels, and you know it’s special
when you watch this. We’re here with Wout Poels,
about to embark on his first ever 10 second bike
sketch, you have 10 seconds, which starts in three, two, one, go. He’s gone for two wheels
straight off, the frame’s already in there, slight hesitation, we’ve got the handlebars
in, very strange geometry on this frame, single crank, it’s. – Not a really good one. – There’s no seats, no
chair, there’s no chain butt. – It’s for the weight you know? – Yeah is it like an aero bike perhaps? – Yeah, I think so. – Let’s have a close look
at that, just a signature across the bottom please. – [Wout] Yeah I don’t know if I should– – [Matt] He’s gonna put his name to it. Well let’s have a quick look
there, 10 second bike sketch. That’s it. – Well my favourite, it’s
actually a toss up between two videos, how to ride and
look like a Belgian pro, absolutely fantastic and
the top tech that the pros should be using, I think it’s fair to say at one point we’ve all
wanted to be a Belgian pro, the style, the look, the
grimaces, everything, but the top tech wins, just the thought of seeing those riders going
’round with Bilet glasses on causing havoc, mayhem, hilarity. – Some of the acting in
that was absolutely top, we took it to another level didn’t we? – His ankles are looking big though, look. – [Matt] Your ankles are
looking big from the altitude as well so you need to crack on. – My ankles? (heavy panting) Yeah I tell you what John
my favourite of yours is definitely how to wax a chain, my bike is still going
strong, chain is untouched, bike is utterly filthy,
drive train is immaculate. So you can wax my chain
any time you like John. – [Dan] What about you Lasty? – Well my absolute favourite
Dan has to be Matt and Si, are E-bikes fun, just
purely because it looked really fun to spend a
few hours dropping Si, and I think we can all
agree that we only chance we have to do it is if we’re on an E-bike. How did you feel at the
end of that ride, Matt? – I was fresh as a daisy. – I was absolutely ruined
because I hadn’t been able to eat strudel
because basically I’d been dropped so badly, every
time I’d go up to a cafe, Matt was ready to go. – [Matt] E-bikes I can confirm are fun. – Yeah and they help you eat more cake. – Whilst we’re at it actually
we should say a few thank yous as well firstly to the
people behind the scenes at GCN, some of you of
course will know John “Chocolate Voice” Bevin, he did
the ode to Routes this year. – What a cracking video that is yeah. – But there are a whole
other team behind the camera without whom of course we
couldn’t be doing this. Likewise we couldn’t be
doing this without you, the viewers, a big thank
you to all of you and in particular some of the
regular commenters, Michael MacDermott, Swedish House,
Lief and Niels Heldens, Pedro Massodea, the rest of
you you know who you are, a huge thank you from
all of us here at GCN. Now whilst we’ve had a lot
to celebrate through 2017, unfortunately, there’s been
a fair amount of sadness as well as we’ve had to say
goodbye to quite a few friends. (sad piano and string music) To absent friends. – [All] Absent friends. – Right before we finish
let’s lift the mood back up slightly, what about targets for 2018, Si? – Oh man, I’m not sure
about specific targets, there’s places I definitely
wanna go and ride my bike. Columbia I’m desperate to
go to, Japan I’m desperate to go to, hopefully either
one of those or both could happen in 2018, Tom? – I would like to do an
event in Namibia called the desert dash at the end of the year. – Ah very cool, yeah. – John? – Gonna put my head on the
line, Paris-Roubaix Sportif. So the long one, all those
cobble sections, smash myself up. – I’d like to ride in
the Arctic or in Iceland, on a fat bike, in the snow, yeah. – That’s a bit left field mate. – Always take it one step further. – Well I think it’d just be fantastic. – I too would like to
visit new places, we’ve got a lot of viewers in the
Philippines and the pictures they send in look absolutely stunning, I also want to go and do
an event in Pittsburgh, we’ll reveal that next year. – Oh I’m intrigued.
– Interesting yeah. Make sure you guys let
us know what you thought your highlights were in 2017 and indeed what your targets are for
2018, I’m sure you know what you wanna do by now,
let us know in the comments section, that’s right, down below. – Yeah and we’d also like
to express our heartfelt thanks to you the GCN crew,
because you make all this happen and certainly this
year, well it wouldn’t have been much fun without
you so thanks so much. – Yeah thank you and cheers. – Cheers. – Right you know the drill
if you haven’t subscribed, click on the globe and if
you’ve got some friends that haven’t tell them to
watch the video and click on the globe at the end, if
you’ve enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up down below. – If you’ve enjoyed the year,
surely, leave a thumbs up. – Just give it a thumbs up generally yeah. – Couple more videos to watch
now because it’s not just people and riders that get awards but also bikes and tech so you can
find the tech awards just down here or you can find
the GCN world tour of bikes, the most successful bikes
in the World Tour this year, just down here.
– World Tour bikes.

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