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The Ghost Who Saved Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross | Paranormal Bios

The Ghost Who Saved Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross | Paranormal Bios

I have been trying to define death, but this is how I looked beyond that, to an afterlife. A nurse told me about a woman who she thought might make a good death interview candidate, Mrs Schwartz. Each time she had been expected to die. Each time this amazingly resilient, determined woman had survived. Mrs Schwartz recounted in front of a new group of my students what turned out to be the first near-death experience any of us had heard, though we didn’t call it that. In early 1970, I was getting ready to quit, and finally the Friday arrived when I decided that was going to be the last Death and Dying seminar of my career. I approached Pastor N., preparing myself for how I was going to tell him that I was quitting. I had just started to speak when a woman suddenly appeared. My jaw dropped open. This woman hovered in the air, almost transparent, and she smiled at me as if we knew each other. I had been under some stress, but certainly not enough to be seeing ghosts. But no sooner did she shut the door than I recognized her: “Mrs. Schwartz!” Ten months earlier Mrs. Schwartz had died. And been buried. Nevertheless, she was there in my office, standing beside me. “I came back to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying…not yet. We will help you.” A moment later, Mrs Schwartz vanished. As I have learned since then, if you are not ready for mystical experiences, you will never believe in them.”

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