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The Most INSANE ROCK ROLL I Have Ever Done!!  FREERIDE MTB!! | Jordan Boostmaster

The Most INSANE ROCK ROLL I Have Ever Done!! FREERIDE MTB!! | Jordan Boostmaster

In today’s video we are riding some
really cool freeride features and trails in Squamish BC I’ve got two different
days worth of footage for this video first day was way back in July and then
the second day was a lot more recent so way back in July I went riding with
Sullivan Reed he is a really strong rider and the point of our ride today is to find some sweet freeride features so the first place we went to was this
insane rock roll this is the first time either of us have seen this in person
and I wasn’t even sure if I was gonna hit it do we want to put our tires right
here in this kind of flatter spot to kind of get a pivot point yeah or your
other option is go right along here yeah and then dive in but stay more right on
the rock there on the strip basically yeah
I’m not sure yeah right below our feet here it goes straight down for about
three feet and that is the hardest part about this and your even turning
slightly before it too I think it might just be better to go on this rock after
all Sullivan was especially set on hitting
it so I let him guinea pig it for me! Wow you did it! That was insane! yeah something
banged dude it looks good though you looked like you were in control
you’re in the straight line yeah once once I was in I was like okay this is
okay but then when you’re in you really take off fast! yeah I bet so gnarly dude like where would you say your tires were
like right on the rock or even like yeah like right there oh yeah now I must have
been staring at it and thinking about it for a good 30 minutes before I finally
decided to go for it yeah I think I think that would be nice nice it definitely helps to see Sullivan
do it and I think I can do it now but I just got to make sure my running is
perfect what I need to do is make sure that I’m feeling balanced in that slow
run up speed into it and make sure that both my tires are on that one skinny
rock where there’s only about two inches of space Wow crazy there that’s intense
I did it I’m soaked I did it yeah I can’t remember what I did I can see my
tire mark right here yeah that was something I was sick but yeah you got so
much speed like I don’t know like I was kind of on the brakes a bit but like
whatever you’re still going really fast so I was good with doing it just that
once Sullivan actually did it three times in
total today nice and thankfully he brought out his DSLR so we could get
some sweet shots from this after that we went to a new spot where we search for
some more one-hit wonders we’ve got two sweet features in this location we’ve
got a really sick drop here and then also another straight rock roll into a
ladder bridge the drop is something I would love to do at some point but I
just wasn’t feeling comfortable on it today but this rock roll however well
that’s a breeze considering what we just rode oh what a rush dude SiC that’s all me and Sullivan got to on a
ride today it was really cool to have finally found those features and riding
them they’re so sick on a more recent day I went out riding with Squamish
local Matt Bolton he’s also a very strong rider and he built this short
freeride shell that we’re about to ride it’s called poacher yeah I know I look
sick yeah fun berms and jumps and a nice road gap there so let’s hit it should I make sure I’m clear on this
corner nicely you’ll notice that I’m still riding those orange skinnier bars
that I had in that one Whistler video recently and after riding them today I
decided I’m taking them off and I’m putting back the regular gold bars the
780 Miller’s they just work a lot better for me so just are like right here like
on the landing nothing yeah cool looks awesome yeah have you noticed that I’m
wearing a new helmet after my big crash in that tree you’ve seen recently I
needed to replace my old white helmet so I bought this black shred helmet because
it was a really good deal and I figured with this helmet I can do that side
camera mount just like I did previously and I can also do under the visor mount
as well now I got the smallest one but it still doesn’t quite fit as snug as I
would hope and so I actually ended up buying a size medium Fox carbon rampage
helmet and that’s the one I’m going to be riding the most I set up a chin cam
set up just like seals will fill also doing under the visor man on this thing
as well so I’m not sure how much I’m actually gonna use this black helmet now
but I figure I’ll just keep it as like a backup helmet I guess because I’m kind
of weird like that and I can always do that side helmet camera angle with this
helmet which I won’t do too often but might be cool to try once in a while dropping in hahaha all within this small little area
there’s actually a number of fun little trails with some sweet jumps and
freeride features including an old decommissioned trail which looks like it
would have been fun to ride look at this found some old log rides that’s well that was pretty fun now let’s check
out another trail it’s actually quite similar that’s cool whoo yeah got it oh yeah Wow I almost like that there’s another
really cool trail called influencer and this is one that matt has also built
it’s got a pretty spicy little squirrel catcher if you ask me wow yeah that’s
Steve lining and yeah well first land in the turn yeah yeah I don’t know if I’m
the best at this kind of stuff yeah yeah I know like almost crawl off of it yeah
you want to like pretty much go to abut this rock here and then just like let
her go it’s perfect yeah y’all do it you can see this beautiful sure see you
think yeah sweet yeah just land on the breaks then just really like hug left
okay dropping in oh yeah nice yeah okay this jump is just
it’s it’s shorter then you’d kind of expect with this lip yeah yeah I guess
it’s like yeah that tree there I want to give a big thank you to Matt
and Sullivan for showing me some sweet stuff around Squamish check them out on
Instagram they’re both awesome riders and I want to give a big thanks to all
my patrons for supporting this channel but as of right now I’m actually taking
a four-week break from uploading to YouTube I mentioned that in last week’s
video so today is where it starts Wednesday February 5th should be the
next day that you’ll see a video for mine here on YouTube I would just really
like to spend a bit of time not having any schedules or any obligations for a
certain amount of time now I am going to do some work and catch up and develop
some things and learn some things and otherwise just have a nice break I
believe this will benefit my channel so I hope you guys are looking forward to
the rest of this year come back on February 5th and we’re gonna have an
awesome year together see you guys next time

92 comments on “The Most INSANE ROCK ROLL I Have Ever Done!! FREERIDE MTB!! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. This video has been up for ~8~ 4 minutes. The video is 13 minutes. No one has watched the whole thing at normal speed. Stop saying ‘First’. Edit: minutes

  2. So stoked for a new video Jordan👌🤘 I hope you enjoy your break,you’ve definitely earned it dude👊 Can’t wait to see this years videos,keep up the awesome work! (Is that a new helmet?Never-mind😂 love the side view,but that Fox Rampage Carbon is 😍

  3. Yo man, watching you prepare for that drop, after a few minutes I realised I had forgotten to breath! Crazy dude!

  4. It makes me kind of emotional seeing old mtb trails that arent used anymore. So much history of mountainbiking… Killed it as always dude, great video👌

  5. WOW Jordan boostboy,
    Those rockroles are crazy…
    You did it with eazzz
    Also you have the best,calming and coolest voice I've ever heard 😌
    Also you're intro is sooo sick with this music wich suits really nice.
    I've been following every video since you got 10.000 subscribers
    And I hope you go on like this cz you're really good!!!.
    (Hope you see this )

  6. Jordan u need to come to nz again and come the adventure park they just finished fixing up the downhill track and it’s insane

  7. Gonna have to start calling your Jordan Treehugger after @9:15. Seems like you really want to be good friends with nature considering the high speed hugging you keep trying.

  8. Man i need to move house
    Got awesome natural trails here but anything built gets knocked down.
    That rock roll was magic.
    Have a good break man

  9. 😀 at 1:30. I like your dry, understated sense of humor

    My palms were sweating just watching it in my house. Insane!!

  10. Was legit scared for you on that rock roll. Take as much break time as you need! Always wanted to ask, what is your legs protection? Want to buy myself some, but can't find any lower leg pads I like in stores.

  11. That's not a rock roll. That's base jumping.
    edit; did you really say; land on the brakes? you definitely need backup helmets….

  12. How often a week do you ride?! I feel like I don't ride enough. And do most people only ride on weekends or do they ride on regular weekdays?

  13. Hey Jordan I strongly recommend you go to Hornby island which is like 1 hour up the coast of vancouver Island. It’s a mtb based island

  14. Not everyday you see Squamish freeride gnar like that! Have you seen the Governator? As far as I know, only this guy, Remy, and Tippie have hit it:

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