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– What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube with another
one of those top five, top 10 videos you guys seem to love. So today we’re doing the
top underrated wheels. So basically the wheels that
some people haven’t heard of. They’re not that popular. So for you subscribers,
returning subscribers, you can relax, I’m not
gonna mention the TS544 or the ARKON Lincoln in this video ’cause those seem to get brought up in every other video. So these are gonna be the underrated ones. The underdogs of the wheel industry. We’re exposing them,
putting ’em out to you guys so that if you want to be that guy who runs a unique wheel that
not everybody has, you can. So jumping right in it, we’re starting with a brand called Tuff which is probably one that
you might not have heard of and specifically the
model that I like the most is gonna be the T23. So this is a very, very
thin split spoke wheel. It almost looks forged
in just how it’s made and the construction. So I was lookin’ at a black and milled one and the way they taper the spokes down just gets thinner and thinner and thinner as it gets to that outer barrel and it really does give
that forged appearance and you’re gonna pay, for a 22 by 14, right around 1800 bucks. Just a little bit less than 1800 bucks. So you get a really,
really sick looking wheel that not everybody has, it looked forged, for less than 1800 bucks which isn’t bad for a set of four shipped to your door for free. Second on the list is the Dropstar 652 BM which stands for black and milled. So this wheel, the insane thing about it is that in a 22 by 14,
it’s less than $1000 for the set of four. So, that right off the bat, is something that’s really awesome. But you also get this crazy deep lip too. So the way that they designed the wheel, they actually have the
spokes dipping backwards so it gives this larger lip. Even on a 10 wide and a 12 wide, you do have massive lips,
like the 10 wide, I think, has a six inch lip which
you usually don’t see until you get a 12 wide. And then on a 14 wide, you’re looking at a 10 inch lip, I believe, on there, last time I measured one. So absolutely massive lip and a pretty good styled wheel all for a really, really good price. So, as far as style goes on there, again, it’s like a split spoke but kinda has this twisted design and then there’s multi-level
milling on there, so, there’s a lotta options as well as a couple
different finish choices and it’s available for just about every single bolt pattern out there. Next in line is actually gonna be the entire Asanti off-road lineup. So a lot of people know
Asanti from the car world or the wheels that they make for your G-Wagons and all
these big bodied cars, you know, your BMW 750s and so on, that everybody’s like
shovin’ 30s and 28s onto. All that kinda stuff. The really, really big wheel with really skinny tires. But Asanti actually not too long ago released an off-road line up and people I think were kinda
scared because of the name. They know Asanti’s associated with relatively high priced wheels but when it comes to truck wheels, you can get a 22, or,
I’m sorry, a 20 by 12 for just over 1300 bucks
which really isn’t bad as far as standard prices
go for a 20 by 12 wheel. Now, I personally like the,
I think it’s AB 80 set, it’s gonna be my favorite wheel, but really they have a
couple different options. They’ve got one that looks like the old school Corvette saw blade if you’re into some of those, like, retro or heritage style wheels but they put a modern twist on it. And then the finish quality
just looks amazing on them too. I mean, it’s from Asanti, they do a good job building wheels. They’ve been building
wheels for a long time, so. Cool to see them branch
off into the truck world. So next on our list is actually
the CaliOffRoad Rawkon. And now this wheel, when
I first saw it come out at SEMA, I thought it
was absolutely amazing. It’s this multi-spoke,
split V, overlaid intricate, laced pattern that was just something totally new to the market that not a lotta people were doing. Plus they offered in a matte black finish which, again, was something
that not everyone was doing and theirs just looked
really, really good. So I really dug that wheel, especially when it first came out. I thought people were gonna buy it. I thought it was gonna be a big mover but it really isn’t. There’s not a lotta people
out there running it and I think it looks absolutely killer on the show-builds in
some of the larger sizes. And it does have some concavity to it which is nice so you
get both a nice big lip as well as some concavity so it’s one of those hybrid
styles that’s been so popular. So, CaliOffRoad Rawkon,
another one that I’m surprised hasn’t been as popular as we expected. As far as price point goes on these, they’re right about 1200 bucks which isn’t bad for a 20 by 12. Now what we do with most wheel brands and CaliOffRoads in particular is if you wanna package
these things up with tires, we can always ship you
the complete package and you actually save some
money off the wheels too. Like, about 250 bucks on these guys. Next on the list, we
actually have another wheel from CaliOffRoad and this
one’s gonna be the Switchback. So as far as style goes here, you’re lookin’ at
basically this inner design which is milled out and
then spins to the left and then you’re looking
at the outer design which is the black part of the wheel that spins to the right so
hence the name Switchback. You kinda got one of
these things going on. Now, unfortunately, they
aren’t proper directional or two-directional which means on side they’ll be going one way and on the other side they’ll
be going the other way but I do think it’s another
one of those underrated wheels that I just haven’t seen a
lotta people running them and I’m kinda surprised ’cause I do think it’s a really, really good looking wheel. In a 22 by 12 you do pay a little more, it’s just short of 1600 bucks, but again, like I was
mentioning just before with the last CaliOffRoads. On these when you package
’em up with tires, you can save up to like $350. So if you’re lookin’ for
that complete package set, that’s where you can
really save some money, puttin’ these things
together with some tires. So I know I told ya I wasn’t gonna mention the Lincoln in here
which is true, I’m not. But I am gonna mention
the ARKON Cleopatras. Now, a lotta people
have been running these in more of a, like, off-road type set up, the 20 by 10s, maybe 20 by 12 kinda thing. But they’re not underrated there. Everybody’ doin’ that. It’s not that crazy. Where they are underrated
is in the large sizes. So you can actually get
these things in a 24 by 14 and ARKON has been discounting them so they’re like 1400 bucks
for this massive 24 by 14. It’s negative 81 offset and they just look really
sweet when they get that big because the windows where they
have all the milling going on is just so much more separated and so far apart that
it just gives this wheel a really aggressive styling. Plus, they are proper directional which means you have a
different part number left and right so that your wheels are always facing the right direction depending on whatever way
you want to put them on, so that’s something really cool. And especially like I said,
for just over 1400 bucks there, there aren’t many wheels on
the market you can do that with unless you spend the money to go forged. Then we’ve got another newcomer. This one’s MOTIV Off-Road which you may or may not have heard of. We did some videos on
these guys when we met them last year at SEMA and today
I’m talking specifically about the Magnus. So in a 20 by 12, you’re looking at less than $1000 for these which, like I said previously,
less than 1000 bucks for a set of four wheels is something that in my book I consider
a really good price for four wheels plus shipping
and all that stuff, so. MOTIV is a new company that
actually listened to people too. So everybody was saying
get rid of the rivets, we don’t like the rivet style anymore. So, right off the bat, these
guys introduced their wheels, they got rid of the rivets, they put the name really cleanly
along the rim of the wheel and it just looks really, really sharp. They kinda took a traditional design and, I guess not traditional in the sense of, like, old-school, but
just simple and clean, a split spoke, with not a lot going and they just made it
look really, really good with high quality, like,
automotive grade paints. And, we actually saw a
couple custom color finishes at SEMA where people were taking like, a red clear, and spraying
it over the black wheels and just gave it this, like,
black cherry kinda look. So, it was really, really unique, really cool stuff goin’ on there which is always an option,
you can always take whatever wheels you want and
do something like that to ’em. But MOTIV is a great base to start with if you’re lookin’ for somethin’ new that not everybody has
and when I’ve seen them on these show builds, they
just look absolutely insane. Number eight is gonna be the XD Chopsticks and for a 20 by 12,
you’re actually gonna pay less than $900 for these which is also pretty insane. The finishes that I was
looking at before I made this video to see what was all out there was the one that’s actually
got a chrome barrel and a chrome, like, a chrome rim, I guess you could say, of the wheel, and then a black face. Again, this is more of a concave wheel and it’s got this overlaid
kinda spoke design. So it’s taking some
features from other wheels, adding in a whole bunch of concavity, not having that lip on there
but because it’s chrome and you can see all the way through, it still gives it a lipped appearance. There’s just a lot going on with wheel that I think it’s really underrated and more people should be
puttin’ it on their trucks. Number nine is gonna
be the Anthem Defender. So 20 by 12 here’s gonna
run ya about 1300 bucks but what’s unique about these guys is they actually have removable inserts so you can custom paint them to whatever color you want. So if you’re not a professional painter or you don’t wanna pay to
have somebody else do it. These are just little plastic pieces that you can undo with the common tools you probably have at your house. If you wanna rattle can ’em and they turn out like crap, that’s fine, they’re really to just, you
know, paint a different color. So, it’s just super easy
to customize these wheels and I think that’s why
they’re a bit underrated and that more people
could be running these and really taking that next level of customization and
adding it to their vehicle. You know, anybody can
really go out and buy a set of black wheels and
throw it on their truck and for most people that works just fine and it looks great but if you’re that guy that
wants the extra attention to detail, add a little bit of color, but you don’t wanna
pay for it necessarily, the Anthem Defender
might be a wheel for you. Plus these things look
absolutely insane on Jeeps. I feel like these were
designed for the Jeeps. They just look really good in that off-road kinda styled market. So, after that we have number 10 which I’m actually gonna leave up to you. You can drop your comments below and let us know which wheel
you think is underrated in the truck market or hit up the website at,
find the wheel you want, and then let us know if
you’re not quite sure. Otherwise, wheels, tires,
suspension, that’s all what we do. We’ll mount and balance
’em, ship ’em for free in lower 48 states and
yeah, that’s really the plug there at the end and I’m just
come flat out and say that. Peace. (intense electronic music)

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