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The Motorcycle Project | IPF Trailer 2018 | ft. Elise Bauman & Humberly González

The Motorcycle Project | IPF Trailer 2018 | ft. Elise Bauman & Humberly González

Beth: Oh yeah this has a real charm to it. Like we AirBNB’d a crypt. Jaz: Okay well it’s a treasure hunt not a Disney cruise. You expeced a day spa? Beth: We drive motorbikes to Cartagena… Jaz: Cartagena Beth: Get jungle-stalked by a panther… Jaz: It was a jaguar. Beth: Get mugged by children… Jaz: You got mugged. Beth: All so we can search an abandoned dressing room for… a mysterious password. Jaz: Passwords. Plural. Eight, total. Beth: Which may or may not
unlock five million dollars in… Bitcoin Jaz: And possibly find our missing sister so yeah kind of worth the hassle. Beth: Get real. Jaz: You are such a pessimist. Can’t believe we’re sisters. Beth: Half sisters. Jaz: Did they find Katie’s body? No. Is someone leaving us
a breadcrumb trail? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Beth: Oh cryptic snapchats. Pins on maps. Any troll can send us that. Jaz: If it wasn’t Katie, then who is it? Beth: I don’t know, maybe that guy in the
hat. Jaz: Please you’re not being chased by some psycho stalker! Beth: Oh yeah that’s a little more your speed isn’t it? Jaz: Okay well even if we are I don’t care. If this leads me to Katie, I’m all-in. Beth: Oh please little miss five credit cards. You’re just in this for the money. Jaz: You’re in this because your fiance said you’re boring. And deep down you’re so scared that he’s right. You’re a coward! Beth: Well at least I’m not a go nowhere loser who has nothing better to do with her life than go on a wild goose chase. Beth: You know I don’t speak that. Jaz: I said if you want to go. You’re free to go. Beth: Jaz. Jaz: What? Beth: Katie! Jaz: Antigua, Guatemala. What does that mean? Beth: Treasure hunt. Beth: Come on slowpoke. Giddyup! Beth: I’m just going to choose to think you’re saying nice things to me. Humberly: Hola! My name is Humberly Gonzalaz and I play jazz. Elise: And I’m Elise Bauman, and I’m playing Beth in… Together: The Motorcycle Project. Elise: We’re making a trailer for it for the IPF. Humberly: Please like, share, tell your friends and family… Elise: Shout about it from a mountain… Humberly: Yes.. Humberly: I think that’s the ending. You should do that.

100 comments on “The Motorcycle Project | IPF Trailer 2018 | ft. Elise Bauman & Humberly González

  1. Omg, Elise Baumann with short hair and a motorcycle 😍 this show will be the best this year😍😍😍
    I am totally freaking ready for it😍😍😍

  2. Over 103k views, I love it. Congrats on reaching your goal. Don’t worry, we’re not stopping. ☺️💜

  3. If you had been able to use non-gender specific pronouns in the sentence about Beth’s fiancé your views/comments probably would have blown up !

  4. As I ride motorcycles myself, and the story looks super interesting, excited to see this! Hope you guys get your funding!

  5. There is mystery, there are characters that seem super cool and I want to know more about, there is a Latina and there is Spanish, there are motorcycles, there is Elise Bauman and another actress that I can't wait to discover. I guess I need nothing else to want to see this trailer become an actual show!!

  6. There is no way the two main characters in this are named jazz and Beth! I go to school with two half sisters called Jazz and Beth! Wtf is life

  7. Did we make it? Is the Motorcycle Project really going to happen? Because I am so ready to ride passenger on this!

  8. i can't wait for this to come out! it's only a two minute clip, how am i already obsessed with something?

  9. I will legit watch anything you guys make. If Carmilla is any indicator on how awesome this will be, then I'm all for it.


  11. I really miss you guys over at KindaTv……when will you grace us with your presence again? (preferably with The Motorcycle Project????)

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