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The New On Cloudflow Running Shoes! | GTN Unboxing

The New On Cloudflow Running Shoes! | GTN Unboxing

(upbeat music) – We’re back with an unboxing but not just any old unboxing because today’s unboxing is literally being released today. And here it is, the next generation of On Running’s popular Cloudflow which we have five pairs up for grabs. Now they’ve managed to
keep this under wraps very well, until today. But it’s time for their grand unveiling. (energetic music) So the Cloudflow from on is one of their most popular shoes,
particularly so amongst the elite athletes. In fact, it was the footwear
of choice to breaking the Ironman world record. Amongst obviously, loads
of other very impressive accolades. Now as we heard before, it is a road shoe, its got a moderate level
of cushioning throughout designed for mid distance training, through to racing. It’s a neutral stability
shoe, and On describe it as being ideal for fast
training, racing, 10 k’s, half marathons, marathons,
tempo runs, and even fast interval training. Now, they’ve taken loads
of feedback from these top level athletes, elite athletes, that are, ambassadors
to On and they’ve really refined what makes this shoe a favorite. So here’s what they’ve done. The biggest change they’ve
made to the Cloudflow is actually within the sole of the shoe, with something they call
helion, and they actually refer to this as their super foam. And we actually did see this,
early this year in their Cloud swift for the first
time, and apparently this has tons of energy return, making
it responsive and faster all whilst being incredibly light, which I can definitely vouch for, as I’m holding them right now. Now the secret behind this
super foam is actually in the way its constructed. Now typically, to get a shoe
that is rigid and stable in parts, then flexible in
others, actually requires two different, or separate materials, whereas On have managed
to develop a very advanced production process that
is able to combine those properties all along the
same molecular chain, which is pretty impressive
stuff, and that’s Swiss engineering for you. Now obviously this is
something they’re incredibly proud of, but something
they’re also very proud of is the fact that they’re
able to maintain this energy return and responsiveness,
no matter the temperature, whether it’s hot, or cold. Okay so lets move onto
discuss another part that On are rather famous for, and
that is their cloud elements along the sole of the shoe here. This is probably the thing that On are most distinguishable for. Now, this is patented
their cloud tech technology and also where their slogan
running on clouds comes from. But if you’re not used to On’s
or not aware of them already then the idea behind these
cloud elements is that they compress on landing to give
you a nice soft landing, they lock firm, and give
you a nice solid foundation in turn, that is meant to
give you a nice, powerful propulsion off the ground. And as with the previous
generation, there are still 18 of these elements along
the sole of the shoe, although they have changed
and improved the shape of them, somewhat, in the new Cloudflow. This is particularly
noticed in the forefoot, where they’re offering a
little bit more protection for those forefoot runners
out there, all whilst increasing their lifespan. I should add that the new
Cloudflow still maintains that six ml heel to toe drop, so
what that means is there is a six ml drop from the
heel, this point here down to the toe, at this point here. Now, for a lot of people
out there, that’s quite a nice racy feel, without
being overly aggressive. So if you did like the
feel of the old, previous generation of Cloudflow,
that’s still exactly the same in this one. And like all On’s, it
features their speedboard, which we can actually see
through the sole of the shoe just here, and that is
actually a liquid injected plate of thermoplastic
polymer, which sits between the mid sole and the upper. This complements those
cloud elements that soften the landings that we
discussed just before, and it converts it into
an explosive take off. So every time your foot
strikes the ground, those cloud elements compress
to soften the landing, and at the same time, the
speedboard flexes, loading with energy from the
impact, and its sort of like an archer drawing a bow, and the idea behind this is
to return the energy and to propel you through this
transition to the toe off. (upbeat music) Now moving on, the upper
is also something they’ve always taken a lot of
pride in, and it shows it’s an engineered mesh,
that has been refined to hold your foot nice and tight and firm in some places, all whilst being stretchy and breathable in others. It’s also got a little
(mumbles) bonus of being antimicrobial treated,
so it will stay fresher for longer, which personally
I see as a bit of a challenge. And then it’s got a unique,
addition to this shoe, with a lace loop holder, a
bit of elastic on the tongue just here, so that you
can say goodbye to your flappy laces, tuck them
in there, so if you are a tuck your laces in kind
of person, you’re probably going to enjoy that feature. And they’re also available
in a bunch of colors. So for the moment we’ve got
citrus sea, rust limelight and as I’ve got here, black asphalt. And for the women we’ve
also got three colors, we’ve got guava dust
rose, rock rose, and again as I’ve got here, violet tide. So that’s it, the new On
Cloudflow with some rather big advancements and refinements. But the bit that you’ve
all been waiting for, the giveaway. And this week we have, five
pairs to give away to five very lucky winners. To enter in, all you need
to do is go down to the description below this
video, follow the link, and then answer a question
on the On Cloudflow, so I hope you’ve been listening. If you have enjoyed today’s
video, please do hit that thumbs up button, if you like to see more from GTA, click on below and
subscribe to the channel. If you’d like to see how
a running shoe is made, then Fraser actually went
out to the On factory, the On HQ out in Switzerland,
and followed Bart Aernouts out there, you can see that
by clicking just down here. And if you’d like to see
the On Cloud strata shoe which was released earlier this year, one of my go to training
shoes, you can see our unboxing for that, by clicking just down here.

56 comments on “The New On Cloudflow Running Shoes! | GTN Unboxing

  1. I don’t know if I got my too small, but I feel my feet collapsed in, and I don’t feel very secure when walking, when running feels good,

  2. Love the On Running brand! Have been wearing the Cloudflow (Malibu/Neon) this racing season and love the comfort and feel. Thank you @Global Triathlon Network for the great content! #TriHard

  3. Hope I can grab one and replace my old shoes!! Thanks GTN for providing the fans having the chance of participating in such valuable giveaways!!

  4. How do they compare to ASICS DS-Trainer and NEW balance RS-1400v5? Willing to give them a trial just don’t know how they will perform in Canada cold winter coming… it’s snowing today here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  5. I bought a pair of Cloudswift shoes. The inner sole was extremely thin and I could feel the ridges of the hard “plastic” just under the inner sole. Caused a lot of pain after less than a mile. Not so impressed for a $160 shoe, but willing to give them another chance.

  6. The last pair of Cloud Flow's, the only pair I have owned, lasted roughly 200 miles before a major foot injury required me to change shoes. Come to find out the Cloud Flow shoes caused bone bruises in the same spot on the ball of both feet. After seeing a podiatrist and being in a soft cast for a month, and can now start to run again. I cannot recommend these shoes.

  7. Last gen a little too aggressive for me on the forefoot on the road (80kg) so I use them on the treadmill. Be interesting to see if the new model is a bit more forgiving 👍

  8. Awesome GTN, representing Australia down here and watching your videos. You guys are the reason I've signed up for my first triathlon. Keep up the inspiring content 🙂

  9. I have acquired a pair of cloudsurfer, I really loved them at the beginning but they don't last very long, only a few 100km and the shoes show damages and feeling rebound and cushion is already over

  10. Excellent running shoes. I’m on my third pair and use them for everything from track sessions to marathons. I get about 500 miles out of them before they show any serious wear

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