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For the last 15 years I’ve dedicated my life to cycling I’ve become a world champion I’ve won Olympic medals I’ve raced all over the world and I’ve been dominant in my sport but now the biggest challenge is to become a mum and to try and do that all over again I’m really not doing this alone my husband Philip I know already is gonna be an amazing dad he’s already an amazing husband Lizzie came rolling into the room one morning and Philip Philip Philip it was a mixture of excitement and also a double of fear to have to explain to people why I was pregnant that was the reaction it was like but what about racing ? and in any line of work any job I think the woman should be taken seriously and given the respect and understanding if she also wants to become a mother there is some good examples of women who’ve returned to the top of professional sports I hope my journey is an example to other people to sponsors also that if you invest in a woman who’s going to be a mother that she can come back to professional sport and that it’s not a risk another part of the challenge is a new team and I’ve signed now with Trek and they are also in partnership with Santini I think that I’m really lucky that I get to work with such a phenomenal group of women that’s very special and yeah to inspire other girls or women with that to the always can keep riding and keep fit I think we are breaking the rules now in women’s cycling breaking the rules with the pregnancy Lizzie is a prime example Why give up your career to have a child? You can continue your work even when you’re expecting you can see that it’s possible to come back even stronger for sure when I come back there’s gonna be a lot of questions about how good I’m gonna be if I can still win if I can still be on the podium but I wouldn’t try unless I believe that I’m not gonna try and be top ten or try and finish with the peloton I want to win the race

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