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The Night Wolves: Putin’s Personal Motorcycle Gang

The Night Wolves: Putin’s Personal Motorcycle Gang

82 comments on “The Night Wolves: Putin’s Personal Motorcycle Gang

  1. How dare americans make fun of foreigners on speaking english when they can't say a single foreign name correctly , not one

  2. Sigh … could you guys actually post videos without the constant anti-russian undertones?

    It is really a shame since a more objective approach would have made for an interesting, unbiased video…

  3. Have you done a video on the Sturgis Motorcyce Rally? Sturgis is a small town of around 7,000 people and 750,000 people come for a couple weeks every summer. It's in a beautiful area in the middle of South Dakota…you may be able to make a good video from it lol

  4. you know, at first the russian government seen those guys as a bunch of thugs and criminals, but then Putin was like: "screw that, if you can't defeat them, beafriend them", and thus begun their friendship.

  5. You know, I thought it sucked to be part Russian because previous generations in my family had to flee Russia thanks to the Bolsheviks, but now learning about the Night Wolves and what they stand for makes me like that side of my heritage even less.

  6. Another idiot making videos based on what he heard on CNN! Get a life looser, and go to Russia before you decide to talk about it! You are making videos here not to share truth, but to make few extra likes, because you are egocentric looser!

  7. European countries should take note how to run a country. Russia has strong national pride, believe in god, strong family values…. just beautiful.

  8. "Putin's personal motorcycle gang" you just showed the world that your channel is anti-Russia and propaganda. Seeker Stories.. just grow up.

  9. in my country motorcycle gangs are being banned because of drugs and crimes. maybe if there where more bikers like these guys they would be considered ok

  10. It's interesting to note how Ivan the Terrible had a squad of horsemen who were his private police for taking out political enemies or whatever since he snorted mercury and what not

  11. Are Hell's Angels allowed in Russia? You'd think a white-supremacy/white-power gang like HA would fit perfectly in a country like USSR.

  12. Where's this data from? Can we confirm it ourselves?

    What is the purpose of emotional phrasing and emotional music in this video? (same question applies to most political videos in the media)

    Providing easily consumable interpretation to the masses at the right moment is the most powerful tool of propaganda.
    Most of us are too busy or too lazy to question and do unbiased research.
    Very few check if older videos have proven to be truthful with time.
    Very few pay attention if they are presented with Facts or with Emotions.

    I'm proposing here to think for ourselves, believe only the confirmable data, save emotions for when they are appropriate.
    If we are not smart enough to resist being manipulated we deserve to die in a coming war.

  13. In Russia biker's and biker's gang it's just people who love 2 wheel's ! not crime like in USA _)it's life style not agressive . I see a lot time's about biker's USA gang like Vagos )) in russia very different )

  14. The thing about this video is that it does not really go into any Illegal activities the Night Wolves are involved in. They look pretty legit in a legal since.
    This is a genius move on Putin's part politically. Basically an internal civilian army that the people love! It's interesting that it's a motorcycle gang as well, that usually is a symbol of freedom and such.
    This feels a little like what Woodrow Wilson may have done with the KKK. But Putin and Russians do things big by giving the Night Wolves land and facility.

  15. these guys ran off the bandidos because they were selling hard drugs and have vowed to keep out every other criminal entity that fronts as 'bike enthusiasts'
    love 'em or hate 'em, they don't fuck around

  16. Russian here. These political sellouts are a complete joke and disgrace. Yet they get tons of money from the government to "promote the right things".

  17. Great group! But, I disagree on feminism and lgbt issues. Most feminism is pro white Western bullshit along with there lgbt allies. The difference between my feminist values and the lgbt community is that we have always had alternative genders and sexuality's. And in a traditionalist pagan and sometimes Islamic societies these people were regarded as holy and close to the divine. So yeah very different from Western lgbt people. But, I do like there United Russia stance and the support of Muslims and the Orthodox Christian Church. Ramzan Kadyrov the Chechen Russian president is a member of Night Wolf MC.

  18. im a proud westerner you will loves western civilisation. I used to hate Russia but im getting on board with them. i think they are our future, they understand the threat we face from the islamic world. Putin and Trump!!!

  19. They seem a nice bunch of Lads , They are welcome to do the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland ,
    It would be a lovely Scenic Trip with plenty Traditional Music,

  20. Americans are strong , they have batman , superman , captain amerika , spiderman …. bwhahahahha bhahahaha hahhahbbhahahabbahabahababb…. they live in a stupid retarded country of imagianation hahhahaha

  21. Been following news on this MC. What i do not get is why outside of Russia they are so hated. They support their government, go to church, and for the most part seem to be very pro Russian is this a crime???. What really surprises me is that you have Jihadist groups in Western Europe that are given a pass for every single crime, raping little boys and girls, engaged in human trafficking, drugs and so on These people run over europeans with trucks, blow up concerts, and murder anyone opposed to them. Yet the Night Wolves are the bad guys????? Western Europe is dying, in 20 years Notre Dam will be a mosque.

  22. Fucking American wannabes.

  23. 44 cities to create nuklear weapons. Now how is gona to believe that? You could also change the channels name from "stories" to "fairy tails". The content is already there.

  24. Night wolves arent banned from canada Europe poland and only one who isnt allowed on those countries is the president. Night wolves go every year on victory day to berlin.

  25. Yep, because real patriotic Russians who are anti west and outspoken about it all ride overpriced American branded pieces of rubbish that are made in India ROFLMFAO

  26. Ночные волки, которые смотрели многие американские фильмы.

  27. First on the scene of the crime Vice Nick Pippos, a few gay Russians got flicked into the river, heard it was a beat.

  28. Americans sound jealous. The Cold War was over, but the US wanted another one — and now they have got what they wanted.
    Putin Bad — Putin no wear shirt — Putin very very bad.

  29. Russia just might rule the world someday because, unfortunately, America has been overrun by Snowflakes and Mangina Wimps.

  30. I know I see Russians and I see ourselves.Russians look like they're enjoying freedom I wish our countries would do more colluding with each other.

  31. Lol bullshit they are not banned from entering EU, they come every year in Serbia with their caravan and there is no way to enter Serbia unless you pass through EU country. They are bikers not pilots hahah.

  32. Most of this Video is bullshit. Since I am a member of the closest supporter club (though I’m not Russian!!) in Moscow. Interesting who gave that information?! You want real and true info? Ask me.

  33. I would like to collaborate with you guys Clothes and shoes Sports for Novosibirsk OutlawX clothes and shoes Sports for Russian language

  34. Dude, youre basically a PR department for liberal snow flakes, so go fuck yourself if you think you can judge others you illuminati puppet

  35. Lucifer control world bans them only because there is cabal mind control like in Soviet Union which also was a Jewish experiment on Slavic people, those Jews killed 100 millions retarded Americans, they will do this same for you soon.

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