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The One Stop Box – Mountain Bike Essentials For Every Ride

The One Stop Box – Mountain Bike Essentials For Every Ride

Okay, in this box is something that I take everywhere I go riding,
especially if I’m driving, doing an uplift day, or
even just going for a ride. It’s my one-stop box. So in here I’ve got a pile of spares, loads of different parts of the bike that are just ultimately
going to keep me riding. I’m going to talk you through
what I put in this box, and why you guys should
be carrying it with you everywhere you go riding. Okay, step one get yourself a box. This one is a plastic
one, it’s lightweight, it is waterproof, and if you’ve got muddy kit in the back of your car, well, it’s not going to damage it. First things first, let’s talk about putting a
first aid kit into your box. So it’s got all the essentials. Take a look in here, you’ve got plasters, you’ve got bandages,
you’ve got sticky tape, and scissors to make it all fit. And of course, you’ve
got antiseptic wipes. It’s going to keep you covered, and if you do come a cropper, well, you’re going to be safe as possible. That goes in. Okay, so the next essential
has got to be the inner tube. Now, we’ve all had
punctures out on the trail, and they’re most annoying things ever. In fact, they’re almost ride-ending if you don’t have one of these. So just carry it with you. You’re probably going to
want to have a second one either taped onto your
bike or in possession. But that goes into the box next. It’s all very well in
carrying your inner tube, but you’re going to need
a pump to pump that up. Now, this one is a little one, it expands, it’s almost like a mini floor pump. And it’s really easy to use. So pop that in, and make sure that you’ve got one on your bike
if you’re going on long rides, but you’ve also got one in the car too. Okay, next up is some chain lube. Now this is a relatively simple one, it doesn’t need any explanation. But there’s nothing worse
than going for a big ride, you come back to the car park, you want to go a little bit more, your chain’s dry, and it’s squeaky. So just carry that with you, and you’ll always add a
little bit more if need be. A shock pump. Now, if you’re like me, you can be a little bit too pernickety about adjusting your suspension. But a shock pump is a really easy way just to gauge what you’re changing. Take a few PSI out here,
add a little bit more there, and then you can get your suspension perfectly set to the trail. Now, alongside that tube and the pump that you’ve already got, you’re going to need some tyre levers, especially if you’ve got stubborn tyres that you really struggle to get off just by using your hands. These are dead simple,
they’re super light, and they take up
absolutely no space at all. Okay, so you’ve got a
problem with your bike, you’re gonna need some tools, right? Well, a multi tool has got to
be one of the best solutions. It’s got so many different
variations of tools in there, this one in fact has
almost got everything. You’ve got a chain break,
you’ve got a tyre lever, you’ve got spoke keys, and all the Allen keys
that you will ever need, and Torx wrenches to adjust your bike. Okay, so you’ve snapped your gear cable. It’s one of the most annoying things, but one of the easiest fixes. Just carry one of these with you. They’re super cheap from the shops, and you’ve got no excuse not to have one with you at all times. Okay, brake pads, one of
those essential things that just slow you down. Now I’ve heard of people
wearing through these in day’s uplift, or even,
if they’re really unlucky, actually losing some. Now these are quite easy to get ahold of. They’re specific, generally,
to your brake as well. So if you do have a problem, you’re not going to be
able to around the car park and go “Hey, can I
borrow some brake pads?” So just carry some with you and put them in your one stop box. Another really specific thing
to your bike is drop outs. Now, these can be an absolute
nightmare to get ahold of, especially if you’re out in a region that there’s no bike shops. So just carry it with you. Simple as that. On my multi tool, I’ve
actually got a spoke wrench, which makes it really
easy if I do break a spoke out on the trail. Then I can carry a spare
one, get that fixed, hop back on the trail, and
still have a good time. So I’ll pop that in my box, safely away. Whenever I go riding, I
always carry C02 cartridges, Sometimes instead of a pump. I’ve got my head with me, it’s
already taped onto my bike, but these are just some spare
ones in case I forget them, or even if I’ve used them
when I’m out riding already. So I’ll pop them in. Okay, next up is gonna
be a set of chain pliers, and also a quick link. Now, it’s quite easy to snap a chain, especially if you’re a
really powerful rider, so I’ve got a chain tool
already in my multi tool, got chain pliers if need be, and then I’ve got a quick link so that I can replace that broken link and get back out riding. Okay, so you’ve got a dirty chain, you want to clean it and re-lube it. Take a rag with you. It can just be a small tear-off
piece of cloth or anything. Just chuck that in the box, and if it gets dirty or oily, then you can replace it as need be. Okay, so you’ve done your ride, and need to do your hair after your ride. Well, you’re gonna need a brush of course! No, this is actually to
wash your bike, of course. You can use a river, you can use puddles, just slap a bit of water onto the frame, get the worst of it, so
when you put it in the car, you’re not going to get
mud absolutely everywhere. So that’s the last thing in, lid is on, and we’re ready to ride. Now, if you want to watch
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this stuff onto your bike for when you go on those massive rides with pro rider Greg Callaghan. Now if you like the one-stop box, then make sure you give a thumb-up like, and leave your comments down below of what you carry in your box.

100 comments on “The One Stop Box – Mountain Bike Essentials For Every Ride

  1. Zip Ties! A great idea that has now made its way into our One Stop Box. Can you think of anything that we've missed out? Let us know in the comments below

  2. well, AS a Fat Biker myself, a 1 stop Container are the most essentials. I mean If i need, I will have a Carrier at teh back of my bike( i wonder if taht was teh reason i got so unwanted attention recently)

  3. I was eager to see how Scotty manages to squeeze that truing stand in the box…."when you have turned your back wheel to taco there is no better friend than a sledgehammer and a truing stand with proper gauges"

  4. Scotty has a little piece of Canada in his one stop box – that first aid kit definitely came from a Shoppers Drug Mart.

  5. i always carry 2 big boxes in my car. 1 with a complete tool case, some inner tubes, flat pedals, bike-lights, duct tape, zip-ties, brake-pads, chain-oil, extra chain ……
    the other box is for extra empty bottles and water , dry sock (really useful in Belgium) towel extra pair of shoes , raincoat……….
    and i'm just a beginner together with my son.

    never thought of buying extra spokes …

  6. What causes rust on your bike chain and how can you prevent it? I've noticed on my chain I've started getting rust on it and I've only had my bike for about a month or two now.

  7. Hey guys, I have grip shifters and I'm thinking of upgrading to trigger shifters. can I mix sram shifters with shimano derailleurs?

  8. I don't have one but the box is a great idea. I'd probably add a pair, or couple of pairs, of disposable gloves. Take up no space and just ensures you don't get covered in chain lube for the next ride.

  9. Thanks guys for making this video! And in a good time too! I recently was going to sort out a box like this but didn't know what to put in it but thanks to use I do! And also could you maybe make a video about witch type of hard tail to get. Thanks a lot 😀

  10. Always a good video type to watch. I forgot about gear cables and first aid.
    I have a super tiny box with my hangar, tyre valve, chain links, self adhesive patches, zip ties and some cotton swabs to stop it from rattling around. Most handy bunch in a small packaging.
    Also nice to have a some sealant and a spare derailleur in your big box.

  11. The most of these things are placed in my rucksack, therefore i don't really need an extra box. However a brush is a good idea for the car.

  12. I also have a one stop box only difference is that it contains every tool for my MTB I own… Slowly building it up on a budget 😅

  13. Ive only been taking a set of alan keys as the headset has come loose a couple times from when I was involved in a rtc, its only a cheep bike, Apollo xc 26 inch so not to botherd on what goes wrong as did not pay anything for it, just upgrades which are better brakes

  14. Isn't CO2 and a pump a bit redundant? Also, don't really need the pliers – the chain breaker and a few spare links/quick links.

    Most of the first aid goes in the car and the rest goes in the camelbak along with all the other doodads. Oh, and gotta have duct tape and $10-20 cash for emergencies/beer. I see zip ties already mentioned.

    My trails don't have anywhere to wash so the brush can stay home, too.

  15. i guess it's good to have cause why not, but drop-outs? really? if you wreck hard enough to bust a drop-out, you should just take the rest of the day off, not to mention i dont see how you could ruin a drop-out without totally thrashing your derailleur too, so you should carry an extra rear derailleur to for that matter.

  16. Don't use a river to wash your bike. The nature will thank you in the end. If you smoked, you wouldn't throw cigarette buds in your room, would you? Practically the same thing.

  17. I bought a large toolbox and use that for the essentials, also have one of those collapsable plastic boxes for all my cleaning stuff.

  18. @gmbn you should add a typed up list of these items to the description. also zip ties a must. when in doubt zip tie it back home

  19. i get confused as to what tools to buy. I mean..all bikes take different a bike can have a dozen different things to buy for…just miss my simple bmx days.. lol

  20. A spare spoke is a good idea, but they are usually different lengths on the front and rear wheel. Ideally you would have a spare of the correct length for each wheel.

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