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The Rise Of The Super Triathlete? | The GTN Show Episode 108

– This is the GTN Show, welcome. Now I’ve got a question for you. Are we starting to see the emergence of the super-triathlete? Those athletes that can
race at the very top level in one type of triathlon, and then transform directly to the next. Well, we’re going to be discussing that, as well as looking at super-athletes from the sport of running as well, because we’ve just seen a
huge world record broken in running, and a very serious
one that’s getting planned. – Yeah, and we’ve on top,
of that got all the results from the jam-packed weekend of world championship racing too. We have, of course, got all
of your pictures to share, and the new caption competition, plus the exiting news of some
giveaway winners to announce. (upbeat music) – We have just seen an
incredible weekend of racing at the World Triathlon Series Grand Final in Lausanne, Switzerland. Which also included the
ITU World Championships, a pair of Triathlon World Championships, and, of course, the sprint and Olympic age-group World Championships. – Yeah, now, all of these
performances across the board were equally impressive, but there is a few athletes
that have caught our eye, because it’s the prospect of them going on to compete in another
World Championship event only a week later that
has got us questioning, are we actually seeing perhaps something like the rise of a super-athlete? Now what we’re referring to here is there is a handful, three actually, of the elite ITU athletes
who are going on to swap their road bikes out to, or replace them rather,
with their time trial bikes, and head down to Nice, in south of France, to take on the World Ironman 70.3 champs. – Now here at GTN and we
talked about the a-race and sometimes you might
be I’d fit another a-race or at least another big
race into your season, usually a few months apart. Not just one week apart and in a completely
different style of racing. Well Kristian Blummenfelt
and Gustave Iden from Norway and Javier Gomez of Spain
are doing just that, and they have just raced
incredibly well on the weekend. It was Kristian Blummenfelt,
who finished first, Gustave Iden, forth,
and Xavier Gomez, sixth, as well as coming third
in the overall series. And now they have just a
week to recover and refocus ahead of the Ironman
70.3 wold champs in Nice. – Now that being said,
if Kristian Blummenfelt does race this weekend, which
he more than likely will, he is just won the grand final and he is also the current
world record holder for the 70.3 distance. So I can’t really imagine he feels that he’s jeopardize too much. – Well, I mean, with this situation, do you think the athletes
will have had to prioritize and choose race over the other? And if so, how? And what’s going to be the hardest part of that transfer from
one race to the other? – Yeah, it’s a good question. I mean, I do think they
will have prioritized what’s come first because
first and foremost their federation athletes and they’re all trying to go
to the Olympic Games next year, so the grand final is really
big part in that process. So the training that
leads into the grand final is what will have been
their main priority, but that lends itself
to half Ironman training because the amount of training
that these athletes do to race very well at short
course racing is significant. So that amount of volume,
swim, bike and run actually, is all going to carry them perfectly well through a half Ironman. The main difference, I
suppose, is the equipment and the fact that they’re not
used to riding their TT bikes and they probably won’t
have been on them too much. But they’re going to
have at least this week to get back on them a little bit and I don’t really imagine that’s
going to faze them too much. – But, I mean, you’re
saying about the order of it and interestingly it has been
the two world championships, so the ITU Grand Final and
the 70.3 Ironman world champs have been the other way around. And actually, we’ve seen
Javier Gomez have great success when he was double world
champion back in 2014, but it was 2017 where
he became world champion at the Ironman 70.3 in Chattanooga. And there was going from America, over to Europe to Rotterdam,
just one week later, he raced the grand final there and still managed to
finish fourth in that race. So that just kind of
proves that some athletes can do it both ways.
– Yeah, that’s a really good point, the fact that that was
a difference in the race positioning and then, wasn’t it. – But I think Javier Gomez
is a bit of an exception from what we’ve seen so far. We’ve probably seen
Alistair Brownlee race both and be very successful at
one and then the other, but not in the same year. So that leads us on to a
question for this week’s GTN poll and we want to know whether you guys think one of the athletes that’s doubling up, so hopefully that will
be Kristian Blummerfelt or Gustav Iden or Javier Gomez to win the Ironman 70.3 worlds
on this coming a weekend. Well vote on that just
click in the link up here. – Now that takes us to our
question from last week’s poll, where we asked you, do you want to see pros racing
alongside the age groupers? And we had a fairly unanimous split here, in so much as 33& of you said yes, you would like to see that happening. But the remaining 67% said, no, we don’t think that’s a very good idea. – Well it did open up a decent debate. We’ve got a message
here from Daniel Ricci, he says, “Better question,
should certain age-groups “be racing at the pro level
when they finish a full Ironman “in sub nine hours?” – Yeah or 8:45, ’cause the
age-groupers seem to be getting even quicker these days don’t they. Next one was from Niki #0K, who said, It would be pretty cool, if
last year’s age group winners, who are within 30 minutes
or 60 minutes perhaps, he’s suggesting, after the first pro coming in from the previous year’s race. So I see what you’re saying there, if there’s like a band of
time that athletes fall within then maybe they should be promoted to pro. – Yeah. “Perhaps having the pro women and pro men “leaving at the same time?” This comes in from Troy Stein and he goes on to then say,
“It’s the pros livelihood, “so mixing amateurs in
the mix is high risk “and the pros have earned the right to have their categorized waves start.” So if you’ve got the ability
to race with the pros, then go and get your pro license. Well it’s now time to announce our winners from the giveaway of the Park
Tool AK4 Mechanic Tool Kit. – Yeah, so we’re delighted
today’s three winners here. We have Henrik Kristensen,
another in Daniel Sykes and a final winner is Josh Evans. So congratulations to you three. (upbeat music) So now moving on to our tri news and it is that time of year
with the traditional calendar, I suppose, winding up, but the short course super
league events start to kick in. And we have the very first
event of that upcoming season kicking in at the Jersey event, and with that we have some
wild card announcements. – Yeah, there’s been
10 wildcards announced, including big names
such as a Vicky Holland, the former ITU World Champion. Kristian Blummnefelt, who’s obviously just come
off the back of a win, along with Gustav Iden. Georgia Taylor-Brown and Sophie Coldwell will be two more Brits joining the lineup. Matt Hauser, Martin Van Riel as well. Then we’ve got to have Emily Morier, who’s just won the under-23
world championship. So pretty stacked lineup. They’re going to be joining
a team of actual 50 athletes, there’s going to be 25 men, 25 women, who will be on that start
line at the end of the month. – So having talked just there
about short course triathlon, we’re going to now go all
the way to the other end of the endurance sport spectrum in terms of long distance running. Because we’ve just had
an incredible record broken by Zach Bitter
in Milwaukee in the U.S. because he has finally
broken his own national, American 100-mile record by smashing that and the world record as well,
with an astonishing time of 11 hours 19 minutes and
13 seconds for that mark. – Yeah, well, he broke
the record by 10 minutes. And then that wasn’t quite enough though because he thought well he’s spent 40 minutes away from
getting another world record and that is the 12 hour record. So he managed another 4.8 miles, making 104.8 to get the new world record for the furthest distance run in 12 hours. – Yeah, which is quite astonishing. And the thing that I find
almost most notable about this, is the fact that he did
it in an average piece of six minutes 48 seconds per mile. Which is a pretty fast piece for one mile, but when you’re wrapping that together for 100 of those miles, that’s incredible.
– No, you can’t get your head around it. He did it on a track of 443 meters long, ’cause it was around the
outside of a ice ring. So a little bit different there. But Zach says he really hopes
that from this achievement that he’s going to open up the world and actually get people
looking at ultra running and attracting more top athletes, ’cause he thinks that soon we’ll see the 11 hour broken as well. – Now considering how significant a record that Zach has just broken is,
that leads us on to another very, very significant running record that is going to be
attempted in the near future. Because we’re getting ever closer to the Ineos 1:59 Challenge,
which is going to involve Eliud Kipchoge attempting to break that elusive two hour barrier. One that was deemed impossible for so long and, who knows, maybe it still is, but that is going to be
happening on October the 12th. – Well, yes, we’re getting
ever so close to it, into the last 40 days now. And they’ve just been
running a test out in Vienna, the city that’s going
to be hosting the event, running through all the logistics. There’s a team of a
150 behind this record. They’ve got the pacemakers
out they’re, actually, checking that they’re on
pace and everything’s good. ‘Cause they do have to
run two minutes 50 per K or 4.34 per mile. – So, it’s
– Amazing. – kind of, even for those
who are just doing 5K and they’re swapping them in and out, it’s going to be quite a
challenge for those guys. Well Eliud’s been back at home training and really focusing purely on that, when they’ve had the logistics team down. The date is going to be flexible, ’cause they need to make sure that the weather conditions are ideal. So certainly getting ever so close and we could see another very exciting and significant challenge broken soon. (upbeat music) – So opening up race news, we have got the Lausanne ITU Grand Final, which was the combination
of the whole series of the ITU event to
crown the world champion. So we had the men’s race first and there was a lot at
stake for, in particular, Vincent Luis, who was going
in as the series leader and he had to finish in the top five to guarantee himself that spot. Now he came into the grand final as having won that event
in the previous two years, so he’s got great pedigree and form coming into the grand final. However, that being said, this year he only had to come fifth and that is actually
where he ended up coming. And back tracking a little bit to actually go into
the detail of the race, we had, essentially, a
very big pack leading out onto the bike which basically
culminated in a running race with and Kristian Blummenfelt
effectively running away from all of that big group to athletes to produce an outstanding result, really, because he’s been a
little bit off the radar this whole season, Took a fantastic win, 20
seconds clear of Mario Mola, who was in second place
and then another Spaniard, Fernando Alarza coming in for the final podium position in third. – Well the women’s race, it was Katie Zaferes who
was the series leader by a considerable margin, not sure what she had to
finish but it didn’t matter because she ended up
dominating the race again. And on the women’s side
it was a breakaway pack with Flora Duffy, no surprises there, Katies Zaferes, Jess Learmonth
and Georgia Taylor-Brown. There was a couple of
others who dropped off as the bike went on,
but the catching group never managed to really close that gap. It was Nicola Spirig who kept
trying to make the effort to close the gap. She had three Italians with her, I think, who all finished top 10, but just weren’t quite
putting in maybe as much work as she had hoped. So the race really was
between that front group. And when I got onto the run
it soon actually materialized that Flora, she has just back after a year and a bit out of racing and she just hasn’t quite
got those run legs yet, so she dropped off the pace. And then it was a race
between those three, so Zaferes, Georgia
Taylor-Brown and Jess Learmonth. And the three of them were the
leading three in the series, so that was pretty cool as it turned out, and it actually ended up
being the final result was the same as the overall series. So Katie’s Zaferes took the
win, and the series winner, then it was Jess Learmonth who, after an incredibly strong
run, finished second and second overall and
Georgia Taylor-Brown rounding out the podium for
third both the overall series and the race itself. – And in terms of the
series for the men’s, we finally had an overall win
for Vincent Luis from France. We had Mario Mola, last year’s champion, finishing in second place and
a well deserved third place for Javier Gomez from Spain. Also in Lausanne it was the Paratriathlon World Championships, and there were quite a few categories, so we’re just going to
cover the winners for this. So starting off with the PTVI. The winner in the men’s race
was Hector Catala from Spain. And the women’s race, was
the reigning world champion, Susanna Rodriguez of Spain as well. – And moving on to the PTWC category we had Jetze Plat from Holland as the winner, and we had Lauren Parker, as the female winner, from Australia. – And then in the PTS2, the
winner of their men’s race was Jules ribstein of France and it was Fran Brown of Great
Britain in the women’s race. – Moving on to PTS3, we had
Daniel Molina, from Spain, taking the men’s victory
and Elise Marc, from France, the female winner. – And then the PTS4, the men’s race, was won by Alexis
Hanquinquant from France. And it was Hannah Moore,
from Great Britain, who won the women’s race. – Yeah and the final category was PTS5 and the male winner was
Canadian Stefan Daniel and the female winner was Great
Britain’s, Claire Cashmore. Now moving over to Ironman 70.3 racing, there was just one solitary
event this weekend, which was in Zell am See, former host to the world 70.3
champs, actually, in 2015. In the men’s race we
had a home town victory for young Austrian athlete Thomas Steger, we had second place going
to German Frederic Funk and also from Germany, on the podium, we had Florian Angert. – And the women’s race was
won by Daniela Bleymehl, second place went to Els Visser and in third it was Lisa Huetthaler. There’s some more racing with XTERRA, they still got a while to go
’til their world championships and it was a race in
Luxembourg this weekend. The women’s side was won
by her Helena Erbenovar, of Czech Republic. It was Alizee Paties, of
France, who was second and third place went to Elizabeth
Orchard from New Zealand. – Getting on the men’s side of racing, we had Belgian athlete Yeray
Luxem taking the victory from, perennial winner on these races, Arthur Serrieres from France and third place went to
German athlete Jens Roth. Now it wasn’t just the triathlon that had a world championship
event this weekend, we had the Otillo event
over on the Archipelago, just outside of Stockholm. Some fantastic racing happening there and in the men’s result
we have first team being Team ATG in a very fast time of well below sub eight hours, which is extremely quick over there, seven hours 47 minutes 48 seconds and that was Pontus Lindbergh
and George Bjalkemo. – Well, the women’s race
was won by Team Envol, consisting of Fanny Danckwardt
and Desiree Andersson. – And they also have a mixed category too, and that was won by Team Garmin, in a time of eight hours
and 38, so still very quick and that was Charlotte
Ericsson and Simon Borjeson. (upbeat music) – It’s now time to have
a look at the photos you guys have sent in and we’ve got another wonderful selection. Starting off with this one from Rostam and we’re back to Russia. This picture in the Red Square, Moscow. Part of his Trek Domane. Apparently was a nice easy coffee ride. – Doesn’t look very busy
does it for the city center. I’m assuming having never been to Moscow, just assumed that there would be lots of people around, but– – Yeah, I don’t actually
recognized that angle. There’s some barriers so maybe
there was an event going on? – Or maybe I should really
early in the morning, who knows, but it’s a beautiful picture. – It is. – Next up, we’ve got Luke
who’s sent in this picture of a Planet X Aero Road Bike and it’s from the
Pembroke Junior triathlon, which was his first triathlon, indeed. But he’s just got trainers
and a normal helmet there, but fast forward to his 15th triathlon, now we’re into clips, we’ve
got a flying mount happening, an Aero helmet which is great news. – Well we’d love to see an updated picture as well then Luke, so
do you send that one in and we all say we can share it. Our next photo comes from
Adrian and this is from Roundwood, County Wicklow in Ireland, just ahead of the Dun Laoghaire 70.3. Well it’s by, practicing on the course, so I presume he was about to race. – Yeah so, let us know how
you got on in the race, ’cause obviously that’s
been and gone by now, but looks absolutely stunning
that bike course there. – And the bike, Fraser, we need to have a quick look at that. – We do. (laughs) – I mean, it’s a lovely backdrop, but it’s also a very nice bike and ridden plenty of
Cervelo’s here in the past. – Well P3 that I was
lucky enough to ride here was very comfortable, I loved it. And that mine had a
little bit of the green, but this is an updated version with some new and colorways on there. So yeah, very matching to the scenery. – Yeah, well now we’re heading indoors, this one comes from a Lucas, and Fraser you’ll be pleased to know we’ve got another Trek on here. – Yeah, he’s come all the way from Aruba and what I notice straight away here is the fact that they’re
using an altitude mask and simulating being altitude, which is very serious stuff indeed. – Yeah, I wonder if
it’s for a specific race or you’re just trying to
get the altitude benefits? – Yeah, interesting, let us know.
– Who knows. And our final one has actually been sent in from Australia and it’s from a open water swimming group. So Suttons Swim Group based
in Redcliffe, Australia. And apparently down the
road from where they train there’s a bay that’s 7.5 kilometers wide. And they decided after
nine months of planning, six crew and got in
the water with kayakers to do the swim. And it sounds like it was such a success that they’re going to
make it an annual event, and we’ve even been invited Fraser. So I think we are most
certainly game, love to, if you could just sort out
our plane tickets then. – Yeah, easy.
– We’ll be there. But anyway, if you guys have seen this and want to share your photos, well you can do so by using the uploader and the link is just on the screen now. (upbeat music) – Now is that time of the show where we’ve got our caption competition. Now, we’ve had many good entries, but we selected them down here and it is from a picture
that was from the world cup, in Czech Republic at
the Karlovy Vary event. – [Heather] Yeah, our first
one comes from Ian Jones, “Who needs a cardboard straw.” – Yeah, good. Now this one, it’s been quite some time since I read Harry Potter books, but I’ll give us a try, it
is “Wingdardium leviosa.” – Leviosa. – But that was sent in by Pipes W. Our next one, our final runner-up, from Aamir Nagaria says, “Look
MAAA!!! An Air-O Bottle!!” – But our winner this week
is from Henry Masters, who says “TYR’s Swimming
fingernail paddles “grant you extra feel
and control of the water, “regardless of the discipline!” – I like that. Well, well done, Henry, you’re going to be getting
one of these GTN caps, so just make sure you
get in touch with us. And for you guys, you want
a chance to win a GTN cap, well here is this week’s
caption competition photo from the ITU grand final. – [Fraser] Where’s everybody else? – I don’t know, maybe – Practice maybe.
– they were already gone in, I’m not sure, he’s a bit left behind.
– You guys tell us what you think. – Well that is it for another
action-packed GTN Show. We’ve had plenty of chat about racing and that’s going to continue
because the Ironman 70.3 worlds are just around the corner. And if you want to see a preview on that, we’ll keep an eye on the channel, ’cause we’re going to be having
a video coming out very soon. And if I’m lucky enough to
actually be out in Nice, well keep an eye out for us at GTN, ’cause we’re going to
be there on the ground. Hopefully you have
enjoyed this week’s show, so give us a thumbs up like if you have. And to make sure you get that video and plenty more just click
on the globe to subscribe. – Yeah and don’t forget that
we do have a shop here at GTN, there’s all sorts in there,
bike gear, some running gear, lots of new colors of swim caps too, so get involved there if you want to look a little bit like us in our videos. Now on that final note we
have got some superb videos at the moment, including
the Norseman video which I was lucky to be a part of. So if you want to see that video in full, you can see that here. And if you want to see one of our first, for the new series of
how to swim front crawl, well that can be found just down here.

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