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The Sam Hill Special! | Dirt Shed Show Ep.135

The Sam Hill Special! | Dirt Shed Show Ep.135

– We had a banger of a show last week. Neil, shall we do it again? – Let’s do it again. – Come on, let’s go. It’s the Dirt Shed Show. (snaps fingers) – Dirt Shed Show. – That’s actually a lot. That was a lot of Neil there. – It’s pretty good. – It is! He’s getting it. It’s only taken four years. – Oh, thanks. (upbeat rock music) Now this week’s show
is a Sam Hill special. – Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that man has made
2017 his year, I think. And I think it’s only fitting
we celebrate him a little bit. So this is in homage to his
riding and his achievements. But, our topic this week, also Sam Hill inspired. His greatest bike ever. ‘Cause I’m gonna make
the argument this morning that Sam Hill’s bike could be the greatest mountain bike ever. – Is it? – Well, it could be, couldn’t it? It would come sixth. It’s an Enduro bike. But it comes sixth in the
World Downhill Championships. – [Neil] Yep. – He won the EWS Series on that bike. – It’s a good looking bike. I took a look at it up close at the race. It’s lovely. – Yeah, I mean it looks fantastic. It feels like it’s sort of grown into a bit of a classic bike
through the year as well. Now he’s got the number
one’s on his hand guards, which suddenly, all of a sudden, hand guards look cool. – I used to think I
didn’t like hand guards. – No, but now Sam Hill’s winning
and everyone’s having them. – I saw a picture of him
charging down one of those tracks at Finale, with the hand
guards, big full face armour, did look cool.
– Yeah. He looks great. So, is Sam Hill’s bike the
greatest mountain bike ever? Neil, any other options? Wow, Nino’s Scott Spark, he’s won a lot of races. Well, he’s won every race this year. – Perfect season. So a bike that’s done the perfect season, Rachel Atherton’s Trek from last year. – [Neil] The Session’s won a lot of races. – That’s a perfect season. It’s Rachel’s Trek Session the
greatest mountain bike ever? I’m going to throw another one in there. – Yeah? – You’ll like this one a lot. Greg Minaur’s Honda.
– Ooh, that was a special bike. – Well that was maybe one
of the most special bikes. Is it the greatest mountain bike ever? – I don’t know.
– I’m not sure. Is there another option in there? Any bike that John Tomac
ever touched maybe? – Really?
– Well– – He’s a legend. – He’s got too many closing bikes. We want to know what’s your vote on the greatest mountain bike ever. I’m going to put poll with all of them in just above Neil’s head just there. He’s not as tall as Blake, so it cleared the top of his hair. – Uh, excuse me? – Are you taller than Blake? – I am taller than Blake. – Interesting facts on The
Dirt Show show this week. So let us know, greatest
bike ever, and tell you what. Get involved in the comments
down below because we love it when the poll sparks off
a bit of conversation. And hearing what you think
because then we’re conversing back and forth.
– That’s true. – Feels great doesn’t it? Let us know. Love how you dirt shedders
are getting involved in the comments last week. Really great to hear what you’re thinking. In the poll result for what
riding impresses you more, – Yeah.
– Some quite surprising results, but kind of even, kind of even. Downhill racers speed 22%, so a lot of you out there
love the downer’s speed. This surprises me. 10% an XC racers stamina. That’s quite low. – [Neil] Yeah, but I guess it’s not, it’s not sort of a flashy thing is it? – No.
– It’s hard to portray that I suppose.
– Yeah, yeah. It’s hard to appreciate. A freerider’s guts. That’s the winner this week,
43%, so strong for the bravery. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Slopestylist tricks, only 9%. – Meh. – Now that’s different, isn’t it? Cause freerider, slopestyle,
I’m sorta thinking it’s the same group of people
but doing different things. And then trials rider’s precision, something in trials I
was not famous for, 13%. – Is that true?
– (laughs) Yes. Not a precision guy, no. No, there’s much more precise trials riders out there than I ever was. Yeah, so quite interesting results but sometimes we have big spikes in the poll. This week, not so much. You’re out there, appreciating
the sport, in general. I like that, I like that. Had some great comments. Bike MTB says, “I think
freeriders have it all, the tricks as show in Rampage, the speed, they do the tricks like trials, full five minutes run so
they got some stamina, they can do do it all,
kind of like Bing Bong.” He can do it all. – I see the argument. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s hard to compare them, I think. – Yeah. Bing Bong has got it all. He’s got all the power and everything but we want to put him against you in a gate start cause
I think experience… – He would smoke me. Every time. – I think your experience
out of the gate might win it. – No, no chance, I’m afraid. We had one sprint-off, up a hill. He was on a Dyno bike. I was on a, oh what was I
on, a cross country bike? – Cross country bike. – He beat me but by a mile
but he’s got big legs, Blake. – He’s a powerful dude. – He is, isn’t he? – If there’s one thing you don’t want to do with Blake, it’s
have a sprint really. That’s the last thing. – Let’s take him to do a three-hour cross country ride, I
think I’ll do alright. – Yes, when I was a biped, me and him used to have lots of running races. – Really?
– Sprint races, yes. – Must have been close. – Yeah, we were very, very close, but I tell you what, he
gets off the mark quick. – With his little legs? – His little legs get moving fast and I have to build up speed to him. I can’t get moving that quick. But once I get going, I was alright. So, yeah, there we are. We got off topic there. – We did. – There’s a good comment
from Patrick Flood who said, There’s no comparing them. This talking about disciplines
as we just talked about. I think I agree. A freerider’s guts,
the downhiller’s speed, a trailrider’s precision,
a cross country’s stamina, they’re just so far different,
there’s no point in the poll. – Not sure there’s no point in the poll. I enjoyed it. – For example, a cross countrier could not possibly race downhill
or the other way around. – Not true. – Not true? – Not true, Patrick. I’m calling you out there. You can’t say that. I mean there’s riders, what
about Thomas Frischknecht? – He’s a good rider. I’ve ridden with Thomas Frischknecht. – What? Nino can’t downhill? – I agree that if you put him in a World Cup downhill,
he wouldn’t qualify but he’s a very, very good rider. – No, no, but if you bring
the levels down a little bit, like could Nino be very fast at downhill? Yes, compared to Aaron
Gwin, would probably be incredibly fit at cross country. – Could be.
– When you’re good, you’re good, but that’s comparing
riders, not disciplines. – We’re talking about Sam Hill
in a bit but Sam Hill for me. He was the world champion downhiller. A legend. This year he threw all his weight, all his energy, at racing gyro. He’s gotta flipping want it. Won the overall series. Just shows how much… How good a rider he is. What I thought was really funny was people were talking
about 29 inch wheels and all these things, and flat pedals, but that’s not what makes you fast. Sam Hill is Sam Hill. That’s why he’s fast. – I mean, he’s legendary for his wins but he’s also legendary
for his riding tactics. He’s fantastic on line choice. Knows when to give it everything. Knows when not to give it everything. I mean, he really showed how
to work a track at Ken’s. He was a genius down that track. He knew to wait. Or was it the other way around? He kinda gave it everything
at the top and then he, yeah. It was an amazing, amazing
race, incredible rider. And, of course, now EWS Champion. You were there. – It was amazing. A fact. Let’s get into the news. Let’s talk about Enduro World Series. – Yes.
– Finale is an amazing place. I love the trials there. There were big days that
were really challenging. There was a few complaints
about the first stage, because it was so, so long and
such hard work and the race could have been won or
lost on that first stage. The Men’s Race was just close,
pretty much all weekend long. Damien Oton, he took the win but he was leading the race the whole race. Then it was really was
that race between Sam Hill and Adrien Dailly, the young Frenchman, for the overall, that went down to, I think it was fifteen seconds between them on the last stage so even if Sam Hill
punctures, that was it. It was incredible to watch. And, actually, I think the
most impressive thing I saw whilst I was there is I watched
that last stage actually. People were fast and I saw
the women and I watched them and I saw speed builds
with the faster ladies and I saw Courdurier, Katy
Winston, they looked really good. And then I saw Cecile Ravanel and I was blown away by
just how fast she was. Obviously, you can look at the
results this year and think that from the outside
looking in, she might just be almost an anomaly. There’s no racing going
on, the other girls might be slow, but they’re not. She’s just really, really fast. – That’s amazing to me. She is rapid. I saw her racing earlier
in the year myself and I couldn’t believe
how quick she was going. I mean, but all of those
girls, like Courdurier and Katy Winston, of course,
they’re flipping quick. And on those Enduro
races, they’ve obviously got fitness to handle, as
well as their riding skills. I mean, how much did you see of that? Did it look as taxing as it? – [Neal] Very long days. I think they ride for almost
seven hours on day two. When was the last time I went
on a seven hour bike ride? The stages were long, technical. You see the guys, and
girls, that only have one practise run, they didn’t
know the trials very well so the places they were
going caught out sorta… I actually watched a
film with Marco Osborne. – Yeah, yeah.
– It was sketchy, but it was really impressive,
his line was so wide. It was wild. Really, really impressive to watch. Just goes to show that
they’re not perfect. They’re just trying to get through those trials as fast as they can. – It looks exhausting. Let’s get stuck into what you guys have been saying on the channel this week. It is, after all, yours to watch. – Have we had any good comments this week? – We’ve had absolutely tonnes of them. – I was joking.
– We’ve had absolutely tonnes. Not sure about the name on
this first comment, though. TheGlobalMotorcrossNetwork? – That’s a great idea!
– Says, can you make a video on how to
paint your fullface/openface helmets, something like
mine’s helmet was painted? I guess for my Whistler ride. Wasn’t painted, it was Sharpie
art, and what a great idea. Shall we all get a helmet.
– Can you draw? – Sharpie art it and then
maybe they can win the helmet. – That’s a great idea. – Would you like to win a helmet that Blake had scribbled over? – I think you’d have to be
very skillful to do this. – It can’t be that hard. Pack of Sharpies and a helmet. Let’s do it. Good idea. – Bike MTB, we’ve heard from
him a bit ago, didn’t we? “I’d love to see Sam Hill winning it for all us flat pedal riders.” That’s what he did. Also, another comment about this, Drake Lenker asks, what
are the percentages between clips and flats
during Enduro races? – That’s interesting. So, yeah, is Sam Hill
the only dude using them? – Pretty much. – Oh, really? – I bet there’s a handful. I’d love to do… Well, actually, there was
500 racers at EWS, massive. A lot of amateurs but (blows lips) I bet on the fact there was less than twenty people. – Wow, that is incredible. I really didn’t feel like
you were gonna say that. That is unbelievable. – It’s very odd. I wouldn’t want to pedal, so that with practise and the race, that’s 200 kilometres in four days. I would not want to pedal 200
kilometres on flat pedals. – Sam Hill makes me want to punch the sky. – Yeah.
– What a genius. The Sam Hill special
edition show, I love this. – You know what? He also rides his row bike with
flat pedals on for training. – That makes me think he’s slightly mad. Next one is from Jamie Connah. “Can we please have a
presenter fails and bails?” You could do a whole half
hour edit with just this dude. (Neil laughs) Just this dude. – Of course, Jamie, I’ve only fallen off a few times in front of the camera. None of them were that great. I tend to fall off out of camera. – Brian Blanchard says,
you’re always talking about riding in the wet and mud. Yeah, we are. All of his local trails in
Utah have signs that say if the trail is wet, it’s closed. For the preservation of the ground. What gives? Do UK riders just not care
about trashing their trails? – I’mma say yes, sort of. Because this is such an American thing. In the UK, if we didn’t ride when it was wet, you wouldn’t ride. Basically, we have trails and, generally, they’ll get repaired so yes, we ride, and yes, they get messed up,
and yes, we just repair em. That’s how we do it. – It is very different. Obviously, we get a lot more rainfall. Got to get out there sometimes. Colinator4321 says, I hereby vote that we stop allowing vertical footage
into the Dirt Shed Show. All of Youtube will be better off for it. We’re getting a big yes from Alex there. But so many people send it
in that way, don’t they? – You know what, though, sometimes, I don’t know, Alex, let
somebody think on this, sometimes there’s just
a shot, it’s so good, that even if it’s vertical,
you got to use it. – [Alex] I just crop it down to. Square. – Bugatilover39, “Trials riders are definitely the most impressive.” And that’s coming from someone who rides double black trails in Whistler. – Yes, I agree. Absolutely agree. – He’s just sucking up to you, that guy. – That’s fine, I agree with him. I agree with him. – Mr. ZiggedWhenHeShouldaZagged,
that’s a good username. “The first bike got a Super Nice with a water bottle and
pedals at two and eight? What’s the point of Super Nice if it’s being handed out so easily, and having a dog is basically
cheating at this point. Should be an automatic
disqualification…” – No, come on. Come on. No, dogs are allowed in the bi-fold, yes. They shouldn’t get automatic
Super Nice’s, you’re right. But we’re softies. But, you know what,
you should be screaming if it’s Nice or Super Nice
at the screen as well. I don’t know. I don’t know about the, sometimes I think we do give Super Nice’s out too easy now. I do. I do. Last week there was a
couple, I was like, really? – Okay, okay.
– Really? – We’ll get harder. – Robert Ennor says, Seeing
all the boys together in the Dirt Shed Show makes
me want a girl in GMBN. #getagirlinGMBN. You know what, it’s not
as easy as you think. – We’ve tried, we’ve tried. – I mean, we’re a bunch
of hot dudes but… – But we seem to repel girls. – We do. It’s hard. There’s all the girls we know that are really good on
mountainbikes and really into it are winning a lot of
mountainbike races and busy. – But watch this space because we do want to improve the
ratio of women on this channel. – Yes, yes, we definitely do. (rock riff) ♫ Ha
– No, that’s not gonna happen. – We don’t need to sing it anyways, cause we caught you doing it earlier. – What? ♫ Hack and bodges, and bodges (laughs) – Yes, got him (triumphant laugh). Right, Hacks and Bodges. Actually, I was gonna do Competitions but I save it for later on
cause it is amazing this week. – Now I’m excited. – Great Competition coming up. Got some good Hacks and Bodges here. – I haven’t seen these, yeah? – Have one for yourself.
– What the? – Right, let me talk you through them. What you got there? Show me. – That is a set of allen keys
he’s made into a chain vice. – That is, Reese Pickerskill
has come up with that. Yeah, exactly that, and he’s
also keeping the chain… Yeah, it’s like a chain vice hack. – But that’s on a nice bike. That’s a GT or something, that’s a nice bike, and he’s bodged it. – It’s not a bodge. Come on. – 36, two chain and all that, quite big. Yeah, it’s bodged. – Bodged, wow. Sorry. Sorry, Reese. I thought it was better than that. Right, this, what do you think this is? – I saw this one. – What do you think that is? – [Neal] I know what it is. It’s a manual practise stand. You put your back wheel in there, jack your front wheel up
on some books or something, and then you practise
getting your balance point. – [Martyn] How ingenious is that? – [Neal] I don’t think you need it. – You know what we need right now? We need one of these
and a Scotty Locklett. – Oooh! – Are ya watching, Scott? This is what you need, dude. This is what you need. Learn those manuals. – Oh dear.
– Shame, shame, dude. – Just beef. Now this, this, this is a hack. – Now I’ve saved this for
last cause this is amazing. William Elsie Shore sent this in. A work of art. – It’s really good.
– I mean. – What’s it for? A dropper seatpost? – It’s for a dropper seatpost. He’s hacked it all together and come up with this incredible system. He’s actually made this by hand and shaped it like the
Shimano saint shifter so it matches the other
side, it’s beautiful. – If that was a little bit slimmer, the clamp, it would be perfect. – Wow, Neil. – I’m sorry to be a bit of a downer. – Wow, Neil. I mean, William, I thought it was great. I think everyone’s gonna agree but apparently Neil wants more. Neil wants more.
– I’m with William. – William, I’m not throwing that. It’s too good. Too good. Hacks and Bodges, love seeing them. Please keep sending them in. We do get tonnes. We try and show as many as we can. They’re fantastic and it
never ceases to amaze me. – I would like to see a better
ratio of hacks to bodges. Too many bodges. (rock riff) As this is a Sam Hill
special Dirt Shed Show, let’s take a look at the brand-new Nukeproof Mega production bike. This is the 275 Factory Edition model. It’s got Shimano drive
train, FOX suspension, 27.5 inch wheels, as you
can imagine from the name. Also does come in a 29 version. This is the carbon frame. It has 165 mil travel, and
now it’s a 1x specific bike, which means it’s lower
pivot, can be wider; therefore, stiffer. On the same subject really, you’ve got a boost on the back and front. There’s a 148 on the rear. Again, upping that stiffness. The shock is now metric-size, as well, and it means that the stroke is longer and it’s more tuneable. This is the medium size bike, which is exactly the same size and geometry as Sam Hill’s race bike. The large and the extra large are roomier up front
for the bigger riders. (rock riff) – Oh, hey, guys! Sorry I’m not in the Shed but I do have some Progression for you and that comes from Daniel Lamb, doing a log hop, he’s
progressing his skills. Getting over logs. It’s a great skill. Check this out. (upbeat rock music) Pretty rad. Epic progression, and the progression is strong in him. (rock riff) Right, I have a First
Try Friday for you guys, and that comes from Joel
P. from Arequipa in Peru and he’s doing this huge road gap for his first rough riding. Check this out. (upbeat rock music) It’s pretty big. It’s pretty massive. Well done, dude, you deserve one of these. (spits) Back to you guys in the studio. I’m gonna continue shredding my bike. (rock riff) Caption contest time. Here’s last week’s photo. A classic of Rob Warner
and Rachel Atherton. I believe you were at that party, Neal. – I believe that was… In fact, I forgot but it was at World Cup so I was definitely there and I definitely was at that party. – Yes, a lot of fun probably. Great captions this week. And you’re gonna have to pick
the winner, as you were there. – Oh, okay. – Musicinsilico says, “I’m
not screaming, Rachel, I just talk with CAPS locked!!!” – That’s just wrong, star, cause Warner does have his CAPS locked. – That’s a bit what it’s
like to meet him, isn’t it? World on CAPS lock. – I bumped into him at Red Bull Hardline and he shouted, “The
Don, back from the dead!” It was his first words when he saw me. – It’s a full on day when
you’re with Rob Warner. Great guy, amazing guy. Nantesco says, c’mon Rach, sing with me! ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges I mean, I love the idea
of Rob Warner and Rachel singing the Hacks and Bodges song. – I can imagine Rachel
singing that, to be fair. – Can you? – Yes, she likes a sing-song. I think the winner is Musicinsilico because Rob Warner does
talk with his CAPS locked. – Alright, you are our winner and you are gonna win this week, a bottle. – Not that one, it’s more like that one. It’s a custom Camelback GMBN water bottle, but not with a horn on it. – You can’t have the
one with a horn on it. That’s the Super Nice horn. But you do win that. Right, onto this week’s photo. Here we are, look at this. Classic. Right. Okay, what you gonna say about that? Let us know in the
comments section down below and you can win a Neil Donaghue. No, no, no, we’re not gonna give you away. Not yet. No, no, we’ll give away another bottle. (rock riff) Right, Neil, Viewer Edits
this week, oh my God. I absolutely love it. It’s one of my favourite videos we’ve been sent in for a long time. It’s from Eric Kirk, who’s
in Detroit, Michigan, and he rode a thing doing the Tri-Chapter Ultimate Trail Challenge where he rode 34 different trails
through his summer of riding. And this is just, look at this. – (snaps) Let’s see it. – Let’s have a look. Cause he’s put a lot of effort into this. I love that he’s riding
around on his Fat Bike. – [Neal] Fat bike? You didn’t tell me it was on a Fat Bike. – I know, he’s so cool. (Neal sighs) So, so good. Racing around. Checking trails off. – [Neal] Detroit area, cool. I’ve not seen a rider there.
– Yeah, yeah. Over some rocks. Look at that. Tell you what, he’s a got
a good wheelie on him. See a wheelie later on. – [Neal] Good skills. – [Martyn] But look, he’s just, aww, look. Bit of pump track.
– Nice. – [Martyn] Loving it. It’s just got such a
good vibe to this video. Really feels like out
with his mates, jumping. – That’s what we like to see, good vibes. Dog. – Do you know what really
comes across in this video? That he is in love. He is in love with that Fat Bike. Isn’t it? He just loves it. – [Neal] Why not? – Great video. Finished it. Love that video, man. That’s what Viewer Edits is all about, trying to get what riding a
mountain bike’s like for you. It’s not easy to do an edit. (snaps) It’s really not. I mean it’s one of those things,
that you know, you got to get a lot of spirit, a
lot of enthusiasm into it. Takes a lot of edit work. Can you do it? Have you done it? Love to see it. I actually watched about 35
Viewer Edits this morning. I couldn’t stop. I could not stop. It was so good. Send em in to [email protected] It’s just there, look,
right on the screen for you. Come on, let’s see your vids. (rock riff) – The rat is here just in
time for the Competition. In celebration of Sam Hill
winning the EWS title, we’re giving away five pairs
of Nukeproof pedals and grips. You’ve got a question, though. You cannot just enter. You need to have the
answer to this question. – What is it? – How many times has Sam Hill won the World Championship Downhill? – Oh, I know the answer. – Do you? – It’s not as easy as you think actually. It’s not as easy as you think. Well, can you get that answer right? Do you want to win those pedals and grips? Of course you do. Links in the description to the comp. Go for it and see if you can win. But wait, we got more show coming. Lots to happen yet. We got Fails and Bails
coming up so hold tight. Let me give you this just
to get you in the mood. (soft music) – That was like a never ending crash that got lots worse than it needed to be. – Yeah, I don’t really know how
that happened, to be honest. Right, before we get into the VT of Fails and Bails this week, we’ve got an award, The
Month’s Fail of the Month. This one’s great but it’s more down to audio than anything else. Thankfully, I think, we don’t
see what actually happens. But it’s very entertaining. It’s from Mateas. It’s got this incredible back flip. Take a look. (crashing) – Three-quarters of a back flip, at least. – Wow, good effort, though. Big gap, big gap. But you’ve got some Six Six
One protection coming your way. You are our monthly Fail or
Bail (stumbles over words) – Fail of the Bail of the Month? – It’s harder to say
than you think, try it. (laughs) See? It’s not that easy. Right, I’m definitely in
the mood for some crashes. I’m prepared. We’ve got Six Six One protection. Run the VT. (nostalgic peppy music) (rock riff) – Have you seen this on Instagram? It’s a video from Simone
Martinelli, at the EWS, and it’s Jared Graves
absolutely smashing down a trail and smashing someone’s face with a rock. – [Martyn] It’s incredible bit of footage. – [Neal] It’s gnarly. – I’m so grateful that the kid with the camera has
got a phone in his hand cause it actually protects his face so he only gets a smack in the forehead but it could’ve been a lot worse. – He had a few stitches, I think, from the sound of it, but it’s crazy. – Yeah, very unlucky. – Bit rude from Jared Graves. If you ask me. – I didn’t think he was like that. Anyway, I’m gonna throw you
this week to Icon Explore. Friend of mine, Christian Bagg. He’s amazing guy. He’s the paraplegic I’ve
always wanted to be. He’s unbelievable this guy. He makes these incredible bikes. He’s so positive and he’s
such an inspiring guy. We did a Pro-Bike with
him, as you can see here. Really cool bike and he was telling us all about it and how it’s come about. And everyone really loved it. I’m throwing you to his Instagram because there’s lots of stuff on there of him riding the Icon Explorer
and having a great time. – It’s cool. What about shoutouts? I see you’ve got a bit of a crossover post in your shoutouts this week. – I have. I love this video. Harry Main, amazing BMX rider, has got himself an Enduro
mountain bike for the weekends. Just kinda bought one
off Matt James actually. – [Neal] Really? – [Martyn] Yeah, he just wants it for fun, wants to keep it really free and easy. I mean, he could probably go and get a good sponsorship and
all sorts but he doesn’t. He’s keeping it real. He wants BMX as his job
but he wants this bike for fun at the weekends with his mates and he goes and rides it. And it really reminds me how much fun, you forget, when you first start riding mountain biking,
how much fun it is. He is pumped on it and I loved it. I loved it. It was great seeing him out on a mountain bike, experiencing the trails. (rock riff) – The Bike Vault is massive. We get so many pictures of
bikes for the Bike Vault. – I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to get into this week’s vault. Let’s do it. Right, we’re in. We’re starting with Clive Skipper in the New Forest in the U.K. – I like that. – It’s nice. It’s nice. Now, remember, what we heard
at the start of the show. It’s nice. – I like this bike. You see the seat post clamps built in. I like that. It’s a nice touch. – That is a nice touch. We giving it Super Nice? No, Nice. Lovely shot. Darcy Moore, a ghost town of, oh no. Sorry, Darcy, I deleted you there. It’s the ghost town in
Crystal City, Colorado. – Colorado. There’s a lot of mountain
biking goes on in Colorado. That looks cool. – It’s Nice. Way up. George Lara, Valencia, California. – That is very cool. Another Hardtail? – It’s a great shot and I think the shot might have lifted it enough. – I don’t know, the saddlebags, touch and go, saddlebags. – It’s killed it. It’s killed it for you. That’s a shame. Sorry, George. It’s Nice. Nice is good.
– Yeah. John Hirker, lagoons in North Chicagoland. Is that like Disneyland but in Chicago? – Yeah, I’m bothered by the top tube. I don’t like that…
– Why not? – That frame shape when it’s specialised. – It’s nice. – It’s like they tried to be a bit Mondrakish and got it wrong. – Looks pretty cool. Good colour. – It is a good colour. It’s a nice shot. It’s really nice. It’s Nice. – Whew, thank you. Thank you, Luke Prewski. – What is that? Giant Reign, I think? – That hits the button for me. – Those are cool.
– Go on. (horn honks) Super Nice, Luke. You got a Super Nice. – Even with pedals that
like (starts to mumble). – I don’t mind. I don’t mind the pedal position. Doddy’s obsessed with that. He’s nuts. He’s nuts. Ah, nice. Really nice. Is it more than that, Neal? The Norco from Mark Christensen. – He’s taped something, what is that? On his top shoe he’s taped to it? – I feel the energy
from this bike building. It’s a Norco Range. I think it’s a… – It’s a nice bike. – It’s a Super Nice, just look at it. (horn honks) Come on, that’s nice. Super Nice. Right, ah yeah, specialised. Moose Holsted. – Moose? That’s his name? – That’s his name. It’s a Super Nice name. – Tennessee? – It’s nice.
– It’s cool. I like it.
– It’s really cool. – You know what? I’m gonna be really fussy here. When I have a computer on my bike, I like to mount it directly on top of the stem and not
in the forward position. – Yeah, I’m with ya, I’m with ya. It looks a bit road-y like that. Which isn’t a bad thing
but it’s not mountain bike. It’s Nice. And we’re out of the Bike
Vault, no, we’ve got one more. One more. Surprise one. – This is Anchorage, Alaska. People ride bikes in Alaska? – Wow, I do, it looks lovely. – Nolan Goals. – You know what, Neal? – Let’s hit it. – That’s Super Nice. (horn honks) I’d like to bike ride actually there. – Brilliant. – Great Bike Vault this week. Some controversy in there
with Doddy’s strange rules. Can you get in the Bike Vault? I’ll tell you what, it ain’t easy, Neal. – It’s not easy.
– It ain’t easy. Cause there’s a big ol’ pile of bikes, some are coming in more than
once cause people really want to see their bikes on the Bike Vault. Which I love. I’ll be honest, I have sent mine in. I sent it there. I sent it there. Haven’t seen it. And I’m the guy that looks
through the the place. – Would it get Super Nice? – It’s a Cannondale Beast of the East, degree of special geometry
for a factory rider. Yes, it would get a Super Nice. Send your bike in to the Bike Vault and we might see it here next week. (rock riff) – Coming up on the channel, tomorrow’s Pro Bike is with Nico Vink, my old mate, and a
downhiller to a free rider. Amazing rider himself. Then, on Sunday, we got Trials Challenge, I’m looking forward to that, and also, a Six Six One unboxing video, we’re giving away two sets of
full protection, head to toe. One downhill, one whole mountain. – Monday, we got a video all
about winterizing your bike, so that should be useful with
the season coming to a close. And then, on Tuesday, we’ve got Top Five Ways to Master
One Finger Braking. Great video, with Bing Bong himself. – On Wednesday, we’ve
got a light buyer’s guide so you might want to get a light you can ride into these dark nights. – Yeah, lot of fun filming that. And then on Thursday, of
course, we will have Ask GMBN and Friday, we’ll be back in The Shed, celebrating mountain biking. Look forward to seeing you then. – Yeah, can’t wait. If you wanna see some more
videos whilst your here, click over here for the EWS video we did. The Showdown. It’s all about showing the course, what the guys and girls have
to do whilst they’re there, and also the winners from the weekend. – Of course, Sam Hill’s big moment. And you can check out the
EWS tech, race day tech, just here, where Sam Hill’s bike stars. Is it the greatest bike ever? Let us know in that poll and hit the old logo just there,
GMBN logo, to subscribe and turn that point into a thumb. Give us a like. – Love the thumbs.

100 comments on “The Sam Hill Special! | Dirt Shed Show Ep.135

  1. honestly my opinion is that my own bike is the best bike ever made, it's a merida one sixty 7 900 kitted with shimano xtr di2 and xtr trail wheels and xtr trail brakes and its a beast

  2. So I come over here from GCN and suddenly I am wondering what in the Sam Hill you guys are talking about. And surely I grin. And while I can't really pick one bike, I'd have to say an argument could be made that a Cannondale something should be considered, something from the '90s.

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  4. Manon Carpenter has recently retired from the international downhill circuit. Surely a worthy contender as a presenter?🤔

  5. Caption: Going to the pub with your mates, but can't grow the facial hair to impress the ladies. How are you going to fix it? Bam! Cable Tie Mustache!

  6. I ride flats both on my trail bike and my road bike. I watch all my friends struggle for days trying to clip in, It's hilarious. All fun and banta!

  7. Trails in UK and Utah are so different, some places have dirt that holds up in the rain and some have horrible slick mud that is unrideable and gets deep holes and ruts, think it has more to do with the terrain than riders attitudes.

  8. #askgmbn what is the difference between running your rear shock upside down (air canister at the bottom) vs normal? why would someone choose one over the other?

  9. remember Red Bull Fox Hunt in this week show 😉
    Both in Denmark and the other countries 🙂

    and god show 🙂

  10. What's wrong with water bottles on bikes? They've been used for centuries and haven't changed in basic design. Surely the only standard in MTB world that hasn't been messed with….

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    "Forgotten to shave the mustasch before making a GMBN Top 10 video?! Easy; just hide it with a fistfull of cable ties – job done"

  12. The greatest mountain bike ever is mine, because it gets me to the top of every climb, over every jump, down the best downhills and provides bags of fun every time

  13. How about Juliet Elliot as a host / contributor on GMBN?…she seems to be quite the all around biker and is entertaining to watch on her channel.

  14. I know im gonna get roasted for this but for me its the 2012 WC Merida 96. i have one and its insanely fast. I know most people will say Specialized or Scott but Merida is good. The 2017 Merida 96 is AWESOME.

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