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Benefits of cycling
The Science of Cycling | StarTalk

The Science of Cycling | StarTalk

There’s drafting– something
we know about in NASCAR and other very fast races. But there’s also
drafting in cycling. It’s crucial in cycling. In Tour de France– So somebody in
front of you, you can get an advantage from that. You certainly can. The energy that you need to
expend reduces up by maybe 30%. So I asked Lance about that. Let’s see what he
says about drafting. So let’s talk about drafting. OK. It’s one of the most
important parts of the sport. So presumably there’s
some speed below which drafting is not useful. Right. That would be like
one mile an hour. No– Anything more than– Anything more than stationary. Keep in mind that the speed
is important to talk about. But the wind is– if you
say 10 miles an hour, that’s not very fast. But if the wind is 50
miles an hour in your face, 10 miles an hour is pretty fast. So your draft– it’s just–
it goes up exponentially. The more intense the wind is,
the direction of the wind, right? Obviously, if it’s
right in front of you, you stay right behind the
rider that’s in front of you. If the wind is
from the left, then you inch over to the right. Oh, OK. OK. So you just find– this is why I say NASCAR. You find that sweet spot
of where that draft is. And then, of course, that
just gets multiplied. If there’s one rider in front
of you, you have a draft. If there are 100
riders in front of you, you’re not even pedaling. So Max, first,
this sounds like– it sounds lazy, first of all. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And diabolical,
because you’re exploiting the energy of the leader. So then why does
anyone lead the race? Because that’s their job. Because their team leader
may be behind them. So they may be a domestique,
one of these servants, to go out the front, to
take the brunt of the wind so the people behind,
their team leader, can save their energy
by slipstreaming. Now, what if the servant wins? [laughter] That’s good. That doesn’t happen, Scott. That doesn’t happen.
– Come on. No, no, no. No one’s ever gone rogue? People go rogue on one day. But the next day,
suddenly, they find they don’t get out of the caravan. [laughter]

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  1. Actually cyclists ‘going rogue’ does happen. Take Chris Froome as an example: a few years back he wasn’t the team leader and he was supposed to stay with Wiggins. On the last ascend Wiggins began to fade but the team explicitly told Froome to stay – but he didn’t. If Froome hadn’t taken that chance, who knows where he would be right now.

  2. I didn't realize cycling was so hierarchical. I also wonder why an astrophysicist was talking about cycling.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  3. If you lose one of your balls due to cancer, does that throw your balance out of wack that can only be regained through illegal performance enhancing drugs?

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