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*whpoosh* Top the morning ye’ ladies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Rock Of Ages! Dueces! Last time we fucked up Vango-Vangoff Van Hollen. He’s Vangon outta here right now. So who are we gonna mess up next? I seen some snow over here. Or we could just go to Oslo. Let’s go to Oslo. We passed that one last time let’s come around this time. Oh my god it’s so pretty! Oh it’s the “Scream” painting. Are you gonna see me and Scream? Is that what’s going to happen please? Oh my rock it’s all cracked. 🙁 (Jack ponders about life and death) I fix. Hehe it’s all happy now. Oh hehe no. I get it……. The SCREAM! I have to fight a painting apparently. I don’t know. Who the fuck is that guy. You see this is what actually went on in history. You been lied to all this time. Come at me bro. All right, we got a jiggle in our chamois, so let’s get giggy with it. Nananananana What am I bringing in this time? Pre-historic wheel. Whoa. Aww I can’t take a look. THIS THING IS A BEAST! Very difficult to maneuver, but can reach higher speeds. Oh, I’m trying it. Oh. I could fuck with that for a small bit Umm. I don’t need minds in with me. Oh, what do we need these anyway? I always need them. Uhh. Balloons attached to boulders using the Lion Anchor technology…. let’s try it! If we fail, so be we can always just try again Umm. Right where are you coming from? Let me see where I can block you off. Right I see how it is. I see what we’re doing. So he’s gonna have to come down through here, so I’m gonna springboard this motherfucker. Let’s spring you out this direction and then out that direction, and then we’ll see who’s really the boss. I’m gonna try and follow you in down here. Shit, didn’t mean to place that there, and then we’re going to place some elefantes. Oooh I can only place one. Shit. Okay some elefantes there. Their maximum slow down and over here, then we play some balloons. This is gonna work. Let’s go to work okay. Oh, shit. I didn’t bring in my mines with me. Damn it. Okay, it’s fine. We’ll see what happens wait a second wait. This is my thing. Ohhhh. Shit, I just blocked them off here. Oh, no. Oh yes. If I can somehow springboard him off this. CHARGE! Okay, this wheel it might be an absolute bitch to control so let’s just be careful with this. Well we do have speed on our site. We all know that speed is key Hard to control my left titty ah. Okay, maybe a little bit hard to control at least it doesn’t fall over and then you fail or something like that. Ouch oher-roo(?) Fuck off Paul fuck. This is bad. This is bad. Screw you. Screw you. See you didn’t block me off here. This is where this is where the real damage is gonna be done bitch. Ok slow it on down slow down down turn turn turn turn turn turn turn. (Rage yet?) Fuck. Oh fuck. What where is my wheel(?) my wheel. I fixed it. Okay, let’s stop this shenanigans. See now. This is where I’m gonna gain all my speed. I’m just gonna fucking take off now. I may not have the best maneuverability, but I can build up speed very fucking quickly. 158 that’s actually not that great. Okay, where is this son of a bitch? Place it place it place it get him. Spltoosh. These balloons are kicking ass right now. Hahaha. Oh crap I missed. Get him get him NO!! Okay, get him get him get him get him! Crap. Oh what are you doing? Get him get him. FRY HIM FRY HIM! I don’t have anything else actually place down here, so. This is bad for me. Place place now get him fry him. Yes slow that bitch down. (I give up. Someone else do it.) *Mmm watcha saayyy.* Can I build these in time I can if I believe? Yes, yes, shit. He just dodged everything. That’s bad Please it ah crap. I almost caught him oh He did slightly less damage Right so can I place anything here? Placing these here to stop him going that way Yeah, yeah, I know my guy is ready. I’ll make my money’s worth Everybody cheer cheese, sweet cheese. We cheese meal oh Okay That hurt my cheese wheel My wheel come on baby come on cheese wheel aroo okay? Yeah, this is very fucking hard to maneuver. Oh looks like somebody missed I’ve still got everything to play for oh mother. God. Oh, Jesus Okay, okay Yes, no What is this? What is all this oh? squish No, no, no ah fuck. He’s almost getting me he almost got liz except eek, but I will come and fuck that but ah nice hundred and forty Dams it’s a lot of dams, and I have two and a half thousand now to really start messing with shit if I can put some balloons here and catch him as he’s about to go off Just like send him back a small bit if you know I mean I Hope you know I mean. I really do placing a bunch of these here just to follow them either site This is good. This is great for me. The enemy is rolling the enemies about to die is what he’s about to do She got She got you ain’t got shit crap Okay, come on. Come on. Come on. Hit him hit him hit him. Yes That’s a good hit strong. Hit was the best hit Then down here. Oh, I was a fraction off. Yes fucking love these balloons Nice now the elephants are gonna. Fuck him up I can go again already no, I am here to destroy my enemy ah He fell in What? That’s not fair He fell in I saw it we all saw it They’re ready for it get ready for he slows down Nice nice tactic nice maneuver, but you know what? Cool. I’m still gonna. Fuck you up here. We go pudding Yes oh fuck This is the best Way love this game You still gonna fall off. What a dumbass? I’m not even trying to send out my ball. I just know I’m just gonna wreck this dude Get him get him get him. Yes Slow that bitch down oh No, he’s a couple more hits and he’s so dead Yeah Got him, but not enough oh Shit, oh shit. He’s actually Gonna make it through no son of a fuck That’s it. That’s it cheese wooden cheese cheese I love my baby belt. Oh, thank you for actually slowing me down. I was fucked unless you did bad Ok I’m going this way. I don’t know what you’re building over there, but I am not going that way I am going through the fire and the flames Screw you pool dude. Are you still building things dude? It’s too late look at this cheese meal go Well that hurt a lot my pride and my ego oh Made it made it just in the nick of nick and so I know and wait for all that shit Whatever, whatever whatevs night? No, no Okay, that’s not actually that bad by him He’s still getting fucked though He’s rolling again already. I shouldn’t have waited. I shouldn’t have waited I Shouldn’t have waited oh Oh, well, this is bad this might be the end of your boy Okay, can I put any balloons down real quick? Here we go. Oh, wait. What did I think he was here shit shit cannibal un’s Jim And huh, no got him hit him hit him nicely are my balloons actually carrying him over everything Did they actually just help him you? Motherfuckers, okay right here. Yes, hey douche fuck. He’s just gonna take the left path again Fuck he’s a lame he fell it. That’s a good sign for me. That’s very very nice, so If that momentum, bro. Oh sorry to stunt your growth Did you stop him yes? Yeah? We just destroyed him Geez geez fuck this fuck this and fuck you and fuck everything you stand for Okay, this is actually hurting a lot. No I Need to be careful. My wheel is Gonna Die is he gonna put down another Cloud? Okay, all those things are going fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Whatever, whatever, whatever. I am in the fucking Cheerio cleary. Oh Get ready to get fucked What’s up scream? You really suit your name now. Yeah Feeling good about that one. Oh wait get the cannons now with Cannon you can Thank you. very much appreciate ho We get over here. Who’s over here? Oh I saw a screenshot for this in the steam page this map looks cool baba Yaga. I heard the boogeyman His map is awesome looking Do it those pranksters? The Baba Yaga also known as john wick. Oh, you’re so getting caught this time Their house just sprout legs and walk. Oh, well, you’re dead it’s just brutal chicken legs I Hope you don coming for you Such a body yeager Loved my guy. He’s the best all right. Let’s see what that broomstick can do mama Oh see look at this So cool. Why do I look like him freaking out? What is this a paint boulder these are trailer paint of which units cannot be built it quickly degrades over unused tiles? Wait stick on my wheel The elephants are good and the spring boards are good and these are good Yeah, I think I’m just going to stick with the same I would like the mines, but I’m gonna have to unlock an extra thing for that This way I have maximum stopping power Okay, we start here fair enough sees Orders not to fall into here that never mind Okay, a couple of balloons here to try and catch you I Don’t know where you’re gonna go in here, so I’m just gonna set up springboards in different areas And then we need to stop you. Oh shit Okay, this might be a very hard level for my character as well Block off all this area so you don’t go there? And maybe a lot at this area well, you’re probably still gonna Go there, but I might be able to slow you down enough to be able to catch you I? know this music Dude, dude, dude dude dude that that that dope dope dope don’t doubt it. There’s that though, but it’s not a long level though Like you can come down through here and bounce through there keep that momentum going oh This is Gonna be a fucking Minefield are we ready? Everybody let’s go. Oh my God. What the fuck? This level is awesome. This is my favorite looking level so far This is super cool. I’m a really slippy here now. Oh, I want to whole game made in this art style Am I going the right way, I think so Yeah, you got springboards Fuck and you know winter dues That’s unfair oh shit. Oh shit. Oh Fuck no no no no no, I’m saved. I’m saved. I’m fine fuck you. I Made it back bitch Okay, I think falling off. Just messes up your time. Oh, oh oh, God and and Bitch. Oh that royally messed you up? Okay, I can put down some more things Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Shit shit this down for us to hit him We go some balloons here to try and stop him again no this Got him. Yes shit fuck Okay, okay, okay, okay? Oh Yes, please fall in please fall in yes, fuck no no. He’s making it across. That’s not good No, shit. Oh He barely hit me though, okay. That’s good cuz now all these are cracked Okay, we can catch him here, and he went this way so now at this time some there and Really try and slow him down So that when he comes that way He’ll actually like bang into an I should have gone in the same direction as last time shit. I can’t remember What direction I went through this oh? Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck I can make it I can make it. I can’t buy it oh One more good smack, and you are dead my friend. Okay. Get him get him get him yeah perfectly timed perfectly calculated I can go now but I’m trying to kill him I Didn’t work Got him got him got him getting him getting him Shit you may suck Got um latch on for Fuck’s sake oh Hit him hit him nicely hit him nice that time. He’s going in he’s going into fucking soup There we go there. We go. Okay. I am launching I Am launching this shit, I will you’re ending this now Turn, oh yeah, right through the middle right through the Middle. Oh Fuck oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh, oh, I got this though. I got this that watch watch He’s like. He’s a fucking belch away from falling crap Okay, I’m just saving my money save my money, and I’m waiting for the next time. I don’t need to spend anything this time he hasn’t even got half of my health gone and This dude is literally a fart away from dying Fuck your cat pulse. They do shit to me ow I might fall in this time. Oh And you ain’t fall in that time because everything was gone. I know buffer Still got it though Still got it. I still got it. Oh Fuck fuck fuck fuck. That’s okay. That’s okay I’m still enough. What’s up. No. I am the one who Baba yaga Fo good that one felt real nice and tasty in it that entertaining Phoenix dream Regenerates toys that have been used That’s powerful doofy Sri, Ridolfi way, they’re fake not Jesus are we fighting hercules Nice, dude. I think that’s hercules. Oh yeah, get those games, bro Yeah, that’s a hydra My niece carrying my boulder hmm. I’m stronger than you by the way Yep hercules or heracles as some people call him. It’s all I need to know What’s up? He thinks he can go against Jack he thinks he can tussle. Oh, you’re going down 12 labor boy What are we bringing? We’re bringing my wheel again the cheese wheel is fucking opie. We’re not bringing these guys were bringing the elephants we’ll bring in the balloons and a ring and a at the cannons and One more look at that one more be springboards Springboards, but a load of balloons here because maybe he’ll get caught and then fall off over here And then maybe when he comes over here We could you know like bounce them off? Maybe I don’t know I need my cannons to be like some sort of straight shot region Breakdown Gulley hole then it that shirt cheese wheel cheese wheel Okay, slow it on down there. Cheese wheelie boy Hair to maneuver yeah, right we’ve all seen it. We saw how Jack maneuver this baby. Oh Fuck, I thought that that was the edge right there Okay, where are we going over here? Oh my God leap of faith leap a fucking faith? Dodge the balls. Oh, thank you Rock I Ain’t talking about no DWAyne Johnson Okay, oh fuck oh That’s a bad. That’s a bad for me. It’s okay because my cheese wheel gains momentum in no time Look at this Loo this around the corner around Gumdrop fountain around lollipop lane, and then right down the Fuckin Gully full speed ahead Hundred and sixty ways he using a cube Where is he why is he using a Cube I? Don’t get this is this some sort of like genius tactic. I don’t like it It’s making me uncomfortable What’s going on? What is this black Magic? What are these mind games? Dude, you Gonna you’re gonna fall off Music really suits that guy right now What’d he do this isn’t like Benny hill shit Okay, well, I’m launching my guy cuz I’m getting in there fast Let’s go Jack do it. He gets in there fast oh, hi, giant tongue, son. Oh And then the colossus of rhodes is over there Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay? Who did that? It was not hi? How’s that guy doing? Is he getting messed up hopefully I want to see him fall off again. Oh My wheels got a little wobble in it now, whoa? Slow it on down Slow it on down is that a davinci machine? Well it was fuck. It’s okay. It’s okay. He fell off as well. We’re tight we’re tight for stupidity. Oh Yes boosh Two more two more is what I need this guy is still struggling Dude, what is happening? What is going on with you knee last chance last chance Saloon for a cloud? There we go there. We go. He’s destroying my elephants All night last chance Saloon for a cloud shit one more one More cloud Yes, yes, get him yeah Wha? He doing shit to me boy. I don’t know what’s happening. Hey I’m ready to fuck some ass right now. No, I’m not I’m ready to die wait. He’s rolling again already Hello, what is this black Magic? I know he is a ball. Oh, that’s bad. That’s badass. That’s real real bad You ain’t got shit boy. You ain’t got shit boy push One more all I have to do is sneeze properly in the right direction. You’re going down ha ha you fell down. Oh, oh Yeah, oh, yeah Bye, bye Felicia Okay Do you think your iron rock is a knee match against my Gorgonzola will? against this easy cheesy Lemon Wheelie Have you even hit my door yet or have you just like? Farted in that general direction and my door thinks that a wind blew over it Cuz I ain’t seen a lot of dams bro ow Ow ow Hey, Nasa sup at this just for that taking your fucking wall. I Didn’t even want to do that. I didn’t even need to do that. All I needed to do was to go boom bitch It’s no use no use hercules Daddy’s not here to save you this time what it’s all about this game is way too much for Anyway that does it for this episode We just stay women like Charlie sheen So he should just call me from now on Charlie Sheen cuz they just stay with him where we going next time There’s a cracking down there, and he’s cool Surfer Don Sarpedon it is lots of snakes. Maybe you afraid a hydra. Maybe you fight the kraken who knows and for now Thank you guys, so it for easy cheesy wheeling with me this time if you’re liking punch that like button in the face oh Shh? Now if you’ll excuse me my delivered food is here right now. I just say win

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