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The strange motorcycles at the philly car show

The strange motorcycles at the philly car show

all right so what we got going on today. First Super Bowl Sunday everyone’s still
ordering tank straps you know was crazy how many people, I’m watching
the Super Bowl ordered it during the Super Bowl
yeah we still had like a couple thousand views on our videos during the Super Bowl. People would rather watch us than watch the Super Bowl. Understandable it got kinda boring. Yo I don’t know if you noticed this but
Tom Brady after he won the super bowl and like everybody was crowded around
him and the owner came up, he kissed him on the lips. Really? yeah it was gross
yo did you notice that? Did you see Tom Brady kiss the owner on the lips? yes dude we pause and
rewinded it like 12 times dude I know I was like what the like did you see it no
it was insane dude who’s on the lips for hours of live was his high 3d top Brady
is a lip kiss but they both went into every memory kisses song he kisses I’m
going up it was like a member kiss my lips and then his son walked away he
said what is that all I get and his son came over and it was an
awkward about at least 2 to 3 seconds this can be acceptable yeah
was someone grabbing someone else’s face men they were doing it
ahh aliens style no no no it would know it was if we played they put their heads
foreheads together and they like Connell they were hogging and they put their
foreheads together and then they pulled away and they both tilted like that they
did donut before like it wasn’t like we’re talking like dude dude his head’s
tilting like oh oh yeah dude it’s it’s insane it is super weird yo I don’t know
and kiss my wife like that okay we gotta get done today
tanks reps we’re going to the Philadelphia Auto Show Philadelphia
internet strippers there are thro the window I think we
just remembered that we might be stopping all right let me
just let me just make this very clear don’t ever count on me to grab any who
think it’s very not even think about it until the jiggli right now Wow all right
all right well are these burgers kinda sweet you might know we’re back to grab
the tickets and then we’re going to go pick up Steele we’re pulling out of school for it from
the holo show and then we have a motorcycle so where we got the trailer
behind us in case you wanna buy a car at the Auto Show good eye doesn’t work that
way but don’t pass one of the dealerships you buy a lot of bikes at
they have a bike for us we’re gonna drop the trailer off at the dealership go to
the Auto Show because there’s no way we’re gonna find a spot to park the
partner truck in the trailer and back around got the bike and I know
try to fix the camera yeah so how you like in the car show steel
you’ve been all these cars you get to look at we talked to the guy this is the Subaru
STi 20 s 209 said they’re only making two
hundred of these a little more horsepower takes up like 341 horsepower
carbon-fiber roof he said they’re only make it 200 I was like I think maybe
they’re only making 209 maybe this one that called s2 and I don’t know
and then you said look someone there’s no shift knob on it do they take wall my
house who knows but the cars lock anyway there’s a cool car though
Najee the look for a white lovable reals BMW has something like this it’s called
let the sea the sea 125 or something someone to tell me about a seatbelt
but now I’m sure everyone’s gonna tell me it’s blown a motor so I push it it’s
not really a motors like I really want to touch it I want to cut it push it that does look really good
oh yeah in person looks so much better yeah we got to this conversing mansell
oh yeah it looks so awesome Pagani a wire I saw when these things on Facebook
marketplace it’s because that’s 125 thousand for it I think these have the
Harley Davidson Motor in them it’s supposed to be like a like a t-rex
a classier version of a t-rex and it does it you know I mean it’s cool okay by building to talk about Alexis and
there’s always lunch about amazing rest of your game every day like this we want
you to experience it’s right there they get the no way that’s an O six wide blood why they actually put the the six-speed
transmission in the wide fly in the Dyna before they put it in any other
harley-davidson from the big the way you know a wide glide is way you come up the
dying I from the shocks in the back but the ride bot has a soft tail front end
on it so it’s a much wider front end in the normal and the normal diner
that’s a good-looking bike and if you want the cheekbones
anti-gliadin side so I know it’s a wide I think we ran out of straps got ran out shoot get him or we had them all in the
other van Hien whether we got like the merely advised community behind hey we’ve got one thing we took killer
van I’m using it we had no tie-down straps in it so we had to borrow some
from Harley where ours are rated at 10,000 pounds these are rated at 1,800
pounds and these are a little bit narrow
kind of see stops they were kind of hard to you it should work you should get us
there but little embarrassing that we have so as much I mean I think we are
self-appointed motor fuckin guys we do group that for sure
we’re also car guys I’ve got a couple cars in my day Caleb
you’ve had a couple fires in your day not as many cars as you like maybe 190
into the cars you can bet a lot of cars you bet nicer cars than me though I
think all your cars that makes it at all of my cars Wow Wow I mean all you gotta
do is have a car over what like three grand you three games presenting your
cars or less than that right all right yeah so tell them the story you told me
this weekend about buying this new cars I’d say learning an interesting story
oh I bought a digital doll a cruiser boat races
I think after all my stuff it was like 80 bucks how much I was really asked
I’ve been paid sales tax they were asking $3,000 for you did you know the
first inspection it had nothing I put maybe like a grand into it to get it
running 20 100 bucks man she’s 25 Tony had about it starts leaking a ton of oil
I’m driving around I find this 200,000 miles avalanche
and at a dealership I get it for like right
around 9 grand let’s sort was a great car I bought that
bars hard hill color though horrible cause like gold and like gold yeah but
the old man colors yeah but at nine grand for a new body style and I was
like you know what I’m not beggars can’t be choosers I’m buddies like nine Grand
a trade of mine they gave me crack money for my and what they give you for thirty
five hundred bucks or something or thirty-seven her plugs or something like
that they’ve extract money from buy it for my
command Cruiser click fine take it take it
I get this avalanche try this I drop this avalanche in about six months I’m
humping upstate New York and I start getting
really kooky problems freak it out I’m thinking like they’re tough and don’t
drive it like you’re a little shorter basically I’m like okay I tried all my
mechanics like there’s some goo biddies going on with your car but it’s
perfectly fine alright you took off work for a week I
took over I was stranded in plastic for a little buddy’s good fix it now it’s
like dude just freaking drive it home just flip it home yeah 30 miles an hour
you gotta get back but I realized that my window of like getting rid of this
thing while there’s no lights on the dash was extremely small unless I wanted
to fix it which I could have done that it ran it goofy for like 500 miles yeah
it was super weird spitting sputter and stuff yeah and then
it was just fine for no reason I Drive it down in the Toyota dealer
and they basically offer to give me what I paid for it
on trading and I’m like I think I put my sales taxes of those
like 80 in her box I’m like yeah this is amazing I traded in on this 4runner they
get for like 16 would I get this 4runner for like 16 grand I Drive it for almost
a year and three quarters actually almost two years two years in like June
which is the longest I’ve ever owned a car I love my part
but I know there’s like some impending service work I don’t have to do this for
runner there’s like I do some Spanish F of two new tires I love it like both
1258 our budget the service with something yeah you know what I really
want to do anything service work I’m gonna start shopping around this Toyota
dealer offers to get me crack money for my like insane money like I think their
evaluation was like fifteen eight to like 79 or just rating which I like this Lexus they have that’s all
there is that trading we’re gonna try again so I’m about to go look at it and
like an hour for about to look at it the Lexus sells now I’m like tanning now
that I have a trading offer I’m gonna start shopping on traded offer around
using those negotiation skills to Sean top now on his video I was are shopping
around my 4runner because people are gonna try and match one another dealers
gonna give me my alright sick so I start shopping it around and I find
this Lexus up near Gettysburg and I’m like he’s a killer deals like 80 300
bucks or something no joke I’m usually like trying to get 1,500
bucks out the price I’m like if I can get this thing for 8 grand to killer
it’s like just before fully loaded when like 150,000 miles on what stuff I get
up there I take him for it I’m a bouncer taking for a test-drive the saleswoman
is like our haven’t run in and grab a cab I’m like cool I checked the glove
compartment always check the glove box see if
there’s any service records see if some lady old lady own in she’s brought she
told me was the old lady’s own and so I’m like I’m gonna check
I check in there and I find this she’s huge no joke four page staff of service
names not that have been done to it but that needed to be done
$4,200 worth that that the dealership that I was looking at that they were
told they had to do for it to pass inspection
it was currently out of inspector I need a section it was gonna be out of
inspection in a month and they had traded it in and Hillary they were so
cheap on I was because they traded it in in September like six months oh and I’m
like dude I’m about to like get this thing for like sixty five hundred bucks
I’m like this is gonna be awesome and so I’m like so I find the second four
seconds and I’m like I’m gonna go she ate them down maybe I’ll just maybe I’ll
just get a crazy cheap and just eat you know maybe I can piece together what I
really need to get for service but I asked later I’m like a of any of these
service records been done she’s like ya think they’ve all been done so I’m like
alright so I started reading out the list it’s like you shakes on the highway
so I’m like alright let’s take it on the highway take it on the highway shakin
everywhere alright check that one’s not been done Dan she’s like it’s like
four-wheel drive we’ll go or a differential lock woman game I put in
for low good deferential lock differential lock light I no joke she’s
like do you want to take it out back we have a feel I was like yeah well let’s
take it out back in the snow no we’re driving around in the snow the
differential lock will not come on I’m like driving around she’s like oh no
maybe gonna do this I’m like no well you do is put it neutral put it in low and
the differential I should come home and I even tried putting in drive like
trying to like creep and see like maybe picking
that way which it doesn’t and I was like oh my gosh
so I’m like I go back I go in they do like the typical car salesman thing
they’re like you know we’re gonna dock he comes on
he’s like because of all those service records I’m gonna knock 300 bucks off
right oh I’m like dude you were gonna know how they did I was gonna get 300
bucks off the price yet the car was perfect I was excited to get it I was
just gonna ask you your three like don’t tell me you’re going from 83 to eight
because if the service targets like I was gonna get that off if this car was
in $4,000 for the server I got $300 all right so I’m like what he gonna do its
leader he’s done I was like you know I don’t want it like I’ll think about it
I’ll call you Monday if I want it he’s like no no no no no no like let’s figure
something out I’m like dude $300 off for some $4,100 service no my paint ain’t
doing any of that so they didn’t wanna figure anything out you legit was like
and he would pledge and was like we don’t maybe sales tax I’ll be out the
door 80 480 490 to align the car that needs $4,000 for the work so I’m saying
dude like the thing didn’t even it literally said on duty the lady the
sales lady jokingly said to me oh yeah they’re not supposed to leave that there
haha some service guys getting fired on Monday no joke some concern
he’s getting fired over because I do a road up like front brake caliper like
won’t release like all these different things and I’m like I was just going
through it all trying to test that all this stuff that they were trying to hide
all that stuff yeah from you it was crazy and I’m like what so then I so
then I’m like I know Joe this is this is I’m so anti this but on my way to that
to that store I had passed their sister store that showed SEVIS and they had
this like beautiful pearl white identical GX oh it’s the same owner it
was the same day on the same stores GX 470 sitting out front I asked the sales
lady I was like since this one’s kind of goofy
what about that white one down in your sister story can I look at that
I really only go amber to buy exactly what I’m looking out online I don’t get
switched into cars I’m not doing that like a whit brother I don’t that never
happens like I go home I’d read through my research I find something else
another 300 miles away and I go drive to check that one day look always get
switched he said he’s like me boy anyways I’m probably gonna buy a $20,000
car I you it’s an avenue I end up driving something comparable that’s like
20 grand more and I’m like all right but I’m like alright so they’re like they’re
taking their give me the runaround they’re like we don’t use the same
finance companies which is BS they all use the same Friday’s no she’s like yeah
you know my man a my general manager he’ll work something out if I’m like you
have a little work anything out with these these places she’s like alright so
I’m like I’m gonna go down and check that other car up so I went down I
checked out of the car now it was a little bit more I did get switched off a
tiny bit I’ve been a little bit more but it was in perfect shape so I was like
yeah I’ll take it this is a tip for anybody they were
gonna give me less for my training until I showed them what the other dealer had
given me for my training and then they update they’re like oh yeah nevermind
we’ll give you this I got a 2004 Lexus GX that’s pretty high you

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