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The Stunt Stump | Blake’s Trick Riding Challenge

The Stunt Stump | Blake’s Trick Riding Challenge

One stump. One stunt machine. And one rider. (groaning) – Wow! I can’t really do that
voice for the epic trailers for movies and stuff,
but I try it hey, anyway. Let’s move on to this. This is the stump I am
gonna try and stunt all over the stump because the trails
are a bit wet and a bit ruined cause of the rain, so Harry
and I decided to improvise and use the stump to get
stunting on the stump. Come take a look at this.
We’ve got this wooden kicker, well I wouldn’t say wooden kicker, we’ve got some wood on this dirt kicker, it’s about four foot high,
but I put this wood here just because the dirt’s a
bit soft and we just built it so I don’t wanna sink into
it and lose all my speed and fun-ness on that
stump right at the top. The stump’s about eight foot high. It’s pretty high off the ground. But I’m gonna try and jump
using that lip on to that stump, get my limbs off, put my bike
on it, hopefully not my body, just my limbs, and then land
over here, I’ve got landing from here all the way to here. But, we’ve got the big step up landing, so you can transfer from there over there on to that landing. So I’ve got an abundance of
landing platforms, plateaus, whatever you wanna call it. I’m prepared to send it,
I’m prepared to crash, cause there’s gonna be a lot
of crashing in this video. Right, before we send it, one thing. This here, is so slippery,
it’s got all this green moss stuff all over it, and if
I land on my tires on that, oooeeee, I’m gonna crash and burn. So, I’m gonna put some
dirt there, just to give me extra grip, bit like
sandpaper, for my tires. Alright, let’s try clear it first. Whoa! Okay, I had a lot of speed there. I’m gonna slow it down a bit. I gapped it to this landing here, so let’s try it again, slow it down a bit, then we’ll try something
over it for the first time. Woo, stump! (yelling) Getting used to it. What do ya reckon,
first trick tire tap it? Front tap, yeah? Alright. Ow. Oh! That was a little tap, I
reckon I’ll do it again, yeah? We’ve skyed it, we’ve tapped
it with the front wheel, do you reckon a foot plant over it? It kinda looks steezy, hey. So like, I’m gonna go
over it, like a table, where you’re a table,
drop my foot off my bike, land my foot on there, try
and land back on my bike. Let’s try that. Quite like the foot plant,
super old school like Dan Becker style. (singing aggressively) Oh! Nearly missed the log. Holy moly it’s like going
peg legged to the floor. Aw, I’m gonna do that again,
I’m gonna slow it down, cause this lip is kicky, but
I don’t wanna cut it down, cause its kind of a cool
height for other maneuvers, later on that I wanna try. Let’s do the foot plant again. Whoa! Nice. Let’s get a closeup of my
foot on the stump, huh? Yeah. Whoa! That’s my Northwave Tribe shoe bra! Look at that, got all the grip we need. Alright, uh, do like that foot plant. I reckon you could like foot plant and go back in somewhere else. Yeah should we try that? Whoa. (laughing) That is so scary! Wow. Like it totally feels like I just wanna get away from the stump,
just like go away! That’s why I’m like getting
all my body weight over there, it needs to be like, to stop. Let’s try again. (laughing) What do I do? Yay! (groaning) Okay that’s super annoying, I
might come back to that one. Or let it defeat me. I was jumping off my
bike and landing two feet on top of that stump though, so what I’m gonna do
is jump, land two feet, and then bomb drop on the
other side, like Matt Jones. Quite scary. Let’s try that. (laughing) Wow! (laughing) That is crazy. I totally brought that around too quick and went over the bar! Let’s try that again, that was
super funny like Lou Pannel. Wow, that’s do that again. Ah! Oh. (groaning) (yelping) Thought I was gonna land
on my little goonies. Yup, let’s try that again. Aww, dammit! Aww yes! (yells) Oh! Yeah! High five! Nice! Aw it feels so rad when
you land it, man, so sick. Alright, next stunt. The aim of the game, is
I have to use the stump in any shape size or form of
trick or style or whatever, to get over it, above, around it. I have to use the stump. A bike, a limb, needs to touch the stump. I got one, watch this. Ooh! (wince of pain) That was quite scary. My leg landed in between my bars. Ow! Oh that’s what it was. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. I’ve snapped that clean off. (thudding) Aw shucks! How we gonna fix that? I can fix it. Boom! Cable tie! (plastic scratching) Fixed that up. Kinda strong, I’ve bent my
lever though, it’s really bent, I don’t wanna bend it any
more because it’s aluminum, it’ll just snap if I try and bend it back. (clapping) Let’s try that again. I’m quite nervous now cause
of that silly tire tap. My leg snapped that thing off. Lucky it snapped that and not my leg. Let’s try again, ugh. (thud) (laughing) Well that’s first one back
from the horrible crash. Okay, let’s do that again. (laughing) Well let’s not do that again,
but let’s try and land it. (laughing) Ooh! That was nearly my bumhole. On that. That would’ve hurt so bad. Aw no! (yelling and laughing) Wow! I literally fell off that, I thought I was going over the bars. Should I try again and do
it smoother, or move on? Should I try and do it smoother? (yelling) Nice! Let’s move on from that
horrible one, that’s scary. Let’s move on to another scary one. Okay we’re gonna keep
with the back wheel theme, I’m gonna jump up, you could
tire tap manual to that, or jump tap and trial
hop off the other side. Let’s see which one comes
up first. (laughing) Probably another over the bars! Ooh! Wow! Tell you what, how to
crash coming soon to GMBN a hundred percent,
literally tuck and roll. That was very scary. Should I do that again? Not that, but do the trick. Yeah, all right. This stump is becoming like an arch enemy. But I love him. – [Sound Effect] Awww! I still love him. (laughing) Yeah! That was quite nerve
wracking, after that incident. (laugh-cries) Right, we haven’t used this side yet. We spent ages building that landing, so jump, nose tap, land there. Hopefully I don’t go over the
bars, cause its really soft. Its like the theme of this video is Blake going over the bars. Let’s watch that one in slo mo though. What the hell? How do I get out of that? Literally how to crash
coming soon for sure. Right, let’s tap this, it’s
probably gonna be really low, I’m gonna tap it quite
low, I’m gonna land there. Let’s try that. (groans) Yes! That was, that’s pretty soft. So I’m fed up with that
stump, it’s hurting me. So what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna go massive off this lip, I’m gonna
clear over the stump, but I’m gonna transfer
from here all the way to that big one, and then
we should go that way. I’ve got a stunt for over there, which we’ll come to in a bit. Let’s air this. I totally went over there. I reckon, tuck no hander over the stump. Yeah let’s do that. Woo! That was easy, I reckon
let’s stunt to this landing. I keep saying it, let’s
do a trick to here. Hopefully this trick that I do, my back wheel doesn’t hit that. Let’s downside tail whip
from there, to here. Without hitting that stump. If I hit that stump I’m gonna cut it out. I literally thought I
was gonna hit the tree. That stump is messing
with my peripheral vision. Let’s do that again. (yelling) Yeah! Look at that! Silly stump get in my way, not that time. Cool, that was a beast of a down whip. So there ya go, that’s the
stump Harry and I created, a demon stump. That thing bit me in the ass a few times, I went over the bars so hard
I snapped my brake lever. Anyway, the stump. Hopefully you enjoyed this video, it’s all about progression,
it’s all about getting out your comfort zone, go out
there, and just build something a little bit cool, something like this, to have some fun on. Just make sure you’re
wearing the right protection when you’re doing this sort of thing because crashes do happen. Hope you enjoyed this, if
you wanna see stump two, which I don’t wanna do, because
I’m gonna bring a chainsaw and cut that thing out the ground. No I’m joking. Let us know in the comments
down below if you wanna see some more rad stuff like this. Don’t forget to hit
the globe to subscribe, cause you’re missing
out on some rad stuff, you wanna see how to build a basic jump, click over there, and I’ll
see you at the next one. See ya! I need a hot bath Harry. With Radox in it. – [Harry] I’ll join you. – You’ll join me?

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  1. I love this channel👍 And Blake I think your better than you believe I see pull out sometimes but that last trick was Super sick, you are a God 🙏

  2. Love it, there nothing more rewarding when landing a trick. You need to live it to understand it. Keep it up Blake love your videos.

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