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– You should imagine what
it’s like having a man cold cause I don’t know, I
don’t get sick often, but when I do, the world ends. I can’t breathe, it’s all up in here. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep,
it’s just a terrible time. I want to do stuff but I can do nothing so then I pass out for a day, wake up, and they hire another person named Alex and just completely replace me which is just super cool. There’s nothing wrong
with that except the fact that it’s really, you know, just rude. But, you know, what am I,
who am I to say anything? I mean it’s just, it’s just my job. Every once in while we go
into the comments section and we listen to what you
guys want to say because you guy always have a lot of opinions and it’s a good thing,
you know, this is America. 2018, we’re talking
about things and comments and Youtube sections and Facebook threads and Facebook is burning down to a crisp and Twitter is taking the reigns and Instagram CEO founders are quitting and what’s-his-name, Elon Musk, doing all stuff with
the board of directors. And you’ve got Teslas crashing and trucks flying around the place and pirate ships and Space Force. The world is an interesting
place here in 2018 and every once in a while, we get into the comments section, just get to learn how diverse
our target market really is, which is a good thing and a bad thing. You can decide for yourself if you’re the good part or the bad part. But either way, it doesn’t
come down to the fact that… You know, it really comes down to the fact that you guys have
asked us a million times about this new company, a company not even we have
heard a whole lot about. So we decided to reach out,
dig through the forums, call up some people, ask
them for some wheels, talk about some things to
learn about a few more things to discuss the history of
none other than ESM Wheels. ESM Wheels was founded in
2002 in none other than, just like all the other companies, just like every other company, southern California. I mean, when you really think about it, almost all wheel companies
in the United States were founded in southern California because that’s where the craze of the automotive
aftermarket industry began. But it would just be nice,
it would be nice if somebody was like, “Yeah, we started
this in Minneapolis, Minnesota,” or something like that. Just
to give us a fresh face. Just to give us something different. I mean, it’s whatever,
we’ll just be up here in the -20 degree weather
as ESM Wheels makes wheels. But, founded in 2002, ESM
Wheels was essentially brought in as a company that
wanted to make 15 and 16 inch German style wheels for
automotive enthusiasts. Now, back in the day,
2002, we were talking about neon under glows and the grace scene in The Fast And The Furious
and all the other stuff that we probably cringe at 16 years later. ESM Wheels on the other hand,
realized that there was not a market for this company. I mean, when you talk
about European wheels, when you talk about
having a flat faced look back in the day, German
designs were extremely limited. You didn’t really have a lot of German heritage style wheels. You had, of course, your
typical fighters like BBS but I mean, in terms of a mid-level price or even a low-level price
point there was really nothing out there besides you
know, maybe some used wheels here and there. So, ESM really go founded and
started because they wanted to offer a Germanesque style
wheel in a 15 by 16 inch in a low offset. They wanted to get to zero
offset so you can get a lift or a step lift or anything any between or your Volkswagens and things like that. And so, over time they began
to develop these wheels, 15 inch or 16 inch were a hot craze, they were a hot commodity. And now, EMS has a million wheels and we can’t even go into all the wheels because of how many wheels they have but what you do need to know
is that they have wheels from like 15 to 22 inches now
which is pretty darn neat. But, with all wheel companies,
almost all wheel companies that are older and younger,
that doesn’t make any sense. With wheel companies, they almost always have a parent company whether they want to admit it or not, they’re either owned or
partnered or subsidiaried something other big word
that you are probably going to write in the comments section that I spelled incorrectly,
that they’re, you know, a part of. And, well, ESM Wheels is a
part of another company too. But the cool thing is, that
it’s not another wheel company. EMS Wheels is owned by another company called DTM FiberWerkz which is the largest BMW
fiberglass, after market body panel company [Gasp] in the United States of America. So DTM FiberWerkz is
company that got started by making those panels
and things like that and the whole internet broke. Everybody loves DTM FiberWerkz. So, fiber… Fireworks… FiberWerkz. DTM is just one of those
companies that is out there, they do a lot of good stuff. They provide a lot of different parts for mostly, predominantly BMWs, and we’re probably going to
hook ’em up with our 318-I. You know what I’m saying? ESM if you want to hit us. DTM FiberWerkz is a company
that got established and started in the same area and started
doing the same things so that they could essentially
get the money needed to make the wheel company that
we now know as ESM Wheels. And they do hoods and trunks
and bumpers and body panels and things like that,
I mean typical stuff. So you, if you had a 1991 BMW 318-I that was in desperate need for body panels and things to make it look
wide and really stance-y you’d probably reach out
the company and ask them if they’d like to partner
with for media sponsorship and content, if you
wanted to email, you know. Just talking about who ESM
Wheels essentially got involved in doing things right the first time. So, ESM Wheels was starting to provide options sizing, PCDs
and offsets in the sizes that people wanted. A lot of old-school
German wheels essentially didn’t have the sizing for newer wheels and ESM did. Do, ESM hit a market with
a relatively, you know, competitive price and it worked out very, very well for them. So, now the cool thing about ESM Wheels is that they do partner
with the manufacturing plant that makes and produces the wheels. You’re looking at a manufacturing plant that’s been around for 40 years, which is pretty interesting
when you think about it. In terms of getting into
manufacturing plants that are established is
extremely difficult to do. To see a newer company
get involved in that is pretty cool, especially when they are JWL and VIA tested. Now, that doesn’t mean
that they are fully-forged or anything fancy because
a lot of what ESM does is for their styling and integrity, so they really just want
the wheel to look nice and just be useful and not
be anything above and beyond. It’s not a race wheel, okay? Not every car, not every
wheel’s gonna be a race wheel. I’m sorry Youtube, that’s
just not how wheels work. But, ESM really got involved
and started to do that with a company and manufacturing plant that’s been around for four decades. It’s the same company,
they also get involved in that private label’s OEM Wheels. So, when you really think about it, they’re not doing bad. I mean, they’re doing pretty good. And so, what makes ESM Wheels, I guess, a little bit different? ESM Wheels makes different cast variants and they used to get involved with 2-piece and 3-piece forged wheels which we will probably see going into 2019 because that’s what
everybody like Joe and Jane and me and Mario and
Gels want in this world are multi-piece wheels
cause they’re really cool. I mean, why not? Mutli-piece wheels are the future and ESM is getting involved with it. But for now, ESM is just
doing what they are good at which is making a variant, a
cluster of different wheels that you can run in almost
any different size finish and offset because that’s
what they want to do. They’ve been doing it very, very well. They’ve actually been doing
it so well that EMS Wheels has become extremely
popular in the last, like, five or ten years, especially when you consider
the European market. ESM is made up by car enthusiasts. And you can see that with
their partner company being another automotive company. It’s not like a group of brokers and investment insurance
agents that will sue you if you talk about them in a wheel video that was posted four months ago on Youtube because why would you do that? That’s not fun at all. But apparently there are
people out there that do that. And ESM price point is
like 500 to 1,200 a set. So, when you really think
about what you’re getting, you’re pretty, I mean,
you’re entry level, boom. What more do you want? You’re 16 years old, you get your Mark IV, you get your Mark III,
you’re looking to ball out, you get them 19 and S20s, you
pop them on some ESM Wheels and you dump it the ground
on some TEIN coilovers. And you’re like set for three years. You can get like $5,000 on Instagram. You can drive around town, you look cool. Now ESM Wheels is getting
involved in different variants of wheels, but for the most part, their focus is, and has always been, German style wheels. So, you’re probably going to
see a lot of their designs having had German styling behind them. Now, it’s up to you to
determine whether you like the ESM Wheels or not because we’re just here to tell you, they sent us a whole bunch of stuff, like information, because nobody thought
to ask ESM what their, you know, what their story is. Which is super cool, I mean,
when you think about it, everybody wants to know
about BBS and Work, but nobody wants to know
about new companies like ESM. So, we thought we would indulge you, we would delve into the
history of ESM Wheels and we hope that we did just that. Now, in terms of the future
plans of the company, they plan on just doing more stuff. Because, you know, it’s almost SEMA. They’re probably busy, we’re really busy. I’m sure that they saw
our email and were like, “They want more information? Really? “I mean come one, bro,
like we sent you all that.” Anyway, ESM Wheels is a company that you’re gonna see on the site as well as you’re gonna see
us talk a little bit more as we go into wheel samples
and things like that. But, of course ESM Wheels
is for an entry level person looking to get a German
style wheel that comes in a bunch of different
finishes and colors. Now, if that is what you think you want, you can head over to and check out ESM Wheels right over there. And, if you’re looking
to get something else, maybe you’re looking for
something a little fancier, or something that’s more expensive. I mean, we don’t judge. Wheels, tires, suspension,
airlift, all that good stuff. Let us know in the comments section what you’d like us to talk about next, next the wheel company
you’d like us to discuss, or if there’s just something else that you want us to talk about, because I have no problem talking. If that’s not apparent, I
don’t know what to tell you. And of course, we’re going
to be at SEMA this year. So, the biggest thing that
we want you guys to know is that we’re going to be at SEMA. If you’re going to be at
SEMA, drop a comment below. We want to do like a meet and
greet or something like that We’ll be doing videos that whole week. So, if you want to meet
up, now is the chance, you get to see me talk, ah, not as fast. That’s all I got. I’m Alex for Fitment Industries
and we’ll see you later. Peace.

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