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– So let’s take it back we’re taking the days of underglow. We’re talking the days of
extensive weird body kits and no we’re talking about last year. Today we’re going to be talking about one of the original aftermarket wheels in the domestic car game
Konig, Kunig, Keurig, coffee, I’m gonna go get some coffee. (upbeat music) So Konig is actually a
German word for king, which since we’re on the
subject of German words, (speaking in German) YouTube viewers. – Whaaaat? – Konig has been a part of the aftermarket wheels team since like the dawn of time, most notably in America and Europe. And when they were founded in 1983, they have rosen and fallen depending on the trend in the last 30 or 40 years. So what makes Konig so special and why is it such a hot topic when it comes to aftermarket wheels? Well because almost every
single person knows that Konig is synonymous with the
aftermarket car game. And while Konig is a
subsidiary of YHI International since 2005 who’s a
manufacturing powerhouse, Konig is operated
relatively independently. So what makes Konig such a hot brand? Well because of the fact that everybody just knows the brand especially
here in the United States. So where did Konig come from? Great question. 1982 there’s a corporation
called Pan-Mar Corp which actually specialized in exporting and importing
products into the United States. Now back in the ’80’s the aftermarket car scene was starting to rumble and bustle about, most
noticeably with muscle cars. Now you have to remember
back in the early ’80’s there was the Tuner, the 260 and 280z’s, you had Camaros, you had the mullets, you had all that sorta stuff that was really coming up that
was extremely popular and there was a huge need for aftermarket wheels in the United States. So Konig and Pan-Mar was launched and essentially it tried to fill the gap in between super expensive
wheels for imports and super expensive wheels
for domestic vehicles and they created the Konig line that was an affordable aftermarket wheel and Konig did pretty decent. They came out with a bunch of new designs, a bunch of really eccentric stuff that started to hit well with the lower market for entry-level
vehicles and they did okay. All the way up until
2005, YHI International bought them out or acquired them and that’s where Konig’s quality really went through the roof. (crashing boxes) – [Billy] Hey Ron. – [Ron] Hey Billy. – [Billy] Alright don’t leave a mess. – [Ron] I’m fine. – While this is Konig’s
time in the spotlight YHI International needs
to have a mention here because of an important
part that they played in Konig’s overall manufacturing process. YHI International plays
a part in companies like Yokohama when it comes to tires, when it comes to Konig in
terms of aftermarket wheels, and on top of that they
have a strangle hold on the O.Z. market share as well. 30% of O.Z.’s shares are actually
owned by YHI International and on top of that you guessed it YHI was the exclusive proprietary dealer in the early 70’s for Enkei. So that makes the ties between O.Z., Enkei their tuning line, and Konig is a lot closer
than what you would imagine. And while YHI started in Singapore, they have exploded across
the international market. They take into account companies like Advanti Racing which they own. Which I don’t know if you hear about them but they are one of the sole producers for the Mercedes Benz Formula One team racing between 2013 and 2015, so the company is no slouch. On top of that they produce and manage and wholesale and do all the crazy behind the scenes logistics stuff for companies like Yokohama, for Nankang, and other prominent tire companies. So while Enkei and Konig may not share exact factories, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say
they didn’t at one time, including if you go onto the Konig website right now you can actually see a lot of the technology that Konig uses in their most recent lineup is the same thing Enkei
uses in their lineup. So what does all that mean? It means that they share more history than a lot of people
would like to believe. And it’s probably one
of the biggest reasons that Konig has become such a prominent player as of recent in terms of low cost, high quality aftermarket
wheels in this decade. So Konig wants to focus
on tuner enthusiasts style vehicles, but that’s not all
anymore, they wanna be big. They have applications
for aftermarket tuning, racing, Formula One, they
wanna do all that stuff, most notably they wanna really jump in to OEM application vehicles for Konig, Kunish, Keurig, (beep). So Konig has two main wheel lines, they are actually called
the main wheel line and their Flow Form tech wheel lines. And both of them are made
in Thailand or Taiwan depending on which one you get but the main line wheels are decent. They’re not bad, but they’re definitely a little dated in their
overall styling and cues, and they’re not a bad wheel. They do try to make their
own eccentric design, different styles, thing like that and they come in a plethora
of different sizing. But he one lineup that really matters, the one lineup that I think Konig is really jumping back into the game is their Flow Forming wheels. They’re Flow Forming wheels
are like where it’s at. The Rennform, Ampliform, Dekagram, all those weird mathematical wheel names are the reason Konig has
gotten so popular as of late. And on top of that you can get a set of 18 by 10 1/2 for under
$1000 for rotary forged wheels. I mean it’s absolutely insane that you can get that at a price point like that. So what is Flow Forming technology? It’s rotary forging, it’s the same thing, it’s very similar, you take the barrel, the barrels spun at a high heat, you’ve got some fire and then they move the rollers through here, it aligns the grain structure so the barrel of the wheel is forged in essence and the face is still cast. Now you know rotary forging, TSW coined that phrase and you can’t actually use it from other companies so all these other companies are coming up with their own words
for it like flow form, like barrel form, like spin forge, and all that sorta stuff,
it’s all the same stuff but because TSW copyrighted
the term people can’t use it. And on top of those look at those prices. Mario, hit ’em up with that plug. ♪ Really I’m the plug,
really I’m the plug ♪ ♪ Really I’m the plug,
really I’m the plug ♪ – On top of that Konig uses the same technology as Enkei
which was MAT technology. If you guys didn’t hear we had a video Enkei you can go watch that but it’s the same exact technology and processes so you can be understood that the quality of Konig especially
as of recent has like (imitates soaring) like (imitates soaring) like (imitates exploding) and since Konig has made wheels that are Flow Forming tech since 2010 you could vouch that
they’ve always been doing but they haven’t exploded as of recent, til about probably a year or two ago. Especially when their marketing team hit this new launch super, super hard, and that’s a good thing for Konig. Konig is one of those brands that I feel falls between the lines of Rota and Enkei where they produce a decent quality wheel with their ISO, with all of the specs and magnification processes that they need but they’re not trying to
be somebody they’re not. Konig just does a good job and they use the tech that can,
especially coming from Enkei and Advanti Racing and the other brands that YHI International hosts under their umbrella because they can. So why would they not use it? And of course their
designs are original-ish, there are some that are obviously reps, but a lot of Konig wheels
have their own styling or cues that I would say
make them their own wheel. Konig does a great job
with all their wheels especially their Flow Forming tech because it allows people to jump in a set of wheels that’s not
gonna cost an arm and a leg and that I can most definitely respect. So if you’re looking to pick up a set of Konig Flow Formed or anything like that, guess who sells them? We do, this is not sponsored though but if you are interested in any Konig Ampliform, Ultraform or any of their main wheel lines, we actually have all of that on our website Just click Konig when you go to the wheels and they’ll all show
up right there for you. We also have other 3,000 wheels, tires, and suspension plus Air Lift, ’cause I know you want Air Lift, it’s 2018 whose not
running Air Lift anymore? Besides me. That is everything we have on Konig, we hoped you guys enjoyed, let us know if you have questions,
comments or concerns drp a comment below, let us know what you would like to see next. As always we read every single
comment, because we want too. So we hope you guys enjoyed, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and we will see you later, peace. P.S. stop making fun of my facial hair, I think it looks pretty good. This has taken like five weeks to make, you would be shocked at how long it takes me to grow facial hair. So if you guys just mmmm, we’re gonna put a comment below if you don’t have any facial hair join the dozens like me that don’t and we’ll talk about it later, peace. (upbeat music)


  1. I really enjoy watching your videos. When I get home from deployment, I plan to get new wheels for my 89 Skyline GTST. Is it possible to drive up and just test fit different wheels and such til I find the fitment/style i want?

  2. im looking budget wheels for my daily. i found two options its either the Konig dial in or the sparco assetto gara. both looks awesome for me i just need you guys help and reference if you own either one of them. i live in a country with a very shitty roads so i need one that is strong thanks!

  3. Wow!! I was looking at this wheels the other day. Know thanks to ur video, u made easier for me to make my decision.
    Definitely I'm going to ur website to place an order.
    I just subscribe too.

  4. So ok question….98 Jetta 2.0 gl your opinion what would be a good tire and rim size ….the car has coil overs ….want to keep it off the ground but loose the tire to fender gap……………..

  5. When I think konig I just think about those ugly, cheap, tasteless black and silver ones with a bunch of spokes that you see all the time

  6. I love when kids ignore things that happened before they were born. Aftermarket wheels have been around since before cars were built in factories instead of backyard sheds. Kelsey-Hayes was making OEM and aftermarket wheels since before WWII. Halibrand has been making wheels since the early 1950s.

  7. Despite their German sounding name, I think none of them are type approved here in Germany (at least none of the flow formed ones). Really a shame!

    Btw, it would be "Ich liebe euch" ("I love you (all)" [plural] with 'eu' being pronounced 'oy'), you'd only say "Ich liebe Dich" to a single person 😉

  8. Love my 18" Ultraforms, I live in an area with horrible roads and they take a licking! They're also so much lighter than the factory wheels, when I swap from the factory wheels with my winter tires on them to my Konigs I can feel the difference in rotational mass and unsprung weight……….all that and they cost me $700 for a set of 18×9" flow formed wheels…………

  9. Konig makes some pretty good rims, however, i can’t help but think that the Unknown, Incident, and Crown look kinda ricey.

  10. What's a good tire yah sell that is a good for hella rain and horrible roads for a daily driver. These wheels with tires from yah is a gift for the wife's car… Which I drive her in. So its really my second car, it's a Kia Soul. Tires got slashed and wheels where vandalized. So it's in need of some love yah feel.

  11. What's the right fitment (offset) for BMW 1 series F20s without the wheel sticking out or rubbing the suspension, been looking at 17" Hypergram and odd that not a lot of bmw runs Konig haha curious why.

  12. I just got konig controls and they look great and now my mind is at ease knowing i bought from a well documented and reliable brand

  13. Back in the 90s Konig was always known by all of us as the cheap RICER wheel. It was so looked down upon but now they have a very very amazing line up! We use to make fun of ppl that rocked them because the wheels looked like theyre were copying Watanabe's and other brands and they were horrid at the time.

  14. I like what I see with Konig buttttttttttt I can't wait any longer for their back ordered wheels !!!
    I've been waiting since March 12th for the Impressions to be sent to my local tire retailer. I was told 3 weeks…then that became longer. Then i was told the 10th of this week…..then retailer said that the vendor they use for Konig said "By the end of next week which makes it like 18-20th of April". I wouldn't cry over the shit, but I have a slow leak with my factory Nissan wheels. So I'm in a jam and I'll just get another brand.

  15. Picking up some Konig tandems for my rio soon, I’ve always loved Konigs designs and variety of sizes they carry

  16. I bought a set of Black Konig Lightinings this year for my Red 08 Fit. I can honestly say they're a noticeable upgrade from the OEM steel wheels in terms of handling on hard corners, I even had the same cheap ass Barium tires on them from my old wheels.

  17. I have Konig Heliums on my 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage and love them. They balanced great (one didn't need any weights at all) no noticeable run-out, and look awesome. They've held up to Northern Virginia potholes so far!

  18. Love my Königs, i got the sixshooters on my tacoma. I think thats one of their few truck rims. Now that i know how much Königs level of quality they put into thier flowform stuff i love my 6shooters even more. And yes they were super light when i picked them up the first time

  19. I have quite a bit of facial hair. It's really not all it's cracked up to be, unless you just really want an impressive beard.

    Now that that's out of the way, I appreciate the informative video about Konig. I was on the fence about buying them for my Focus ST, largely because I didn't really know enough about their quality and QC practices to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about them. Now I think I'm ready to pull the trigger.

  20. Does anyone else here have the Konig Illusions? If you do have you noticed a ringing hum sound when you accelerate over 35-40 mph?

  21. Something has gone wrong with my brain but I can't find that Enkei video anywhere. Got a link? Did it get removed?

  22. I'm glad to hear you speak highly of Konig. I bought the dekagram for my son's Lexus is300 though he wanted Rays. Those were way out of my price range.

  23. You really need to have weights included on your site. Also a way to search by weight or something like that would be great!

  24. I came here after i saw the wheels on the new 2020 supra (the yellow paint at sema) i love the design. And it has such great history in movie and games .

  25. For people that cant say König, can you say Koenigsegg? Well then just drop the egg without thinking of a humpty dumpty reference

  26. I’m looking for a good looking wheels and tires for the following: Porsche 982 718 2017 20 inc. the cayman is Guards Red. Do you understand what I’m looking for?????

  27. I got a set of Konig Runlite Gold with Pirelli P Zeros for about the same price as some people get a set of tires ($771 taxes, installation, disposal, and such). Slapped them on a Corolla, YEET!

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