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The Truth about the weirdest motorcycle, if you can call it that?

The Truth about the weirdest motorcycle, if you can call it that?

All right guys sean from SRK cycle, I’m here with Ken. How’s it going man? Good. How you doing Sean? You saw one of our videos we were talking about one of these now I’ve driven the driven the atom I’ve driven the goblin I’ve driven the T-rex, this is a completely different animal So you saw video and you were we were talking about one and you were like I got one I want to I want to show these guys, you know I’m so excited that you came down! Explain what this is real quick. This is a vanderhall It’s made in Provo, Utah, so it’s been around since about 2016 is when they first Started the first model was the Laguna and the Laguna actually had doors and it could get a roof and everything But that was 50 grand or more close to 60. So they finally came out with this which is the entry level model This is called the Vanderhall Venice once again made in Provo, Utah About 35 guys in the shop put it together What’s very unique about this is where most three wheelers are powered by the rear wheel like a slingshot Canam, things like that, this is front-wheel drive. so it’s able to put the power down a lot more efficiently in the front because it has a 70/30 weight distribution So it’s able to put that Weight down to the ground and it pulls you out of corners instead of kind of pulling that back end out if you really get On it. And honestly that seems to make a whole lot more sense because it’s all you know why move the drivetrain the whole way back there. Right. to change everything and or if you have that like the slingshot why have the engine up here and Then have a long a long drive shaft or a belt or something like that going the whole way back which would which would eliminate? Well, you have so much room up in here Yeah, that would have a huge hump, but it would take up or 20% of the space up there Right the question the question was: does this come in a manual and no it’s Automatic because if it was on a manual you’d have to have the hump and the transmission And it would really throw the weight off and everything Now what you can do is it has a manual mode? option and there’s a Cutout here where they have a bump shifter and you can actually put it in manual mode and you can bump shift it and go Up and down on your gear. So it gives you a little bit Better better feel and then there’s another company that just came out with paddle shifters. Okay, cool So you can actually put paddle shifters on it and everything So I’m incredibly impressed with the fit and finish of this car. How much does this car cost? It was just under 30 Wow. That’s that’s like that’s the same thing. You’re gonna pay for a slingshot. Yeah, and that’s that’s got to be like a Third of what you pay for it Atom. Right and this has way more body than an atom. You know what I mean? This looks like this is some type of like restomod where it looks like it’s something that came out of like that What like the fifties right that and that’s that’s what I look at it If you look at it, it kind of looks like a lotus eight. And yeah Has that look that old Lotus look to it and with the toggle switches and everything being retro It’s it’s really neat a matter of fact the gauges Even though they’re analog they have it hooked up to the can bus system the GM can bus system So it’ll actually sweep and they’re actually digital. Okay, but it shows in analog that’s so cool Let’s um, let’s pop the hood Unfortunately with the hood we have to remove the screws So if we want to do that we can well we have to remove all the screws yeah, which it doesn’t take long if you have a 5/32 allen. Yeah, but let’s go grab the tool. Okay, let’s do that right now. I’ll get a little drill. Awe you do it one guy! It’s nothing. It’s like 10 pounds So this engine here it’s the 1.4 liter LUV code engine and it’s basically out of your chevy sonic Okay, but it’s there’s a turbo charge of the sonic and also the here’s at the cruise. Yep up and it’s turbocharged So the turbocharger you’ll see it down in here and this is a stock turbo. That was a camera. Buck Ruth No turbos like it’s tiny tiny. It’s tiny You can actually see it from the fender gap on this side over here you can look down in there and you can see it Says Garrett right on it. It’s this big. It’s tiniest little turbo I remember my buddy had a chevy cruze and they’re great little cars very reliable motors and You almost don’t even know they’re turbocharged. But the smallest little turbo. Yeah, there’s there’s no turbo lag It does kick in a little bit and you’ll feel it. He did some massaging with the exhaust. Of course It’s a free-flowing exhaust. You just have a cat and that’s it. There’s no mufflers or anything like that Where does the exhaust come out it actually comes straight down and all those ups? Yep, it goes about halfway down to here and then it splits off either side. So it’s it’s dual exhaust So cool-looking. Now one of the things that I did right away was I reached out to a company? Bnr bad news Racing tuning and they’ve been tuning Chevy Cruzes and Sonic’s for probably a decade now and I reached out to a gentleman named Jerry and He started doing tunes for this particular engine and I went ahead and did the tune with it and everything So stock horsepower stock horsepower. It’s 180 horsepower 185 foot-pounds of torque and this weighs about 1400 pounds so you can kind of do the math and figure out With the tune. It’s adding about another 60 to 80 horsepower and over a hundred foot-pounds of torque Wow, so it will get up and go now and The stock in stock the shift points it liked to be in a higher gear even at lower Speed so it would kind of feel like it was bogging down, but he addressed the shift point so he keeps him and holds him a little longer and then he also if you’re if you’re full steam and you’re giving it the Beans as they say It shifts earlier. It shifts around fifty nine hundred rpms. So there’s really no Jerking it’s super smooth. You have no idea how fast you’re going until you look down at the speedometer, right? It’s pretty amazing Oh amazing. I love how the lights are hidden back in the grille. One of the one of the unique things about the lights is their LED lights and the way he designed them He put them behind the grill, but when the lights come on They actually shine between the grille slots. So you don’t get any grid pattern or anything like that really on the ground So he positioned them perfectly. Oh, that’s awesome And when of course he has the turn signals in here and one of the other unique things that he did was he went to the the push rod system suspension the cantilever system and that was so that he was able to get the hood line a lot lower because if he went with the traditional struts He would have to be much higher and wider in order to do that. Right and these are Fox shocks. They’re a completely adjustable very very supple ride I actually have had cams and and so forth And a Canton’s the drift and it’s real choppy and everything this on the highway doing 80 miles an hour It’s just it’s so smooth. It’s I believe I love how the fit and finish this looks like it’s a Like a production like a like Vander hold a huge company. You can really clean. I mean look you got the sticker on here Yeah, and this thing covering the coil packs and it just it’s so well done. It’s so well put together well, one of the interesting things is he did a What they call a tab in slot construction. It’s a patented construction. Nobody else can do it So this entire thing even the sides where it says Vander Hall all the way back to the back is one solid aluminum tub Okay and he uses what’s called a tab and slot so you can see Where the tabs come together and you can really see it here So it goes together almost like a jigsaw puzzle and it’s builded so like dovetailing and carpentry, right? So it makes a super-strong structure and it this thing has no flex or anything in it whatsoever. It’s all loops you Don’t worry about rods other bodies off plastic or fiberglass. It’s a it’s a um, like a carbon It’s like a plastic Composite right the laguna that came out and the reason it was so expensive was it was a carbon fiber body? Okay, but with this on this hood probably weighs Not even ten pounds and this is cheaper to make it is absolutely buries or in make if you have if you have the equipment Absolutely. There’s also gonna be cheaper to replace if you have to replace that that hood or bone. And how much would that be? Yeah, I don’t know. But if I had to guess it would probably be less than eight hundred bucks Wow and then I Went and talked to a company about doing a wrap on this and it would be super easy because you can take every single body Panel off of this thing and just hand it to them That’s so say and say wrap the body panels and give them back to me and it’s done it’s crazy how technology has changed so much in the past like it’s, you know, two decades because You know that makes a whole lot more sense Then you know the fiberglass hood of the Viper right which if you have to replace from brand-new It’s gonna be like like twelve thousand dollars. Yeah. Yeah because it was like that point is the biggest, you know Fiberglass piece you can get these fenders Normally a fender will be on top. Yeah, how do they get away with the fender being on the side? Well at low speeds it does because these tires are like ultra sticky it tend to throw rocks up in water But at highway speeds or anything above 35 40 miles an hour it’s kicking anything into the actual fender now van der Hall makes a Long fender option where the fender will come up to like right about here Okay, and it will keep a lot less road debris and rocks and stuff out of out of the cab Honestly that makes a lot more sense. I mean the atom offender is just the top piece right and I’m getting stuff You know, I got I got tons of rocks and my scene cinema for but yeah, let’s look at the back So we got your basic single-sided swing wing. I’m actually going on here It’s pretty simple you got yeah, you know a monoshock That’s a big back to 8535 19 or 18. Excuse me Wow and they do have an option to go with a 12 inch wide rim a 20 by 12 which you can fit like a 325 on it or something like that. Yeah. Well, it’s really but really the back tire at this particular one since it’s front-wheel drive It’s just there to hold up the back end, basically Yeah, but but that tire is bigger than most traditional slingshots unless you go with a big tire part I don’t a slingshot as I get 275. Yeah. Yeah, you bought this from White’s Lebanon Vanderhof. Yeah It’s a White’s like whites isn’t like white. Harley-davidson. Harley-davidson. Yeah, they’ve got their own vanity They sell veneral if they do in the same location. Absolutely They had they keep a like two or three of them in the showroom So when I went to a van der hauls website, they asked you okay Hmm your location and that’s where whites came up up in Lebanon. How big is the the 9 gallons that nightgown? It’s and it’s all the way down at the bottom. So you see it. It’s down low everything center of gravity It’s all down gallons 9 gallons. That’s great. And and I came up here. I filled up. I live in Delaware I filled up and I’ve only used a about a eighth of a tank. Not even a quarter yet Wow So so it gets pretty good gas But if I had to guess as long as you’re not really getting on it all the time, it’ll probably give you 35 40 miles to the gallon and I bet I mean like you can get that like the crews Got that much. Right right in this Way’s? Probably almost a third of it, right? So there’s a little cubbyhole behind so it goes to right about here So I’ll keep wet weather gear in there, maybe some Rags some towels just little things here and there An extra helmet if I wanted to keep an extra helmet in there, so it’s it’s pretty nice. It’s pretty nice they also make a Luggage rack you can get but I’m not a big fan of it because you have to drill into the body and it goes right here But I saw where somebody did something where it clamped onto here and they made Like a circular tubing to match this and it clamped on to here now that I can see Happening. Yeah, you can climb out of here, or I can see it like maybe going getting bolted from here and coming up around Yep, stabilize it or break well the other one it bolts it bolts like here here here and here and it’s just far enough above the Cap where you can pull a cap and gas it and everything and stuff But I just I cringe at the thought of drilling holes in the body. Right, right Say what I really do. So when it comes to the inside and like creature comforts what? What do you really have? It has heated seats on both sides? So, you know, you have a driver and passenger heated seat and they will get super hot on three So normally in the wintertime, I’ll put them on one and that’s more than enough stress of the wear time. Oh, yeah. Yeah Yeah, well, I broke I ride motorcycles and stuff when it’s 20 degrees. I don’t buy it doesn’t bother me But you can ride this pretty much year-round. I don’t really try to ride it in the rain, but you could everything is waterproof It has speakers, but what’s interesting is it doesn’t have a head unit. It just has a bluetooth module So you connect that to your phone that way it’s once again weight-saving. That’s perfect. So, yeah, that’s all you need I think cars should be like that. Yep. Absolutely people Stop stealing your your head unit a car and then you you’ve got a heater heater Yep so no a/c of course because you’re open but it does have a heater that you can I actually have my RAM mount connected to the Dial here where you can turn it up and everything, but it’s got a heater it You can definitely if it’s below 40 or 50 degrees and you turn it on you can Feel it because if you turn it off, you definitely know that there’s a difference there and everything so, but the only thing that I did was I just fab this up which Because of the rake of the windshield at night you get glare from the instruments and it’s right there in your face So I said, you know what? Let me just make a little hood It’s not the greatest but it serves its purpose and I don’t because I ride at nighttime and everything I take this to work pretty much on a daily basis and everything. I Love that everything that says Bandar Hall on it. It’s very nice and clean. It’s you know, real wood. I love this I love wood Seri wheels like that feels awesome to the hoard. Yep Little louder than a motorcycle. Yeah Wow, this is cool. Have you actually had all the dyno? No, I have not I have not had it on the dyno. I would be interested to find out I think there might be a Place down in where I live and everything that has something so imma look into it but if I had to guesstimate it would probably be maybe about 175 180 to the wheels Yeah, because it loses a good 70 horsepower and the powertrain and stuff which to me is a bit weird But that’s that’s what it does. But right foot pounds of torque. It’s probably putting 240 250 to the ground So it really it’ll move out. It’s very very quick. Well, that’s uh, let’s put the hood back on. Let’s take a first bit. Absolutely I actually put that little clock right there does not factor. So cool lilten and it matches. Yeah it matches I was like, I gotta find some it’s driving me crazy I like to have a little clock and stuff and sight in like a normal car the traction control resets Every time you turn it on. Yeah, it’s trying to keep you alive And this does have abs of course and everything’s got your traction control There you go hear that turbo They must have put a beer blow-off out on that no, it’s the unopen element filter So you’re just sorta like that guy that got it because the filters literally like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Just cruising right now. This seems very streetable very uh very tame and like anyone could drive like you could throw the keys their wife and be like Hey, take it first bin. Yeah, what’s one of the things that Jerry did? From being are racing He really tuned the shift points on this because right now it would actually want to be in a higher gear And it would feel like it was lugging down Okay, so he really addressed and he kept the RPMs a little bit more before it shifted So it’s a lot more streetable because especially if I was going up a hill and I really wasn’t getting on it Really love down you almost have to stab the throttle a little bit to get into shredder But now it’s just buried and when it shifts you don’t even feel it, right This is a awesome car. My wife would love taking a spin in something like this. She doesn’t lead. I’m so uncomfortable Get on me the annals made for one thing. That’s just killing you and This VI, this is comfortable Like I said, the ride is pretty compliant, yeah, it’s great Pennsylvania rabbits are horrible. Yeah And coming up 896 from Delaware. It wasn’t bad at all. Now. Is this the actual wheelbase of a regular? Kolbar sonic. No, I think it’s full smaller. It’s got a 69 inch wheelbase and just for comparison I think a slingshots almost 80 so this is about 10 to 11 The slingshot is very wide. The slingshot to actually forage is whether the zo6 Corvette. Yeah Now when this thing when you really start taking this thing in the corner, if I’m really pushing it, will it understeer or oversteer? It’ll understeer slightly just because of that front weight bias. Okay? So how many of these are they manufacturing I think since 2016 he’s made about a thousand Venice’s Wow, and that’s not just in the US I believe he exports them because I believe he sends them to Dubai and all over the world So you’re not going to see very many of these for now For me a bells was alive. Yeah, there’s only a hundred fifty Adam. Two’s out there. Right, right Yeah, that’s like a unicorn as well, right? But this is such a this is so much more more So many more people would want to ride this right a little more simple reg exactly. It’s much more refined I Was telling that when you’re on the highway cruising about 60 65 miles an hour it sounds almost like a p-51 Spitfire Alright sounds like an old plane. It’s really cool It’s hard to believe that that’s a 1.4. Liter out of a Chevy Sonic. Yeah, three Wow But I mean, it’s it’s good. You could literally just drive it with a finger and it tracks so straight. It’s unbelievable how well this thing tracks now is this made as more of a with with performance more in mind or is it just more like You know just an awesome cool car for people like like they have racing circuits for these things or is it more you know Just this is a cool car that people would love good. They’re love driving Yeah, I think this would almost equate to a sports tour in the motorcycle world. Okay, so it’s the best of both worlds It’s quick like a sports bike but it also has some of the creature comforts and things like that but you would want in a tour, you know, I wouldn’t be afraid to jump in this thing and Go a couple hundred miles a little left, right? No, this is extremely comfortable and They have this these are the two and a half inch plates They make three inch pipes that of course make it a little louder if you really wanted to go crazy Oh cool, and I think the more exposure to these the more after markets are going to be I’ve been in talks with Jerry Mardon, excuse me from there for customs and they do polycarbonate scratch resistant windshields for Motorcycles this is automotive glass Oh is it? But the line the vision line is kind of like right in my line of sight so you get a little bit of distortion So yeah, it is simply if I’m driving long distance or doing whatever I’ll just kind of sprouts that yeah Yeah, it was better like two words is dead. Like really like really really tall to see over it and everything, right? So you drive a they’re shorter windshield or a bigger. Would you there’s a couple people that make Like a half windshield. Yeah, that’d be perfect. Which in the summertime is great where you can switch all And do like a half windshield and summer and do a full windshield and winter for some wind protection, right? And say that’s a lot faster than what it was before yeah that’s amazing that’s quick they get that gets up and goes What’s amazing is that you can actually hold a conversation in this thing Very smooth. Yeah, there’s Right, I Mean nothing’s like popping or cracking. There’s no like body rub from anything light. It’s very very tight I honestly I feel like it at 30 grand. That’s a bargain Like this is a significantly more refined vehicle than the slingshot is Yeah, I’ve looked into the slingshots. They’re nice for what they are But if you’re really looking for something that’s like you say just at a different level I used to ride triumph bikes and if you think about the refinement in a lot of the triumph bikes over say a Yamaha or whatever it’s kind of almost along those same lines. No, they couldn’t have made this Emmanuel with a cable shifter Probably not even to just take you know too much room inside of the home if you look there’s tons of room in your leg leg room, right Like just hitting that little bump if I like a normal car, yep You hit that bump with the atom. Okay, see for burger bright. It’s gonna pop salutely loose a little bit. I actually have a bad L4 l5 of course I go to chiropractor now, but it’s this thing doesn’t part right there doesn’t beat you up at all No, it doesn’t seats are super comfortable Yeah, if you had two guys we’re like shoulders be you really start like fighting each other you don’t Like the person you’re riding right for sure That’s why it’s either gonna cure a marriage or make it right. That’s why you put a girl in there What would the world you know narrowed shoulders all I got a car show. Yeah, I saw a lot of the cars coming in a lot of old 50’s and things that were riding in this morning when I was coming off of 283 to sing this thing fits anywhere though, you don’t mean The brakes are really touchy Yeah, they feel great Because they’re power-assisted bless 1,400 pounds your holiness No other companies have tried to make things like this But they’ve never been successful, you know, I mean, I’ll show some pictures of some stuff on the video But I can’t think of the names because they’re just they didn’t work out and they were ugly and goofy but they did like the three-wheeled thing and what a lot of people don’t know is this is actually The way they got away around a lot of the regulations just like the slingshot. This is actually a motorcycle. Yeah in some states It’s actually considered So it’s passable baby allocation, do you need a motorcycle license to drive it Really yeah, they’re touching That does boo that moves pretty good that moves pretty good Just a slight bit of torque steer. Yeah. Yeah because the front-wheel drive right I’ve had some powerful front-wheel drive cars It’s like we don’t thrown you all over the play. It almost like itself corrects itself, right? And I think that has to do with the unequal length. Hey arms. It really helps keep things square interesting list It was 0 to 60 Go Alright we’ll get that on the timer and we get we get the editing Yeah a little bit of a little bit of wheelspin it does it there is a You know, you got a little turret a little bit of turbo lag Yeah, I’m surprised because it’s a very small turbo which you know, normally they limit it but it’s very smooth Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it’s a turbo. You only know it because you hear it. Yeah, it’s not like nothing nothing You know just like just come it. Looks like just has a more power to hire It’s a lot of its mid-range to it. It feels great. And it makes it an extremely drivable car that anyone could drive and you could drive in very like tons of situations, you know, I mean It’d be fun just driving around town. Give the keys to your grandma or take it tough Yeah, got some groceries or take it to UM, you know the dragon sale or something. Yeah, I’ve really been thinking about doing that No, that would be fantastic because I think this thing would handle They would handle really well through there. I love I love These wooden steering wheels. I mean, they knocked it out of the park, but it’s awesome. Wooden steering wheel They also make a more traditional phone like GT steering wheel. Yeah, I think that kind of takes a little bit smaller. Yeah Well, it’s almost the same. So is it? Yeah, this is just perfect and It really kind of it’s really kind of runs and flows with the styling of the car. Yeah, the toggle switch. Yeah What’s the most expensive one of these you can get? Now this is the entry-level model They have another mom called the speedster which is a single seater and they put a cow That covers the passenger side because there’s no passenger seat. It’s a single seater and Then they got two electric ones coming out that Edison too in the Edison four makes a lot of sense Yeah, the vehicles so light. Yeah, and you have plenty of space for batteries. Yeah, it’s all it’s all like a skateboard design So the batteries are low. Yeah, I was I was telling him if you look at the floor pan of this underneath the vehicle It’s completely flat. Yeah, right. The only openings is up towards the front for like the oil filter rise like that Was on top sorry the oil drain Actually added these beers because the stock beers a little small and they’re flat But these be in convex you can see everything they look perfect. Yeah They’re not far unless I’ve worn it out, right You’re right it’s very smooth. Yeah, this is a blast to drive But it’s a blast and like not a high-performance way as a flashes it’s just so much fun. It’s very relaxing It’s got a very linear power to it, it just keeps pulling it doesn’t feel like it’s falling in space It’s got speakers in this thing. Yeah Where the speakers hidden you got So you can hear the music while you’re driving down the road yeah, yeah because the cockpits fairly quiet Even at 70 80 miles an hour. It really is. It’s fairly pretty quiet. You can hold a conversation Before on I had a can I had to have the helmets with the Bluetooth so I could talk to the wife and everything Right, and now I can carry on a conversation with or even at highway speeds. So it’s not bad at all Yeah, this is killer. I Mean, I’ve got enclosed vehicles. I cannot hold a conversation in. Yeah during highway. Yeah Yeah, the powerstroke van the Dodge Viper. Yeah Well, and I think the fact that we’re pretty close to each other too helps a little bit. Right, right Well, I appreciate you. Let me uh, yeah I’ve been watching your channel for quite some time. You do some good things out there and I saw you like I said at the Auto Show you saw one of these and you were interested in it and I Say well, I got one of those. Let me call this guy. That’s cool And well, I got in contact with one of your guys and he said yeah Let me get Shawn to give you a call and we contacted each other and a couple Saturdays later Perfect weather right from day out Kona through the water. Yeah, this is great Well, alright guys that wraps up the video. We see you guys later. Don’t forget subscribe I’m really enjoying this thing

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  23. The Cruze engine only puts out about 140 hp and a tune on one won’t even bring it up to 200, I guarantee it’s not even putting 170 to the wheels like this guy said

  24. I'm not sure but the Cruze and the Sonic have been DC'ed by GM. Are you guys still going to get engines for your toys?

  25. I watched this video video the other day. I've never heard of them before, and never seen one. Then yesterday, I see one in my small town in Conneaut, Ohio. I got to see it in person, and they are pretty neat. Great videos!

  26. Front wheel drive is a great idea and you are right the slingshot goes from tranny to driveshaft to bevel gear to belt. These are now being classified as Autocycle rather than motorcycle. Not that it really matters. Reverse trike by their nature will understeer which is a good thing.

  27. While I like the looks of the vanderhall, I'll keep my slingshot. The rear wheel drive is the fun part of it. Being able to get it a little loose and drift a bit is way more fun then front wheel drive. And the 0-60 for the slingshot is 4.8 sec. Not 5.8. and that's without a turbo.

  28. It's been noted that the vanderhall is clearly faster than the slingshot with regards to the 0-60 numbers. The only reason the vanderhall shows a slow 0-60 stat in this video is because of the extra passenger. No bias here since I own and love the slingshot. I am very interested in completing the ying to my yang by getting the electric vanderhall when it finally comes out to compliment my slingshot.

  29. Okay guys, it's the government that classes trikes as motorcycles NOT the makers. So ease up on vanderhall, slingshot etc. Or vote for a new government next time around and take it up with them? Ariel atom? I'm a Brit but here in the States $70-75k+????

  30. You lose about 12% horsepower for fwd cars and I find it hard to believe that the engine picked up 70 hp with a tune and no other mods. I know it's a turbo engine but it's an engine from a freaking Zonic.

  31. Our local shop has these…. great video I am gonna have to go for a test drive now thanks for making this……….. very informative!

    It’s a poseurs car nobody wants terminal understeer in one of these

  33. Interesting video on a nice vehicle. I am sure it will register as a car here in Norway, and you can drive it on a car license and probably without a helmet on!

  34. P51 spitfire?????!!!!!???
    Oh man.
    I'll forgive the ignorance for now.. but if you call yourself American you should know what a p51 is..( it isn't a spitfire)

  35. I had one and it does have a decent ride to it. Being paralyzed it had more than enough room for my wheelchair. I just missed the physicality of riding a bike so I sold it for a Spyder F3-T. For myself the Spyder's more comfortable. Would definitely prefer 2 wheels though

  36. Who is winning in sales between the (Vanderhall vs. Polaris)
    Please state in your opinion why your choice is better then the other model overall because,
    "I'm curious to know the results"?

  37. I'm glad the owner enjoys his vanderhall. But this thing is weak sauce for me. Sean made the right choice with the Ariel atom. A real performance vehicle.

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