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(“Cha Cha Slide”) – [Alex] Didn’t want to do this. I don’t even think we
should talk about it. Didn’t want to. (deep breath) Fine, fine, fine, fine. You know, here at Fitment Industries, we like to talk about wheels. Especially wheel companies. Neutrally, sometimes. Today, we get to talk
about none other than the very controversial,
very up and at ’em, very up and coming
company that you all know, the most requested thing
in the comments, WCI. (upbeat music) We’re doing a giveaway. Did you know that? We are giving away a
free painted wheel kit from our brand new product
lineup for car care. If you comment and subscribe
on Youtube, you get entered in. If you share it on Facebook,
you get entered in to win. The more times, you comment,
the more times you share, the more likely you are to win this. We’ll talk more about this at the end. WCI, or Watercooled
Industries, was founded on March 30th of 2011 by a
man named Chris Bosgraaf. Bos-bo-mmm. Chris B. And Chris B actually
used to be involved in Watercooled Industries
within the European community by selling brakes, suspension, and wheels to anybody that really wanted them. It wasn’t until Chris
really get developed into the wheel game before he
realized that there was a lack of marketing
into something that had a higher service, better product,
and just more creativity. Especially coming into the wheel game. So Chris and WCI in general decided to launch their own wheel lineup. And they started off like
the typical American dream. – America is great
because America is good. – So when WCI was first founded,
they created four designs, two renders, and one actual
wheel that you could buy. Unfortunately, as a new wheel company, it was very difficult to
convince people to spend $4000 on a set of wheels
that had absolutely no name. WCI tried to fix that
as much as possible by just creating outstanding
customer service. Interesting that I say
customer service and WCI in the same sentence,
but we’ll get into that. So the customers had to
take a leap of faith. (“Sail” by Awolnation) They could go with an established brand that already had probably
a lower price point, which made sense, or they
could try something different. And if we know anything
about the European community, we know that they enjoy different. (“Be My Lover” by La Bouche) So what happened? WCI actually sold a couple sets of wheels. It didn’t take long for them
to put on a couple Volkswagens, and if you go onto their about us page, you can actually see that
WCI gives them a shoutout, so that’s pretty cool. Once those customers
took their leap of faith, it actually didn’t take long for WCI to start growing a following. Their Instagram account blew up, their Facebook that they had
at the time also blew up, and it didn’t take long for people to start asking who WCI was
and what do they sell. I think within their first year, WCI made five sets of wheels, maybe. You have to consider that at $4000 a set, they’re making pretty good money. But it became apparent that they needed to expand their lineup, because you can’t just sell
a $4000 piece of wheels. That’s just (bleep) lame. In 2012, WCI began making their first directional multi-piece wheel, the CC1. And they actually claim
that and tout that as being the first directional
multi-piece wheel in America. And the CC1 wasn’t a bad wheel. It was different, it was original, but it did have some
flare to retro design. There are plenty of color
options and design options, and of course you could make it to pretty much whatever you needed for your car. The CC1 was a huge success. So, WCI began to grow. They expanded past the
multi-piece wheel game in 2012 and they came out with the
CC10 which was a mono black, BLQ one piece cast wheel
that was ultimately extremely successful with GTIs and
other Volkswagen vehicles. It didn’t have that high price point, which a lot of people,
prevented them from buying. But once they figured out that you could get that directional cast wheel from WCI, it was just another success. So their first directional
cast wheel was a success, so what did WCI do? – What? – They made another
cast wheel, directional. MT10. Came out and was a huge success because of the fact that it was directional. You guys have to remember
that directional wheels, for the most part, were
exclusively a forged wheel or multi-piece wheel only option. So for WCI to offer that directional wheel style was awesome. So what makes WCI different
than any other multi-piece wheel company that’s out there right now? Well, they used to outsource that stuff. They brought it all in-house, and now they do everything
from start to finish. Chris, the owner, still takes
a look at aired out vehicles and sees what looks good on
them in terms of overall design. Once the design gets completed,
it goes over to engineers and designers to see if it’s
actually structurally sound. Now, WCI, do they have great
quality or not great quality? Because the company is so new, I haven’t heard personally of bad wheels coming out of the company,
but, we’re not, I don’t know. So what could go wrong? You have an awesome company
that’s making directional cast, multi-piece wheels, forged wheels. They’re doing everything right. They’ve got a strong Instagram, Facebook. They’ve got a strong car show presence. So what could go wrong? Nothing. What could possibly go wrong with a wheel company that is aimed towards success? Well, you toss in a little bit of racism, a little bit of jealousy, and
you get what happened to WCI. So, if you’re ready,
pull up a chair and let’s talk about this, because
I’ve got nothing but time. WCI has a Instagram account, and it’s a very nice Instagram account. Has really pretty pictures
on it and things like that. The owner of WCI also has a girlfriend. That’s awesome, great, right? And then the girlfriend
works at a job, cool. Working, America, great job. And his girlfriend was
speaking with another coworker, flirtatiously, for awhile. They found out, the owner,
and he said, hey, stop that. And so the girlfriend
and the coworker decided, yeah, we’ll stop that. Couple months later went by
and the WCI official Instagram account allegedly decided
to put this person on blast. So why is this a big deal? Well, because WCI decided
to message person X on their (bleep) official
Instagram account. Not only that, but they
decided to use every single derogatory racist remark
you could possibly imagine, where it sounded like a
10 year old on Xbox live. – Why would you cancel my Xbox live? – Hang on, I’ll transfer your call. – For fuck’s sa- – You cannot imagine that the
things that would be said on a business Instagram account
would be okay in any respects or regards, and then not
expect it to go viral. It got posted everywhere
you could possibly imagine. Facebook saw over 800 shares. There was countless YouTube
videos that were posted. Forums barred the website from
even selling their wheels. And it went on live television. – [Reporter] Back here live
at the Waterfront Village with my friend the zombie,
Johnathan, you’re looking good. Johnathan just got an
awesome face paint job. What do you think? – I like turtles. – Alright, you’re a great zombie. – It was absolutely terrible. – [Reporter] Wednesday
morning Dominick Lebron woke up stunned, reading these messages from Instagram, sent around four am. – I just want people
to know that racism is still alive and it’s
still here in Holland. And I just want to raise awareness and try to change something. – I think the worst part
about this entire thing is the fact that there was no official announcement of what had happened. The entire thing unveiled. WCI didn’t do anything. They just let the whole thing roll out. Nobody made an announcement,
WCI didn’t come out with any sort of press report
or anything like that, and that’s what I think truly,
truly destroyed their name. So we’re doing another giveaway. (applause) But this time, it’s
brand new care kits that Fitment Industries, we have
built over the past year. We spent a lot of time making
this stuff for you guys. And we want you to try it out. So, here’s what we’re willing to offer. We have 10 individual
products and six care kits. This is one of the kits, this
is the painted wheel kit. This takes care of your painted wheels. We want to give this away this week. What you need to do, if you’re on YouTube, is comment and subscribe,
that’s pretty simple. If you’re on Facebook, all you need to do is share the video. You can like it and comment
too, but we want the share. That’s the most important thing. Now, here’s the bigger catch. You’ll get entered in one
drawing if you share it or if you comment and subscribe on
YouTube, you’ll get one entry. But, between now and March 17th, we’re gonna be putting up
videos like every single day. If you share those, we’ll
actually keep track of that, and you’ll get another point. So that is what we have for you guys. We hope you enjoy. Drop a comment on what
you’d like to see next. And check this stuff out if you want to.
is where you can see all the products that we have available like high foam soap and
quick interior detailing. That’s the second part of our sales pitch. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later, peace.

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