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The Unwritten Rules Of Mountain Biking

The Unwritten Rules Of Mountain Biking

We’ve all been there we started out mountain biking and made some mistakes. Oh, yes, but we’ve got our unwritten rules for you Yeah, let’s look at the things to avoid some absolutely no nose and maybe a couple of trends or keep you looking in the note This is a beautiful full face helmet and it’s perfect for downhill racing But you don’t want to be seen on an XC bike with one of these Yeah yeah fr fr nigga i hear yo momma fucked that dog nothing suggests and you’re clueless about mountain biking and then wearing that full face helmet you look a little bit silly and it’s so Unpractical, it’s hot and it’s heavy Yeah, but we want to stress that there’s one thing worse than wearing one of these on your XC bike It’s wearing no lid at all. That’s a definite. No, I Think this one is obvious. It’s for everyone to see it’s plain as day. Don’t mix lycra and baggies What about downhill? No free ride. No don’t jump NASA gerrae, no cross country Oh god, no Seifer cross Anything never don’t mix like run baggies Their injury gap, oh not a good look is not it’s when you have uni pad ends There’s some bare skin and then your short starts. It’s not cool. It’s not fashionable and it’s just not right. Don’t do it Don’t do it Now unless you’re a professional cross-country Rider and riding World Cups You should never be seen dead in a lycra skin suit on mountain bikes and I tell you what Not even steady deed can pull this one off take a look You’re right No one can pull it off and I thought if anyone could Neil could but it can’t be done. Don’t wear skin suits It’s just to do That now I saw you do this the other day what you definitely were out in a day with your kneepads over your jeans Yeah, I mean not me. I definitely saw you do it. No, I think we may have got some footage of you doing it. No Scott that is you know that was you with your knee pads over jeans never My he’s in denial ever. Would I ever he’s in denial never he’s in denial. Have I ever but he did it? Without starting off as a mountain biking you never quite had the correct gear and one thing I did do Was trainers and flat pedals. Yeah You know tell you what no, grip no support but you’ve done it. Oh no way Oh, no do it looks awful. Now. I know for a fact you’ve done it. Look at this picture Just zoom in a little bit You can see them white trainers and you’ve got your full race kit on wait a minute zoom out. That’s not even me That’s you you just showed me the picture. Thanks for watching our unwritten rules to mountain biking but you know what? There’s no real wrong way to do it. Just make sure you go out and have fun on your bike Tell you what, though, we’d probably miss some unwritten rules So why don’t you write them in a comment section down below and let us know what we’ve missed and if you want to watch some more videos from champion wait click right here for five ways to impress your mates and you can click here for 10 ways to Ruin a mountain bike ride. Arnon wants to do that and don’t forget to click in the logo right here to subscribe Can you get it great than you were every day of the week and there’s only one thing left to do Scott give us thumbs up like

100 comments on “The Unwritten Rules Of Mountain Biking

  1. Thumbs Down. These twats telling people what they can and can't wear simply based on looks. Kinda pissed me off honestly.

  2. i wear old shit bottoms and a crap shirt i'm going to get covered in mud and if the lid's light i don't care . more into the ride than what i look like fun is the name of the game

  3. Haha, I did a coast to coast road bike ride in full enduro gear bar the knee pads….keeping it real🤘🏻….with flats

  4. I wear fullface commuting to work and back in downtown with a hardtail and loving every meter of it. It would be shame to lose teeth to a curbstone and i have had some close calls.
    If someone ridicules something just by the looks , you know that they"re full of shit

  5. if this had been titled '2 guys bitching about fashion' or '2 men making fun of clothing' it would have been more accurate

    and i wouldn't have watched it

  6. Full Face!!! Many people value their jaws, teeth and dental work, but of course you British well…..the entire planet knows just how crappy your dental hygene practices are. Go hit your face with a rock. Knee Pads/Armor. Any serious moto rider knows ATTGATT. Many places don't have free fookin health care. Nobody cares what you think. You guys and your pompous "fashion poser" shite are the same reason Brexit has your nuts in a twist and why people who should be wearing armor aren't. Quit being such fashion diva Bellends. Instant unsub.

  7. Wear what you can afford. First and foremost is a helmet. From there, get some knee and elbow protection along with gloves. Don't worry about whether or not it looks fashionable. Just get out, ride and enjoy. Leave the fashion police at home.

  8. It would be very nice if you give some advice what is good if something is bad. Pros and Cons. If skin suits are not good then baggy Fox Demo pants are… and things like this.

  9. i don't wear a helmet on or off road, one of these days i'll take a tumble split my skull open and regret my decisions but hey
    and i just wear trainers

  10. Im glad im not the only one who questions the helmet B.S. rule, lol. I'm 40 yrs old , and i LOVE bombing hills and trails on my bike. What the F— do i care about anyones thoughts about my helmet or any of my safety gear. As long as i am comfortable, confident, and make it home to my kids and family in one piece- Thats all that matters to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose theres an unspoken rule about wearing hard knee and shin pads as well, unless youre some enduro superstar????….. I wear hard knee and shin pads because ive dislocated my knee 8 times in my life, and i am FINALLY fully recovered from a compound tibial plateau fracture from 14 months ago that cost me my 11 year marriage. Wearing what i wear not only protects me but it gives me the confidence to push myself to MY limits because i know im much less likely to lose a job and my family due to injury and lack of insurance like i did a year ago. To hell with anyone who has something to say about my full face helmet and my hard knee and shin pads. I thought you guys were better than this, now i'm certainly questioning that thought process……

  11. What is this, grade school? I go full face on my Roscoe 8 on what YOU might consider to be bunny trails, but I FEEL SAFE. You don't like that I should feel the way I want to feel when I ride? Then BEGONE!! And take your bullshit fashion shaming elsewhere.

  12. Maybe this is a joke, but people can wear whatever the hell they want! Who gives a shit about how you look to someone else! I dont care what anyone thinks about me, im just having fun!

  13. I don't care about the enduro gap, i ride my bike with trainers, jordan's, skate shoes, mixing tight or loose football trikots with work trousers or shorts, baggies, jogging trousers, lederhosen, whatever. So what? 🙂

  14. Correction: These are the Fashion Rules. So the free spirit of mountain biking has fashion rules. When did Millennials and Snowflakes follow rules. Wear what you want and have fun.

  15. A warning to all those newbs who go with baggy shorts… make sure they aren't too baggy. The last two times I fell on my singlespeed was while dismounting after flubbing going over an obstacle, had to put a foot down to avoid a spill and my shorts caught on the saddle horn! No harm done but I could've done without landing in the cold frigid creek lol.
    Fit isn't so much a style thing as a safety thing.
    FYI I've worn everything from cutoff sweat pant shorts to baggies to road shorts. On hot summer rides there is nothing wrong with road shorts offroad, indeed if I'm managing to get my fat arse up the hill on my old school ss I don't think anyone is going to laugh too hard…

  16. Some of this is flat out bad advice… if you ever feel you need a full face helmet, wear one. If you have a $20 head, get a $20 helmet.

  17. a fullface helmet is more safe. safety > fashion. freaking terrible advice to not wear one, just because others might talk.

  18. really dont understand why tights aernt more of a thing. who gives a fuck. get a lil yoga in before the ride. riooooght

  19. Luckily here in 2019, we have abandoned much of the snobbery. Ive been riding for about 5 months and i do shorts and kneepads dirtjumping, never jeans, even though that is the proper attire, its just uncomfortable… Also i had a Helmet from riding horses, havent gotten around to getting a MTB Helmet.. Its expensive, my whole bike was 180 pounds and i do just fine.. Get the odd look, but who cares.. On another video Blake was talking about not using goggles with enduro Helmet, only glasses, but now you get enduro helmets with a strap for your goggles, like a snowboarding Helmet…. Things change people and us newbies dont adhere to your snobbery!! Haha, oh ya my shorts do also creep up so skin is visible over my kneepads. !!!!! Oh the horror!!!!!!

  20. let your speed determine your helmet. i can slam an intermediate course hard and put myself in way more danger than a slow rider down an advanced

  21. Dont bring your nearly 50 year old dad. Please just dont. It will save you getting anoyed at all the things he wobt do even though you said it would help him, like stand up. It will also save you a niose in your ear that sounds like slow down becaise he wont stand up and will go over rocks in his seat and real slow so he cant clear them.
    Besides that itll save him a sore arse the next day and even more complaining from him becaise he has to do it all over again. I learned the hard way

  22. I'm sorry but no trainers and flat pedals? Are you mental?
    I actually prefer trainers over purposed shoes. And i've NEVER slipped off my XT pedals with my trainers because i picked them EXACTLY for those pedals.

  23. can we get some ACTUAL mountain biking tips? who cares if you wear what you have, give us something real please?

  24. Who cares 🤷🏻‍♂️ just ride In what you can afford and what you find comfortable. Too much hype over what gear to ride in and videos comparing £5-6k bikes!
    Reign it in you lot! Much love 💕 peace out ✌️😋

  25. Why should I give a f*** about what other people think about my helmet? The next tree you'll hit won't give a shit as well. Good luck finding your mandible in the woods. "Haff anyone feen my teef?" lmao.

  26. I hit a tree head on and was just able to tilt my head out of the way. So idc what people think… Id rather wear my full helmet than have my teeth potentially busted out of my mouth or worse.

  27. Hmmmm…?

    Might wanna rename this one:

    Old Hipster douchebag beard fag and his catamite have the nerve to talk fashion faux pas because they have all the self awareness and calculation power of a Sinclair zx spectrum…

  28. So egocentric of your part. Never judge someone for their gear preference on their bike.

    I recall you have a video for "breaking the rules of mtb" or something like that, Blake and Neil did it and says all the contrary of what you guys say.

  29. Like sitting on a bike and rolling downhill without peddling , I wouldn't take my advice on MTB from a cripple. sorry not sorry

  30. Fuk all this. Friggin snobs. My full face fox frame is just as light as an open face and after bashing my face I don’t care what other riders think about my “fashion” sense.

  31. I use nike air max 95 to ride and it works for me. Also the people i see on the track i ride in Belgium all use lycra 😂 and i mean all of them except for me. And they all look at me like i’m crazy , i love it

  32. When I instructed groups the golden rule was be positive. Seems 50% of your channel is what not to do. A bit of a laugh but not much use to a newbie.

  33. Thumbs up for the laughs. You CAN see skin above my knee guards because you're looking. Quit looking at my legs.

  34. I know this video is old but these guys should shut the F**k up about what people wear, a full face helmet offers more protection then a half helmet and the trails around me have many rock gardens and big roots that would mess up your mouth if you land on them, and not everyone can afford the best gear out there having fun ridding is the only thing that matters

  35. your rules, not tend to discriminate. you should be fashion critics instead of talking as if you know everything. 🤬🤬🤬

  36. DO NOT listen to these guys about the FF helmet part. Wear what makes you feel protected. My dad is a dentist and has literally reconstructed or repaired people's jaws, lips, teeth, TONGUES, palates, etc. I swap between a 100% trajecta and a Giro open face depending on how I'm feeling and the trail. The "FF helmets are hot and hard to breathe in" argument doesn't stand up anymore with the engineering advances. Honestly this is a super irresponsible video for an MTB channel with the number of views these guys have.

  37. Are you two morons seriously telling me that I can't wear a full face helmet on trails… Fuck you, unless you dipshits are gonna pay my dental bills Im wearing a fucking full face.
    The type of bike you ride is what determines the helmet? That is so pretentious… It should depend on the terrain you ride on. Seriously. I have lost a lot of respect for GMBN. The only dude whos word I trust is Blakes.

  38. This is the biggest disappointment of a video. Id rather listen to Baby by Justin Bieber than to ever listen to these two talk about whats in and out. Stfu losers. Just ride. This shit isnt a fucking fashion show. Wear whats safe and comfortable.

  39. Comments do a much better job than the vid of providing unwritten rules. I’m walking away from this vid knowing to always help someone on the side of the trail bc that could be me one day instead of being ashamed of wearing trainers

  40. Most important thing, make sure youre protected, comfortable and having fun and never make fun of beginners, help and make sure the cocky ones get their karma

  41. Whats worse then a full face helmet at anytime on any bike? People who clown someone for protecting themselves regardless how it looks!!! LAME ASS RULE!!!!!

  42. well , i like to pair lycra and baggies 🤣 when i have a noon ride where the sun can literally burn you 🤣 and its more comfortable to wear lycra than shorts for me 😁

  43. Why does the MTB community so concerned about fashion. Why do we have to buy bike specific, over priced clothing. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and ride you bike. Who the hell cares.

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