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The Weirdest Thing That You’ve Seen On A Bike Ride? | GCN Show Ep. 337

– From the middle of the jungle in the Sian Ka’an Natural Reserve
in Quintana Roo, Mexico – [Together] Welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up this week
we talk all the weird, the wonderful and the frankly wacky things that you see whilst out riding your bike. – We’ve also got a new
record in the Trans Am, an epic update from the Tour Divide, and more GCN cakes! (pounding music) (whoosing sound) This week in the world of
cycling we learned that I’ve got a little way
to go before I qualify for the Crankworx Slopestyle in Innsbruck. (rocky music) – The GCN cakes are now an actual thing. – They are, hot on the
heels of last week’s yellow jersey GCN cake, is this one presented to Brandon Woods
by his mum for his birthday. (cheering) – That is sick. – Happy birthday Brandon! I hope you enjoyed your cake. We also learnt this week,
whilst the Netherlands has cycling infrastructure
that we are all jealous of even the Dutch aren’t immune to weather. – [Dan] They’re not, this
is Wim, who appears to have given up half was through
riding through a tunnel that was submerged in
about a meter of water after a thunderstorm. – [Chris] I used to ride
my bike through there pretty much everyday when
I lived in IJsselstein. – [Dan] Did you? – [Chris] I did. – [Dan] Never with a meter
of water in it though. Fair play to Wim for even
trying to get through it. Finally this week, we learnt
that you lot have seen some rather weird and wonderful things whilst you’ve been out riding your bikes. And so have we in fact. Collectively we’ve done
hundreds of thousands of miles out on bike rides, and
occasionally you are rewarded with some ultra
rare and curious sights. – One of the weirdest things
I’ve seen recently, Dan was actually you out on a bike. – Ultra rare. – Ultra, well I’m only
joking, I haven’t seen you on a bike since GCN Mallorca in March. But this weekend when
I was out on my bike, looking across the amazing
poppy fields which are currently covering the Cotswolds, I couldn’t help but remind myself about all the amazing sights
I’ve seen over the years. You know, the beautiful mountain ranges, the coastlines, the
wildlife which continues to go about its daily business despite humans having plowed up their environment, covered it in tarmac and towns. I wish I had a 360° camera on my bike, so I could take the little
glimpses that I’m getting back home so other people
could see what I’m seeing. – Yeah. – For me, birds of prey,
Dan, go straight to the top of my list of beauty. Just this weekend had two massive ones sweep right over me. – Oh really? – Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. There’s no doubt that
as cyclists we’re very privileged in terms of the amount of beauty we get to see in nature. But then there are also certain weird and wonderful things that I don’t think can be classed as beautiful. I mean some of those
has evolved over time, through technology or
just different habits in the way that I ride, where I ride and what time I ride. But they’ve changed nonetheless. – Yeah I know what you mean. So when I was younger, I used to ride with my local club early
on a Sunday morning either in late summer or in early winter. And we would see a lot of young people doing the walk of shame and its something I don’t really see anymore because I don’t live near a town and I don’t ride early on a Sunday morning. – Well no, walk of shame people generally only have one shoe on don’t they? – Yes. – And they’re also
generally covered in some of their own bodily fluids. – Yeah, something else I don’t see anymore is discarded adult
entertainment in ditches. You used to see it always
scattered around the edges of – [Dan] No!
– [Chris] towns and cities. – There is a name for
that, hedgerow porn was the name for that, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – No, you never ever see that anymore. – Internet ruins everything. – No, well I must admit
I’ve never ever seen a discarded iPad in incognito
mode in a ditch before. (Chris laughing) Talking about weird
things that you’ve seen out cycling, did I ever tell you the story about that rabbit that
ran through my mate’s Sprinergy and got slightly
cut but not quite dead? (chopping knife sound) – I think I vaguely remember seeing it on a GCN show a while ago – I think, I think yeah I have said it on a GCN show before. – Yeah, well for me
generally my misfortune to spotting weird things is generally people doing things in
cars that people should normally do indoors. – Really? – Yeah, cue uncomfortable eye contact and a quick escape made by all parties. – Ah, right well we’ve been asking you what you’ve seen, the
most weird and wonderful things out on a bike ride. You’ve responded in your
droves over on Instagram and indeed on Twitter, so
we’re going to go through a few of those now. Some of them are alarming. Some of them are just
downright impressive. First up, this one from Wduray. On the side of a well traveled bike path one afternoon I saw a man
taking a poo in a bush. Which reminds me of a certain predicament I was in about a week ago, out riding with my son Jude in Moors Valley Country
Park near the New Forest. About 10 minutes into the
ride I suddenly got that, I wouldn’t say itchy
feeling but the feeling that I needed to go and I thought, well I’ll be fine, it’s
only a 25 minute ride, I’ll make it round. Another five minutes in, bit further, another five minutes in I
said, Jude I’ve got to stop. So I went running into
the forest, nobody saw me, except Jude, who’s probably
scarred for life now. But I had to go, I had to go yeah. – Wow – Anyway, moving on. (record scratching sound) – Next up is one of the scariest ones I’ve ever heard of, Dan. Gardavo over on Instagram
has written in with, I once saw a man riding a bike with a lit disposable BBQ – [Dan] Oh my word!
perched on the handlebars. Can you imagine if that went wrong? – Why? – Loves living dangerously. – Why would you do that? – There’s a bit of a
theme in the next couple. This from kirsty1507, naked ramblers is all Kirsty has said. Whilst max_the_ferg has
said I saw a naked man riding a Honda CRF 450 doing wheelies. Very specific on the model of motorcycle, I’m surprised he even noticed that with a naked man on top of it. Meanwhile, Chris A on
twitter sent us this photo of something that he saw
out riding on his bike, an upturned light aircraft in a field, with a man on a motorized lawnmower, well, they’re all motorized,
a sit on lawnmower, looking at it. – [Chris] Wow. Commonsense101 used his
common sense when he saw this sign in South Africa, the Karoo. It reads climb over this
fence and you’re dead. He obviously didn’t
cross that sign did he? [Dan] Well, don’t think
I’d be crossing that sign, that’d be risky business
once you’d read that, wouldn’t it. – [Chris] It would. – This is from baricyuz. The weirdest thing that
he’s seen out on a bike ride is people using $8 tires on a $3,000 bike. – Ooh, next up is one of my favorites. Rich and Gareth from Braunton,
North Devon saw this, a Peugeot 106 with two sheep in the back. They’ve included a nice
little picture there. (sheeping baa-ing sound) – [Dan] Oh my goodness. That’s your neck of the
woods isn’t it, next door? – It is, but you would never
catch me driving like that. – Oh my word. I was going to say,
you’ve probably never seen anything like that ’cause it
was you in the driver’s seat. You. Mark Hagan, I did a bike
packing trip in North Vietnam and saw a six year old boy riding an ox, down a mountain. – It’s a sport over there, mountain oxing. – Not something you see everyday though. – Well it is over there. (laughing) Then we have Kevin S over on Twitter, beware jerks who dump… – [Dan] Pets. – [Chris] pets for
coyote, for coyote bait, karma will get you. There you go. – [Dan] Blimey. He said, I should also
note that the the Strava segment for this stretch of road is called Coyote Drop-off. – [Chris] Brilliant. – Eemeli said I once saw an
Audi driver use an indicator! Boom boom. – Yeah. – That got 28 likes on Twitter that did. – That’s good that, actually. A ca… eh, A Shy Poster sorry, a car once gave us 1.5m clearance when passing. – Wow, they’re getting slightly
sarcastic now aren’t they? Al Houghton, a chicken
stood on a cow’s back, nothing else in the field, one
chicken, one cow, that’s it. That is slightly weird isn’t it? But it’s nice that they’re close together. Dougherzz over on Instagram
again, someone reading a book on an iPad whilst riding. Skillful, multitasking. – But weird. – Normally people
reserve that for driving, that sort of activity. – Well yeah true. And finally, chasing_mice
put, I’ve been chased by elephants cycling in Sri Lanka. Very scary moment, very surreal too. Serves you right for chasing mice in first place, chasing_mice. – As ever, I’m sure we’ve
only scratched the surface of the weird things that
you’ve seen out on your bikes. If you do have a story that
you want to tell us about, drop it in the comments below, and we’re going to read out a few of
the best ones next week. – Yeah try and keep it clean. Bet there are going to be
some good ones actually. But before we finish with weird things and cycling, here’s Si. – Ah, see what you
tried to do there Lloydy but I’m not actually cycling, right now. Following on from that
point actually about being chased by elephants
I learnt yesterday that of all the predators in Idaho, mountain lions, black
bears, actually the thing that I need to be scared of most is moose which can be highly aggressive
and are also enormous. So anyway, there we go,
that was news to me. Right, whilst here in the wilderness I thought it was an opportune moment to talk about the Tour
Divide, which is that epic bike packing race that goes off road from Canada right down through the US, the length of the Rockies,
to the Mexican border. Friend of GCN and our
kind of bike packing guru, Josh Ibbett is currently
out there in the field and has sent us a couple of updates. (wind blowing) – So the Great Brush Mountain
Lodge Armistice is finished. Basically, a load of us got (wind blowing) kind of stuck, probably the right word, ’cause it was really windy and there was a big storm, loads of snow
up on top of the pass here, and yeah we just got
stuck there for 48 hours. Well, I did anyway. A load of guys came after
us and then, it’s a real struggle mentally ’cause
you kind of, you finish, you shut down and then
it’s hard to get going and your body starts shutting down. But all the guys who
came 24 hours after us, they still had a bit of fire in them and they left early this morning at 3am, and I got up and no one
was there and I was like, (bleeping noise) just got to finish this, so. (sharp inhale of breath) So here I am. – Conditions undeniably absolutely grim. Take a look at this photo of Josh’s bike. No surprise that he
and Lael turned around. Also the runaway leader
had actually managed to get lost in a snowstorm up there. He also had to turn back and then has subsequently pulled out the race. Probably hampered in no small part due to the fact he’d only had three
hours sleep in eight days. Now, it looks like all
those riders that had been held up at Brush Mountain Lodge have now made it over the pass, but
they’re some way behind the four leaders that had made it through before that storm hit, a storm which I’m told
is the worst summer storm to hit Colorado in 30 years. Anyway, current leader on
the road is Chris Seistrup, he’s got less than 1,800 miles to go. I thoroughly suggest you check in with to get your updates ’cause it’s strangely fascinating. – Thank you very much Si. We’ve actually got our
own new kit to show you right now though. – Yes we have, Dan. The new GCN fan kit,
available for pre-order over at the shop, – [Dan] Yep, they’ve proven
very popular over the last few months, have the GCN fan kits. This one is available in
both men’s and women’s fit, so as Chris said, it’s
available for pre-order now, so if you head over to you can do that, pre-order
right over there. I’m a fan of this fan kit actually. (drumming music) Next up it’s the weekly GCN
inspiration competition. A reminder of how you enter this, you either need to use the hashtag GCNinspiration on Instagram
or just use the uploader, there’s a link to that
in the description below. Well worth doing, and
submitting your photos, because there are three prizes on offer, each and every week: £50 for third place, £75 for second, and £100 if you win the top
prize to spend on anything you want over at the Wiggle online shop. – And also, I quite like going
through all the pictures. – You always use the hashtag
GCNInspiration don’t you? – I try. – I think it’s for more
followers though isn’t it? – No, it’s for more likes Dan. – Is it, of is that what it is? (laughing) Right, in third place then. – In third place we
have Eduardo who’s from Stradalli Catania but he’s
on the Empire Pass in Utah, just on a normal training
ride, after riding up Empire Pass, 10km, 10% average gradient. – [Dan] Look at that. I wonder how many takes that took him to get the right photo. – [Chris] He’s done well
though, I like that. – Yes well done to you,
£50 for third place. But in second this week, it
is Juan with this picture that came in from Sunmer
over in New Zealand. He said, I didn’t know
why there were no cyclists that day. It happened to be
that it was the official coldest day of the year. At the beach it reminded
me of summer though. That is beautiful and
actually reminds me of some riding I used to do over
the Purbecks in Swanage area. Doesn’t look dissimilar. – [Chris] Looks lovely. – Right shall we have
a drum roll for first? – Shall we? (drumming)
Badabababa! Markus over in Finland,
surrounded by green trees. On what looks to be a purpose
built, gravel path for bikes. – [Dan] I do love that photo. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Dan] It does look like a purpose built gravel bike path doesn’t it? And if you can use that
for your commute to work and back that’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve no idea where it is though, so it might not be a commute at all. But I’d love to ride it either way. Don’t forget to get
involved, ready for next week for your chance to win
one of the three prizes. (fanfare horn sound) (pranging noise) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Cycling Shorts now, and
we’re going to start with news that Giant bicycles chairwoman, Bonnie Tu, says that days could be
numbered for bicycles produced in China. – The reason for this are Donald Trump’s newly imposed import
tariffs that have come about through the trade dispute
between the USA and China, which basically are going
to mean it’s not really cost effective to make
bikes in China anymore. Tu says that, on average,
Giant bicycles imported into the USA will have
an extra tariff of $100, which is a lot. – [Chris] Instead manufacturing
giants such as Giant are going to be building factories closer to their markets, so
in Hungary for example, for the European market. – Which is all right for
them, because they’re big enough that they can afford to do it. I mean they’ve got to
please the shareholders, they’ve got to ultimately
maximize their profits again, and they will do that. But you’d imagine that
for smaller businesses that have their bikes produced in China this could pose a big problem and really negatively affect their businesses. – Yep, it’ll be interesting
to see how it pans out. (whoosing noise) Moving on down, the
greatest athlete you’ve never heard of? Possibly. This week I found a
really interesting article about Oskar Svendsen, a
physically gifted youngster who has raised the bar
for what is thought to be the edge of human performance. – It was really interesting. You sent it over to me, it’s
in Outside Online magazine if you’d like to check it out yourself. They basically detailed
a lot of his laboratory testing over a period of
time, laboratory testing which ultimately culminated
in that record breaking, and frankly astounding VO2 max test where he recorded 96.7ml per kg
of body weight per minute. – [Chris] Yup, but
ultimately, despite being able to process 7.397l of oxygen
per minute, it wasn’t enough to overcome the
other aspects of cycling where he lacked a little, so
the technical side of things, which he openly said was an issue, the tactical side of
things, and then you’ve got the cumulative fatigue of
all of these short intense efforts built up over a
long season of racing. – And the point of this story is? – And the point of this
story is cycling is by no means a one dimensional sport, and no matter how fit you are, there’s always another aspect
that you can be focusing on, and if you’re not that
fit you can probably overcome that deficit by focusing on those other aspects anyway. – Good point to the story, Chris. We’re going to move over to
the ultra endurance world now and give you a story about a
new record in the Trans Am. Congratulations Abdullah
Zeinab who went through what must’ve been an
agonizing 16 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes to complete
the 4,200 mile course, which meant that he averaged
over 250 miles per day. And also, a massive
congratulations to the winner of the women’s event Leah Metzeragova. She completed that distance in just under 21 and a half days, which
actually was good enough to give her a top 10 placing overall, ninth I would personally say in fact, because there was a
tandem pairing in fifth. – That’s good going, that. Also finishing last week
was the Race Across America, which was won by Christoph Strasser, for a sixth time out
of the last nine years. (whoosing sound) Some way off his record
but still over half a day ahead of the next best rider. What a legend. – He’s an absolute legend. He must know America well, as well by now, Christoph Strasser. – Well one road anyway. – Well that is true, I
presume it’s the same road every year, is it? – I was guessing it would be. – Also, at the time of
filming, The Racing Collective GBDURO event is taking
place and currently it is Lachlan Morton of EF Education First who is leading the way. – [Chris] Blimey. The event is a 2,000km
self-supported four stage event with over 30,000 meters of climbing, across all terrains and
surfaces the UK has to offer. – Properly old endurance then. – Properly. – You know, I was looking
at pro cycling stats earlier and I see that
Lachlan, in his normal job, has done 30 days of pro racing, which has accumulated him 4,391km. So in effect, this event
is going to add about 50% of distance to his racing
kilometers this year. – That’s a lot isn’t it? – Yeah. – He’s going to have quite a wait for the after party thought isn’t her? – He is yeah, that’s on July 2nd isn’t it, in John O’Groats. Presumably he’ll have to fly back for it, ’cause he’s going to be
finished way before then. – Yeah he is, at this rate. Anyway, in other news,
the UCI this week has announced reforms to
its UCI track calender. – [Dan] They have, and
it hasn’t gone down well with everybody has it? Amongst those reforms
are the fact that the prestigious UCI World
Cup is set to disappear, or at least be renamed
to the UCI Nations Cup. And as the name suggests, that means it’s only open to national track teams. – [Chris] And then consider
that the series is now going to be over three
rounds, rather than the six that we were accustomed
to with the World Cup. That’s going to take place just
between July and September, followed closely by the World Champs, which moves from March over to October. – Those are the confirmed changes, but they also did say that they’ll be launching a brand new series which will take place over the winter months, which is going to be new and innovative, and brilliant for the TV spectator, although no further details were in that press release, so we’re waiting to see what that’s all about. The fact though that
it’s national teams only at the World Cup is going to have a hugely negative affect on trade teams though such as the BEAT’s Team
from the Netherlands and the HUUB Wattbike
Team here from Derby. – [Chris] Yeah, HUUB Wattbike
who were understandably quite upset at this announcement have actually written an
open letter to the UCI, and personally, I think it’s a real shame that we’re not going to get to see these underdogs challenging the more established national teams going forward, because they have been one of the biggest stories in track cycling in recent years . – Yeah they have yeah,
there’s no doubt about that. (pounding music) – Now the real reason
for coming out to Idaho wasn’t actually to learn about moose but instead to check out
some of the amazing tech that’s been on display here at Outerbike. Perhaps causing the biggest stir of all was this new wheel set from
Hunt called the 48 Limitless. Now they’ve been doing a whole
load of wind tunnel testing and they say that these
are the fastest mid-depth wheel set in the world,
which is a really big claim, and even bigger when
you factor in the price, ’cause they’ve kept it really low for this carbon wheel set, particularly
when you take into consideration they’ve
got the nice touch of some ceramic speed bearings in there. Now, I guess the question
is, how are they so aero? And the answer seems to
be that they are wide, like, super wide, 34.5mm wide in fact. And the reason a wide
rim can be more aero, is because you need to factor in the tire, pretty essential part of any wheel set, but it’s really important
when designing the shape of the rim, because the
two have to work together in tandem of course. So when you have a rim
that is wider than the tire the overall shape that it
creates can be much closer to that of a true aerofoil,
therefore minimizing turbulence on both the leading and the
trailing edges of the rim. However, wider isn’t just
automatically better. It does being with it
a couple of problems. You either have to have a
super wide rim bed on there, meaning that you would
struggle to safely run standard width road tires. Or, you have a normal
width rim bed on there but then you have a
load of additional mass because the carbon side
walls have to be so thick. And it’s here that Hunt
have come up with the really cool trick, one
they’re actually patenting. So, they’ve chosen a
rim bed width of 22.5mm, which’ll work with 25mm tires
and it’s optimized for 28. And then, to offset the
additional weight that that might create, they
have basically engineered a recess into the carbon
fiber, and what would be your breaking surface. And then, they’ve filled it
with a low density polymer before curing the whole thing together. And that low density
polymer is actually half the weight of the carbon
fiber that it replaces, meaning that they save 50g per rim. The whole thing comes in
at 1,582g for the pair. And you got to remember
this technology wouldn’t be able to happen were it not for the fact that these are disc specific wheels. It’s allowed them to be
both wide, and tailor the shape of the rim’s side walls, and furthermore, replace
some of that carbon with the low density polymer. (sniffing) The other thing to
mention is that these are tubeless specific wheels
and as you’ll know there’s all that research
out there at the minute showing that tubeless
tires can be the lowest rolling resistance tires out there. So all in all, they sound like a fairly speedy pair of wheels. (pounding music) – It’s been a little while
since we had a giveaway, but we’ve got a massive
one for you this week. This is an opportunity
for two people to go and ride part of the final
stage of the Tour de France this year, courtesy of Les Cadets Juniors. Some of you will remember that actually, because Emma went to cover this
very thing for us last year. – Entrants must be between
15 and 18 years of age and if you live in Europe your
travel costs will be covered. Unfortunately though,
sorry, if you don’t live in Europe, you have to
pay your own way there. – Have to make your own way there, yeah. Either way, all accommodation
is going to be paid for. As I said though, a
huge opportunity because those two lucky winners
will get to ride part of that last day which of
course goes into the Champs-Élysées, the famous Champs-Élysées on Sunday 28th July. – Yup, you’ll need to
supply your own bike, but Continental will
provide you with riding kit and tires, so all in all
it’s well worth entering, I would say. – Yup, and you can find
out how to enter in the description just below this video. I mean, make sure you
do it because how cool would it be, well firstly to be between 15 and 18 years old still, now that I’m 20 years beyond that, but secondly to ride
part of that final stage, it’s what all cyclists dream of isn’t it? – [Chris] Yup! It’d be amazing. – I’m going to be there
actually for Eurosport, so I’ll cheer you in if you win. (drilling noise) – Hack forward slash bodge
coming up for you right now. And we’re going to start
off with a monumental hack. (whacking sound) This masterpiece has come
into us from Chet Langford, and I can tell you first
hand, he’s been working on this for months because
he’s been messaging me over on Instagram updates to this build. – [Chris] Ahh, that’s why
you’re calling it a hack before you’ve even checked. – [Dan] Well yes, this
is a Liv bike that he’s made and customized for his
girlfriend Jennifer Phillips, and I think you’ll agree, the results on this one
are quite spectacular, that pick chain even glows in the dark. – [Chris] Can’t argue with
the Dan, that is a hack, that looks out of this world. – [Dan] Well done Chet. All of that time you put
into it was well worth it. – [Chris] Next up is
a hack from Alex Hack, self professed, Australia, Adelaide. Magpies keep swooping at
me in the swooping season., I had to Google what this was,
so he did a bit of research and found that magpies
don’t like bling objects. So he put fake diamonds on his helmet and he hasn’t had a
magpie swoop at him since. – [Dan] Wow. – [Chris] These animals are vicious. – [Dan] Maybe he’s found a
solution to a genuine problem ’cause we often get people from Australia and New Zealand telling
us about swooping season and it sounds horrific
and in fact we’ve seen videos before haven’t we? – Yeah, it’s brutal. – They attack you like nobody’s business. Right, onto this one from Dan, I was sick of my kids
just dropping their bikes in the middle of the garage floor, so I built a mini bike
rack for them out of some leftover bits of
wood from another project. (whacking sound) – [Chris] Hack, easily, look at that. – [Dan] Anything that keeps your bikes neatly stored is a hack for me. He’s done a good job there. – [Chris] Anything made from wood, looks stunning always. – [Dan] Three hacks from three so far. What about this one from Tim? – [Chris] Tim up next, Indre-et-Loire, my terrible French pronunciation, sorry, switching from toe straps to MTB cleats he started getting
pains in his right knee, a broken leg in his teens
left him with his right foot twisted outwards
so he’s made an aluminum wedge to fit under the
cleat to incline his foot and have less, no, he’s
had no pain since sorry. – [Dan] Well, if that’s
worked that’s another hack. (bashing noise) Four from four so far. I’m sure there’d a bodge
somewhere this week. Serge up next. A friend of his, found a
way to carry her banana while adding minimal weight
using self adhesive gauze. – [Chris] It didn’t work
that well though apparently, 40km later the banana was quite bruised. – You don’t even need
to touch a banana for it to be bruised, just put
it in the driver’s side in the passenger seat
next to you and go on and hour’s journey. – Yeah. – It’s all bruised by the end of it. – Great for making banana bread. – And finally, a
correction from last week, I was in the bad books
of Luis Lemus about this, which I proclaimed was a bodge. Apparently the cranks
there are not to turn the spit but rather to range the grill. – [Chris] Now, that’s pretty smart. – [Dan] I’m going to make
sure it’s deemed a hack. (thumping noise) Okay, so. – And the previous one with the banana? (boinging noise) That’s a bodge. – [Dan] Yeah, definite bodge. (pounding music) – Caption competition time
now, your weekly chance of course to get yourself a
GCN Camelback water bottle. All you’ve got to do is out
your best caption underneath the photo in the comments section below. Last week’s photo was this one, this is of course Victor
Campenaerts on the podium at the Tour of Belgium with a large keg of beer above his head. We’ve got a winner, but
we’ve got a token mention to start with. – [Chris] With the caption,
this time, I’m going for Lloydy’s hour record. – Good one that. Not quite good enough to win though. – No, the winner this week is, Mathias Tang with can
someone please hand me the barrel adjuster? – Very, very clever, year
we had some really good ones underneath last week’s show. Get in touch with us with
a message on Facebook Mathias and we’ll get
that bottle out to you as soon as we possibly can. This week’s photo was
also in fact from the Criterium du Dauphine, Paul was also on the podium of that race. I’m going to get you started, when it rains it Pauls. – Oh Dan. – I was really happy with that. – Aw. – Can’t believe you’ve got
your head in your hand. (Chris laughing) Didn’t think that was good? All right well if you can
do better please leave your captions in the
comments section down below. (zooming noises) It’s time now for a brand new segment here on the GCN Show,
which is one actually that we’ve carried over from ask GCN Anything which is taking a break on Fridays for the next few months for some new content that’s up and coming. It’s basically your opportunity
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do is use the hashtag, ask GCN training, down
in the comments below or over on Twitter or
even Instagram and we will find your questions, send it off to the coaches at Zwift and answer them. First up though, this
week’s winner is Mark Jones who writes in with the following question, I’m heading to Belgium in the summer to take on some cobbled climbs. Can you recommend any
good sessions to prepare for the unique Flandrian conditions? – Well before we recommend the sessions, first up Mark, you are going to absolutely love the bike riding in Belgium. I mean, admittedly it’s
not as exotic as heading to the Dolomites or the
Alps or the Pyrenees, but the advantage is that
you get to ride some of the most famous climbs and
roads in the world of cycling in quite a short period of time. – [Chris] Yeah. – Plus, Belgian beer! – I thought you might say that. Honestly though you
cannot believe how close most of these roads are together. So to get onto the
training, despite whatever level of fitness you
may have, the one unique feature of the Flandrian
climbs is actually they are relatively short,
so you’re looking at efforts of under five minutes in duration, so you’re going to want to
do some repeated efforts. – Yep, we’ve got a couple
of sessions planned for you, actually one of them is very structured. So, what you do is get a good warm up in and then do six to
eight repeat on a climb, if you’ve got one near you, of four minutes each in duration. For those four minutes you want to try and ride at 120% of your FTP, or if you’re going on feel, it’s probably a nine to
nine and a half out of ten effort level, isn’t it. Alternatively, if you don’t
want that level of structure, what you can do is go
out, find a few climbs on a loop near you, maybe
two to three in the same lap. Just do three laps where you go out, and go hard on the climbs
and then easy in between, making sure that they’re reasonably short, less than five minutes each, – If it is flat where you
live, you could always do this by slightly over-gearing yourself and doing these efforts on the flat, similar duration again. Now, there’s one thing to think about, actually no, first off,
you can do a couple of these sessions a week,
within your normal training, and then whilst you’re
doing these sessions, it’s actually quite
important to remain seated because these climbs, with cobbles and the bouncing around,
it’s actually quite hard to maintain traction at the
rear wheel, so to ensure, especially when it’s wet. So to ensure that you don’t
have any issues with that if you prepare yourself before going out to remain seated for the
entirely of those efforts you will be in a much better
place to tackle those climbs. – Yeah, you’ll find it much easier. Let us know how you get on Mark. And for the rest of you,
don’t forget to keep your training questions coming
in with the hashtag, askgcntraining, and you can
leave that in the comments section below, or indeed over on Twitter. (pumping music) We have, as ever, picked out
three of our favorite comments from the previous seven
days of GCN videos. First up it’s this from Mr Anderson. This was below the video about how to look behind you when you’re cycling. He says, the sad thing is,
when Dan learnt how to look behind him safely, all he could
do was see the broom wagon. You picked that one out didn’t you? – I did. Do you jump in the broom
wagon or do you carry on riding, full of shame? – I don’t know if I ever
went in the broom wagon. – I did many times. – Maybe once. – Underneath Ask GCN Anything, my wife is a half wheeler but in walking, thinks she just walks faster than me but she’s just half legging, now
I know the term, thanks guys. – Half legging, never
heard that one before. Meanwhile, underneath
last week’s GCN Show, joenne put Dan is an
above average presenter. – Aw, that’s nice. – I stumbled on that
though so I’m not great, as that comment points out. – You are above average though. – This is after me requesting a comment that said I was a good presenter. There were a few people
that said Dan’s a brilliant presenter, but not that many. – Right. – Most people put above average or below. – Some people put, Dan is a presenter (laughing) which I
thought was quite funny. – Yes, of sorts. Right, onto what’s
coming up on the channel over the net seven days. On Wednesday we’re going
to give you some hacks for riding in the rain
which would’ve been useful here in the UK for the
previous eight weeks or so, which’ve been pretty torrential. On Thursday, we’re going to
bust five pro cycling myths, and on Friday, Si is going
to bring you an epic ride from where he is at the moment in Idaho. – Saturday we’re comparing
cyclists with footballers, that’s me against a
professional footballer. Sunday, we follow James
McDonald as he attempts to ride more than 900km in 24 hours, and that is an absolute epic which James or Hank as we know him, went
over to see at the velodrome, that’s going to be absolutely incredible. Monday’s the Racing News
Show, and then Tuesday is back with the GCN Show. – Episode 338! (whistling) Right that is all for this week, but if you would like to
see what Hank and Ollie were up to over in Poland last week you can find that video from the weekend, just down here. (swooshing noises)

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