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The White Line trail is Sketchy and Deadly 💀

The White Line trail is Sketchy and Deadly 💀

Behind the lens of a GoPro, smushed into two
dimensions, the White Line looks—serviceable. But view it from afar and—well I’m I’m
being generous when I say it looks sketchy as f— I scoured message boards and comment threads
everywhere to see what you want to know about the White Line, and there’s one question
that keeps popping up most. Has anyone every screwed this up? The answer is yes, and we’re going to get
to that. But in case you’re unfamiliar with this
insane looking feature, we should start with a little refresher. The White Line is in Sedona Arizona, and no
it’s not a marked trail that people are supposed to ride. It is what it sounds like—a line. Sedona is known for its exposed sandstone
formations, and indeed many of the trails there, traverse off camber sections of cliff. If you’ve ridden anywhere in the desert,
you’ve probably experienced this in some form. But the White Line is different in that it’s
an absolute spectacle. From the right angle it looks ridiculous,
which is why it makes for a great YouTube video. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some
or all of these videos. Some are expertly shot and feature veteran
riders traversing the line with no hesitation at all. Others chronicle the experiences of first
timers. My buddy Phil rode the White Line last year
on a very windy day. It was one of the scariest videos I’ve ever
seen. But even Phil’s harrowing experience gave
me a case of the GoPro effect. That is to say, it wouldn’t be that bad
in real life. Eric Porter took me up to
the white line, and things didn’t start out well. My tires were pretty dirty, and I didn’t
realize how much skill and concentration it would actually take to traverse the off camber
section. Your tire pressure needs to be dialed. There are also creases in the rock which multiply
the sketch factor. Fall against the rock, and you can hold on
for sure. Fall away from the rock and, experience a
violent tumble into the ravine. I’ve never been afraid of heights, but unlike
standing at the edge of a building this was a little more engaging. And the sketchy off-camber section is just
an appetizer. The real moment of truth comes when you’re
faced with this 180 degree turn at the end. I’m the most experienced I’ve ever been
on a bike, so I’m keenly aware that things can and do go wrong. Overcook this rock roll, and die. Go OTB, and likely die. Lose traction, and experience a high likelihood
of die. Watching from below us on Chicken Point, was
an audience of tourists in pink jeeps, who’s guides had stopped to treat them to the rare
sight of people actually being up here. Faced with stage fright and a terrifying cliff,
I decided it would be better to just watch Eric do it and live to ride another day. So you may be wondering, what happens if you
do manage to botch this maneuver? Simon is a mountain bike coach and Sedona
OG. According to him, nobody has died on the white
line yet, but a few have come close. From some angles you can see another hump
which as Simon put it, is possible to tree frog on to should you start to tumble. But yeah after that it’s a cliff and die,
all of the die. I’d love to say that walking away from this
maneuver was a sign of growth and maturity on my part. A new wiser Seth, complete with good judgement. But after watching Eric do it… After riding down to the lower shelf, it’s
pretty easy to get back as it’s mostly flat. On the second lap, took Eric’s advice and
focused more on the micro shelves in the sandstone. That time, we both cleaned it and it seemed
a lot less scary to me. But should you view the white line as a kind
of bucket list item that you absolutely must do, I can give you more than one reason to
sit it out. First of all, the locals won’t be impressed
at all. I almost vomited listening to Simon talk about
white line plus, which is another 20 feet higher and much more difficult to clean. There are also countless lines out in the
desert that are much harder and more dangerous. The White line is also, not as easy as you
think. I thought it was just going to be a high consequence
chest puffing contest, but it’s actually tricky. To make matters worse, you’ll have an audience. So if like 30 or 40 people watching you as
you stand at the edge of a cliff makes you a little nervous, maybe sit out the White
Line. Also consider the cost of failure. Even if you survive they’ll send you a large
bill for the helicopter rescue you will likely need. Finally, it won’t look all that scary on
your GoPro, not compared to real life even slightly. So although it looks positively amazing from
afar, the White Line is no reason to travel to Sedona. Instead go there for the countless miles of
incredible trails, great views, awesome food, and good people. Although, I should be one to talk. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  2. That was very, very dumb. Unnecessary risk and very little reward. Please don't ever do anything like this anymore, I plan to enjoy your channel for a long while.

  3. I’m 34 and never ridden a bike in my life nor been to any bike trail for that reason but this was a very interesting video, might just learn to ride a bike now

  4. I couldn't watch! But then,,,I just had to see it. Love love love Sadona and I'd never take the white line.

  5. 3:33 Someone went over the top with the white paint…

    Meanwhile… I still struggle on flat ground with a motorcycle, when faced with diesel and ice!

  6. You can die riding a bike down the street too…. won’t stop idiot bicyclists from not obeying street laws and running stop signs and red lights getting tboned and killed because of their stupidity.

  7. I watched 2 seconds and thought, "no fucking way". I like mountain biking cuz it's fun, not cuz i like to go begging for proof of God's existence via a miracle that im still breathing by the end of it.

  8. go pro fish eye aks wide angle lens is what fucks up perspective…. get another camera like red which has both flat and wide angle lenses….

  9. Liked the maturity in your decision making and same in suggestions to others…There is a fine line between daring and foolishness

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    Yeah what about it?
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