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The World’s Fastest Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 67

(metallic whooshing) – This week, we’ve got hot
new tech from Flanders, plus casual clothing for
cyclists who like to remain, well, understated I guess. – Plus, a bike that’s gonna
be used in next week’s Hour record attempt. – And all the usual favorites. (energetic electronic music) (metallic whooshing) Right, first up this week then, let’s talk about some tech
being used in Flanders. But sadly, well, neither of us
there on the ground, were we? Because well, our mate Lloydy was there, but who knows what he was getting up to? – Fun photo. Used to take pride of
place in the dining room. Now it’s in this old back
corridor on the way to the toilet. – Firstly, we’ve got the
bike here of Mads Pedersen, or Mads Pedersen, and he was
apparently the only rider to be using the new one-by
SRAM RED AXS groupset. How cool does that look with a single chain ring at the front? But interestingly, he
also got a chain catcher fitted to that as well. – Yeah, he’s a big fan
of that one-by groupset, I did hear on a podcast, I think. No, that chain catcher presumably is there really just to help as a secondary measure in case the chain was
to dislodge with the, well, the rigors of tough pro racing. – [Ollie] Yeah and cobbles. – Exactly, those cassel. It’s pretty rough out there, but it’s no where near as
rough, as well, Roubaix was, coming up this weekend. So, I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone else will be
using one-by in that race. Now Mads and a couple of his teammates were also spotted on
board of a pretty cool painted Trek Madone, weren’t they? – [Ollie] Yeah, very nice. – Yeah, they were using that
back in Gent Wevelgem as well and who know if we’ll
see it again this season? – I kinda want that paint job. – Yeah, it’s nice. – Staying with the Trek
guys though for now, the bike of Edward Theuns had blip shifters on it, on the drops. Interesting though. They’re in like a sort of
trigger position on the drops. – Cav has that on his bike,
actually, with Shimano ones. Now that got me thinking,
who else has had this done? So I had a good old stalk
around looking at the Trek guys to see if anyone else had them there and, well, check this out. Really close up on the
bike of John Degenkolb, it looks like he’s got a set
of Shimano sprint shifters but wired up to his SRAM groupset. – [Ollie] You can do that? – [Jon] Yeah, I know it’s possible because Marcel Kittel’s bike,
when I took a look at that, he did exactly the same on his. And I know you just
splice the wires into it and it works A-okay. – [Ollie] Cross pollination, like interbreeding of groupsets. – Maybe I should do it
for a Maintenance Monday. Was it a bit niche?
– A bit for bit niche. – Alright, yeah, I won’t bother with that for the time being. – Niki Terpstra, the
2018 winner of Flanders, took to the cobbles on
a rather beautiful bike, a brand new Wilier Cento 10-R and the fork looks like
it’s been hydro dipped with this chrome cobbled pattern on there. It looks absolutely banging. Unfortunately, he crashed it though. – [Jon] Yeah, I love that guy. Wilier, they love to show off, like that chrome style paint work. Who can forget king of
bling, Pippo Pozzato? – Yeah, he had some very– – He always had really
cool ones, didn’t he? Now sticking with Niki
Terpstra momentarily, he also had some really nice
looking Roka sunglasses as well with a cobbled-style effect,
just really understated. – And they were hydro dipped as well. – Gotta be, yeah, yeah Unless, to paint those by hand, that’s gonna be pretty tough, isn’t it? The edges, they were too precise. Certainly for our shaky hands. Either way, sadly, Niki is
out of the Classics campaign because I do believe he
suffered from a concussion. So there we are. Maybe we can have his glasses? It’s worth asking. Anyway, more tech later. (mechanical whooshing) Now Victor Campenaerts will be attempting to break the world Hour record
in just under a week’s time. And for doing that, well, he’s gonna need a pretty special bike. So he’s got this Ridley Arena TT bike, which is essentially
the track-going version of the Dean FAST time trial bike. – Yeah, well, he’s not
just got a special bike. His bike’s got a special name, too. Now, I think it’s widely
regarded these days that the best way to come
up with a name for something is to ask the internet. – Yeah, that’s right, yeah, because the internet never lies, does it? – Well Ridley did exactly that and apparently Belgians voted
overwhelmingly for the name. Do you know what it is? – No.
– The Flying Mustache. – [Jon] Right, okay, sounds interesting. What’s that about then? – Well, I don’t know. If anyone, I don’t get it. (laughing) If anyone watching knows why it’s called the Flying Mustache or Moo-stache, then let us know in the comments. I thought that the Flying Mustache was Norway’s Robert Johanssen, the Olympic gold medal-winning ski jumper. – Yeah, I thought it was Eddie
‘the Eagle’ Edwards actually, Gloucester’s finest ski jumper. – A fine athlete. Personally, I think I’m just disappointed that it’s not called Bikey McBikeface. (laughing) – Right, moving away from
Bikey McBikeface then. Let’s talk about the cockpit because that’s really
interesting, isn’t it? Because Ridley have
actually manufactured him a special pair of tri bar
extensions, if you’d like. So they match the
curvature of his forearms, so when he’s down in his aero position, he’s not going to be losing any time. And I think even Ridley
now have to offer that as part of their service, so they can meet the UCI’s requirements. – Yeah, that thing about
equipment being available to you or I. – Tick a box there, haven’t you? – Yeah, also the bars are really narrow. It’s quite cool. So the base bar is just
33 centimeters wide. Now, that’s because having a narrower bar reduces your frontal area and it makes the bike more aerodynamic. The disadvantage of having
a narrower bar, though, is that you have less
leverage and less stability when you’re on that bar and
riding out of the saddle. But Campenaerts is only
going to be out of the saddle on that base bar, if it goes to plan, for the first 15 seconds, and then the remaining
59 minutes, 45 seconds, will be spent on those tri
bars so it’s a trade off but they consider it worth it. – Right, onto some more
other cool details then because Ridley are
using a textured surface on certain key areas of the bike. Now they call it F-Surface Plus and they use that on all their
aero bikes currently, too. – Yeah, it’s quite interesting. So it’s a similar principle to how the dimples on a golf ball work. You’ve got the grooves
and the textured surface in key locations on the frame and what they in theory do is enable the boundary layer of air flow to become turbulent and having that layer turbulent
helps the main airflow. It’s more easy to follow the
lines and shapes of the tubes and, well, reduce drag. – And of course, if he wants to go fast, he needs to get his gearing right. And, well, it’s pretty important
on a track bike, isn’t it? – [Ollie] Well, they only have one. – Now, we’re told that Campenaerts hasn’t decided on his
final gear choice as of yet because, well, anything can
happen on the day, can’t it? The weather conditions, also
how he feels, but get this. If everything goes to plan, he wants to be using 59:14
as his gearing option and, well, he’s going to have to pedal at over 100 revs a minute
to break the Hour record. – Yeah, I saw his target cadence
was planned to be 105 RPM. That’s pretty punchy. – Yeah, that is looking to go– – But I guess he knows his body and knows what he’s capable of. But yeah, he’s looking to spin to win. And also, the other interesting thing is that he’s going for
a road chain on his bike rather than a track chain, which is a wider gauge, heavier chain. A road chain is thinner and
lighter than a track chain. And the thinking behind this is that it is more efficient in terms
of drive train efficiency and there’s a small watt savings made but Wiggins and Dowsett
both used road chains in their successful attempts as well. – Who knows, maybe it’s
slightly more aerodynamic too? I don’t reckon you could
measure that though, could you? – No. – [Jon] Right, what
about these tires then, ’cause we’re both tire
perverts, aren’t we? – [Ollie] So he’s gone
for Victoria Pista Speeds, which are the choice of the
track pursuiter these days and our record champions but the one’s he’s got are special. They’re apparently even faster than the standard Victoria Pista Speed because they’re gold. – Not sure if it’s because their gold because the gold one’s
been around for a while. – But anything gold is faster. – Oh yeah, makes sense. – Like chains. – Yeah?
– Yup. – I do remember, actually, there was some Dugast tires out there that had a lifetime of
about 100 kilometers ’cause they’re so thin, the tread– – Was it because they were gold? – No, they were pink. It’s cleaned with vinegar
and stuff like that but it would stick to the boards. Anyway, all that geekiness aside, these ones are 22 millimeters in width, which, well, at first I thought
that’s a bit wide really because just go 19s. But I guess it’s to marry up
the Campagnolo disc wheels– – Maybe, yeah, speculate that. Also rolling resistance would be lower. Probably done some maths
and worked this and yeah. – More than we’ve done. – [Ollie] Other bling bits
fitted to Campenaerts’ bike include C-BEAR ceramic
bearings fitted throughout. He’s also got LOOK KEO BLADE pedals and Campagnolo SRM cranks. – Of course, he can’t look
at his power readings, can he, whilst he’s sort
of riding along there because the UCI don’t
permit that on the track, let alone in the Hour record. – Yeah, it’s quite interesting, that. So a lot of top coaches and pros say that the best athletes totally
can just go right on feel and they don’t need to see the numbers. But when Dowsett did the Hour record, because they’d had all these gains and things fitted to his bike and he had a special
skinsuit and everything, he was going faster for the power than what he imagined he would. So actually, he ended up, ’cause
he couldn’t see his power, riding at a much lower power
just going off the lap times and reckons he could’ve
gone quite a bit faster. In the end, he only did about 360 watts. – Only, only. – Only, I mean it’s more than I could do. But he’s an athlete that
believes he’s capable of doing, sort of, 400-plus watts. – I’d like him to have
another go at it, actually, ’cause he did say, didn’t he, afterwards, he went I could’ve gone
quite a bit faster. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So, alright, all the
sort of tech and stuff Campenaerts has got going on
and going to Aguascalientes, which is at altitude, makes
it a little bit easier. Do you think that he can do it, Jon? – Do you know what? I think currently, his
performance, his fitness, and all of these bits of marginal
gains which he’s had done, I think he could but there’s something which stands out for me is the fact that he’s
doing it at altitude. And that is always gonna
cast, not a shadow of doubt, but it’s always gonna be,
well, do you know what, his Hour record, if it’s successful, isn’t comparable to those
of Wiggins, Dowsett, all of these people because
they did it at sea level. I’m not taking anything
away from Campenaerts. If you go to altitude, you have to get used to riding at altitude so there is also a negative effect there if you don’t adapt to it. I, personally, I love the Hour record. It’s like the kilometer time trial. It’s the ultimate feat, really, of pushing yourself to the
limit for that given period so I hope he does it and I hope more pros then take it on board and try to smash it, personally. – I think based on the maths
and the numbers that I’ve seen, if he can produce 370 watts-plus, I reckon he would do the Hour record. His power at sea level, you’d be expect it to be
around 400-plus for an hour, in terms of how good he is on
a world-class time trial list. But it’s that fact that he’ll lose a bit because there’s less oxygen at altitude. But, yeah, it’s a trade off, but yeah. We want to know what you think. – He’s been preparing for it
for a while now, isn’t he, and he hasn’t raced that much this year. So I think he’s just been living in a lab, just churning it away, hour after hour. Who knows though, yeah? But get involved in the comments. Will he break it or will he not? Stay tuned. (mechanical whooshing) Legendary Italian saddle
manufacturer Selle Italia have just released some
new saddles, haven’t they? – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s called the SLR Boost. It’s a short-nosed
version of the much loved and well established Selle Italia SLR. It’s 2.5 centimeters shorter. – And apparently, pretty light weight too because the Carbonio Flow version weighs in at, get this, 129 grams. – Yeah, that is light. Now short-nosed saddles have
been growing in popularity and the SLR Boost is gonna be available in four different versions. So you’ve got a carbon railed version at the top of the range, titanium railed, a manganese rail, and also a women’s-specific
one, which is nice to see. It’s got a bit of additional padding on it and also has a titanium rail. – Keep your eyes peeled for that one. The folks at Wahoo, they’ve just revealed two limited edition colors for their Elemnt Bolt models of GPS units. So they come in a kind of dark-ish blue and a pink-y magenta color ’cause apparently,
members of the community were desperately screaming out to have something that would match up with either their bike or their kit. A nice little touch, there. Also, friends of the channel Orbea, they’ve just released a
couple of new models of Orcas, which feature the new SRAM
Force eTAP AXS groups then. – [Ollie] Ooh, they look
good though, don’t they? It’s funny now how brands
are releasing things earlier and earlier then ever. I mean, we’re in, what, April and already that’s basically a 2020 bike. – And finally, Belgium
brand Cyclo Club Marcel have released a clothing range as kind of a homage really to an absolutely legend of the sport and a real hero of mine,
Frank Vandenbroucke. So if you want a bit of casual gear to show off, well, you’re a cycling fan but kind of a bit understated,
then head on over there. Of course, if nothing
there tickles your fancy, why not out check out the GCN shop? – Well, indeed. Get one of these fine
hoodies for yourself. – Anyway, more tech next week. (high pitched buzzing) – It’s now time for Screw
Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades, where you submit pictures or
videos or whatever you want. It could even be a drawing. – Make me a brass rubbing. (laughing) – Before and after of your upgrades. So with a chance to
win the ultimate prize, the GCN cape-ron. – It’s a new one, that, as well. Have you seen that?
– They’ve changed it. I’ve not been here for,
like, what, two months? I’ve not seen this. – Two months.
– What’ve they done? – Been on the longest holiday ever. – Cape-ron 2.0. – Anyway, right, last week, then, we need to announce the
winner, don’t we really, from last week? – I know, I wanna hear. What was it? – Right, it was between David and John and winning with over 60% of
the votes was actually John. So get in touch with us on Facebook to arrange delivery of the cape-ron. Right then, so let’s go on to this week’s contenders, shall we? Contenders, ready. Right, first up this week is Jeff. Now five years ago, Jeff
was moving to California after living in London. Jeff took a break from packing to check out a bike shop that
moved into the neighborhood and stumbled across the
Eddy Merckx frameset. The frame was Jeff’s size
and he quickly bought it. A man after my own heart. Jeff picked up a Columbus
one-inch carbon fork. He had the fork and stem
painted to match the frame. Now, Jeff had planned to get
the 11-speed SRAM RED eTAP but the AXS launch surprised
him and he had to have it. Topped off with ENVE
wheels, bars, and stem. All finished, the bike weighs 8.1 kilos. Look at it. – I really like that chainset. – Do you? See, I’m not a fan of one-by. I’m just gonna put that
out there, I’m not. – You’re not a fan of one-by?
– Nope. – But I just think that
chainset is really nice. It’s a bit of a retro and
modern thing going on, isn’t it? – I understand, I just want
to get that clear actually. I understand the practicalities
of one-by and everything but I’m just a traditionalist, Ollie. – Yeah, well– – I like innovation, too. – Well Jeff is up against
David, who’s in his back garden. – Oh, again, poor description of location. Sorry, sorry. – Where is your back garden though, David? That’s what we want to know. Anyway, David moved into his house and there was a small shed
already there in his back garden but unfortunately, it
was almost falling over. And he used it to store his
massive collection of tools. David’s bikes, however,
were stored in the house and all his indoor training
was done in the living room with the door open with his poor wife all wrapped up in a blanket watching TV. – Feel ashamed of yourself, David. – Now, after a winter of this,
David was given the go-ahead for a dedicated pain
cave plus bike workshop. – Lucky guy. – He’s now spent a winter training in his new dedicated pain
cave plus bike workshop and with the help of GCN videos, nice David, he’s used the workshop space
to fully strip down his bike and rebuild it after winter. Let’s have a look at his shed. – Right, there’s his shed. It’s like a celeste shed! (laughing) How funny is that? Two pretty contrasting upgrades there. – Yeah, pretty cool, pretty cool. – Who’s it gonna be then,
mate, Jeff’s Merckx or– – It’s not up to us, it’s not up to us. It’s up to you guys. Vote. Vote there. – He’s forgotten which side
it is but it’s up there. – It’s been a while, mate. – It’s been a while, isn’t it? (metallic whooshing) Right, Bike of the Week time
now and, well, first up, we need to announce last
week’s winner, don’t we? And it was between the
Stork of Marta Bastianelli and the Canyon of Mathieu van der Poel. – [Ollie] Who won then? – Well, 68% of them voted
for Mathieu van der Poel so congratulations but the
real winner was Bastianelli because, let’s face it, she
won the Tour of Flanders and, well, van der Poel, you didn’t, mate. – I know what I’d rather win. – Yeah, exactly, Bike of the Week. – This week, we have got two bikes from the Vuelta Pais Vasco. First up, we’ve got a Gios Aerolite from the Columbian team Manzana Postobon. – [Jon] What is that? – I’ve been practicing. That’s how you say it. – Right, okay. – (heavy Spanish accent) Manzana Postobon. Anyway, it’s got Shimano Dura-Ace on it, Dura-Ace wheels as well, and it’s in this really
nice blue paintjob. – Tell you what, Gios,
they’re a bit like Bianchi. Really renowned for those blue paint jobs. Just putting it out there. – Well, it’s up against BH
Ultralite of Team Burgos. BH bucks the trend somewhat ’cause it uses FSA K-Force WE groupset. You don’t see that much in pro racing. Great groupset, but you know, it’s not as common as the big three. And it has Vision wheels as well. Who’s it gonna be? – I’m gonna vote for the Manzana Postobon. – (Spanish accent) Manzana Postobon. – Really like ’em. Yeah, vote up there. Next week, we will reveal– – It is that side, isn’t it? – It is that side. – Just did it on this side of the cam. (metallic whooshing) – Right, Bike Vault time,
the moment of the show where we rate your bike
nice or super nice. But how do they get their
bike in the Bike Vault, Ollie? Tell ’em. – They submit them using
the uploader linked below. – Right, okay, who’s
first up this week then in the Bike Vault? – We’ve got Uri who’s in the
Port de Soller in Mallorca. – [Jon] Ooh, very nice. – [Ollie] One of my favorite places. That is a beautiful Wilier Cento 10. – [Jon] That is exactly
what we spoke about earlier on, isn’t it, like
what Pozzato used to ride. – [Ollie] So the chromium
kind of deal on there. I love the way that the chrome on the fork matches the chrome on the integrated stem. That’s cracking. I like that. And then the other chrome details as well. Bit of Italian flag on there. Lightweight Meilenstein Obermeyers. – [Jon] Oh, sehr schoen. This is my lieblings wheels. It’s got Continental
Competition tires on there, too. – [Ollie] Fantastich. – That is a really nice
looking bike, you know me. You know what, super nice ride this week. (cowbell clanking) There we are, first ring of the bell. – Yup, next up? – Next up is Devin from
Worcester Park in greater London. That’s a good description, isn’t it, where you come from. This bike was on the second
episode of the GCN Tech Show. I do remember this one. It’s the Black Mamba. It only got a nice
though, I remember that. – [Ollie] Love a big
Black Mamba, don’t you? – [Jon] And what Devin has said,
they took the site’s advice and replaced the bar
tape with black bar tape. The bike has had loads
of upgrades since, too. And do you know what? If that bike originally just got a nice, well, for me, now that is a super nice. – [Ollie] Yeah, I mean,
a lot black going on. It’s good. That’s super nice for me. – Yeah, super nice. (cowbell clanking) Devin, nice one and
welcome back into the crib. – Next up, quite unusual bike. – Oh my word! – [Ollie] David from Basildon
has got his Kirk Precid, (in cockney accent) oh, Basildon, alright? That’s how they say it, isn’t it? – [Jon] I’m not getting involved. – [Ollie] Okay. (laughing) He’s just finished restoring
his caste magnesium alloy Kirk Precision road bike. – [Jon] Tell you what, that is a classic. He was a bit cheeky, actually, was David ’cause he said it’s about as 1980s as Tom Cruise driving a Delorean whilst listening to
Madonna on a Sony Walkman. Hank-stroke-Ollie asked
Jon to explain Walkmans. – Is Walkman like a mini-disc? – Yeah, it’s a bit like that, yeah. I’ve got one in my desk. It’s got the Aha tape in it. Right, either way, what’s it got? – I’m more of a Flock
of Seagulls fan myself. – Yeah, Ran So Far. Okay, so it’s got Shimano 600, what on Earth are those cranks? Look at the cranks! – [Ollie] PMP-L cranks. – [Jon] Cranks, yeah? Oh, one of those Campagnolo
waterbottles, aero, aah. – [Ollie] That’s some
easy, that’s super nice. – [Jon] David, invite us
out there to check that out because so many people need to see this. There was a team racing
back in the late 80s. Kirk Racing, Kirk Precision
Racing and all that. Dave Mann, he was a big
old guy used to ride– – [Ollie] You gonna ring the bell or what? – Yeah, I am, yeah.
(cowbell clanking) Super nice. David, seriously, email us. – Next up, Donovan. Do you recon it’s the
Donovan, as in the 19– – What from In Between Us?
– No, the pop star. – Jason Donovan. – No, not Jason Donovan. Donovan as in the, anyway don’t matter. – I haven’t got that in
cassette on my Walkman. Right, okay, where’s Donovan from? – [Ollie] He’s from
Krimgold Park in Maryland. – We’re not going down that road again. – Why is everyone in the
Bike Vault from Maryland? – Do you remember the guy from Maryland sent us that seasoning? Do you remember that? – He did. – So, yeah, maybe Donovan will
send us in that seasoning. It’s like crab seasoning, wasn’t it? – We’ve got a 1973 Royce Union. I mean, that’s a, oh god,
that’s some crackers. – [Jon] That’s a nice looking. Do you know, I like that bike. It’s not molested, is it? It’s just like it’s been
left in its natural state. – [Ollie] It’s just
been well-looked after. I really the pannier
rack on the back as well. That’s really cool. – [Jon] 1973.
– [Ollie] Really nice. – [Jon] Great looking bike, that. – [Ollie] I like that. – [Jon] Should we give a super nice? – [Ollie] That’s a super nice. – [Jon] Yeah, ’cause it’s in
such good condition for 1973. – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s wicked. – Fine vintage.
(cowbell clanging) Alright, then. Who do we have finally this week, Ollie? – We’ve got Vincent, ay,
from Montreal, Canada. – It’s probably Van-saun,
isn’t it, because– – Van-saun, Van-saun.
– Van-saun. – [Ollie] He’s got a Giant TCX cross bike and he says spring is finally here. – [Jon] Look at the state of that weather. That’s like the apocalypse here, isn’t it? – [Ollie] That’s like
White Walkers are coming and descending upon where you live. They’re gonna kill everything. Reanimated your corpse.
– Yetis, polar bears, this, that, and the other. If that was in Britain, well, Britain would just shut, wouldn’t it? Either way, that’s the Giant. That’s a great looking bike, isn’t it? How bright it is, that paintwork against
the, well, white backdrop? – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s pretty cool and he’s got an Ass
Saver on there as well. – [Jon] Do you know what’s a little bit frustrating for me, Ollie? – [Ollie] What?
– [Jon] Waterbottle. – [Ollie] It’s kinda hanging in, isn’t it? It’s like half in, half out. What’s it doing? – [Jon] And it’s a bit of a shame, really, ’cause Vincent, he’s
obviously taken with him that little bit of wood
to support the bike. Do you know what as well,
that real derailleur cable– [Ollie] I can’t the wood for the trees. Where’s the wood? – Duh-duh-cshhhh.
(laughing) I set ’em up, you knock ’em down. But look at the cable of the rear mech. Well, that’s pretty long, isn’t it? That’s a big, old bend. It’s a really sharp curl. I don’t know, maybe it
works fine, don’t know. – [Ollie] I can’t get past that bottle. That’s gonna give me sleepless nights. It’s half in, it’s half out. What’s it doing there? – [Jon] I don’t know.
– Where’s the other bottle? So many questions. – So little time. Nice bike? – Nice.
– Nice bike. So you know what to do. If you don’t, if you’ve forgotten already, use the upload tool down
there in the description. Upload a picture of your bike. Tell us where you came from, not just in my backyard. – David. – Naughty. (metallic whooshing) Well, there we are, mate. Nearly time for the end of the show. – I know, sad but don’t be sad ’cause, well, I’ve gotta go now ’cause– – Oh yeah? Off anywhere nice? – Off to Roubaix. Got a date with Sags. – A bit weird sounding, that. What, the Sagan? – (Spanish accent) For
me, it’s gonna be great. – Don’t do that, please. Right, so either way, stay
tuned because it, well, weird enough, he’s actually being serious. (laughing) Remember to like us, share
this video with your friends, and also if you’ve not
subscribed, why not? Make sure you go and do that and also click that
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time we put up a video. – Yeah and to watch another
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