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The World’s Strangest Places To Cycle | The GCN Show Ep. 233

The World’s Strangest Places To Cycle | The GCN Show Ep. 233

– From two of America’s Dairyland,
welcome to the GCN Show. – From Karpata, Dutch Caribbean,
welcome to the GCN Show. From St. Ginnegan’s
Scholar’s Guild Cycling in Auckland, New Zealand, – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show! (swishing) (dramatic music) – From the Grand Adeje Hotel in Badia in the Dolomites, welcome to the GCN Show. – This week we are looking at some of the strangest places to ride a bike, and we’re wrapping up some of the key National Championship
events from last weekend. – Plus, we have a brand
new continental tyres competition, and all of
your usual favourites. Without it, sunshine and mountains. – It’s hot, isn’t it?
– It’s gorgeous. Nice shades. (electronic music) – It’s not often that we take news from yachts and yachting
magazines, but nevertheless, we’ve got quite a lot of interest recently surrounding the America’s Cup Catamaran of Team Emirates, New Zealand. – Go on, I’m intrigued. – Well, included in their crew is a former Olympic medal-winning cyclist by the name of Simon Van Velthooven. And there’s a very good
reason for his inclusion and that is the Catamaran’s
hydraulic systems are now controlled by a
static four man tandem, as opposed to a traditional method, which is the turning of
the hand operated crank. Now, they are the only
team who have adopted this relatively innovative
piece of engineering. But so far, it really appears
to be working for them. They entered as relative
underdogs, but as we record this, they’re just one race win away from winning the America’s Cup. – Well that is a pretty weird place to ride a bike onboard a Catamaran, but I must admit, Dan, I’m surprised that actually hasn’t been used before. – I’m surprised as well. I just assumed it was against
the rules, but obviously not. – Anyway, we’ve got another
weird place to ride a bike. Do you remember from our new show, just a couple of weeks back, it was the Riviera Water Bike
Challenge in Monaco. So basically, riding bikes
on the Mediterranean. And there was teams riding
Water Bike Challenges for money, raising money for charity, and just look at some of the names
that actually participated. Formula One royalty, Nico Rosberg, and David Coulthard,
him of chiselled chin, and actual royalty,
Prince Albert of Monaco, and cycling royalty,
Princess Tiffany Cromwell of Canyon-SRAM.
– Queen Cromwell. – I think it might be Queen
Cromwell, one of the two. – Yeah. – No doubt Tiffers will get in touch. But look at Tiffers onboard her bike boat, or boat bike, I’m not too
sure what you’d call it. – Since Tiffany’s riding,
it’s probably a speed boat. – Good point. – Now, one man who is
planning on riding somewhere slightly strange, even if he hasn’t done it yet, is Sir Chris Hoy. He is hoping to ride to the South Pole, but he is struggling at the moment to find somebody mad
enough to do it with him. – Do you know what time of year it is? – Uh, no, I don’t think a
date has been fixed yet. – But we are fully booked up. – Yeah, we’re definitely busy, whenever he’s doing it, we’re busy. – Yeah, I think we are blocked booked. Talking about places
that are weird to cycle, do you know the weirdest
place that I’ve ever ridden? – I don’t, but I’m sure
you’re going to tell us all. – I am indeed going to
oblige, it’s my garage. – Go on, it’s not that weird. – Well, it was quite
weird when I explained. Basically it was 1998,
I was training for the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, very hot and humid conditions and I don’t have a lot in
time to go to training camps. So I thought, “How do I best replicate the humid conditions of
that neck of the woods?” So, in my garage, I had a tumble drier on, filled it with wet towels,
shut the garage door on a hot and sunny day,
on a number of occasions, in fact, over a period
of a couple of weeks, and trained while the tumble dry was on. And I must admit, I sweated
buckets and it was great. – As much as it pains me to say this, that was actually a great idea, that sort of idea is used to this day because it’s been proven to work if you’re trying to get yourself ready to compete in a very hot climate. – So I’m a tumble dry
pioneer, of some sort. – Yeah, yeah, you are, well done. Anyway, we would like to know what is the strangest place that you
have ever ridden a bike? You can, as ever, leave
your comments in the comment section below this video. (trumpet playing) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – This being Cycling Shorts time, we are actually going to talk this week about cycling shorts to kick things off. And a very thorny issue
of black or white shorts. Now the issue always
rumbles ever forwards, and it’s Steve Cummings,
the freshly minted TT & Road Champion of Great
Britain who’s weighing in on the issue with his own Twitter poll, asking people if he should
ride in black or white shorts. So at the time of recording this, he’s got ten thousand votes, thankfully,
in my humble opinion, in favour of black shorts. – Well, last year’s champion Adam Blythe weighed in with a tweet which,
well I won’t read it out, it is quite adamant that he should be wearing white shorts, Steve Cummings. As you said at the moment, it’s
very much in favour of black depending on when you watch the GCN show, you might still have time to vote if you go over to @StevoCummings, but even if the poll has
finished, you can reply. I’m sure he would love your opinion. If you want my personal opinion, I mean Steve’s quite a humble guy. – He is, yeah. – I’ve worn white shorts before
as a lot of you all know, and they can be quite humbling, take from that what you will. (wolf whistle) – Anyway, one of the most
versatile and exciting riders in the world, Mathieu van der
Poel has been at it again. He loves to dip his toe into
other disciplines of cycling and this time, very first
time in fact, he entered the World Cross Country Marathon Mountain Bike Championships in
Germany and for a kick off, he just finished at the
podium in fourth place, which is absolutely
fantastic and sterling effort for his first attempt to
that particular discipline. It was actually won by
Alban Lakata of Austria who won for the fourth time, but you have to take your hat
off to, just to the fact that that guy loves riding his bike and he just seems to be good at everything. – He’s a virtuoso rider.
– Some rider, isn’t he? – Anyway, onto an even
bigger test of endurance, that being the RAAM, or
the Race Across America. That, for many riders, has finished over the course of last seven days. The winner of the men’s
solo race was indeed Christoph Strasser for the
fourth time in his career. He completed three thousand miles in a time of eight days and ten hours, which is really quite incredible. What puts it into perspective is the distance back to second place finisher Mark Patterson, 35 hours.
– Whoa. – That’s a convincing win, that is. – That is, not exactly
photo finish, is it? – No, and meanwhile,
the women’s solo winner was Sarah Cooper who completed her event in 11 days and 19 hours. And we want to give a special mention to Andre Kajlich, as we
record this, he hasn’t yet finished, but he should
do by the time this comes out. He will become the first person to complete the RAAM on a hand cycle. – Well, that is an
absolutely amazing effort, but there’s been another
endurance event that finished over the weekend
in the United States. The Trans America, that
event is unsupported. It was won by Evan Deustch in a time of 17 days and eight hours. Second place was John
Lister a whole day behind, so another non-photo
finish, and in third place, and the first woman to finish the event, the epic event, was Jane
Hayes, fantastic stuff. We’re going to end this
week’s Cycling Shorts with something just a
little bit different. Now, Dan, have you ever been on a cake? – Not that I know of, no. – Well, you have now.
– Right. – Check this out, Adam
Welton from Toronto in Canada has gotten in touch via Instagram. Now, for his thirtieth birthday,
his very kind girlfriend made him a series of cycling
themed cupcakes, okay? So as you can see from the
picture, there’s a picture of Peter on the cupcake
on the left hand side, top right is one of
Froome and the remaining four cupcakes are adorned
with pictures of you, me, Lasty and Si!
– Wow. – [Dan] That’s genius, isn’t it? – [Matt] That’s some company
that we’re keeping there. – I wonder who he ate first? – Ooh, that’s a good question. And I wonder if he put it all in one, or just bit half of the face off? Sort of like you do Jelly Babies. – Like one of your ears.
– Oh, god. Next up, we’ve got cool new competition from our tyre partners, Continental. – Yes we have indeed. So ten of you have the
opportunity to win, firstly, a set of these, which are
Grand Prix Force and Attack which front and rear specific tyres which are basically the
after-market version of the pro-limited tubular tyres which you see used in a whole
host of world tour team bikes. – Now the tyres use the
Black Chilli Compound which basically reduces road resistance, reduces the chance of
punctures, but increase grip. So pretty much everything
you want from a tyre. – Yeah along with this set of tyres, you will also, if you
are lucky enough to win, receive a set of Continental Kit as well. So the bib shorts here and the jersey, which is a very cool prize indeed. Well worth entry I think you might say. You can find details on how to do this by following the link which you’ll find in the description below this video. – This week, Gerard Vroomen,
the co-founder of Cervelo, has announced his first new
aero frame design in six years, in the form of the 3T
bike called the Strada which has some really cool
new features and integrations. – One of those features being the fact that there is no front derailleur, there’s not even an option to have one. They’ve gone with a SRAM 1x drivetrain, and that lack of front derailleur means that it’s more aero, it’s lighter, and I also think it’s a lot
neater if you have a look at it around that part of the bike as well. It’s a disc brake only frame set, which means they have been able to design the frame and forks around that fact. It’s allowing 30 millimetre tyres, but as you can see, when
you fit 30 millimetre tyres, they are very, very close
to the frame and forks, which apparently further
increase the aerodynamics. – Now the other benefits of wider tyres, they’re more comfortable, they
have less road resistance, but one of the drawbacks is
that they are less aerodynamic. But Vroomen claims because the bike has been entirely designed
around wider tyres, that is no longer an issue. – No it’s very interesting isn’t it? We understand also that we
haven’t seen any images yet, but they are in the process
of designing their very own 12-speed cassette, which could
get back some of the issues associated with the one by group set, i.e. if you’ve got big
enough ratio of gears to get over all sorts of terrain, that you have a big jump between each gear in terms of your cadence. Whereas this is apparently
going to be fine for both. You don’t have much of
a jump between gears, but you’ve got an adequate ratio for steep climbs and downhills too. It is the week leading up
to the Tour de France now, which means that most of the
National Cycling Federations around the world host their
national championships the weekend just gone. As ever, we haven’t got
time to go through each and every victor of each and every race, but here are a few of the highlights. – Let’s kick things off
in the United States where everybody’s new favourite
bike rider, Larry Warbasse, took his second pro win in two weeks. So he’ll be wearing the stars and stripes for his team, Aqua Blue
for the next twelve months. And meanwhile, Amber
Neben, 42 years of age now, did the double so she won
the TT and the road event, to add to her world TT title that she won last year in Qatar. – Yeah that was very
impressive indeed wasn’t it? – Amazing. – Meanwhile in the Netherlands,
it was Ramon Sinkeldam with Team Sundown who took a narrow victory over Wouter Wippet. But what took me by surprise, was the fact that Tom Dumoulin
was there supporting him. I thought he was supposed to
be on a well earned break. Not only did he help
Sinkeldam to his victory, a few days previous he also retained his national time trial title. As you might expect, a
load of support from fans on the side of the road,
including these fans. I think you can do your own translations for that picture which Tom tweeted. Tweet of the week? – Gotta be. Jolien D’Hoore took her 4th Belgian Title and Ag2r’s Oliver Naesen just edged out, in a really exciting
finish, Sep Vanmmarcke to win the men’s Belgian title. But surprisingly, Lotto-Soudal
and Quick-Step Floors, the two world tour
teams, could only manage, well 8th place was the best – – Yeah that was a surprise. I wouldn’t have wanted to
be in the meeting as a rider in those two teams
after that championship. I bet that was not a pretty place to be. One team which was very happy though, was team FDJ who took the
men’s and the women’s events down in the French National Championships. The women’s was won by Charlotte Bravard, whilst the men’s was won for
the 2nd time in his career, Arnaud Demare who manged to beat Nacer Bouhanni in a sprint finish. However, I was looking at
the start list for that race. Demare started with 19 teammates. – I saw from the pictures. – That’s a lead out and half isn’t it? – Now imagine all the
pressure on his shoulders with all those teammates. He had to deliver and he did, didn’t he? Well there you go. Obviously in great
form, ahead of the tour, and another man who’s in
great form ahead of the tour, (unintelligible) and has
been selected for the tour, is Dimension Data’s Steve Cummings. Now he won both the TT and
men’s RR British Championships. But what makes the whole
thing more remarkable for me, is the fact that the TT which
he won was his first race back since breaking his scapula in the Tour of Basque country back in April. But as we know, Steve
Cummings is one of the best trainers out there but
a lot of it was done very much like Matt Hayman when
he went on to win Paris Roubaix
on Zwift, so how cool is that? A computer game, that can get you fit to win some of the biggest
bike races in the world. Fantastic story. – Yeah and he replied to a tweet of mine, which said that they knew
that Steve was in great form because he passed him on Watopia Island. And also, I love the fact that
his on-screen Steve Cummings looks exactly the same. – Super aero isn’t it? Look at that. – Yeah no hair, well I
guess that’s easy to do, but it just looks exactly
like Steve Cummings. Down in Italy, there were a
couple of very popular winners. Elisa Longo Borghini
winning the women’s event. Fabio Aru of Astana taking the men’s, and he’ll be wearing that
famous tricolore jersey at the Tour de France in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, down in Portugal, not sure if you heard this Matt, but defending time trial
champion, Nelson Oliviera of Movistar who’s won
the time trial nationals for the last three years,
didn’t actually start the event. – Why not? – Because there was a last
minute change to the start times and nobody thought to tell him. – Oh that’s just, I’d have a recount. I’d do that again. That’s just awful for old Nelson. We’ll finish our national champs round up with another rider who’s done the double, in fact, for the second time. And that’s Ryan Mullen
of Cannondale Drapac winning the Irish TT and the road race. And we’re also gonna award
him a little triple really because he gets this
week’s Wattgage Bazooka because of his quite,
well, staggering stats in both the TT and the road race. Dan, hit us with Ryan’s stats. – Unbelievable numbers. In the time trial, he averages 439 watts, and then in the road race, he averaged 339 with a normalised power of 405 watts, which are staggering stats,
I think you have to say. So he’s got the main wattage bazooka. No viewer wattage bazooka this week because we want to give the second one to Victoria Williamson
a British track rider. She, around 18 months
ago, had a horrific crash at an event where she broke
her neck, her back, her pelvis. It’s been a very, very
long road to recovery, but just the other day she did
a sprint test on a Watt Bike. Have a look at this. – Well that’s just fantastic to see. Well done Victoria. Good to see you back. – Yeah that has to take
a lot of determination, to come back over the
last year and a half. Well done Victoria. I was wondering Matt, though, whether any of the national champions did
a celebratory bidon technique. As shown in our nine magnificent ways to drink from a bidon video. – Of course, I’m just surprised we
didn’t see any more photos of it on social media to be honest with you. But of course that’d
be quite normal really. – Underneath that video, incidentally, quite a few of you who wanted to see some outtakes from the lob. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Matt and I did that first time, so there are no outtakes to show,. (beep) (upbeat music) – Whoa. (upbeat music) (drilling) – It’s time now for hack
forward slash bodge of the week. Kick it off Dan? – Yeah Alex Dyer found this
hack in Marrow Bay, California. It’s a faux-bamboo bike, so
almost completely made of wood. What I think is fantastic is that saddle. I mean, look at the size of it. It looks like a huge
Brook saddle doesn’t it? – It’s like a chopper saddle or something, but it looks like the kind of bike that Tarzan maybe
could’ve made in his time. Well this one is from Erik Hendrickson, and found this crutch
attached to this bike. Now this is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The crutch itself forms a top tube, almost like an arrow frame mud guard, and a rack at the same time. It’s a real piece of handiwork. – It’s kind of a bodge but
he’s done a good job of it. – It kind of looks effective, yeah. – Alright moving on, we’ve got this one in on Twitter from @subflux, floating laptop for when he’s
doing his indoor training, which looks more outdoor to be honest. – It does look like he’s in the
middle of a forest somewhere but that does look pretty good. Next up we have this
from @kenmorebikebrews over on Instagram, a worn out old chain that took me 2000 miles to
my first double-century, now it’s his favourite belt buckle. That’s actually pretty cool. – Yeah that is quite cool. And finally, we have possibly the bodge of the century from Caleb Knerr. Definitely some hacking
went into this bike seen outside an Edwards,
Colorado bike shop. Do you reckon that even works? – Well I’d like to see
somebody riding that. – So basically he’s powering the wheel that’s in contact with the
floor via the back wheel, and in a series of pulleys
and chains, isn’t he? – I mean that has a whole new definition of three wheeler tryc isn’t it? – That’s amazing. – Well keep your hacks and bodges coming using the hashtag #gcnhack
on Twitter or Instagram. – Mind officially blown Dan. – Caption competition now, you’re chance to win GCN CamelBak water bottle. Last week’s photo was this one
from the Tour of Switzerland, and the winner is Jakob
Adam who put caption, “Don’t get a slash in your tyres.” Very well done. We see what you did there, get in touch with us with your address and we’ll get that bottle to you ASAP. – And hopefully you’ll
get a few more likes. There’s only one at the
time of going to press here, but yeah, definitely deserves more likes. Very witty indeed. Now next up we have this picture of Pete Sagan again at the Tour
of Switzerland with a bidon. I’ll start you off. This is my version of the GCN air bidon. – Hm, if you can do better than that, please leave your captions in
the comment section down below and we will pick winner
this time next week. – On the channel this week, on Wednesday we’ve got a
top descending mistake, so on Thursday we’ll
have our top 10 riders to watch out for at the Tour de France with loads of extra cool added value by the medium of stats. And then on Friday, we have ask GCN. – Saturday’s pro-bike
will be coming straight from the Tour de France where Lasty and Si are heading soon. On Sunday we take a look at how Team Sky use their indoor trainers. Monday we’re back in the maintenance set, and then on Tuesday it’s the GCN show, which next week will be coming again straight from out of Alta Baldia where will have just finished
the Maratona dles Dolomites. – So me might be presenting
for the very first time actually laid down on that one. – And, as a bonus then, you
will be getting extra content this coming week from both Si and Lasty who are at the Tour de France in the lead up to that huge race, and from Matt and myself who will be here in Alta Badia for that entire week. Keep your eyes out on social media as well because we’ll be doing a
couple of live videos, too. Oh incidentally Matt, before
we finish with the segment, I got compliment for the first time ever, on my pronunciation. – What word was that then? – Dusseldorf. – In the Tour de France preview show, Dusseldorf, hopefully
I got it right again, but I’ve never been
complimented on it before. – That was very good, that. I must admit I’m mighty impressed. – Dusseldorf. – [Both] Extreme corner. – This week’s Extreme Corner
comes from one of our friends over at the Global Mountain Bike Network that being, Blake Samson,
who’s been pulling off some incredible tricks at the Crankworx Whip Off Event in Les Gets. – Nothing to do with ice cream by the way. (rock music) ♫ I want you baby. (rock music) ♫ Just can’t stop. (sighs) – He was whipping up a storm, wasn’t he? – That was so good. Yeah you could stick a flake in it and some strawberry sauce. – Alright well that’s almost
it for this week’s GCN Show, but just to let you know, we’ve got some brand new merchandise at, including some casual wear
in both sky blue and grey, which looks pretty cool. There’s a sale on. All items in the sale
have at least 25% off. and we’ve got complete
stock now of the fan kit, which includes a women
specific kit as well. – And as well as all that lovely stuff, to celebrate July we’ve got some new yellow logo GCN kit in as well, and once you’ve done some shopping, if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the Global Cycling Network. It’s absolutely free. Do it by clicking on the globe somewhere in the middle of this screen. Now, for my six climbing mistakes, how about clicking just down here. – Or if you missed Si in France
having a look at Mavic’s, pretty innovative new
tubeless tyre system, you can click just down here. – Don’t forget to share and like.

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