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The Worst Mountain Bike Advice Ever | What Not To Do On Your MTB

The Worst Mountain Bike Advice Ever | What Not To Do On Your MTB

– Welcome back, you beautiful people, and today it’s all about the worst advice you’ve ever been given whilst out there on the trail riding your bike. So here are a few that
I’ve heard over the years. (logo pounds) (logo grinds) (jazzy music) What the hell are you wearing? I’m wearing Lycra, dude. I got told, wearing Lycra,
goes faster on the trails. Uh-uh, who gave you that horrible advice that Lycra is quicker? Neil did! He said I could save 10% over 10 miles. Plus, it’s 10% quicker. (bike clicks) What the hell are you
doing on a trail bike dressed in full Lycra? Who gave you that? What the hell! What the, what the hell, I’ll tell you. Full suspension, way quicker, man. Plus, full of confidence. You ride a full sus,
you full of confidence. Plus, Lycra, I am gonna be
quicker than you on the trail. And why the hell are you
wearing baggies and a hardtail? (car door bangs)
Well, hardtail dude, I don’t need that confidence-inspiring, full suspension junk. I got a hardtail, way better. Baggies, I look cooler
than you right now, yep. Don’t let anyone get into your head. Lycra or baggies, hardtails
or full suspensions, each have their place in mountain biking. Man, I was bouncing all over the place. It’s because your tires are too hard. Well, Donny told me to
put maximum tire pressure in my things to run extra faster. That’s a load of codswallop. Why would you put maximum
tire pressure in your tires? Codswallop, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right, luckily I brought my little friend. Look how hard your tires are. No, what’re you doing, no. 41 psi, those tires can only take 44! Leave my tires alone, you berk. No, let some tire pressure out. You silly human. Alright, maybe he is right. Maybe Lycra Blake knows
what he’s talking about. (air hisses) Yep, letting some tire
pressure out, Lycra Blake. Probably right, oh well. Yes, Stoddy is right, higher
tire pressures will roll faster but will sacrifice grip control and feeling out there on the trail. Find the perfect tire
pressure for yourself that gets rolling speed,
grip and control out there. (funky music) (bike rattles) Cor, I’m not sure about this. Just go fast down it,
smooths out the trail. Don’t worry about it, speed’s your friend. What sort of advice is that? Just go faster it, not even ridden it. I’m gonna go at my own pace. (puffs) Just go faster. Have you done this jump before? Yeah I have, what you want to do is just go as fast as you can
into this jump to clear it. As fast as I can into that? Yes, as fast as you can and
you’ll clear it super easy. Easy? Alright, let’s try it. As fast as I can, fast as I can. As fast as I can, as fast
as I can, as fast as I can. (pants) Oh my god! Ohh my, no way. (groans) Ow my wrist. (moans) I am never listened
to that guy, ever again. That was the worst advice ever. Speed isn’t always your friend, sometimes the correct technique or practicing at your own
pace is a much better plan. (bike rattles) (giggles) Ohh ho. Not too sure about this one. Yeah just shut your eyes, it’s easy. Close them, ha! Shut my eyes? Shut my eyes and just send it? Sounds alright. How hard can it be with my eyes shut? Easy. (funky music) Oh shut my eyes, shut my eyes. Aargh, aargh. Aww goody, yeah. Aargh. Closing your eyes and just sending in, what an awful piece of advice! Please never do this out there. Ohh. (bike thuds)
Oh man. (bike thudding) Oh man. How the hell, I can’t
even clear that jump. You’re not clearing it because you need to pull up a
little bit more, just pull up. Was that the only advice
you’re gonna give me? Is just pull up? Yeah, pull up. You’ll get it, pull up. Alright. Just pull up? Pull up, then you’ll clear it. Okay. Try that. Right, he said just pull up. (bike thuds)
Whoa. (grunts) (pants) Pulling up is not the one. You can’t just pull up, I still cased it. Just pulling up might sound convincing but there’s really much
more to it than that. Timing and the technique
will pay dividends when it comes to clearing that jump. Right, we’ve all heard these things, just shut your eyes, just send it, speed’s your friend, just pull up. All these sayings are
pretty much the worst advice that someone can give
another mountain biker, but mountain biking is full
of this worst advice ever. This is part one of many to come, let me know in the comments down below which advice you’ve heard or what bad advice you’ve
given to your mates on a bit of trail to get through it. Let us know in the comments down below. If you loved this sort of
video, give us a thumbs up like. Don’t forget to hit the globe, subscribe if you wanna
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100 comments on “The Worst Mountain Bike Advice Ever | What Not To Do On Your MTB

  1. Whilst riding the trails, I was stumped on of the sharp turns as i kept crashing, so i asked my mates what the best way to get passed it was, and one of them said "just stick your foot out and push to the right, it'll work, trust me". So, I did as he said because i was still a novice rider at that time and he had done this trail before, but as i came down the hill to the turn, I rolled my ankle! Had to stop riding for a 2 months! 🙁 – worst advice ever lol!

  2. when I was 13 my dad bought me an enduro bike and it had hydraulic disc brakes which were really strong. So when I took my bike out I was getting the advice from every one of my friends to not use that front brake, at all. so I sticked with that until that bike was stolen and I got a dirt jumper with only the rear brake and realized how useful the front brake is in sharp turns etc.

  3. I told my friend who was riding hard tyres to lower the pressure on descent to improve grip… I did not check on him, he went down some rocky trail with about 1bar and got punctures on both tyres 😀


  5. My WTB Nanos actually say min tire pressure should be 35 PSI, max 60 PSI, but I've found that running 25-28 PSI works best. In my experience, the high pressure was actually slower than the lower pressure; the bike felt like it kept hitting brick walls instead of bouncing over roots.

  6. On that jump there isn't much space to gain speed so alot of people say it thinking you won't gain enough speed to clear it

  7. Worst Advice: "Just send it" is more like "Just End It" when it doesn't work out.
    Have seen too many kids (under 30) busted up on the steep terrain at bike parks. Their buddies, "Just Send It" is just bad advice.

  8. Not just on mtb but random people including some guy who's supposed to be teaching cycling safety. Don't use your front brake , use the rear one, if you're drinking water, use the hand that controls the front brake so you won't jam the front brake in an emergency and flip the bike.
    It's really difficult to flip a bike honestly qnd in the emergency of a taxi cutting lanes suddenly ( the example he gave) I'd rather not be one hand sliding because I locked the rear brake .
    Btw, is 41 really that high? I normally go 40 , 50 if I'm going for a long street ride.
    Then again my max tire pressure is 65.

  9. My friend asked for advice on cornering a berm and the first thing I said was "speed is your friend" lmao

  10. never take advice regarding hitting a jump for the first time by "that guy" that never actually hit the jump.

  11. — Who told you to wear lycra to be faster?
    — Who told you to turn a bike with hydraulic disc brakes upside down?

  12. Does anyone have a good tire pressure. I'm getting into mtb and I don't know what is good or bad. I've got 29" wheels

  13. Worst advice I've ever heard is dont use your breaks or go hard on the breaks a properly maintained hydro setup is the key to riding if you k ow how to use your breaks

  14. im a beginner and I can say the worst advice I have gotten from my brother the other week is "yah you can run this trail just follow my lines!" ended up pushing a flat out of the woods and washing blood off my sheets for the next few days.

  15. I broke a finger the first time I mountain biked (in this century) because I had cross country tyres at 40psi…

  16. I don't have a dropper seat post, so one day this guy told me after seeing me lowering down the seat right before going down hill: "You don't need to lower it down, just move your butt backwards"….of course i did not listen to that! Plus…I'm a short dude

  17. The worst advice i've ever given on the trail was to my GF when i said "I believe in you" as she was scared of going up a tiny rock slope that had dips on either side so she had nowhere to put her feet if she failed. (got scared)
    She stopped half-way up, rolled back a bit, hit the brakes and tipped over into the grassy knolls on one side. Now she's scared of riding even though nothing bad happened.

    Next time i'd do better in just saying "If you believe you can do it you can decide for yourself".

  18. I hate it when people give me advice too. Like just recently they told me i really should invest in a dropper post. To which i responded "Yeah, when i can afford it". They looked at me like i was crazy and kept telling me to invest in a dropper post.

    And when other riders say "You just bunnyhop it, no biggie!"
    Yeah, if i ever learned to bunnyhop i would have done that already numbnuts. I really never got the technique down. I've done it by "accident" a few times (on the trail, just out of pure flow) but whenever i think about it and try to do it it just turns into a "plop".

  19. Oh let me watch what to not do in a mtb
    Oh wait i dont have one. The fucking thing costs more than my failed kidney.

  20. At least the Lycra shows off your legs and butt! Somebody’s definitely not just all talk, the strong guns are definitely proof of his endeavors! I would think twice before going up against him in a speed race!

  21. Worst advice? Take advice from someone that isn’t in the same height and weight area. I’m 6’7” and 240…my rolling mass is more and my jumps are different. 140 pounds landing on a jump is different then 240 landing on a jump. I know cause of 3 broken spokes later on a new Orbea with 30 miles on it

  22. i ounce heard a dude say to another dude (both newbies) "if you grab on to your saddle with your legs and/or knees, you get a good balancepoint in the bike"

  23. My mate who lacks confidence tends to jam both brakes full on at the slightest hint that either wheel is slipping. Then he usually falls off. It's funny, but I know I'm supposed to be grown up, so I advise him to go easy on the brakes, knowing full well he'll just lock it up and fall off again another time.

  24. Are in a competition where milliseconds matter?
    Are you spider man?
    If your answeres to both of these questions is no, don't wear lycra! You look like a plonker.
    You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.
    Just stop!

  25. Of these ones is there one that is in a way right but it can be too much.

    Speed is actually your friend, but you should have the technique, confidence and in some cases equipment to actually increase your speed.

    I am personally coaching a group of 15 young mountainbikers in the ages from 9 to 14 (and sometimes beginners over that age). The speed in the beginning should be pretty low cause you have time to react to everything that happens but after a while if they don't increase their speed will I be riding behind them, actively telling them how great they are doing and suggest trying with a bit more speed, but only if I know that they can handle it.

  26. I get “if you go faster you’ll feel the bumps less and it’ll be easier” which on the trails I’m riding, yes it’s way easier to go fast, but I’m just getting into biking so I just go at my own pace.

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