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THE WORST RIDING OF 2018 – Crash Reel | Jordan Boostmaster

THE WORST RIDING OF 2018 – Crash Reel | Jordan Boostmaster

I thought it would be fun to put together an epic crash reel of 2018 for you guys It’s mostly me doing the crashing here but not entirely, I also captured some friends wiping out as well. This footage is all in chronological order, and since I haven’t actually gone through all of my 2018 footage yet, near the end of the video you’ll see footage that I haven’t released yet but they will be in videos that I’ll be uploading in the near future and make sure you watch out for those Oh man I can’t believe I walked away from that! That was the most sketchy bail and I actually like walked away. I only hope the bike is ok. Ah there we go, there we go! So what you’re seeing here is that unreleased Footage that I was telling you about yeah I got some pretty cool footage riding Whistler in the snow, all kinds of great fall time riding so I got a bunch of videos that I cannot wait to show you guys Oh It’s broken! It definitely is it’s definitely broken, my elbows like there and there Dude what happened Look at his seat, that’s from his nuts hitting it Too much carnage today man Yeah it’s just so slippery, ya it’s quite slick Did you see that!? Yeah that is some really really slippery wood Thank you guys for watching I want to give a huge thanks to all my patrons If you love downhill and freeride or just love riding mountain bikes then consider subscribing And if you like to see more content and keep me rolling on two wheels then check out my patreon page

47 comments on “THE WORST RIDING OF 2018 – Crash Reel | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. I ride hard endruo on a dirt bike. But I never have crashed as much as when I'm downhill mtb!!
    Good to see your still kicking after all those crashs!

  2. more like Jordan BailMaster, also @7:20 I broke my elbow riding when I was in high school, I have two plates and 12 screws in it now… hope he will be ok!

  3. Some of those look pretty bad man! I've seen people get seriously hurt from much smaller crashes. I had a fairly mild low speed OTB last year the put my out of commission for a couple of months.

  4. I donlt blame you for the one at 4:00, that jump looks like its totally banked wrong for the direction of the landing, it leads straight into those trees!

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