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The Worst Things About Being A Cyclist – You Know You’re A Cyclist When…

The Worst Things About Being A Cyclist – You Know You’re A Cyclist When…

– [Narrator] The worst things about being
a cyclist. One of the most easily visible signs of a true hardcore cyclist
is those ridiculous tan lines. – [Matt] Hey Cy! – [Cy] Matt! – For many, they’re a strange badge of
honor. In fact, there are tales of some cyclists actually sunbathing with
kit on to get the lines just right. – Looking good. – Thanks. Cheers. Going into town. – Just how high do you shave? Just
above the shorts line? The pant line? Even further? It’s down to personal
choice, perhaps even influenced by your partner. But if you go for the shorts
line, be prepared to be ridiculed at the swimming bars or beach. Hamster pants
are just a little bit too niche. – Mmm, nice hamster pants. – Most of the time when out riding, we
don’t really think about the consequences of getting stranded, having run out of
inner tubes. But it’s quite feasible to get stuck miles and miles from anywhere,
without having any means of getting home, with not even a pair of suitable shoes
to walk in. This would only happen to a cyclist. – What are we going to do? Service? Mom? – The very best cyclists, the giants of
our sport, are fine physical specimens. Lean, fit, muscled… – Let’s see those guns. – Well no, not exactly.
Especially not the top half. – Whew, ouch. Eleven inches. – I’m not sure you’re measuring
the biggest bit. – No no, I am, Cy. ♪ [music] ♪ – Blowing up or getting the bonk. Not
pleasant, but it’s happened to us all at some time. Almost a right of passage, with
experiences varying from tunnel vision and hallucinations to out-of-body moments.
The one constant note, is the craving for food. You’ll simply do anything. – Come on mate. ♪ [music] ♪ – Yes! – You always need a new bike. I mean,
you don’t need a new bike, of course. One of the great things about cycling
is that you can enjoy it on any vaguely functioning bike. But yet, why do we
always crave the next lightest, stiffest, fastest, shiniest bike that comes our way?
It’s the curse of the cyclist. We just can’t help it. The colder the weather, the more
difficult this is, for chaps anyway. Trying to maneuver one’s delicates into
an efficient position over the top of bib shorts, requires dexterity and skill,
while spent doubled, teetering in cycling shoes at the side of the road.
What a sorry, sorry sight. – Cy? Can you give us a hand?
Yeah, I’m really struggling. – So there we go. Some of the worst things
about being a cyclist. But we want to know what you think are the worst things. Let
us know in the comments section down below and well, we’ll make another video. In the meantime, let’s celebrate
some of the best things shall we? Why not check out our iconic climb
up the Col de la Madone from last year? Or, see the top 10 best excuses
for getting dropped on a climb. But why not watch that now? Finally, before you go to either of those,
make sure you subscribe to GCN, because that’s definitely not one of
the worst things about being a cyclist. – Can you give us a hand? – No! He can’t! – Now I can’t find it. – Oh yeah, [inaudible 00:03:50] mate.
Here we go. – Oh yeah, there you go.

100 comments on “The Worst Things About Being A Cyclist – You Know You’re A Cyclist When…

  1. Having to deal with shitty weather and then coming home with a knob like a frozen baby carrot. 😂😂

  2. Worst part of being a cyclist, is that you put so much work on your body, but you look like a super skinny man that’s never worked out in their life.

  3. Anyone here born in the time where cyclists would hit the break instead of launching themselves into upcoming cars?

  4. Hear in the states every one in a car bitchis at you for useing the road that you have a wright to use in the U.S. if you dont drive everywhere in an over priced 1 ton wast of resources(a car) peaple think you are a looser

  5. I just noticed it and it's too late. I can handle my arms and legs being darker, but now my face is red wherever my glasses don't cover. Too bad I don't have roadie buddies for consolation.

  6. Fit upper body is not true for me; as a paplegic I ride a handcycle so im sort of an upside down cyclist with huge upper body and somwhat of chicken

  7. Getting buzzed by passing cars driven by people who just refuse to bounce out to the left a bit when they pass you.

  8. Melbourne is certainly cycle envy capital of the world…..the vast majority of people commuting are riding 5K++++ bikes……ultegra, durace, sram red…..carbon like its going out of fashion and the plethora of fixies!!!!!!!!!!


  9. The blowing up part had me crying hahahahah😂😂😂😂 sometimes I literally say to myself out loud "oh God I'm dying"

  10. I can relate with all of these things. Been there done that. My favorite thing I endure is when people call you lance. Plus I love it when you get to walk for a few miles and no one will even bother to help you out. I have picked up total strangers in the middle of nowhere. With a flat that have been walking for the last five miles. Forth of July in the states is always an adventure. Every year some clown has to shoot a bottle rocket at me.

  11. Crash the bike to have an excuse to buy upgrades or it getting stolen. (-not the same term, but I use mine as all around er)

  12. opppsite winds when you know you have 20 or more miles that direction. In europe thats mostly whengoing West. And the netherlands have another thing Dikes were winds blow 10 Miles harder per hour

  13. Noise from your bike. Those occasions you're out, a noise develops and you're no longer enjoying the perfectly silent ride.

  14. The worst thing being a cyclist is when you having a group ride and one rider decided to leave us that sucks

  15. 1. Having to deal with Bike Snobs..
    2. Having to listen to cyclist telling you how super light their bike is and they're 30kgs over weight.
    3. Head wind..

  16. Just the other day i was speeding down a hill when a fucking CHICKEN runs out of a ditch directly into my front. Luckily the chicken pulled an 180 just as she was about to meet her maker and cause me some injuries. I will probably forever be careful in that segment for the rest of my life.

  17. I've once crashed and flew off my bike for a distance before rolling to a stop and then just laid there on the ground. I didn't want to get up to find something broken on my bike…some passerby cyclists stopped and gave me a hand, then told me the bike was fine. What a relief!

  18. When you just finished upgrading and tuning your custom made souped up electric bike, and then someone comes along on a more powerful one and leaves you to eat his lightning

    Very sad when that happens, and it happens to me everytime I see someone on a stealth bomber bike (despite having 2 motors and overvolting them, I still can't beat the bomber in a drag race)

  19. When cars pass you on the straight part of a descent and then go 5mph around the hair pin corners you had planned on railing

  20. The worst thing about being a cyclist? It's cycling while not actually being a cyclist. I'm a 40 year old, 5'11, 325 lb, former knuckle dragging power lifter trying to ride a heavy but sturdy 29in mountain bike miles and miles like a road bike.

  21. Car/van/truck drivers that delight in giving you as little room as possible while passing. Worse are the ones that seem to be aiming for you, forcing cyclist further or clear off the road. 🙁

  22. Getting caught in the rain on your way to work and having to try to dry your cycling kit on the back of your chair.

  23. The worst thing of being a cyclist is when you crash…you dont care about yourself…the first question you ask is. "Is the bike okay"

  24. when a car with a smelly and dirty exhaust passes you while you’re gasping for air up a steep climb

  25. I miss when GCN made funny videos just for the sake of the enjoyment of cycling. I know there's bigger budget and more people to pay but take a moment and make something funny and memorable. That's the reason why we like the channel

  26. Overtaking a slow cyclist only for them to saunter passed and stopping in front of you when you are stopped at next red light.

  27. When other vehicles overtake you just to stop/slow down in front of you. Drives me to crazy to pick the speed back up.

  28. When you go on long rides with someone with less stamina and you constantly have to stop to avoid loseing them even at low speeds , or when Ur mates hit the wall and Ur 2hours away from home thinking , oh fuck I'm never getting back with this lemon xD

  29. Getting a double blowout with only one spare tube …happen too me once, I had a patch kit but the glue in the brand new glue tube turned out to be just air!…Man I was steaming!!
    Luckily I was only a couple of miles from home, I walked some then rode on the grass with a flat front tire through a large park which ends only a couple of blocks from home.

  30. 1) The always elitist cyclist mentality?

    2) The haters and their jokes/ridicule, e.g. kit/pickup truck drivers. Ask any cyclist from the States.

    3) vendors, stores, businesses, malls not respecting cyclist. No safe place to secure your bike. We don't allow bikes?

    Don't cyclist spend big bucks on items too? I'm a lot less likely to come back to spend money in a store that turned me away because of my bike.

  31. Some fucker on an e bike ripping past on a climb with some comment like “grand day for it!” when you’re hanging out your arsehole on some mountain pass in West Cork…

  32. I fucking hate cyclists I keep glass bottles in my car for when these assholes refuse to get out of the road.

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