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They Called These Trails Suicidal!

They Called These Trails Suicidal!

today we are riding back in skirmish in BC I have exciting news we have Japanese gasps yay he is jirobo we met him two years ago when we were travelling around Japan some people might remember him from BC POV video Japan series he runs this place Japan’s mini Coast gravity Mookie’s mountain bike park and this year he brought his two other friends to Canada Akira Kenji let’s go he took them to Squamish because we wanted to show them Squamish world-class rock slab but at first we all need to warm up here we came to Rupert an obstacle he clearly disco let’s go and Hublot sounded like this is almost their first time riding on a rock slab let’s see how they can handle the rock slab [Music] they looked not bad as they’re almost fast time riding on slap ain’t up people by the end of the trail they looked very confident on the slabs EA though they step yeah harder easier as they request now we came to Value Added which is a double planet so riding fast on the bike is very fun but on Rock stop you don’t really want to go too fast especially like this long steep stab I don’t think I have been used some I know on the rock lots of front brake brake that’s gonna help you a lot this big smoke so how much you can keep the speed under your control is one of the keys to riding on the sub let’s see how much it can go through you smoked the timer starts when he crossed this line no you were really strong looks loose there so very much there this rock slab it’s very long you’re skidding a lot so it’s kind of hard to see but the timer stops when he’s back tire lands on the ground which is no even really slow yeah nice he went super fast on the first section but after that he brought it back to under his control and his time was seventeen point nine one second nice pinch was a little bit slower twenty point zero three and actually hero oven slower than eight and twenty eight point eighteen seconds and this is my turn our rocks up going slower requires more techniques if you don’t use enough flake you just fly down the strap yes if you use too much clay you will miss kidding my time was twenty-eight point zero five seconds that was intense [Music] [Laughter] my heart pumping honey fiction name maybe this one has a name but just we don’t know yeah so this is symbol in Japanese there’s a famous spot in Japan people just suicide [Laughter] the second rock slab is on penthouse [Music] remember you only night is now look somebody Thank You Luca get it up go seconds down here it’s Americana so down see right turn it’s a little bit off camber Oh camera yeah and then I’m gonna stop again yeah and they’re gonna show you the next part ba-bye health camber to the breaking you kids can i to this man did I start my see if the rock stop is not worth I really enjoy riding marks laps and I always challenge myself to go as slow as possible I like the feeling of keep everything under my control you there we going fast oh wow is that the drop no you can roll okay here comes Eric let’s count then his front wheel hit this bump is skidding and finishes with the back wheel touch the bottom of the screen here oh we cannot forget there is a small drop in the end here comes Kenji looking very good nice nice and slow [Music] nice in his time was 12 point 66 seconds Akira likes to go fast nine point five months second ones here over really slow 13 point 69 seconds and Here I am I’m always fast do you know why because I always look so sketchy so I don’t want to make other people nervous twelve point 66 seconds yeah it’s really fun isn’t it I love it and now we go to in-n-out burger wasallam biggest Oh anyone Nicole Nano guitar Monica Caison an in-and-out burger nice great view that’s big huh yes central lines maybe best eat much line is not so bad but it’s off-camber Oh camera yeah and they say any special movement no I just go slow slow as you can okay have you done all the scene oh this is gonna be easy and here comes Eric and hilo is behind i’m not sure how long this slab is or where the bottom is but I can hear their tiresome for a long long time Oh toga here go Akira and Kenji can you imagine if you get scared in the middle of the rock slab and lost balance your bike for sure rolling down the slab and so are you mm-hmm see if I cannot see her rock slab I cannot count their time but I can tell you how much it took for me I don’t overestimate myself so I took on the easy line once you start rolling there is no other way but keep rolling you cannot see the bottom yet those sand on the side of the trail looks really sketchy if you lost the tail and they go on the sand I can see my tireless attraction my tires slide sideways and I would have to say bye-bye to my bike I can see the bottom Gary this was 35 seconds of fighting with my fear and the pretending to be optimistic was it slow enough you did I think maybe slowest out of all of us yeah I was practicing Osama how to go slower yeah became very adequate the last speak knocks it up for the day cool more step Oh people which Airways and I are you going the right way are you okay here came stranger let’s gone from this time he doesn’t need to go so he just need to stay on the bike hold tight men and then finish it when the back tire went over this lock now we have a more guarantees Oh snake Oh two more snakes City so who do you think went on the lock stops the slowest it writes to go throw on the rock stars look steep huh and his total time is 58 63 seconds nice nice and slow I could I just wanted to have fun his total time is 43 37 seconds nice and slow great Kenji did great on the second slab and his total time is 46 and 10 seconds as I say Paul summer I practiced how to go throw on the rock slab oh yeah you’re good at this huh way cool don’t rhyme with 57 89 seconds and this guy nice surprising great you know who have you ever ridden a lot flash when the slowest beat us every single rock slab oh yeah how amazing with it and his total time is 62 point 69 seconds sir good job guys looks really good I must agree with Eric Japanese riders are fearless this was their almost a fast time riding onslaught and they wrote everything I was really impressed by them [Music] it was really nice to ride with them and ha free he’s gonna build like this trail in Japan this channel is supported by Burma unit Bob spotter 3/4 full and more than 38 patrons huge hug to my supporters love you all

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  1. I have a question about how to keep control of the bike … do I have to keep the front brake on all the time or just feather it once when you need to

  2. Hay Yuka.
    After watching all of your japan riding with Eric ( and loving it ), it's great to see your nihongjin friends riding In your backyard and loving it. the smiles on their faces tells the story.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ¦˜

  3. The top of Value Added there is a line to the right through the moss that is super fun and spicy, slow is not really happening on that line

  4. Those slabs are slick! This video give me a little more confidence to tackle this stuff! Thx for the tips!

  5. Looks like fun Yuka! Does the no skid rule apply on rocks? I thought it was no not erode the trails😜 I like to have an In n out burger after a good ride too!πŸ‘

  6. Good content, great comments as usual. Unfortunatly the accompanying elevator music is too loud and distracting for my taste. Not sure why you think you need the constant background 'musac'. Giving up on your channel for a while. πŸ™

  7. Entertaining video. The best quote is you saying you go last because you look so sketchy and don't want to make other people nervous. Lol. Not so. Yuka is charging it.

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