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Things That Scare Triathletes | GTN Does Halloween

Things That Scare Triathletes | GTN Does Halloween

(intense music) – Did you think we’d
forgotten Halloween? (laughs) Yes, you should be scared. We know what scares you. You’re a triathlete. We’re going to find those fears, and we’re going to haunt you with them. Be prepared, you’re in
for a treat. (laughs) (fizzing music) – Ask any cyclist and they will tell you that triathletes are terrified of socks. (intense music) (screaming) (intense music) It’s not as though we are actually scared of socks as triathletes. It’s just that we realize that
it’s sometimes more efficient to go without, and I think our cycling
friends would understand if hey had to put wet
feet into their socks before going riding too. (intense music) – Are you dedicated to
the non-drafting distances of 10 or 12 meters? And does the thought of closing the gap to the wheel in front fill you with fear as you move into that drafting zone? Are you ready to go for this ride? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Yeah, well, what are you
doing all the way back there? – It’s a safe distance, isn’t it? I’m good to go. (intense music) Realistically though, there aren’t going to be
any draft busters out there, handing out penalties
or blowing their whistle when you’re out on your training ride. So, if you are riding with a friend, then you’re normally safer
if you’re riding together, one behind the other. Plus you get the added
bonus of that draft factor. So, just make sure you’ve got
really clear communication so you can relax and enjoy it, and you get to go faster for less effort. So, it’s a win win. (intense music) You’ve ventured off road on
your beautiful road bike, and suddenly, you find yourself
in the deep, dark woods. (intense music) And now, you’re lost. The light is starting to fade, and your phone reception has failed you. Your bike lights, you can
see the battery flashing, and now, darkness is upon you, and then, you get chased by werewolf! (intense music) – Uh, yeah. Unlikely story that Heather, but if you are properly prepared, heading off road can be a lot of fun. Just make sure where you’re going, or you’re heading with someone that does, and you’ve got the correct kit, and then heading off road can
be a heck of a lot of fun, and it serves a good
cross-training method. (upbeat music) Ugh, God. (placid music) – You’re ears are going squashed up. (placid music) This guy is quite funny. (laughter) Agh! (placid music) Illness. – Deadlines. – After work drinks that
you’ve forgotten about. (intense music) – Hands up if the thought
of a session turning red in your training plan
makes you shudder slightly, and I’m sure there’s many of you out there that dread the idea of a week
not being completely green in your diary. – Yeah, whether it’s due to illness, it’s a deadline at work, or it’s a social commitment
you forgot about. Sometimes, you just have to face your fear and deal with that red, but the best thing is
just to put it aside, move on, and make sure you nail
your next training session. (intense music) – Now, imagine having a
wonderfully coordinated kit only to get a new bike and the
colorway just does not match. Now, I know a lot of triathletes out there that would avoid the
situation at all costs, possibly even going as far
as choosing their new bike based on its color pallet. – Yeah, or maybe you’d
be that sort of person that would freak out if
your favorite trainers that you’ve been running
in for several seasons that perfectly coordinated
with your run kit, suddenly change their colorway, and dare I say it? They now clash. – Whooooo. (placid music) (screaming) Okay, I can hear you
shouting at us right now. What about the swim? Well, we haven’t forgotten it, but come from swimming background, it doesn’t resonate with us too much, although if you put me into some cold, dark, murky, unknown water, then my imagination can
start to run away with me. – Yeah, and for some, it can simply be just
going out of their depth, and let alone, the thought
of mass start environment. Now, if that is you, you can check out some of
our other swimming videos to help you out. – Yeah, now, what scares you? Other than, of course, Mark wearing a werewolf
helmet in the woods riding his mountain bike, but all honesty, do let us know in the
comment section below what scares you within our sport? – Yeah, and happy Halloween to you. If you have enjoyed today’s video, please do hit that thumbs up button. If you’d like to see more from GTN, you can subscribe to the channel by clicking on the globe
on screen right now. If you’d like to see our scared
of open water swimming video which gives you six tips to overcome that, you can see that by
clicking just down here. – And if you want to see our
video on six types of triathletes that you might know, just click down here.

70 comments on “Things That Scare Triathletes | GTN Does Halloween

  1. Hahahaha, this was incredible! It's painful how accurate the "riding close" segment was! I trained as a lone wolf for six months, did a few triathlons, then decided to join a cycling club. My first ride out, I started out at least 10 meters behind everyone and braked every time I'd get within spitting distance of their wheels. At the first rest stop, they were all asking me questions like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" because I wasn't getting dropped, but I wasn't close enough to draft. I was like "um…. Am I allowed to ride so close?" And they all looked at me like I was stupid and explained how group rides and cycling clubs worked. And they figured out I was a triathlete, even though I was wearing socks.

  2. Jajaja! Nice video. Well what scares me the most is that I am 47 years old and I'm training for my first triathlon ever!!! Happy Halloween 💀. Greetings from Guadalajara Jalisco. México. 👻🎃

  3. Great video as usual guys! My brother in-law finds it amusing to ask me after every race whether, (this is nicely put) If I've made a mess of my trisuit. It's pretty scary (unless you're a racing God like Josh Amberger) and the thought of a nutritional accident must come across everyones mind before they race… I do realise this would have been hard to illustrate

  4. Flat tires without a spare, cancelled swims (both races and when the lifeguard does not show up or the pool is just closed), my power meter and/or Garmin battery dying mid workout

  5. Though i have been stung a few times, news of presence of Jellyfish in water scares the s**t out of me… and i'm sure same does happen with most Triathletes😅..

  6. Just before a race I get nightmares about doing the race and having forgotten something, somehow showing up too late for the start or getting lost during the race…

  7. How about afraid of the dark. Daylights saving time in the US is fast approaching n we lose 3 mins per day until then. Constantly wondering how far to ride to before it’s unsafe.

  8. Great work, GTN! Missed workouts, the fear that one missed session will erase months of hard work… I also have a sneaking suspicion that Heather played a leading role in a high school drama production. There were some serious acting skills on display! Happy Halloween to all the team at GTN!

  9. 🙈🙈everytime i go for a swim in danube im scared of sharks, crocodiles and stuff like that😂😂😂… like really😇😇… but i dont give a f about boats or things that can actually happen in open water🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Swim in Cristal clear water and see the depth. Race downhill in the bars on a windy day. Forget something for a race. Punctures. Bike not arriving at the airport.

  11. The draft distance, I mostly pull the friends ahead of them mostly, just don't feel comfy riding on aero bars following someone.
    Missed sessions or even rest days make me feel guilty.
    Yes I am obsessed with colour matching of clothing and kits.
    Murky water freaks me out, my imagination mostly ruins my swim, the worst is esp when swimming alone and chops start to kick in I can't help thinking of Interstellar's sea planet, my worst nightmare is that huge wave.

  12. Nothing, and I mean nothing matches Heather's trainers at 4:15 – I have those trainers too and it's an eternal struggle to find even remotely matching kit…!😅 #foreverclashing

  13. Hey guys, it’s raining so heavily here and i won’t be able to do my bike session. What can i do at home to replace it ?

  14. Guys, you forgot about…


    Nothing scares me more that injuries. No matter if it's racing season or not. Scariest thing ever. Always…

  15. Technical malfunction of metrics recording apparatus so you have nothing to upload, nothing to analyse and you have to estimate your TSS.

  16. I live in regional Western Australia.. sharks in the ocean, rd trains everywhere on the bike and snakes on the trails…. best place in the world but

  17. I was expecting,
    “forgetting your running shoes for race day.”
    “Crash on the bike and breaking bones, ruining your race season.”
    “Forgetting your nutrition”
    “Getting a stomach ache right before the start.”
    BUT definitely socks. Scary shi right there.

  18. Splendid, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

  19. Although the biggest fear is buying some equipment, such as new pair of tires and the next day coming across its one step further competitor which is also cheaper

  20. I am an amateur who started racing since 2016. Still have stress on the days leading to an olympic or half ironman races. Even if I participate as a team🤣🤪

  21. I have had nightmares about beeing late to the Ironman swimstart, forgetting running or bike shoes or the wetsuit or getting my bike mixed up in transit…

  22. For me I’m still on the upward slope of my race times improving. I’m scared of the impact of a potential plateau or a dip in my race times. Long may the PR’s continue 😀 <3

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