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Things Triathletes Never Say! | The GTN Show Ep. 118

Things Triathletes Never Say! | The GTN Show Ep. 118

– Welcome back to the GTN Show. Now, have you ever heard a triathlete say they just want to finish a race? – Back up a minute there, Mark. What? No position, no time at all? – Or, have you ever
heard a triathlete say, “I don’t need a new bike, “I don’t want a new bike.”? – You really are pulling my leg now, Mark. This cannot be a triathlete
that we are talking about. Well, exactly. Well, we’re having a
little bit of fun today, we’re discussing things
triathletes never say. – Yeah, and aside from that, we do have news of how one of the world’s most talked about IRONMAN
athletes right now stacked up against a
world class ITU field, plus, the staggering feat of a marathon being completed in every single recognized country in the world since only the start of last year. (upbeat music) I’ve got plenty bikes and gear. – Said no triathlete ever. Let’s be honest, we always
want new bikes and more gear. And as triathletes, we
do have a bit of a habit of wanting the latest and greatest kit. Ah, $600 for a triathlon entry? What an absolute steal. Fraser, you know they’ve
got a great deal going on for that triathlon at the moment? Phwoar! – Hmm, no. There is no beating around
the bush on this one because, let’s face it,
some race entry prices are fairly ludicrous, and no matter what your
financial situation is, most people gulp a little bit when they have to hit
that purchase now button. So, I got out the swim
in a really good position and then I sat on this guy’s wheel for the whole of the first lap and he towed me all the way around, it was brilliant.
– Wait, hang on. Wasn’t it non drafting? – Yeah, it was, but I
went on to win the race! – Well, this is a touchy subject. We know people draft, we don’t condone it. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually admitting to doing so, despite plenty of people
seeing them do it. Don’t draft, folks. Going to the loo on race morning? I never need to find a
toilet before the start. Do you? – Now, correct us if we’re wrong here, but race morning seems
to have an odd effect on our bowel movements. It’s as if our body just
knows it needs to go. Now, no matter what the type of race, if I haven’t been at least
three times before race start, I’m thinking something’s wrong. Headwinds? I love headwinds. In fact, they’re my
favorite type of riding. – Literally said nobody. Now, you don’t even
need to be a triathlete to hate headwinds, but if you are someone that does, then do let us know in
the comments section below because you will make a very interesting and probably very rare case study for us. – Good weekend? – Yeah, literally just
rode my bike, actually. – Oh yeah, what sort
of session did you do? – No, no, no, I literally
just rode my bike. I stopped off a few times but that was it. – Sorry, wait a minute. So, no power, no average heart rate? What about your time? – No. I mean, I literally just rode
my bike and just had fun. That was it. – What? No Strava? Nah, that doesn’t sound very right. I mean, triathletes love data and the concept of just
heading out for a ride really doesn’t work in
the world of triathlon. We need to have a purpose. We need to be able to analyze
our metrics as we’re riding. We need to be able to
upload them afterwards so we can look into
them to the nth degree. I mean, just going for a ride? Spare time? Mate, I have got so much of it. Quite literally, do not know
what to do with my time. – Three sports? A job? Maybe even a family? Spare time is not something triathletes talk about very often. In fact, I’d almost say it’s non-existent. Well honestly, mate, it
was an amazing performance. I am never going to go faster than that. In actual fact, I may as well
just hang up my goggles now, I am never going to
better that performance. – No, no, no. I’m not having it. It’s just not something that ever happens. I mean, I don’t think
I’ve ever met somebody who is 100% satisfied
with their performance Races are a bit like, and I’m no surfer, a perfect wave. We always think we can
do a little bit better and there’s always something in a race that we think we can improve upon. Yeah, I mean, I literally
just want to finish. – Ha, yeah! This might be the case for some beginners but more often than not,
we’ve always got an aim in the back of our minds, whether we admit to them or not. – But what about your race this weekend? – Yeah, I want to win. (upbeat music) Well, that was fun, but now
onto our triathlon news. And actually starting
with a bit of race news, because we actually had a notable pro from long-distance racing racing in the ITU World
Cup in Santo Domingo. – Yeah, now, on the men’s
side of racing in particular, there were some very notable
results got thrown up. In particular, the winner,
Matthew McElroy from the U.S. won his third consecutive World Cup race, which is very impressive indeed. The Americans themselves took
a clean sweep of the podium, so first, second and third places, and forth, fifth and sixth positions were all taken or occupied,
should I say, by Swiss athletes. – But the big news from this race was Cam Wurf’s debut to ITU racing. Now, we absolutely love
Cam here on the channel, his attitude, and he was
very cool and confident going into this race. But I think he may have got a little bit of a reality check from this. Now, we have actually been
saying for a long time that ITU racing is impressive,
it is fast, it is furious. It’s not very easy for someone
from long-distance racing just to pop in to ITU racing. The swim is incredibly fast. The biking is incredibly fast,
despite what people think, and the running is also,
obviously, incredibly fast. – Yeah, so I would say,
it’s safe to say that Cam maybe bit off a little
bit more than he could chew. So, what do we mean by that? Well, he came out of the water some two and half or
so minutes in arrears, he then proceeded to lose
more time on the bike despite how strong a bike rider he is, and then he ran around
about a 36 minute 10K, which, to put it into perspective, was six minutes or so slower than the 30 minute something 10K that the winner Matthew McElroy ran. So, putting our crystal ball on the table, needless to say, we don’t think that Cameron is going to be
adorning the green and gold of the Australian tri
suit at the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo. But what a champ for giving it a go, and he really was quite
humble in his sort of after-race social media posts and was certainly very respectful of the other athletes in the race too. – Yeah, and we should
point out actually that the guy basically went
solo throughout the bike. And for most athletes to end up in that situation after
swim, they’ll get lapped out. But he actually managed to hold that off, he lost three minutes, but
obviously to a pack of riders, so, still an incredible performance but probably not quite what he was after. Meanwhile though, on the women’s side, that was also rather eventful because we had Taylor Knibb
coming into the finish line, it looked like it was all sewn up for her. And I think for those
athletes following behind thought Taylor Knibb’s got the win here. Only for her to dive
into the penalty tent, 100 meters to go, she obviously
had a penalty to serve, and then that left it open
for Andrea Hewitt to go on to take the win. Unexpected for her, but
also quite an emotional and quite a special day for her because it’s actually
four years to the day since her partner, Laurent
Vidal, passed away. So, that was really nice to see. Taylor Knibb actually went
on to take second place and then it was Claudia Rivas took third. A couple of weeks ago now,
professional triathlete, Kearci Smith, crossed the line at IRONMAN 70.3 Waco in 14th place, which she was rather happy with, until she was disqualified
for carrying her pet corgi across the finish line. – Yeah, no, this is forbidden. It’s against the rules. Essentially, anyone that isn’t an athlete so friends, family, spectators, they’re not allowed to be
in that finishing chute. Now, although the regulations
don’t explicitly say that animals are included in that list, it goes without saying that
if you’re not an athlete or race organizers or staff in general, you’re not meant to be
in that finishing area and that really is just to
look after everybody’s safety. – Yeah, I think it’s
probably the first time this rule has been tested in that way. – From anything we can remember. – Yeah. But we’re interested to
hear what you guys think. Do you think that an athlete
should be disqualified from an IRONMAN race, or
any race for that matter, for anything other than themselves going across the finish line? So with a friend, a family, a
child, a pet, whatever it is? Simple yes or no, and you can enter that by clicking just up there. – Right, now we’re going to move
onto a story about marathons and in particular, about
a marathon being completed in every single country. Now, to be specific here,
Nick Butter started off with the mission of doing a
marathon in every single one of the United Nations
recognized countries. Now, there are 196 of them. So, last January, 6th
January 2018 to be specific, he decided to start that mission and he just completed it this Sunday with the Athens Classic Marathon. – Yeah. 196 marathons. – I can’t wrap my head around it. – In doing so, he raised a
staggering amount of money, all for charity, for Prostate
Cancer UK, over £65,000. It was just a brilliant effort. Now, all of this was actually inspired by a chap called Kevin Webber, who Nick actually describes as having had a huge impact on him and his own life. Now, Webber was actually diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2014, has done a whole host of
endurance events since and actually joined Nick in
his final marathon in Athens. – Which is a great story. And I was so blown away by this, and my maths isn’t very good, so I got the calculator out. Now, I make it just under
nine marathons a month for those 22 months since they’ve started or since Nick, rather,
started last January. So, absolutely hats off to you, Nick, fantastic achievement. – Now then, if you’re anything like us, you will most likely have a collection of swim hats and goggles at home. I’ve got a lot up in my loft. Now, we have come across a
company very local to us, in fact, that is looking to recycle those to create some goggles and
a very special swim hat. I don’t know what that
very special swim hat means but I’m quite excited by it. Now, if you do have
some, you can send them to the address on screen right now. In return, you will 10% off
a purchase on their website. So yeah, very nice, very nice. – Get stuck in.
– Cool. – Yeah, now, moving onto
something a little bit different but given our, well,
rather exciting summer of doing XTRI events, we thought that you might
just like to know that right now or just happened, rather, has been the ballot for the Norseman Tri, which is kind of the king
of all the XTRI races and it is such a popular event. The clamor to get involved in this race as we now understand from a first hand, well, you definitely from
a first hand point of view, is it is enormous. Everybody wants to get a
piece of Norseman, it seems. There’s over, well, in fact, thousands and thousands of applicants go
into this ballot every year, so those 250 lucky names
have just been announced. So, if you’re one of them, we thought you could let us
know down there in the comments so we could, well, find out if you’re getting to go back to Norway. – Or if you need some support because we’d love to go. – Sorry to butt in for a moment, guys, but the last couple of shows, I have talked about the Zwift Tri Academy. Well, it is actually up and running. So, I’m just heading home and I need to go and actually
try this first workout. So, going to give you
a few updates as we go. We’re going to be dropping
bits into the shows and hopefully you guys can join
along as I try and get fit. Okay, I have just completed,
I’m just doing the warm down, my very first Zwift
Triathlon Academy workout. This was the strength workout, you can still hear my
warm down going on there. It was one hour and 12 minutes with five sets of eight minutes and well, below, well below FTP. And I must admit, I found
it much more comfortable than I expected. I’m still fairly new on Zwift but I’ve had a couple
of breakthroughs today. I’ve got, unlocked some new shoes, I’ve got some black shoes on Zwift and I’ve gone up a level as well. I have almost, I’m 45 seconds away from ticking off my very first one, and I feel quite good about myself. So hopefully, I can have
some more company next time. There’s been loads of
people riding on Zwift. But yeah, I’ve just
had to entertain myself and enjoy just getting to grips with Zwift and getting the hang of
this and, there it is! I have finished. So, I’m going to leave it there and hopefully I’ve a
report back next week, but I think it’s time
to go do some running, I think, next week, and give the Zwift Tri Academy a full go. So, come join me and hopefully
see you on the next workout! (upbeat music) – Well, now back to the GTN poll because last week we asked you, will Lionel Sanders be back on the podium in Kona in 2020? – Yeah so, clearly, you
guys are fans of Lionel, we knew that anyway. So, 65% of you said yeah,
of course he will be! And 35% of you are still doubting whether he can get back
on that podium in 2020. – Yeah, and I really do hope he is because he’s a very exciting racer. And with his new coach, or
going back to his old coach, I should’ve said.
– Sure. – Well, I really hope
that does happen for him. – Yeah, now, another thing
that we want to flag up and remind you all is that our shop now has a rather
exciting sale going already, it’s already kicked
off, Black Friday sale. There’s loads of goodies in there that have got, well, great discounts. Everything from our cycling
kit, our training kit, casuals as well. So, get yourself involved,
head over to the shop because apparently it
is selling pretty quick. (upbeat music) Right, now we’re moving
onto our race news section and first up is IRONMAN
70.3 Xiamen in China. Now, this race was notable because it was won by ITU athletes in both the male and the female side, both of them making their
debut at the distance, which is quite interesting. And this is a little bit
more common at the moment because ITU athletes are looking towards the end of next season, the 2020 year, when they’re going to have had their Olympic Games out of the way, the ITU season will be out of the way and the World 70.3 Championships
next year in Lake Taupo are in November, so, that gives athletes something to aim towards. So, here in China at the Xiamen race, on the men’s side, we had
Martin Van Riel from Belgium dominating the race in his first ever chance at this distance. We had second place going to
Josh Amberger from Australia, and third place was ex-IRONMAN 70.2 World Champion, Tim Reed, so strong field. – Yeah, well, over on the women’s side, as you’ve mentioned already, it was a debut performance for our winner, it was Ashleigh Gentle, Josh
Amberger’s partner, in fact. So, she took the win,
actually pretty much going from gun to tape to take that win. Second place went to Lesley Smith and then third place
went to Frankie Sanjana. – Yeah, and then we had another
race on another continent and this was a first of
sorts as well, really, ’cause this was Challenge Cape Town, first time there had been an event down there in South Africa. And there was a lot of
international athletes as well, some top South Africans racing there too, partly because the Challenge
season is starting to wrap up. There’s just one more race left, and the Challenge series offers
a very lucrative prize pool for the athletes to aim towards. If they get six races pooled together, including one IRONMAN distance,
they can put themselves in the line for quite a sizeable paycheck and it seems like there
was quite a few athletes trying to scramble some points
to pick their rankings up. So, winner went to ex-ITU
long-distance world champion, Pablo Dapena. Second place went to Steve
Mckenna from Australia and third was home
favorite, Matty Trautman, from South Africa. – Well, over on the women’s side, it was Emma Pallant that took the win. Second went to Annah Watkinson and third to Laura Siddall. (upbeat music) Well now, time to take a look through all your photos that you’ve sent into us. And we’ve got a pain
cave to kick off here, sent in by Maksim, and
this is his S-Works Venge in what looks like his
university halls room. – Yeah, and he says that
he’s trying to handle his engineering studies
and triathlon all at once, and I’m particularly tickled by what looks like a rocket
ship about to take off in the background. (laughs) Aside from the fact that he’s got his nice bike set up on the turbo, so. – Yeah, he’s got GTN on screen, good man, has Rift off on his laptop to the side, his Venge all set up. That’s, yeah, good use of space there. – Yeah, it’s always a winner
when we can see GTN on screen. Moving on, we’ve got another
one here from Belinda and she says that this is
from Falmouth in Cornwall, and apparently, her university lecturer brought in some Lego, we’re
back fans of Lego here, love it, and she couldn’t resist putting a little swim, bike, run seam together. (laughs) – It’s brilliant, it’s really good. We always like something different here. Next one from David, and this is from the Noosa Triathlon, actually,
from a few weeks back, and this is his transition
set-up, his Cervelo P2, he says he’s competing alongside 8,000 of his closest friends. – Yeah, which I guess is
reference to the fact that I’m pretty sure, and I said
this in last week’s show, I’m pretty sure, and I
should’ve double checked, that it is biggest race now in the world after London and Chicago,
used to be the biggest. So, it’s a big race. – Yeah. – And then we’ve got
another one here from Caleb, who sent in a picture from sunny Waco, at the 70.3 there a couple of weeks ago. Now, he says that black
socks in a dark transition in the morning when he was
setting up was a bad combo, and he’s highlighted here what we think, but we’re not entirely sure, is, reading between the lines,
some rather bloody heels. – Yeah, it looks like he forgot or could not see those black,
didn’t put them in transition and therefore, didn’t
have them to put them on. And, yeah, I mean, it looks like, well, some very nice shoes,
he’s got some Nike 4%s, have shredded those heels. Now, I’ve done this once before. In fact, I think it was one
of my first 70.43s, I thought, I just won’t go socks,
it’ll be super quick, as I’ve done flightier racing. It took me about a month or two for my heels to recover. – Uhhh, I can imagine, Mark. – Yeah.
– It’s not, it’s brutal. – Yeah, I don’t suggest it. – Not brutal, though, is
this very impressive picture of a brand new P5X in
some new colorways there. What do you think of that one, Mark? – That is, I really
like this new colorway. It is lovely. And he’s got decals on his wheels to match that yellow, or that
vibrant yellow on the front. Also, the bar tape, of course. So, he’s done a good job there. This is from Anthony, he
said this is in Poland, although, looking at the
signs in the background, that does not look like Polish writing. – No, it’s very English-looking signs, but either way, bike’s stunning and– – Super excited to ride it by
the sound of things too, so. By this point, I’m sure
he’s ridden it, so, let us know how it was. Final picture is sent
in by Julien, or Julien, I’m not actually sure where you’re from, and he has received his Kona Kask helmet that he won in our recent giveaway, so. – [Fraser] Yeah, we saw
them out there in Hawaii, lovely bit of kit, so hope you’re going to enjoy
going fast with that on. – Yeah, he looks super pumped. So yeah, thank you ever
so much to everyone for sending in your photos. Don’t forget to keep
sending your photos in using our photo uploader. And on that note, we are
looking for submissions for a video. ‘Cause we want to do
the ultimate pain cave on Global Triathlon. So, if you’re quite
proud of your pain cave, then send in photos to us. Now, ideally we are, and
I’m afraid to say this, we are looking for pain
caves in the United Kingdom for us to easily pop along to but, heck, if you’ve got a
great pain cave in America or Poland, or wherever it is, send ’em in, we just want to see them. (upbeat music) Well, now time for the
GTN Caption Competition. – Indeed, now every
week, we are inundated, well, maybe not inundated, but we get a lot of caption submissions, so we’ve selected some again here. Now, first up is one that, well– – We had quite a few along
this line, didn’t we? – Yeah, we did. But Jesus’ knack of walking on water. And on that, we had one
from Christian Knaak, who said that, “If Jesus
participated in triathlon.” – [Mark] Yeah, very good. Miguel Saez said, “Focus. “Remember what Mr. Miyagi said.” – We did like that one, didn’t we? – Yeah, loved that one. – What’s that referencing to? – To Karate Kid!
– Yeah. – Was trying to remember the name then. But our winner for this week actually goes to one of
our biggest fans, very– – Prolific commenter. – Yeah, Savage Poet said, “Just
testing my SilhouWET suit.” Which we all really liked here, it’s a great caption, so.
– Yeah, well done. – You are the winner of this
week’s GTN Caption Competition, this hat is on its way to you. Just get in touch, we’ll
send it out to you. But for this week’s Caption Comp photo, we’ve actually got a photo from the ITU World Cup in Santo Domingo, and of a chap sat on the side of the road. I must add, actually, if we zoom in, he’s had a few–
– [Fraser] He has got cracks. – [Mark] Yeah, he has got a few scrapes, so I don’t want to take
the mick out of him, I do feel very sorry for him, but if we just remove that
from the situation here and just focus on the fact that there’s a guy sat in
the middle of the road with his bike beside him. – Probably wishing he hadn’t
done what he did to crash. – Yeah, ping in your Caption Comp photos and have some fun ’cause it’s
quite a funny photo, really. Well, that’s it for
the GTN show this week. We’ve got loads of great
videos coming up this week. We have Stepping Up to IRONMAN with Tim Reed, the former
IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, and obviously a very
accomplished IRONMAN athlete. We have The Perfect Freestyle Technique with Jazz Carlin, the
double Olympic medalist and Commonwealth champion. – [Fraser] Sure is. – And Cyclo-Cross for Triathletes. – Yeah, there’s some
great videos coming up, looking forward to seeing all of those. And got to mention the shop again, we talked about it already, but there’s a great sale in
there, Black Friday sale, so get involved, have a
look at all the great stuff that we’ve got in there. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video, so please hit that thumb up light button, find the globe, wherever it is, on screen to make sure you get all the other content that we have here on the channel. And if you want to see a
video that we’ve done about everything you need to know
about freestyle breathing, well, you can find that here. – Yeah, and if you’d like to
find out a little bit more about using hills for
your running training, then you can see that by
clicking just down here.

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  2. Absolutely, this isn’t ITU sprint or Olympic, it doesn’t come down to sprint finishes in Long Distance, if an athlete wants to finish with their child or pet it should be allowed (obviously within reason!)

  3. A rule is a rule but a DQ was harsh, sure a punishment could be enforced but a DQ seems unreasonable given the circumstances. A fine maybe?

  4. I did my first 70.3 October 19th in North Carolina and I had 3 different goals, 1.just finish, 2.realistic goal 5:45, 3.unrealistic goal under 5:30. I hit my realistic goal almost exactly 5:47 but the bike course was almost 2 miles over distance so I would have beaten it by a couple minutes. I was really surprised I estimated it so close:)

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