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Third Wheel | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

Oh, Mickey,
this date is
so romantic! Ah, just
the two of us. BOTH: Goofy? What are you
doing here? You said we were
going out! No, I said… We were going out. Right! That’s what
I just said! No! PATRONS: Shh! You gotta keep it
down, Mick! This is one of them
fancy-type eatin’
establishments. Why thank you,
gar-kon. (SIGHS)
That’s the ticket. My dogs are barkin’! Now, then,
what’s on the
menu tonight? Uh… Romance
is on the menu. Mmm…
Sounds delicious. No! I was referring
to Minnie! You look so radiant
this evening. (GIGGLES) Oh. Hey! What’s the big idea? PATRONS: Shh. Now, look, Goofy,
when two people
are alone, they, uh, they act
like that! Huh? Oh, you sly dog! I know what we need
to set the mood! No, no, no,
Goofy, wait… Soft candlelight. Yee-haw! Yee-haw! (BOTH EXCLAIMING) Yee-hoo-hoo-hoo! Y’all might like
a little intimacy! (ROPE CRACKING) (BOTH SCREAMING) And mood music. (BLOWING RASPBERRIES) BOTH: Goofy! PATRONS: Shh! Maybe we should
just go, Mickey. Go? (SAXOPHONE CRASHING) But we haven’t even
had dinner yet! Dinner is served. (SLURPING)
Bone appetite! Whoa! Goofy! Hold on, Minnie! Ahh! (GRUNTING) Whoa! Ha-ha! (CHOMPING) Ooh! Goofy, no! MINNIE: (MUFFLED)
Help, Mickey! Minnie,
where are ya? MINNIE: Mickey,
I’m in here! Minnie! PATRONS: Shh! Aw, shush yourselves! (ALL MURMURING IN OUTRAGE) Goofy,
we love you. Well I love
you guys, too… Ah, ah,
I’m not finished. You invited
yourself along, lit a campfire
at our table, ate the table
and then ate Minnie! All we wanted was
a romantic dinner… BOTH: Alone! Alone? Why didn’t
you say so? (SIGHS) Now,
isn’t this romantic? Candlelit dinner,
mood music. And best of all, we’re finally alone. Aw, you know what
two people do when
they’re alone, right? (GIGGLING) (SMOOCHING) (CHUCKLING) Gosh! That tickles!

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