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This Man completed  world Ride on a motorcycle,ലോകം മുഴുവൻ ബൈക്കിൽ കറങ്ങിയ വ്യക്തി

This Man completed world Ride on a motorcycle,ലോകം മുഴുവൻ ബൈക്കിൽ കറങ്ങിയ വ്യക്തി

Debhu Bhai is here with us today Hello guys, welcome Today is 2nd of November, it is not a sunny day today because it rained well yesterday This is not a Europe ride episode This is just a vlog I thought of showing you the remaining process that I have to complete here In todays episode, I will mainly show my trip to Thane Railway station for submitting some documents related to cargo After that at 3PM, I will be going to meet the owner of One World One Ride, Debhu Bhai He travelled the world with his BMW Many people know him After coming back I will be going out with Jubi These are some of the plans for today Since we dont have Aamina with us, Auto and Bus are the primary means to travel I am outside now Let us ask this autowala He wont come. Lets find someone else The parable that says “We will only realize the value of eyes when we loose them” is true I have been standing here for around 10 minutes and no one is stoping I was hoping Aamina was here We wont realize the value of something that we have. We will only realize the value of it when we loose it After waiting for 15 minutes, we finally got an auto Let us go to the station We are finally here. The cost is 80 INR to reach here The person I am searching for is somewhere here. This is a busy place. Filled with lot of people. I am in an other auto now. He is a staff of the cargo company I had to attest few documents This is for the clearance of Carnet If the clearance is not over it will be a headache when we come back For that I will have to go to the court to get it attested. I am at a typing center right now I have to submit all my documents to the nottery and I have to give a copy to customs This is the shop Since there are many YouTubers there is respect for them here This is for those who watch the video on Facebook I will be posting the video on Facebook two days after posting it on YouTUbe This is because I get revenue from Youtube and not much from Facebook So please try to watch my videos from YouTube So the typing is complete They did some help for me. I am not telling that in YouTube. It is for our good Now we are going to Debhu Bhais hotel I have an appointment to meet him at 3PM His staff will take me to his home Please dont expect an interview with him I dont have permission for that We are in a traffic block right now He is somehow taking the auto in between As you can see below the metro on the pillars we have plants I saw a video last day in which a guy steals a plant from this It is a good sight as you might know delhi is covered with smog because of this here in mumbai government is taking precautions for that Time is 5 and it is the time that the video will get uploaded. I am at Debhu Bhais home This entire place is filled with plants and trees This place exists in Mumbai city It is so wonderful to see such a greenery here in Mumbai This place is free of pollution. For those who dont know debhu bhai, he traveled the world on his bike during 2017 along with an other person from Delhi I used to see his videos while I was at UAE I wished to see him from those days too He might be one of my inspiration for the world ride He must be my inspiration because of his videos that he posted He is a friend of Junaid Bhai. Junaid used to train him Junaid Bhai was the one who set up this meeting It has been around 1 and a half hour since i reached here and we talked a lot during this time He is right now at a business meeting So I am here to see the surroundings So now you can here some words from him I have cleared many doubts from him This is the food what I got to have from here Let us taste this and see how it is They made this special for me so let us try Debhu bhai is holding the camera This looks like one of the dishes from my hometown. We dont need spoon. Let us use the hand This is same as the food which I told you about with vegetables along with it It tasted really good with chutney dont be jealous seeing me eating this. Let me have this. We are now on our way back from his home. The person along with his is his relative He is a movie director in Hindi Now I am going back to my room My phone is dead. I forgot to take the powerbank from home Once I reach home I will take the powerbank and take my G7X instead of GoPro After that I will be going out with Jubi The guy was not wearing a helmet in the bike which I was in He asked me whether I will drive. I told him I wont drive without helmet. Now I am in an auto and there is a specialty for this auto Her name is Rohini There are many ladies who drive auto in my place This is a really good thing because it will be good for ladies who travel at night They might be afraid to get into auto otherwise Lady riders will be comfortable when ladies drive Right from the auto now we are at Jubis flat Where are you from Kerala? Nilambur Jubi is not like us. He has to go for job everyday. This is why we wont get him on the vlog during day Today he is free and tomorrow is sunday As I told you in the first vlog, I will be wearing all the expensive things that Jubi give me I will fix everything when we get back in the room dont cut this out No i wont Now we are going to Viviana Mall I have to buy a few things He told me he would buy it for me Shakir has a credit card with 2.5 Lakh credit and that is what he told before taking us out Today is saturday night and let us see what is it like at the mall watch for 10 more minutes. Vivian mall is in the other side. We have something to see here it seems There is a traffic block here so we have parked on this side let us go inside I am looking for some people here those who like the darkness Everyone has freedom here There are no moral policing issues here Any stories to day? No nothing. I am descent. I am just like you This is the flyover Which highway is this? This is Eastern Express highway It is a nice view from here Headlights are blurring the camera This is a hanging bridge What you see there is the mall let us go inside The line that you see behind me is people waiting for auto All these people from left to right. Let us start an auto company? It will be great. This is the first payment with this credit card. We have inaugurated it buying underwear Now we will go and have some food This is his birthday treat from April We will celebrate his bachelor party. He is getting married on November 18th His life is all set. Let me go and fill up We are not making you bored. We are going to have Wafers, there is no point in you guys seeing us having food we will go eat a lot and we might also explore Mumbai What I have to say to you all is to be happy all the time. Avoid maximum negatives and do things that make you happy. Avoid people who say negative things from your life If you are so sad then watch Aadu 2 (Joking about a Malayalam movie) I will be going to Qatar on Monday morning I will be there for 1 week So that is it guys. Bye.

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