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This Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel is ridiculous

This Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel is ridiculous

100 comments on “This Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel is ridiculous

  1. Sunction on the pedal set wouldn't work, that good… Your foots put a lot more stress in it then you might think, think about that punching the whole time at it, when you drive with 100% traction control, that will move it the whole time with sunction

  2. Reverse drift is a mechanic. It's caused by the buffer system registering the final direction your tires were facing before landing onto the floor from the hop. Most notably common from ramp jumps. Rare to get accidentally from drifts started when on a flat road.

    So basically, you just didn't turn your wheel fast enough 🤷

  3. I did a little research and found the X Rocker XR wheel. It's cheaper and supports Xbox One and PS4, too. I'm interested in both, but I'm not entirely sure.

  4. the pedals connect via phone cable

    My Thrustmaster racing wheel uses it…

    The HOTAS I have supports pedals with the same connector

  5. "DEJA VU! I'VE JUST BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE–" >"singing in a foreign language" well i mean youre partially right i guess

  6. I could see if intends release this for all the pc Xbox and PS4 (i know it won't but stil) that's where Nintendo would get some more money

  7. Used to have one of these except the ps version. If you read the manual you'd be able to adjust steering sensitivity, and even be able to bind the brakes to wherever you'd want.

  8. Are there Universal steering wheels that will work on, Nintendo Switch, PC, the various Microsoft Xbox systems, Sony PlayStation Systems, Etc. Thanks.

  9. I actually really prefer the steering wheel peripheral for Mario Kart 8. Playing with only one Joy Con per person, it provides a much better grip on the tiny controller and the much larger L/R buttons are also more convenient. Though they could react more precisely, but one gets used to it.

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